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Monday, 3 September 2018

30 Ways to Wear A Tie Dye Maxi Dress (#30wears Challenge)

If you look at all the 30 wears posts I've done so far you'll see a lot of maxis! I love my maxi skirts and dresses, and I definitely think you can still wear them if you're petite like me. I've already shared 30 ways to wear a pink maxi dress before, now it's another much-loved maxi dress, this beautiful jersey tie dye one from Jeanswest.

30 Ways To Wear: Grey Jersey Tie Dye Maxi Dress

30 ways to wear a grey jersey tie dye maxi dress #30wears challenge | away from the blue blog

Cost Per Wear

Unfortunately, this is another one of those pieces I can't calculate cost per wear on, as it was a present! With 30 wears and lots of life left in it though, I'm definitely getting value from it, so it was a great gift from my mum. I first wore it back in 2012, for Christmas day. Almost 6 years, 2 pregnancies and 30 wears later, it's still a firm favourite in my wardrobe.

30 Ways To Wear a Tie Dye Maxi Dress: Video Style

Jersey Maxi Dress Worn Knotted

petite hack for wearing a maxi dress knotting the hem worn 3 ways | awayfromblue

A go-to petite hack, if a maxi is too long, just knot it. You can secure over the knot with a hair tie to keep it in place too! As I've never had this dress shortened, wearing the elastic lower down where it should sit makes the dress too long, so tying a quick knot in it is an easy solution. It's a good way to make a maxi dress seem more casual, and it also works if you're at the beach and need to keep the hem out of the way as you walk on wet sand!

Grey Tie Dye Maxi Dress Worn With Yellow

grey and yellow: 4 outfit ideas for accessorising a grey tie dye maxi dress | awayfromtheblue

Part of the reason behind me wearing this maxi dress so often is that it's a beautiful neutral grey colour. The tie dye print isn't too bold, so I love to pair it with bright accessories. I like grey and yellow together, and when I was organising the photos for this post I realised it was a definite trend with this dress. Yellow bag, yellow necklace (or even both!) this grey dress works so well with yellow accessories.

Tie Dye Maxi Dress and Statement Necklaces

accessorizing a maxi dress with statement necklaces outfit ideas | awayfromblue

The beautiful of a maxi dress is that it's an instant, easy outfit, You don't need to accessorise or try too hard with it, you can just throw it on and go. If you do want to change it up a little though, a statement necklace is a great choice. I love bold and beaded ones like the first and third outfits, or you can just layer them up like in the other two outfits.

Jersey Maxi Dress In Summer

ways to wear a tie dye maxi dress in summer | awayfromtheblue

Taking full advantage of the 'throw on and go' benefits of a maxi dress that I mentioned above! I love a maxi dress for summer, you have an instantly pulled together looking outfit you don't need to spend any time planning. The jersey material of this dress is perfect - not too thick, not too thin, so it's a perfect choice on a hot day.

Tie Dye Maxi Dress and Light Layers

layering a tie dye maxi dress 5 outfit ideas with light layers | awayfromtheblue

Of course I wear my tie dye maxi dress outside of summer too! For spring or autum, or even just a cooler day, it's easy to add a light layer on top. Something like a cardigan, kimono, denim jacket, or even just a cosy scarf helps keep the chill off.

Jersey Maxi Dress Layered Under A Tee

layering a maxi dress with a tee 3 outfit ideas for spring | awayfromblue

Admittedly, layering a tee over a maxi dress is a fairly new combination for me. It's something I've seen other bloggers doing and decided to really embrace this past year, I love it! If you want to change up the look of a maxi dress you wear frequently, just pull on a tee and turn it into an instant skirt.

Tie Dye Maxi Dress In Winter

3 ways to wear tie dye maxi dress layered in winter leather jackets scarves | awayfromblue

Without snow in winter, maxi dresses can be worn year round in Brisbane. When it gets really chilly, I add a leather jacket on top, a big but colourful scarf and some boots underneath. If it's even colder where you are, you could layer tights or leggings underneath too. I like to get wear from my wardrobe most of the time, and layering a summer maxi dress to wear in winter is a good way to achieve that.

