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30 Wears: Rebecca Minkoff Grey MAB Satchel Bag

Another 30 ways to wear, with an update on #6monthsWithoutShopping.

6 Months Without Shopping: Month 5 Update

You might find it hard to believe but that's the 5th month of my no shopping challenge completed with no shopping! Of course now I've shared the secret for how I've been distracting myself from shopping for these 5 months - I was working on an eBook in any spare time I had. Not that you get spare time often with two boys under 3!

This month I think I've been more tempted by things, there have been so many sales. I'd usually use a sale as an excuse to jump online to 'just take a look', but I've distracted myself with doing something for the book instead so I've never had the time to think about purchases for too long. It's also easy to talk myself out of wanting things when I realise I've nearly done 6 months without shopping and I'd hate to go and spoil it so close to the end by buying something!

And now, 30 wears. Still finding it difficult to identify clothing that I've worn 30 times, I'm featuring another accessory. The Rebecca Minkoff MAB mini that I've worn over 60 times in the 4 years since I bought it. A surprisingly low number given that when I get it out of its dustbag I tend to wear it for a few days in a row. It's such a good bag I usually wear it for a while before thinking I need to enjoy some of my other bags again.

30 Ways to Wear Rebecca Minkoff MAB Satchel Bag | Away From Blue Blog

#30Wears: Rebecca Minkoff Grey MAB Mini (MAM) Bag

I bought this Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB bag back in 2013, before the boys were born. At the time I liked the flexibility of the bag as you could wear it so many different ways: over the shoulder, handheld, and cross body. It's only now I'm chasing toddlers that I'm really appreciating the cross body feature for more than just a different look, it's a very practical choice for a mum bag! The neutral grey mini MAB goes with so many different outfits and I've worn the bag for many occasions too, as you can see in the 30 ways I've worn it below.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB in the Office

The classic shape and neutral colour make the MAB satchel a great choice for the office! It's just large enough to fit in all of the usual things I carry as well as a small notebook, water bottle and snack - essentials for meetings across the city. While my workplace has a business casual dress code, I think this is the kind of bag you could easily wear in a more formal office too.

Rebecca Minkoff grey MAM bag office Corporate Style | Away From Blue Blog

Mini MAB and Maxi Skirts and Dresses

The beauty of the Rebecca Minkoff MAB satchel is that while it works in a more formal office environment with a pencil skirt, you can dress it down nicely with a maxi skirt or maxi dress for the weekend or stay at home mum style. The rectangular satchel shape of the bag slouches down nicely so it's just as suitable for a casual outfit too.

Rebecca Minkoff MAM Bag and Maxi Skirts and Dresses | Away From Blue Blog

Grey Mini MAB and Print Mixing

The benefit of neutral grey bag is that it goes with anything, so you can be a little more adventurous with your outfit. You can easily try some print mixing and pair different clothes together, as the bag won't clash with whatever you're wearing. Stripes and skulls, stripes and Aztec print, stripes and stars and even polka dots and skulls. I love my colourful handbags, but you can't beat a nice neutral sometimes!

grey satchel handbag with print mixing outfits | Away From The Blue Blog

Grey MAB Bag and Colourful Outfits

Just as a grey bag works in the outfits above when you are wearing different prints, it's the perfect neutral for a more colourful outfit where you're trying a new colour combination. I'm trying to add more colour to my outfits so when I'm wearing two colours I like to opt for a neutral bag. Blue and grey work so nicely together, and continue to do so even when you add in other colours like purple, yellow, pink and red.

bold colourful outfits with grey neutral handbag | Away From Blue Blog

MAB Satchel and Printed Dresses

Of course you don't have to be paring different prints or colours together to wear a neutral bag. A fail-safe grey bas is a good accessory with a bright printed dress too. 'Pick a colour from the pattern on the dress to accessorise with' is wise advice, but you can never go wrong wearing a colourful printed dress and a classic neutral bag.

Rebecca Minkoff MAM Bag with printed dresses | AwayFromTheBlue Blog

Difference Between the MAB and Mini MAB Satchel Bag

I've used MAB and mini MAB (or MAM) interchangeably in this post. The bag I'm wearing is the mini MAB which I think is better for my petite self. The difference is that the mini MAB is 20% smaller than the MAB. It's the exact same style, just a tiny bit smaller. A mini MAB (or MAM) is 13" wide, 8" high and 5.75" deep. Anything bigger is the MAB. 👍

Grey Rebecca Minkoff MAB Satchel and Monochrome Outfits

A you've seen above, an outfit with prints or colours or combinations of them both can benefit from a neutral handbag. You can try different prints and colours together, or try something a little simpler and wear a monochrome outfit. Black, blue and even orange, a grey bag can compliment a monochrome outfit nicely.

4 ways to wear: monochrome outfits and Rebecca Minkoff MAB satchel | Away From Blue

Grey MAB Bag With Jeans and a Tee

Jeans and a tee will always be a go-to outfit for me. A grey tee and denim is a simple outfit, and the grey Rebecca Minkoff MAB works nicely with it too, simple and stress free dressing. I haven't had any denim transfer on the grey leather, even when the bag rubs against my jeans when I wear it cross body. I do spray all my bags with a waterproofer before I wear them though.

