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Friday, 2 March 2018

30 Ways to Wear a Grey Maxi Skirt: #30Wears Challenge Outfits

A 30 wears post with this classic grey marle jersey maxi skirt is so overdue. It's been worn nearly 50 times (48 exactly!) since I bought it in my third trimester four years ago.

The #30wears challenge is committing to wearing things you buy at least 30 times. As I take daily outfit photos, I have over 6 years of outfits to look back on and see all the different times I've worn things. Blog labels and searches in the archives come in helpful for pulling these posts together, and it's fun to see how many things I've hit 30 wears on.

#30Wears: Grey Marle Jersey Maxi Skirt

30 ways to wear a grey jersey maxi skirt | away from the blue blog #30wears

It's no secret that I love maxi skirts, and I've posted a few #30 wears posts featuring some of my maxi skirt collection (see them at the end of the post).

Maxi skirts are for petites too! I got lucky with this Target one, the perfect petite friendly length with no hemming required. It was $25, so that's 52 cents a wear so far on it. It's got a lot of life left in it still, and it's not going anywhere from my wardrobe. Not bad for an impulsive pregnancy buy four years ago!

Maxi Skirt and Graphic Tees (and a Tank)

outfit ideas grey jersey maxi skirt and graphic tees | away from the blue

A plain grey maxi skirt makes it easy to wear fun printed graphic tees, as it's a great neutral base. Even though one of these is a graphic tank instead of a tee, you can see it's still just as simple to wear. A nice easy outfit to pull together, the graphic top adds interest that the plain skirt lacks.

Maxi Skirt and Long Sleeve Tops

3 ways to wear grey maxi skirt and long sleeve tops | awayfromtheblue

Maxi skirts work well in cooler weather with long sleeve tops. The long skirt protects your legs from the cold and keeps you cosy, and a longer sleeved top is an extra layer for a cooler day. If it's really cold, a scarf makes you even warmer. Again, you can see in these three outfits that the plain maxi skirt base means you can add fun printed scarves, bright colours, or even a top with embroidery detail, without your outfit feeling too overpowering.

Maxi Skirt and Layers

6 different ways to layer a maxi skirt for cooler weather | awayfromblue

Sometimes you need a little more than a long sleeve top with a maxi skirt. As I wear my maxi skirts year-round, I've worn them with all kinds of layers. You can see the variety in these outfits, with a denim jacket, cardigans, a blazer, and a kimono. I've also worn this skirt in the middle of winter with a leather jacket when it's been really cold. These layering options are great pieces to add in spring or autumn when it's too cool to wear a skirt and top on it's own.

Grey Maxi Skirt And Summer Outfits

3 easy ways to wear a grey maxi skirt in summer | away from blue

A maxi skirt is really made for summer though, it makes summer dressing easy. And if you have babies or toddlers, the long maxi length means you can run around with them and not worry about things being too short or showing more than you intended when you bend over to pickup the kids, or something they've dropped for the tenth time that day, ha!

Grey Maxi Skirt and Monochromatic Outfits

3 monochromatic outfit ideas with grey jersey maxi skirt | awayfromtheblue

Lots of colourful outfits so far, but you can go completely neutral with a grey skirt and create a monochrome or monochromatic outfit. I like the two shades of grey together on the end there, but with the black v-neck tee is my favourite. I'm still sad that tee didn't survive through too many incorrect wash cycles on the washing machine and had to leave my wardrobe.

Jersey Maxi Skirt In Pregnancy

jersey maxi skirt in third trimester | away from the blue blog

third trimester outfits with jersey stretchy maxi skirt | away from the blue

Since I bought this maxi skirt while I was pregnant, it makes sense that the most frequent way to wear it has been with a baby bump. It's been so nice having this piece that I could wear through my third trimesters with both my boys - and still be wearing and loving it afterwards. I'm impressed the elastic has held up too, they were pretty big baby bumps near the end!

Jersey Maxi Skirt Postpartum

postpartum outfit ideas with a grey maxi skirt | away from the blue blog

Forgiving jersey material, a soft stretchy elastic waistband, all the things I loved about this skirt in pregnancy make it a great postpartum choice too. Much nicer pulling this on in the newborn days than attempting to squeeze into something with buttons, a zipper, or zero stretch! Having something you know will still fit and make you feel great makes getting dressed easy after being up all night with a newborn, and anything to make parenting easier is a winner!