Jersey Tie Dye Maxi Dress In Pregnancy

5 outfit ideas non maternity maxi dress in pregnancy | awayfromtheblue

As I mentioned above, I've had two pregnancies in the time I've had this maxi dress. While it's not a maternity dress, the stretchy jersey and elastic that sits above a baby bump made this an easy option for pregnancy wear. Especially on a hot day! It's fun being able to look back on a dress I've worn while pregnant with both my boys that I'm still able to wear it now.

Tie Dye Maxi Dresses Under $50:

More Posts In The #30Wears Series:

This maxi dress is a much loved piece in my wardrobe. You can see all the 30+ ways I've worn this tie dye maxi dress in my blog archives, or check out more of the 30 wears series below.

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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Green Pants With Mustard Rebecca Minkoff Micro Regan Bag and Cosy Cardigans

Green is a colour I find tricky to wear. I've had a few green pieces in my wardrobe over the years, but it's usually due to buying something despite it being green, rather than buying something because it's green like I do with colours like mustard or blue.

After getting green maternity pieces a few years ago, I've been open to trying green more often. I've tried olive and blush together before, and another combo I like but rarely wear is green and yellow.

Below I'm wearing my little mustard Rebecca Minkoff micro Regan bag with some newly purchased green pieces. In an effort to try mix things up a little in my wardrobe, I bought 3 green pieces in one month!

What I wore:

mustard cardigan, star print scarf, green tee and olive skinny cargo pants micro regan bag | awayfromblue

olive pants with mustard rebecca minkoff micro regan harvest gold bag | awyafromtheblue

awayfromtheblue instagram mustard cardigan and micro regan bag with olive tee and skinny cargo pants
Jacket: thrifted SES Fashions mustard yellow cardigan
Scarf: star print pashmina
TeeJeanswest Emma woven trim tee in dark green
Pants: thrifted French Connection olive skinny cargo pants (new purchase)
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs logo plaque flats in camel
BagRebecca Minkoff micro Regan satchel in Harvest Gold

Why I wore it:

Both the tee and the pants are new purchases. The Jeanswest dark green tee looks almost grey, it's a very unique colour. I decided I'd try it with these olive skinny cargo pants that I thrifted for $3. Given that I thrifted the cardigan from the opshop last year for $2, and the scarf was a gift, it's easy to see the accessories are the most expensive part of my outfit!

I hadn't been feeling the best, but had a few errands to run and so decided to wear this outfit I'd planned as I didn't have the energy to come up with something else. While I feel this outfit looks a little crumpled and creased, I did love the colours of everything together. It was a great first wear of the pants. I like that the green tee is a different enough shade from the green pants, and the mustard cardigan and micro Regan bag were great pieces to add.

Nice and comfortable for a morning of running errands with the boys, taking my cardigan and scarf off and on as the temperatures fluctuated before calling it a day and heading home to rest with less achieved than I'd hoped. At least I liked the outfit!

Last worn: mustard cardigan, star print scarf, dark green tee, camel flats, Rebecca Minkoff Micro Regan bag. It's the first time I've worn the pants as they were a recent purchase.

Other ways to wearmustard cardigan and little black dress, star print scarf and wrap dress, dark green tee and pencil skirt, camel flats and wrap dress, Rebecca Minkoff Micro Regan bag and denim shorts.

Perfect for pregnancystar print scarf in second trimester, camel flats in third trimester.

What's In My Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Micro Regan

What I wore:

green jeans with yellow accessories SAHM style grey tee maxi cardigan mustard bag | away from blue

Rebecca Minkoff micro Regan satchel in Harvest Gold | away from the blue

awayfromblue instagram grey maxi cardigan green and yellow outfit colourful skinny jeans mustard bag
JacketJeanswest Alice longline Australian wool cardigan
ScarfFashion Scarf Girl parrot print scarf (c/o)
TeeAtmos&Here grey v-neck tee with rolled sleeves (also in black)
Jeans: thrifted ASOS petite green skinny jeans
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs silver tuxedo flats
BagRebecca Minkoff micro Regan satchel in Harvest Gold

Why I wore it:

This outfit was not as much of a bargain as the outfit above (with the grey cardigan alone costing more than all the clothes in the first outfit, even though it was a sale buy!). I still liked it though. I went with a similar outfit formula to wear these newly thrifted jeans. $5 for new with tags ASOS petite jeans in the opshop was too good to pass up, even if I did debate the purchase for a little while as it's a rather bold shade of green. I wore this to go to playgroup with the boys.