Grey tees and jeans with rebecca minkoff mini MAB Bag | away from the blue blog

Anything and Rebecca Minkoff MAB Satchel

As you've seen above, a neutral grey bag with multiple ways to wear it like this one really will go with everything. You can wear it with jeans, colourful outfits, prints, works in so many different outfits. You can wear it year-round, and to multiple activities. It's one of those wear to work, wear on weekend pieces that I wish I had more clothing equivalents of in my wardrobe with my upcoming return to work after maternity leave.

4 ways to wear Rebecca Minkoff grey MAB satchel bag | AwayFromTheBlue blog

If you've been considering a Rebecca Minkoff bag and haven't been sure which one to get, I highly recommend snapping up the MAB on sale. It's on sale right now at Shopbop, in tan too. It's the first handbag Rebecca Minkoff sold back in 2005 and it really is one of those classic pieces. The video below shows just how much it can comfortably fit inside!

Where to Buy the Rebecca Minkoff MAB:

Where to Buy the Rebecca Minkoff MAB Second Hand:

(While the MAB style has recently been re-released, it was discontinued for a while. There are still a lot more colour options available second hand if you want to get one of the older bags like mine. Just remember to check sizes as mentioned above to make sure you're getting the MAB or MAM you want.)

Want more outfit inspiration? All 60+ ways I've worn the Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB on the blog.

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  1. Wow Mica that is so impressive. I can safely say I've spent 5 months excessively spending hahahaha. It's actually not funny. I'm supposed to be saving for two trips this year. Ones already booked but the second is in doubt now because I think all this silly spending is catching up to me. Booo!


  2. Wow, you're almost there, well done you for making it 5 months so far! I love this 30 wears too, it just goes to show that a good bag is worth every penny :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

  3. I am very proud of you, and very proud of the way you distracted yourself. Not only so long without shopping, but a book to share!

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  4. Mica, I am so proud of you! You have done an amazing job with the shopping ban. You even surprised yourself. I know I've curtailed my makeup spending. I'm reviewing everything I have before buying a whole lot of other things. That is a great bag! I swear Rebecca Minkoff needs to hire you as a spokesperson. You have so many of her bags. It's very versatile and can be used in so many ways. Thanks for showing.

  5. You are so close to your goal!!!! I am still so blown away you've managed to create this little task for yourself and stick with it. It's inspiring to say the least as we could all benefit from living this way and trying to make our existing wardrobe work for us.

  6. I love this bag!! t is one I have considered getting myself, and seeing how much wear you have gotten out of it makes me want it even more.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  7. SO proud Mica ! you've done so well and I think that you have just mentioned the key: stay busy. Find a project, give yourself chores, focus on other things and you will not be focused on shopping. Great job.

  8. I've never thought to buy a gray bag before, but it really is so versatile. And good for you making it through so many months of not shopping! <3

  9. I've been wondering how you don't shop! haha! It's amazing you wrote an e book let alone not shop for 5 months, I don't know how you do it. I am thinking about taking a break for no buy July though....we'll see if I can work up the courage to do it!

  10. I love this bag! I've been on the lookout for my perfect lighter one as I have so many black bags! Love how you've styled it too, I really should stop buying new things and look what's in my wardrobe!

  11. I love it! I am a one bag kind of girl so I need something that is not only neutral but can be worn while professionally dressed or casually dressed. I love that there is room enough for the extras that us mommies need to carry most of the time. Thank you for sharing this with us! :)

  12. That really is a great bag! I love the color and versatility of wearing it so many ways! We should all have a bag like that!

  13. You are my hero! Wow!!!!! I impress myself when I go a week without shopping. No joke I really need to do a shopping ban, love that you used your time so productively. So awesome!

  14. I think I see a gray bag in my future! Never think much about my purses but decided to clean them out and toss a few oldies this week. Now I have a great excuse for looking for a new gray purse.

    Thanks for linking up with Jennie and me for Fabulous Friday.

  15. Wow, congrats on making it to five months! I've been trying to shop less, but have bought some stuff here and there haha.

  16. I love seeing these 30 Wears posts--it makes me want to think more about how much wear I'm getting out of what I have. I love how you always treat your bags as a part of your outfit too. I usually carry the same bag all the time (a big leather tote to work, my backpack style diaper bag everywhere else) but I'd like to mix it up more.

  17. You are doing so great with your shopping ban - I'm impressed! I love that bag and seeing all of this styling inspiration!

    Doused In Pink

  18. Such a versatile bag, the shape and size looks like something I would definitely use a lot of but I'm still besotted by my Neverfull so will probably be a while before I pop onto another daily bag.

  19. That's awesome! I don't think I've ever went that long without shopping! And I love that bag!

  20. That's what I call a versatile bag! I only have one bag so I get a lot of use out of it! And high five for five months without shopping. Your powers of distraction are tip top!

  21. Wow, this is super impressive! A beautiful and versatile bag, as you have well documented here!
    xx, Elle


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