Grey Maxi Skirt for Travel

travel style with a grey jersey maxi skirt: outfit ideas | awayfromtheblue

I've gone on about how great this jersey maxi skirt is to wear, but the material is perfect to travel with too! It's comfortable for a long day of sightseeing, it can be crumpled up in a carry on bag and doesn't need ironing at your destination. For pregnancy travel (the middle pic) it was wonderful, and for running around Sydney with two toddlers (the left and right photos) it works just as well.

It makes me happy to have a piece in my wardrobe that's wrapped around my baby bump for both boys that's still going strong. It's nice to put together a post like this and see the bumps at different stages. So many fun memories attached to the times I've worn this skirt. I'm enjoying continuing the 30 wears challenge this year as it's great putting these posts together.

Grey Jersey Maxi Skirts Under $50:

This Target skirt is no longer available, but above are some great alternatives, all under $50!

30 Ways to Wear a Grey Maxi Skirt (In Video Format):

More Posts in the #30Wears Series:

Perfect if you're looking for more ways to wear outfit inspiration! Alternative, see all the 48+ ways I've worn this skirt in my blog archives.

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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

30 Ways To Wear a Striped Maxi Skirt - White and Navy #30Wears Series

Another month, another #30wears achieved for a piece from my wardrobe. This time it's another maxi skirt. It's interesting that there are only a few jeans that I've hit 30 wears on but I've easily hit that on so many of my maxi skirts. I've always thought I was more of a jeans than skirt person, my style has definitely evolved over the years. It's useful having the blog to look back on and see what I've worn over the years, and it's great that I can compile my outfit pics together into posts like this.

I have started to look up pieces I'm close to 30 wears on and wearing them a little more regularly, as you've probably seen on Instagram. I do want to wear more of my wardrobe, but I'm also enjoying the challenge of thinking up more ways to wear things to hit 30 wears.

#30 Wears: Navy and White Striped Maxi Skirt

While I don't wear a lot of white, I find this maxi skirt so easy to wear. Being machine washable helps! The stretchy elastic waistband has stretched through to the third trimester of two pregnancies and still fits perfectly post-baby. Non-maternity clothes with elastic waists are wonderful in pregnancy. In fact the very first time I wore this skirt I was pregnant, it's a great pregnancy piece.

It's not just pregnancy this works well for though! Stretchy skirts are great postpartum and incredibly comfortable post-baby. It's easy to see why I've hit 30 wears on this. In fact, half of them were during pregnancy and the other 15 were when I wasn't pregnant. Really funny to see the perfect split when I counted up the 30 wears.

stripe maxi skirt 30 ways to wear series outfit ideas | Away From The Blue blog

Stripe Maxi Skirt With Printed And Embellished Tanks

stripe maxi skirt 4 ways printed embellished tanks | awayfromblue

A printed skirt doesn't mean you have to wear it with plain pieces! I've enjoyed doing a little print mixing by pairing the striped skirt with printed tanks. If you're looking for something slightly different you can add something extra to the stripes with embellished tanks with beading or sequins. The benefit of the beaded and sequin embellished tanks were that they draw the eye up and away from what was an early second trimester baby bump. Of course as you can see with the brown floral tank, you can only disguise a baby bump for so long! Get more ways to hide a baby bump here.

Navy Stripe Maxi Skirt and Matching Top

stripe maxi skirt 3 ways matching navy tops awayfromblue

stripe maxi skirt 3 ways with matching navy tops awayfromblue

Since the white maxi skirt has a navy stripe, it's good to be matchy-matchy and wear a navy tee with it. It's a quick fool-proof outfit technique you can use for any printed piece. Grab a plain piece in a similar colour to one that's in the print to wear with it for an easy outfit that is perfectly co-ordinated.

Stripe Maxi Skirt and Grey Tee

stripe maxi skirt and grey tees 5 ways to wear with bright bags | awayfromtheblue

A grey tee is another one of those fail-safe outfit options with a printed maxi skirt. I have quite a few grey tees in my wardrobe, as you can see above as each time I've worn this skirt it's been with a different grey tee! I like them when I need a neutral piece to wear with a print. A grey tee and a maxi skirt is a favourite frequently worn combination of mine. A grey tee will always be a classic to me. A nice neutral grey tee lets you be a little more bold and adventurous with your accessory choices and I like to wear a bright handbag often with grey tees as the colour really pops.