For the first wearing of the pants I thought I'd stick with the classics - a grey tee looks good with everything, and the grey maxi cardigan was a nice neutral topper along with the silver shoes. I did really enjoy the mustard and olive combo above, so I decided to try the mustard micro Regan bag with the emerald green pants. Along with the parrot print scarf with green and gold in the print, I ended up loving this colour combination. I think the scarf made it work perfectly by matching the pants and the bag. I do like a bit of matchy matchy sometimes! I've worn this scarf with teal before and really liked it then too!

Last worn: grey maxi cardigan, parrot print scarf, Atmos&Here slouchy grey tee, silver ballet flats, Rebecca Minkoff micro Regan bag (above). First time I've worn the jeans as they are a recent purchase.

Other ways to weargrey maxi cardigan and printed jeans, parrot print scarf with teal, slouchy grey tee and maxi skirt, silver ballet flats and lace skirt, Rebecca Minkoff micro Regan bag and little black dress.

Perfect for pregnancyAtmos&Here slouchy grey tee in second trimester, ballet flats in third trimester.

Green Pants Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

Colourful green pants like these don't have to be tricky to wear. While the shades of green are different, I stuck with a basic outfit formula. A neutral tee, a cosy cardigan and then a pop of colour with a bag. This formula works for any colour of pants you're thinking of wearing!
You can keep things really pared back with a neutral cardigan like in the last outfit, or continue your bright pop of colour bag into your outfit with a similar coloured knit like the first outfit.

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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Wearing Summer Tanks In Winter With Colourful Scarves and Cosy Cardigans

One way to get the most from the pieces in your wardrobe is to wear them out of season. I've posted many times about how I keep the majority of my summer pieces in my wardrobe year round. When winter arrives, I still find ways to wear my summer tanks, just as like below with jeans and cardigans. There's no reason you can't wear florals in winter!

What I wore:

floral tank in witner with skinny jeans converse navy cardigan and purple scarf mini MAB bag | awayfromblue

Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum with faux fur pom pom | awayfromtheblue

awayfromblue instagram purple toned layered floral tank outfit with navy cardi
JacketJeanswest waterfall drape cardigan in navy night sky marle
ScarfMarc by Marc Jacobs mauve square scarf
Tank: no label floral and lace top
JeansJeanswest 'shale' super skinny jeans
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in black
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum

Why I wore it:

Usually, I plan my outfits the night before. Sometimes I have a vague idea of what I want to wear, and fill in the gaps when I get up in the morning. I knew I wanted to wear this floral tank and jeans together with my cosy navy cardigan, I thought the neutral navy would look great with the purple toned jeans and the cream floral print tank. The scarf and handbag were completely last minute choices, but I think they really pulled the outfit together. I loved this outfit. This scarf always makes me happy when I wear it, a definite keeper.

This outfit was casual and comfortable for playgroup and then running a couple of errands with the boys. And since it wasn't as cold outside as it was last time, I felt suitably dressed to sit and chat with the other mums as I watched the kids run around and play outside.

Last worn: navy cardigan, purple scarf, floral tank, skinny jeans, Converse, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote.

Other ways to wearnavy cardigan in the office, purple scarf and chambray dress, floral tank and maxi skirt, skinny jeans and printed shirt, Converse for travel, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote and shorts.

Perfect for pregnancyfloral tank in second trimester, skinny jeans and hidden second trimester bump, Converse in second trimester, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote and maternity maxi dress.

