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#30Wears: Jeanswest Super Skinny Jeans

As I mentioned last month, I'm discovering that identifying items in my wardrobe I've actually worn 30 times is tricky! Despite being in the middle of #6monthsWithoutShopping, I do have a lot of clothes and I'm finding 30 wears of anything other than maxi skirts or accessories isn't as easy as I'd thought at the start of the year. This month I'm sharing another classic piece, my skinny jeans.

These were the first jeans I pulled out to wear when autumn and jeans weather finally arrived this past week. They are a firm favourite in my wardrobe, so much so that I purchased the maternity version of them to wear over my pregnancies too! Since blue jeans are a fairly common wardrobe item for most people, everyone is sure to have at least one pair of jeans they've hit 30 wears on. I'm going to make this post another 30 unique ways to wear to give you some inspiration for how to rewear your favourite jeans.

#30Wears: Jeanswest Blue Super Skinny Jeans

These Jeanswest 'super skinny' jeans were purchased almost 4 and a half years ago. I have a pretty large collection of denim, but still these have racked up 50 wears. Given how much I used to love blue jeans that's a bit of a lower number than I expected, but I have really been trying the past few years to stay away from the blue denim rut, especially during my maternity leave periods where I've been lucky to be a stay at home mum for a while.

Skinny Jeans and a Blazer

Jeans and a blazer isn't just a great option for casual Friday! It's a nice way to dress up a casual jeans outfit a little. You can stick with a classic knit blazer for comfort, or even try a tweed blazer for a little extra warmth. While I have worn this outfit combination in winter (in the last pic), I tend to wear jeans and blazers most in spring and summer.

Skinny Jeans and Knits

When it starts to cool down for autumn or heat up slightly for spring, adding a knit with skinny jeans is an easy outfit. Either a cute knitted jumper like in the first two pictures, or a light cardigan in the next 4. A scarf is a good extra layer if it's chilly. This combination is so comfortable I've worn it for an interstate flight (second picture) and a long road tip (last picture).

Jeans and Maxi Cardigan (Duster)

I wanted to call this out separately from the shorter cardigans above. This cosy maxi cardi was a sale purchase last autumn and although it's too warm to have worn it yet this year I'm looking forward to wearing it again with my blue jeans when the weather cools more. A duster just works perfectly with skinny jeans as you can see in the outfits below.

Skinny Jeans for Casual Friday

It's often too hot and humid for jeans in summer here in Brisbane but I definitely make up for that with how often I wear my jeans in winter! 4 of the 5 outfits below were actually winter casual Friday outfits for the office. Only the second outfit with the boots wasn't worn in the office.A classic pair of skinny jeans and a cosy jacket like a leather jacket or trench coat and you're set for Casual Friday.

Skinny Jeans and Kimonos

Denim and a kimono will always been a frequently worn combination in my wardrobe! Even when I swap my jeans for shorts in summer I still like to wear a pretty printed kimono with some kind of denim.

Skinny Jeans and Tanks

Such a simple outfit formula for a warm spring or autumn day, just pick a tank to wear with your jeans. Each of these tanks have a twist from a regular tank and jeans combo to stop it being too boring. The tank in the first outfit is actually a lace overlay one so you can kind of see the purple tank underneath poking through. The plain black tank in the middle outfit has a peplum hem, and there's a fun print on the Sass and Bide tank in the last outfit. A tank and skinny jeans outfit doesn't have to be boring.

Skinny Jeans and Tees

This was definitely my most-worn outfit formula, and was my go-to outfit for a few years. A jeans and tee outfit is just to quick to put together each day. Like the tanks above, a jeans and tee outfit doesn't have to be boring when you wear a printed or brightly coloured tee. Don't forget you can a pretty necklace too for more interest!

They might just be plain blue skinny jeans, but they are certainly a wonderful addition to my wardrobe!

Where to Buy the Best Skinny Jeans:

(First pair pictured are the ones I'm wearing in this post)

Want more outfit inspiration? All 50 ways I've worn these skinny jeans in my archives

I hope you found this post useful. Did it give you a new idea for how to wear your favourite blue jeans? Don't forget to share or pin!

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  1. Totally the post for me, I live in two pairs of skinny jeans. One is in the wash and the other one on my legs...

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. So many great ways to wear skinny jeans! There really is nothing better than a great pair of jeans that you can wear with everything!
    By Lauren M

  3. Mica, they are great year round and you really have shown how well they look from top to bottom! You always give me great fashion ideas.

  4. Skinny jeans are definitely my go-to item as well! Even though I love dresses and skirts, I think I wear them the most. They really are so versatile. So fun to see how many times you have worn them, and I like how you broke them up my top pairings.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  5. You know, I don't recall ever really seeing you in jeans before. I do recall denim shorts, but never jeans, so it was cool for me to see the different outfits you've created around a single pair of jeans. I definitely have a pair I wear the most, don't you love a great pair that fits so good and is the perfect rinse that goes great with everything?! I think skinny jeans are the most versatile because they can be worn with any type of shoe. Thanks so much for sharing all these cute looks and I hope you have a great week ahead!



  6. I love how each outfit is so put together with colors and layers and accessories! This is all fabulous inspiration! I especially like the outfits with your bright blue moto jacket! You show that jeans don't have to be boring!

  7. Now since I love denim, I love this! I know how much a pair of jeans can impact your life and quickly become your favourites! I love the blazer and the tee options, it's always a great way to wear skinny jeans!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  8. I 100% guilty of the jean rut you mention on your blog. (; It totally got worse when the company I work for was purchased and now jeans are an acceptable work look every day and not just for Fridays. Paired with pregnancy, I have been one giant jean wearing mama. (; They are just soooo easy! Anyone who says they aren't a jeans person totally gets the weird eyes from me. haha

  9. I recently cut my wardrobe down to essentials - and I ofcourse kept my pair of skinny jeans! They are so versatile, I dress them up or down, love them. Thanks for giving me some more ideas, I love the blazer combo.

  10. That is so cool-- the way that you are able to look at all of your past outfits and see all the creative ways that you have styled a simple pair of jeans! I don't wear jeans, however, I am painfully aware of similar condition to the jeans rut--known as the black pencil skirt rut. I live in fear of falling in to the rut of wearing the same black skirt with everything. Which is probably why I haven't touched my black pencil skirt in months, haha!

  11. I am a denim lover, so I'm LOVING all this inspiration Mica!! I love all these looks, and how they all look so different, but share the same bottom. That blue moto jacket is such a fun piece, I love that!

  12. Loving all of these outfits Mica. Although I know you're trying to step away from the easiness of blue jeans, they are THE BEST Mum uniform right? :D

    Eileen |

  13. A very impressive series of photos with such a wide variety of different tops. Skinny jeans look so good on you but as you might remember I just don't like wearing jeans and have never owned a pair. I do seem to wear trousers more than I used to though

  14. WOw Mica, that is impressive. I have a fair collection of jeans too, when I used to wear them more and had less leg sensitivity, but I love that you showed how put together and stylish skinny jeans are with various tops, dusters, kimonos.. Love the use of scarves and accessories to dress up the look too. Great job!!
    Thanks for linking
    jess xx

  15. I love my skinny jeans too and anymore ideas to find out how to wear them is perfect! Thank you for sharing

  16. Skinny jeans forever and I'm loving my new pairs from Jeanswest!

  17. This guide is going to come in super handy. I especially love how you use your scarves to jazz up your outfits! I just got my first Jeans West jeans, I think they're going to be well loved and well worn over winter! Brrrr!

  18. Skinny jeans and t-shirts are my go to! And I love the blazar look with Skinny jeans though I never really wear it.


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