Stripe Maxi Skirt and Colourful Tanks

stripe maxi skirt in pregnancy with colourful fitted tanks on baby bump | away from blue

While grey tees are a great neutral with prints, and you can easily pick a navy top for an easy coordinating outfit, I like wearing bright and colourful tanks with this stripe maxi skirt too. I love this in pregnancy, as my colourful fitted tanks really work nicely to show off a baby bump. Because this skirt is a non-maternity piece, there is a limit to how far the elastic will stretch around a growing baby belly. When it hits its limit, a maternity tank comes in helpful as the longer bump-covering length lets you wear the skirt lower with the waist band under the baby bump like in the last photo.

Maxi Skirts and Light Layers In Cooler Weather

stripe maxi skirt 4 ways in spring autumn light layers | awayfromtheblue

I try to wear most of my wardrobe year-round, but with the slit up the side it gets a little too cold to wear this maxi skirt over winter. I make it work outside of summer by adding a light layer, something as simple as a scarf or denim jacket, or a little more colourful with a printed kimono or colourful knit. Just that extra layer can make it easier to wear this skirt for spring or autumn. You don't have to keep maxi skirts just for summer!

Maxi Skirt and Ruffle Camis

stripe maxi skirt and ruffle camis 3 outfit ideas with print mixing | awayfromtheblue

Sometimes i's nice to add some extra texture to your outfit. The close fit of this jersey maxi skirt means voluminous tops are a good pairing with it, and my ruffle camis are such fun pieces to wear. You can even add in some print mixing like I've done in two of those three outfits above. Stripes really do go with so much, and a strappy cami is a wonderful piece to wear in the summer heat.

Maxi Skirt and Tees

stripe maxi skrit and tees 5 ways to wear in pregnancy and postbaby | Away From Blue

As you can see above, I love my grey tees and my navy tees with this striped maxi skirt. Any kind of tee pairs beautifully with a maxi skirt though, and as well as some brightly coloured ones it's been fun wearing graphic tees with this striped skirt. It makes a great casual outfit for places like playgroup if you're wanting to dress a maxi skirt down a little. A simple outfit formula like this can continue on in pregnancy as well!

Striped Maxi Skirts Under $50:

A striped skirt can be surprisingly versatile, and this was definitely good value for money! I bought this Atmos & Here maxi skirt back in 2013 for $17.45, so it's now down to 58 cents per wear and still going strong 4 years later.

Want more outfit inspiration? All the 30+ ways I've worn this striped maxi skirt.

Previous 30 Wears posts:

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Friday, 17 February 2017

Silicone Teething Necklaces and Printed Dresses

The most frequent comment on the blog or Instagram is around my accessories. Lots of love for my handbags, but at the moment the most commented on thing is whatever necklace I'm wearing.

While Baby Boy is so small, I'm doing the same thing I did with his older brother and putting aside all my regular necklaces and just wearing baby-friendly pieces. I have a little collection of teething necklaces I rotate through.

What's a teething necklace?

They are called teething or silicone necklaces as they are made out of nontoxic food safe silicone and designed for babies to chew. I've bought necklaces from Nibbly Bits (who I highly recommend) and received some from Ruby Olive in a subscription box. I'm wearing one from each brand with some printed dresses below.

Why wear a teething necklace?

  • Entertainment for baby - they are brightly coloured and perfectly positioned around your neck for playing with during feeds. Useful for both breast and bottle feeds.
  • Perfect for teething - both my boys love gnawing on the bright beads to soothe their gums.
  • Easy to clean - you can wash them in hot soapy water and as they stay on you they don't get as dirty as other toys that roll around on the floor with baby.
  • Always nearby - it can be hard digging around in a baby bag to find a toy when you have a toddler and a baby to keep hold of!
  • Safe - the ones I own have a quick release clasp so if baby gets tangled or tugs too strongly they unfasten for safety. They are also made from BPA free food-grade silicone.
  • They look good! I like being able to wear an accessory that adds something to an outfit I'm wearing and is also useful for baby. Pretty and practical!

You get a lot of unsolicited advice in motherhood and I'm wary of recommending something as what works for one baby doesn't work for all, but when anyone asks about my necklaces I always rave about how good teething necklaces are! They are a nice touch to an outfit too.