Cosy scarves are a winter essential! Here's my complete scarf collection:

What I wore:

summer tank layered for winter with jeans tucked into boots maxi cardigan feather foil scarf | away from blue

Rebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey | away from the blue

awayfromblue instagram grey maxi cardigan summer tank layered with jeans boots scarf
JacketJeanswest Alice longline Australian wool cardigan
ScarfForever New skye foil feather scarf in berry / gold (on sale!)
TankJeanswest Elissa leaf print tank
JeansJeanswest prima denim super skinny jeans in absolute black
ShoesAsos Cleo leather boots in tan
BagRebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey

Why I wore it:

This is one of those outfits that didn't seem to photograph well. While I don't think it looks like much in the photos I loved this outfit - all of the loose slouchy layers were perfect for a quiet Saturday. We spent most of the day at home, and then went round to my friend's house in the evening to watch the Church Online service together. I was worried it was going to be a chilly night, so I layered up. I was so warm for most of the night though, it definitely wasn't as cold as I expected it to be. We had a chilly start to winter, but it's back to being more average temperatures now.

The same outfit formula as the one above - skinny jeans, a summer tank layered out with a cosy cardigan, and a big scarf. I wasn't sure what scarf to wear with this - the leaf print on the tank has pink, peach, red and blue in it. In the end, I went with this burgundy and gold scarf. While it doesn't match the colours in the tank at all, I thought the foil feathers were similar enough to the leaves on the tank that it all worked well together. I threw the scarf on like this to try it out and I liked it so much I didn't wrap it around my neck like I usually do. Seemed to look better this way with the long cardigan.

Last worn: wool maxi cardigan, feather foil scarf, leaf print tank, Jeanswest prima skinny jeans, tan boots, Rebecca Minkoff Love bag.

Other ways to wearwool maxi cardigan and printed jeans, feather foil scarf and little black dress, leaf print tank worn two ways, Jeanswest prima skinny jeans and kimono, tan boots and shift dress, Rebecca Minkoff Love bag and printed shorts.

Perfect for pregnancyJeanswest prima skinny jeans in second trimester, Rebecca Minkoff Love bag ins econd trimester.

Printed Tanks Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

Summer pieces can easily be worn into winter with the right layers. Jeans, cardigans, scarves and even ankle boots are a nice way to make a lighter piece winter weather appropriate.

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Friday, 22 June 2018

Colourful Jeans with Converse And Kimonos | Wear & Tear Video of Rebecca Minkoff MAM Bag

There is something about the simplicity of a printed kimono with skinny jeans. Add in some shimmery tanks and you have such an easy stay at home mum outfit! As I shared last week, I've been loving this kind of outfit formula before the cold winter weather arrived. Wore these outfits for two very fun days out and about with the boys, Converse were a necessity. As I had a few things to carry, I went with my trusty mini MAB bag. It carries everything!

What I wore: 

purple printed kimono skinny jeans converse SAHM autumn style Rebecca Minkoff MAM bag | awayfromblue

purple skinny jeans, Rebecca Minkoff MAB mini in soft grey | awayfromtheblue

awayfromblue instagram purple kimono skinny jeans rebecca minkoff MAM bag
NecklaceHouse of Harlow sunburst necklace in silver and grey
TankJeanswest Maji metallic tank in soft green and silver (on sale!)
JeansJeanswest blackberry super skinny jeans
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in black
BagRebecca Minkoff MAB mini in soft grey

Why I wore it:

I worried the purple skinny jeans and printed kimono together might be a little too matchy-matchy, but I'm so glad I gave this a go as I really loved the combination! I debated wearing my trusty Havaianas over my Converse but figured it could still be quite a cold day. It wasn't, and a few times I regretted jeans and wish I'd gone with shorts!

We headed down the coast with the boys to see the Gold Coast 'Monster Machinery' day. We'd never been before, but with two boys who love all kinds of vehicles, it was the perfect destination. Unfortunately it looked like most of the people on the coast thought so too, it was so busy! The council set up all their vehicles in a park, along with some emergency vehicles, boats, and Lightning McQueen and Mac from the Cars movies. The boys loved it! They ignored the biggest digger (although to be fair I wasn't going to push them to stand in the huge line!) abut they had fun clambering over everything including jumping into the big scoops and pushing the horns on some of the trucks and riding in the fire engine and ambulance.

I loved my outfit, we had a fun day despite the crowds and lines, the only thing I didn't love was my bag choice. I specifically chose this much loved Rebecca Minkoff MAM bag as it fits everything I need to carry as well as my camera, and I'd planned to vlog the day. I took a cute video clip in the car on the way down and noticed the battery was getting low. Not an issue, it's pretty good and usually warns in advance. We finally found a parking spot, walked the long distance to the event, the boys got excited to see the vehicles, and I whipped out my camera to get a good pic, to realise the battery was dead. Luckily I had my phone, but the people waiting behind us to take a photo next were not impressed by my fumbling around!

I then had to carry around a heavy camera, bag and the baby bag. I wouldn't have minded if I could have used the camera, but it was a bit frustrating carrying around something so heavy when I couldn't use it! 😫

Last worn: printed kimono, metallic tank, purple skinny jeans, Converse, Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB.

Other ways to wearprinted kimono and maxi dress, metallic tank and leopard print, purple skinny jeans and winter layers, Converse for travel, Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB and shorts.

Perfect for pregnancypurple skinny jeans in first trimester, Converse for second trimester travel, Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB and maternity pencil skirt.

Wear & Tear: Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB After 5 Years of Use:

What I wore:

bright red skinny jeans colourful touch with neutral black white kimono converse outfit | away from blue

back and white kimono, red skinny jeans, rebecca minkoff soft grey MAB bag | away from the blue

awayfromtheblue isntagram rebecca minkoff MAM bag red skinny jeans with black and white converse outfit
JacketThe Kindness Collective 'Vienna Awaits' floral print kimono
Necklace: Uniquely Made with Love Sea Change necklace
TankFrench Connection feather foil singlet
Jeans: thrifted Emerson red skinny jeans
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in white
BagRebecca Minkoff MAB mini in soft grey

Why I wore it:

Another outfit with the same outfit formula! Colourful skinny jeans, basic tank, kimono and Converse. This time I charged the camera the night before, so there were no surprises! I wasn't entirely happy with the kimono though - we had an early start and it was a bit chilly in the morning. Perfect for the rest of the day when it warmed up, but made me realise my kimono wearing days are getting less frequent now winter has arrived.

With toddler T's birthday coming up, we decided to take him and his brother out for a Pony Playdate. A local organisation runs it, they have a beautiful paddock and some farm animals. It's Horses In Mind (not sponsored) at Hemmant. The boys got to spend a morning on the farm learning about (and yes patting and chasing!) the chickens and ducks and guinea pigs. Then it was time to learn how to take care of ponies, and they got to use all the different brushes to get them all nice and clean. This was magical, I had a go too and it was so fun brushing this little pony together. They were such good ponies!

Then after they measured up my tiny boys for tiny saddles, they got to hop on and take the ponies for a ride around the paddock. We got so many good photos and videos, thanks to having the camera charged this time! It was such a fun day out.

The white Converse might seem like a strange choice for a day on a farm! I'd picked them to wear over my boots as they had been getting a bit dirty and I'd been planning to wash them anyway. Getting covered in mud seemed like the best thing to do before finally throwing them in the wash a few hours later.

Last worn: black and white kimono, shimmery tank, red skinny jeans, Converse, Rebecca Minkoff MAM bag (above).

Other ways to wearblack and white kimono and maxi dress, shimmery tank and maxi skirt, red skinny jeans and rainbow knit, Converse and dress, Rebecca Minkoff MAM bag worn 30 ways.

Perfect for pregnancyshimmery tank in first trimester, red skinny jeans in second trimester, Converse and maternity shorts, Rebecca Minkoff MAM bag in second trimester.

Colourful Jeans Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

Colourful jeans don't have to be tricky to wear! They can be just as versatile as your standard blue jeans. You can match the colour to something else in the outfit like I did with the purple jeans and kimono together in the first set of pics, or you can keep things simple and add a pair of colourful red jeans to a classic black and white outfit. Easy, fuss free dressing that's perfect for a day running around with kids.

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Monday, 28 May 2018

Black and White Dresses For The Office With Navy Rebecca Minkoff Regan Bag

The beauty of a black and white dress is that you can really accessorise with anything! I even got to get out one of my scarves I've been waiting to wear.

As you can see from the outfits below, although these were worn just a day apart there was a big change in the temperatures! A couple of weeks ago it eventually started cooling down in Brisbane. This Friday is the first day of winter, so it's about time we had some cooler weather!