What I wore:

Nibbly Bits abacus pop teething necklace, Atmos&Here Nigella collarless shirt dress, LV speedy | AwayFromBlue

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene 30 speedy bandouliere | Away From The Blue
SunglassesRay-Ban new Wayfarers
Necklace: Nibbly Bits Abacus teething necklace in pop
DressAtmos&Here Nigella collarless shirt dress
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
BagLouis Vuitton Damier Ebene 30 speedy bandouliere

Why I wore it:

I was in a rush this morning as usual so wanted an easy outfit - this simple printed shirt dress was perfect. It met a lot of style challenges on Instagram too. The polka dot dress is a red, black and white print but it 'reads' like a neutral piece so I thought the pink and purple teething necklace was lovely with it. Wore this for a lot of running around with swim lessons for Toddler T, a few errands and getting lunch.

This is definitely my favourite teething necklace - I really like the colours and it does seem to go with everything! I made a #30wears collages with it as I've worn it so much.

30 wears: outfit ideas with Nibbly Bits abacus pop silicone teething necklace | AwayFromBlue Blog

Last worn: Ray-Ban Wayfarer, Atmos&Here shirt dress, Havaianas, Louis Vuitton speedy Bandouliere.

Other ways to wear: shirt dress and winter layers, Louis Vuitton speedy Bandouliere and jeans.

Where to Buy Silicone Teething Necklaces:

What I wore:

Zara printed bib front tunic dress, tempete Balenciaga day bag | AwayFromBlue

Balenciaga giant hardware Day bag in 2009 tempete | AwayFromTheBlue
SunglassesRay-Ban new Wayfarers
Necklace: Ruby Olive Softies Charlotte teething necklace
Dress: Zara printed bib front tunic dress
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
BagBalenciaga giant hardware Day bag in 2009 tempete

Why I wore it:

Not what I wanted to wear, but still met a couple style challenge prompts on Instagram. Unlike the shirt dress above, this shift dress is not breastfeeding friendly! I was rushing to get ready as usual and I pulled on my button up shift dress that is breastfeeding friendly. Only to find I couldn't fasten it as somewhere between me taking it off, washing it and ironing it, one of the buttons had popped off.

I'd had my mind set on wearing a dress so I was rummaging through my wardrobe looking for something else to wear. With pregnancy and breastfeeding, it's been a year and a half since I last wore this one! It was nice to get it out again, it is one of my favourite dresses. Even if I was a little stressed about going grocery shopping and getting back before Baby Boy wanted a feed!

With the blue bag and navy shift dress the colourful teething necklace was a good addition to break up the blue a little. Plus it kept Baby Boy amused until I could get home and change into something more suited for feeding him.

Last wornRay-Ban Wayfarer (above), Zara shift dress, Havaianas (above), Balenciaga tempete Day bag.

Other ways to wearZara shift dress and leather jacket, Balenciaga tempete Day bag and blush blazer.

Hopefully you found this post helpful! So many people have asked that I thought this would be useful for someone. It's not sponsored. Just wanted to share the revelation I had when I first heard of teething necklaces - what a great idea!

More Teething Necklaces:

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Friday, 3 June 2016

Printed Tanks, Flared Jeans, Grey Cardigans and Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody Bags

Life with two boys under 2 is busy and hectic, and a cross body bag means I've always got everything I need handy. I've been favouring my Rebecca Minkoff cross body bags lately. While I do have other cross body bags, the Rebecca Minkoff ones are small enough that they are easy to juggle with a baby bag, toddler, newborn and often a stroller.

What I wore:

Away From Blue | printed Tank, Flared Jeans, ballet flats, Rebecca Minkoff cross body saddle bag

AwayFromBlue |  Rebecca Minkoff unlined saddle bag in cherry red
Jacket: Paper Scissors grey wrap cardigan
Tank: Emerson crochet lace bib print top
JeansJeanswest 'spoylt' flared jeans
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs black logo plaque ballet flats
BagRebecca Minkoff unlined saddle bag in cherry red (on sale!)

Why I wore it:

I loved everything about this outfit! A rainy night and a cooler morning was the perfect chance to wear this grey cardi, and I really wanted to wear the red tank and bag together. Although I was just running a few errands, I was comfortable and happy in this all day.

The flowy tank is great for covering a postbaby belly and I was able to lift it up and still have plenty of coverage while breastfeeding in the afternoon when the in-laws came over.

This cardigan had been in the 'maybe donate' pile for a while, as it's been so long since I last wore it. It was last on the blog over 3 years ago! I've taken it to work a few times since then to keep cosy in the aircon but wasn't sure it was worth keeping, until loving it in this outfit. It will be staying in my wardrobe.

Last worn: grey cardi, red crochet detail tank, flared jeans, Marc Jacobs ballet flats, Rebecca Minkoff saddle bag.