What I wore:

blush pink blazer and Rebecca Minkoff velvet double wrap belt, Regan bag, autumn office style | awayfromblue

silver bracelet stack, Rebecca Minkoff Regan Satchel Tote in moon | awayfromtheblue

awayfromtheblue instagram blush pink blazer belted over stripe fit and flare dress with rebecca minkoff regan bag
JacketJeanswest Nadine 3/4 sleeve dusky pink blazer
DressJeanswest 'Rita' stripe jersey dress
BeltRebecca Minkoff Liv double wrap velvet belt
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs black logo plaque ballet flats
BagRebecca Minkoff Regan Satchel Tote in moon

Why I wore it:

It's not the first time I've belted this blazer, but I think this is my favourite outfit I've created with it. I have worn this belted over a black fit and flare dress before, this time around I really liked the double wrap velvet belt and the pink with the black and white.

The only thing I didn't like with this outfit was that it was a little chilly in the morning - after taking photos, I ran inside to grab a scarf as I packed the tripod away before I left for work. Didn't have time to get photos with the scarf, but it stayed off for the rest of the day as the weather heated up. Headed out to the Brisbane Botanical Gardens again with my friend to take some photos. While she doesn't have an active blog, she is modelling some pieces she's been sent so I was happy to enjoy the autumn sunshine and take some pics for her. Managed to get a pic of my outfit too! We had time for a quick lunch after before we headed back to the office, with an afternoon full of meetings for me.

Last worn: blush pink blazer, velvet double wrap belt, striped fit and flare dress, Marc By Marc Jacobs ballet flats, Rebecca Minkoff Regan bag.

Other ways to wearblush pink blazer and olive tank, velvet double wrap belt over a vest, striped fit and flare dress in winter, Marc By Marc Jacobs ballet flats and A-line skirt, Rebecca Minkoff Regan bag and wrap dress.

Perfect for pregnancyblush pink blazer in third trimester, striped fit and flare dress in second trimester.

Review And Contents of the Rebecca Minkoff Regan Bag:

What I wore:

black and white knit dress, rgey feather scarf, blazer and Regan bag, autumn office style | away from blue

printed knit dress, rebecca minkoff moon navy regular satchel bag | away from the blue

awayfromblue instagram autumn office outfit black white knit dress feather scarf blazer

Jacket:  Zara cream jersey blazer
Scarf: gifted grey and gold embroidered feather scarf
Dress: black and white knit dress from my Grandma's wardrobe
ShoesWalnut Melbourne 'Ava' black lizard ballet flats (also available in silver)
BagRebecca Minkoff Regan Satchel Tote in moon

Why I wore it:

A much cooler morning had me pulling out my Grandma's knitted dress. It was one of the pieces I'd packed away for winter. I'd recently unboxed all my winter things, perfect timing for the weather change. While this dress has been worn a few times, it's the first time I had the opportunity to wear this beautiful personalised scarf my friend sent me. The gold embroidered feathers are complimented with my name in gold foil, it's such a sweet gift.

This was just the right amount of layers for a wet and cold autumn day, although I am wondering if I'll have to get my tights out soon! Again, just like the outfit above, I stuck with my Rebecca Minkoff Regan bag, the neutral navy goes with so much.

Last worn: cream blazer, knitted dress, Walnut Melbourne ballet flats, Rebecca Minkoff Regan bag (above). First time I've worn the scarf.

Other ways to wearcream blazer and pencil skirt, knitted dress and leopard print scarf, Walnut Melbourne ballet flats and skinny jeans, Rebecca Minkoff Regan bag and printed shorts.

Perfect for pregnancy: cream jersey blazer in second trimester, Walnut Melbourne ballet flats and maternity pencil skirt.

Black and White Dresses For The Office Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

A classic black and white dress is an office essential. It's an instant throw on and go outfit. You can add a blazer if it's cooler or you want your outfit to seem a little more professional. The black and white is also a great backdrop to add some colour to, like the blush blazer in the first outfit, or to try print mixing with the feather print scarf in the second outfit.

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Monday, 26 March 2018

2 Ways To Wear A Dress As A Top: Work And Weekend With Colourful Balenciaga Bags

I love the dresses I have in my wardrobe, but sometimes I like to try different things with them. This dress below is the perfect casual dress, I've worn it to Bondi beach and I love it as a beach cover-up. It's so easy to make the dress work in other ways too though. Below I'm wearing it as a top in two different ways, one for the office and the other for a day of errands.

What I wore:

making a casual dress office appropriate skirt suit pink balenciaga magenta day bag | away from blue

Balenciaga Day bag in 2005 magenta | away from the blue

awayfromblue instagram office suit separates pencil skirt and dress worn as a top pink bag
Jacketthrifted Zara black blazer
Necklace: silver ball multi chain long necklace
Dress: Zara printed bib front tunic dress (worn as top)
SkirtJeanswest zip detail ponte pencil skirt
ShoesWalnut Melbourne 'Ava' black lizard ballet flats (also available in silver)
BagBalenciaga Day bag in 2005 magenta

Why I wore it:

After a few days signed off sick from work, my voice still wasn't fully back, but I could kind of hold a conversation, so I headed into the office. This was a mistake and I should have stayed home. I ended up getting told to go home by two different bosses. By lunch time I took their advice, called it quits and went home.

While I felt horrible, my outfit was designed to make me feel better, with the colourful and cheerful magenta Balenciaga day bag as a pop of colour with all of the black. The jersey blazer and skirt look a bit 'suit-like' in an attempt to project an air of professionalism with all my coughs and wheezes! Despite having a horrible day and feeling too exhausted to do anything other than order takeaway for dinner, I did like this outfit. It's a shame I wasn't well enough to enjoy it, ha!

Last worn: jersey blazer, printed dress, pencil skirt, Walnut Melbourne ballet flats, Balenciaga magenta day bag.

Other ways to wearjersey blazer and pencil skirt, printed dress and denim jacket, pencil skirt in winter, Walnut Melbourne ballet flats and skinny jeans, Balenciaga magenta day bag and maxi dress.

Perfect for pregnancyjersey blazer and maternity pencil skirt, printed dress in second trimester, pencil skirt in first trimester, Walnut Melbourne ballet flats in second trimester, Balenciaga magenta day bag in third trimester.

How To Pick The Balenciaga Bag That's Right For You:

What I wore:

casual dress worn as top tucked into bermuda denim shorts SAHM errand outfit | awayfromblue

Balenciaga regular Pompon bag in Murier | awayfromtheblue

awayfromblue instagram Balenciaga regular Pompon bag in Murier, dress worn as top with bermuda denim shorts
Necklace: silver heart long pendant necklace
Dress: Zara printed bib front tunic dress (worn as top)
ShortsJeanswest Trinity Bermuda denim shorts
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in white
Bracelets: the usual plus Cora purpleheart and mother of pearl watch C/O JORD
Bag: Balenciaga regular Pompon bag in Murier

Why I wore it:

Feeling much better, I wore the dress again as a top a few days afterwards. Instead of layering a pencil skirt over the top, I just bundled it up and partially tucked it into my denim shorts, which have been on heavy repeat lately. As the weather is getting cooler here in Brisbane, the longer sleeves from the dress worked nicely with the slightly longer length of the bermuda shorts.

Just like the pink Balenciaga day bag above, I picked this Balenciaga Pompon bag for an extra touch of colour with the otherwise monochromatic blue outfit. I have been enjoying using this Balenciaga bag lately, as you may have seen on Instagram.

Added the Converse as it was a bit of a showery day and as much as I love my trusty Havaianas that you'll see in most of my outfit photos, I don't like them in the rain much! The Converse were much easier for running around chasing after the boys as we attempted to achieve multiple things in one morning.

Last worn: printed dress (above), bermuda denim shorts, Converse. First time I've shown the bag on the blog as it's a recent addition to my wardrobe.

Other ways to wearprinted dress in winter, bermuda denim shorts and kimono, Converse and pencil skirt.

Perfect for pregnancyprinted dress in third trimester, Converse for second trimester travel.

Navy Printed Dresses Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

Try rewear your favourite dress differently by layering and wearing it as a top. For shorter dresses, you can add a pencil skirt over the top to instantly make them a work-appropriate length. If the dress is a light soft fabric like this viscose one, scrunch it up and tuck it into a pair of shorts for a different casual summer look.

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