Other ways to weargrey cardi in the office, red printed tank and striped maxi skirt, flared jeans and Converse, Marc Jacobs ballet flats and a maxi skirt, Rebecca Minkoff saddle bag and a striped skirt.

More Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody Bags:

What I wore:

Away From Blue | Aztec Print tank, flares, gold mouse flats, wool cardi autumn SAHM style

AwayFromTheBlue | Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum
JacketJeanswest Alice longline Australian wool cardigan (new purchase)
TankAtmos&Here 'Florida' tank in Aztec print
JeansJeanswest 'spoylt' flared jeans
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs metallic mouse flats (on sale in navy!)
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum (on sale in pink!)

Why I wore it:

Since I liked the outfit combination above so much, I decided to try recreate it on another day with a different bag, tank and cardigan. I really didn't like this outfit as much though.

While the wool cardi was nice and cosy and I usually love wearing this tank, I felt it wasn't really working with my extra post-baby curves lifting it up and kept fussing with the hem of the tank trying to pull it down. A nice outfit in theory, but not so practical to wear.

Last worn: Ray-Ban Wayfarer, Aztec print tank, flared jeans (above), gold mouse flats, Rebecca Minkoff plum mini MAB tote. First time I've worn the cardigan as it's a recent purchase.

Other ways to wearAztec print tank and red jeans, flares and a blazer, gold mouse flats and a Chloe Paddington, purple mini MAB and a pink maxi dress.

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Maxi Skirts, Alexander McQueen Skull Scarves and Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB Tote Bag

With the autumn temperatures slowly starting to arrive, it's been good to get my scarf collection out again. While baby is small I'm avoiding necklaces or extra bracelets he could get tangled in, but a scarf is so easy to remove when feeding and soft for baby to snuggle into.

What I wore:

AwayFromBlue | Skull scarf and striped tank casual maxi skirt outfit colourful accessories

AwayFromTheBlue | Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum
SunniesRay-Ban new Wayfarers (30% off at Nordstrom!)
ScarfAlexander McQueen modal skull scarf in white/pink
TankAtmos & Here Oregon stripe tank (on sale!)
Skirt: Jeanswest plain jersey black maxi skirt
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs black logo plaque ballet flats
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum (on sale in pink!)

Why I wore it:

Had some shopping to do in the morning and family came to visit in the afternoon. Wanted to add some colour to the black outfit with the colourful scarf and bag. Maxi skirt, stripes and colourful accessories - such a simple and practical outfit. I really liked wearing this.

Last worn: Ray-Ban wayfarer, pink and cream skull scarf, striped tank, black maxi skirt, Marc Jacobs ballet flats, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote.

Other ways to wearpink skull scarf with blue and teal, striped tank and flared jeans, black maxi skirt and a baby bump, Marc Jacobs ballet flats and jeans, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote and a tie dye maxi dress.

Buy Alexander McQueen Skull Scarves on Sale:

What I wore:

AwayFromBlue | burgundy tee and purple bag grey marle maxi skirt autumn outfit

AwayFromTheBlue | Rebecca MInkoff plum purple mini MAB tote bag faux fur pom pom charm
ScarfAlexander McQueen modal and cashmere skull scarf
TeeAtmos&Here rolled sleeve oversized tee in wine (similar in black)
Skirt: Target grey marle maxi skirt
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs metallic mouse flats (on sale in navy!)
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum (on sale with zipped sides!)

Why I wore it:

Because I really liked the maxi skirt and skull scarf combo above, I tried it again. And again I really liked it. Perfect for the daycare drop off / pick up and a doctor's appointment in the afternoon. I've worn the tee and skirt and the tee and scarf together before.

Wasn't sure if the burgundy tee and purple bag would go together though. I actually googled for 'burgundy purple outfits' during baby boy's late night feed (when I usually plan what I'll wear for the day!) to try and figure out if my outfit idea would work! I'm glad I gave it a go though. It was good to try a little something different and I think the purple looks nice with the burgundy.

Last worn: Ray-Ban Wayfarers (above), taupe skull scarf, wine oversized tee, grey marle maxi skirt, gold mouse flats, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote (above).

Other ways to weartaupe skull scarf and printed pants, burgundy tee and gold jeans, grey marle maxi skirt and a graphic tee, gold mouse flats and a wrap dress, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote and denim shorts.

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Monday, 30 May 2016

2 Ways to Wear a Red Cross Body Bag ~ Rebecca Minkoff Saddle Bag

I have been wearing my Rebecca Minkoff saddle bag so much since I bought it...while it might be a little repetitive seeing it pop up all the time, I haven't had a reason to swap it out for another one of my many handbags because I'm finding it really does go with everything.

Two different outfits below showing how easy it is to wear a red cross body bag.

What I wore:

AwayFromBlue | Floral cocoon Kimono jeans easy breastfeeding / nursing outfit
Singlet: Best and Less black breastfeeding singlet
JeansSass and Bide  'neon nights' jeans
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs metallic mouse flats (on sale in navy!)
BagRebecca Minkoff unlined saddle bag in cherry red

Why I wore it:

Wore this to sit on the sidelines of toddler T's swimming lessons. Have to wait until my 6 week postpartum checkup before I can get the all clear to do any exercising other than walking and the exercises the physio gives you in hospital. I'm looking forward to getting back in the water though!

Thought the colourful floral print on this kimono would look nice with the red saddle bag. I really liked the combination. The kimono works nicely as a little nursing cover when breastfeeding too.

Last worn: Ray-Ban Wayfarers, floral cocoon kimono, black breastfeeding tank, Sass & Bide skinny jeans, gold mouse flats, Rebecca Minkoff saddle bag.

Other ways to wearfloral kimono and a mint teeblack nursing tank and a maxi skirt, Sass & Bide skinny jeans and a graphic tee, gold mouse flats and a Chloe paddingtonRebecca Minkoff saddle bag with a maxi skirt.

More cute red cross body bags:

What I wore:

AwayFromBlue | Grey graphic tee pleated skirt red Rebecca Minkoff saddle bag

Away From The Blue | Rebecca Minkoff unlined saddle bag in cherry red
SunniesRay-Ban new Wayfarers (30% off at Nordstrom!)
TeeGrey 'making magic happen' tee C/O Shein
Skirt: Vintage black pleated skirt from my Mum's closet
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs black logo plaque ballet flats
Bag:  Rebecca Minkoff unlined saddle bag in cherry red

Why I wore it:

It's been such a long time since I've worn this skirt! It used to belong to my mum, one of the few vintage pieces of clothing I have in my wardrobe. Thought that they grey slogan tee would work nicely with it, in theory. I didn't really like the oversized top and voluminous pleated skirt when I wore it though, not my favourite outfit. I felt I was constantly tugging at this through the day - especially in the waiting room of the doctors trying to calm a cranky baby with everyone staring...

I did like the colours in this outfit though - the neutral black and grey makes the red cross body bag really pop. A nice way to wear it, I've worn it with an all black outfit before too.

Last worn: Ray-Ban Wayfarers (above), Making magic happen tee, pleated maxi skirt, black ballet flats, Rebecca Minkoff saddle bag (above).

Other ways to wearMaking magic happen tee and a baby bump, pleated skirt and liliac tank, black ballet flats and a pink dressRebecca Minkoff saddle bag with stripes.

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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Monthly Purchases: May

Despite buying a few things in April, I managed to buy quite a bit in May. I focused mainly on accessories as clothes shopping so soon after birth is tricky - it's difficult enough guessing what in your own wardrobe will fit, never mind trying to pick the right size from a store!

Lots of impulse buys but everything that is sure to work in my wardrobe over winter. It still feels strange to think that winter is just a few days away, with autumn being so warm. The weather is cooling though, already we have caught our first cold of the season. So no full video this month, I've lost my voice! I did take a reveal of my Yoox sale purchases before I got sick, so you get to see some of the things I bought in action but not all.

What I bought in May

How I wore my purchases:

Away From Blue Blog May Purchases: Winter Wardrobe Update

I have a goal of wearing things twice in a month after buying them. It means that when I buy something I've thought of two different ways to wear it, and that I can wear it right away. By doing this I'm hoping to add things to my wardrobe that will actually be useful and worn frequently.

Just like last month, I bought a necklace I haven't worn yet as I'm avoiding necklaces in the early days of breastfeeding. I know I'll wear it a lot in future though, I wear the silver version often, and it's nice to have a gold one of Cooper to match with the gold initial necklaces I have for the boys.

While I found it easy to wear the cardi and the top, I found the scarves trickier. As it's been a mild autumn I've been wanting to maximise the wearing of my kimonos before it gets too cold. I can't wrap my head around a kimono and scarf outfit, so the scarves haven't been worn much yet. I know I'll be wearing the scarves a lot more over winter though.

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