Friday, 3 February 2017

#30Wears: Balenciaga Red Velo Cross Body Bag

During my 6 months without shopping, I'm aiming to get 30 wears out of as many pieces in my wardrobe as possible. Every month I'll be sharing 30 ways to wear something, from my huge archive of over 5 years of daily outfit photos.

This month it is the Balenciaga coquelicot (poppy red) Velo bag.

30 Wears: Balenciaga Coquelicot Velo Bag

Sharing an accessory this time: the Balenciaga coquelicot Velo bag. I bought this in 2011 and it has been worn over 50 times. (More if you include the year I wore it pre-blog). It ages so well too, very little wear and tear after years of use. Just like the black maxi skirt I featured for last month's 30 wears, it was hard narrowing this post down to just 30 outfits. The velo fits so much inside it's a great bag for many different occasions.

10 Ways to Wear a Balenciaga Velo Bag with a Skirt

The Balenciaga Velo bag looks great with any kind of skirt. Pencil skirts for work, skater skirts or maxi skirts for casual Friday or the weekend. I like wearing it with black skirts as it really pops.

10 Ways to Wear a Red Balenciaga Velo Bag with Denim

While some people worry about denim transfer with Balenciaga bags, I water and stain proof all my bags before I use them and I've never had a problem with my jeans rubbing off onto the leather. I've worn the Balenciaga velo bag with skinny jeans and shorts, the poppy red colour is perfect with all kinds of denim. It doesn't just have to be your standard blue jeans, printed jeans and even red jeans work quite well.

10 More Ways to Wear a Balenciaga Velo Bag

The Balenciaga Velo works just as well with a casual outfit as it does an office outfit. Printed dresses or black skinny pants, it really is a versatile bag. While some people might worry the bag is too slouchy and casual for office wear, it holds so much it makes perfect sense to take to work. The bright red colour is a nice pick-me-up when you sit it on your desk too!

I love handbags, they are my favourite accessory and I have quite a lot. While Balenciaga is one of the more expensive bag brands I have I do think they are worth the money and worth saving up for. That's why I have so many! I've included a few preloved Balenciaga bags below that are a little more wallet friendly, as well as some other brands.

Similar red leather cross body bags:

If you're unsure if you should buy the Balenciaga velo or another Balenciaga style, this video answers that question for you and compares a few of the common Balenciaga moto line bags.

Want more outfit ideas with the red Balenciaga Velo bag? All 50+ wears of the Balenciaga Velo in my archives.

If you enjoyed this 30 wears post I'm always happy to hear your suggestions for what clothing item or accessory to feature next!

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  1. I must ahve worn my handbag at least double that time, but the. Again I just have one and it has not aged gracefully. In fact, it looks pretty grim right now, but it was a cheap one, so I did not expect anything else.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. You look stunning in every piece and you always give me inspiration on what to wear every day!!! I love to be on a spending ban and forbid myself from purchasing more clothes, it's a great opportunity to discover clothes and accessories I neglected and wear & show them love.


  3. Everything about these is great, and the bag!! Also, I remember reading a while back about your baby, how are they now?

    Little Moon Elephant

  4. I love this post so much and all the different ways you've styled the bag! This is interesting, because initially I wouldn't have thought that a red bag would be so versatile and easy to style. But you've shown that it's very doable - I love all the colour combos and different styles! :) I tend to go for neutral-colour bags myself (usually black, haha), because I'd worry that getting a colour one would be too difficult to style with the rest of an outfit, but you've proved me wrong so thank you for this inspiration! :) <3 xoxo I hope you're well,hun. Sorry for being a little MIA lately, just about to catch up with the rest of your posts. :) xoxo


  5. That bag is so versatile, in terms of what you can fit inside and how you can wear it. Love the colour too!

  6. wow you certainly got a lot of wears out of your red Balenciaga! that's actually really impressive, as I have always gravitated towards black designer bags so that I get a chance to wear them with any outfit. Red seems like such a bold colour but you clearly showed that it's incredibly versatile as well.

    so glad to be back on your blog and I definitely have a lot of catching up to do. I'm so happy to hear you had a lovely new year as well! any new year that starts with a lot of good food is going to be a good one! :)

    Metallic Paws

  7. What a beautiful bag! You're so good about making the most out of your wardrobe! It's inspired me to start using my beloved purple Minkoff MAB that I'm generally scared to use because it's my fanciest bag!

  8. Such a great bag! Out of all the bold colors, I think red is the most classic and wearable to have a bag in. I have actually been on the hunt for the perfect one to add to my closet. Also, to answer your question on my blog, most companies in the US have to give 12 weeks of maternity leave and protect your job (not pay you while gone though). I took the full 12. Luckily for me, I also work at a university that gets Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks which fell during my leave making it a little longer.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  9. It's such a great bag! It's surprising how well it is worn with so many different looks. You have such gorgeous bags. Gemma x

  10. That's a great bag Mica! Love the color & style. You've proven that it can go with so many different kind of outfits. Looks great with everything.

  11. Your bags are definitely worth the investment. They are versatile and can be dressed up or down a million times. Definitely worth the saving up for

  12. It is amazing you came up with so many versatile outfits to wear with this bag. It is a beautiful bag indeed. I love red bags. They are always such a nice pop of colour, aren't they?

    I always enjoy posts like this one. I try to get the most out of my clothes and bag too...and this is just perfect inspiration. I love how you divided this post into different sections- how to wear this bag with denim, how with skirts....great inspiration.

    Thank you so much for your comment! I love reading to kids. I don't have any of my own, but I read to my nieces and nephews often.

  13. I love the white top, black skirt look! Girl you make me wanna go out to get a ) a red bag and b) a balenciaga bag! Thanks for making outfit inspiration easy with everything in one collage! <3

    Macarons and Mischief

  14. The color of your Balenciaga is lovely and also very versatile! I think red is one of the best colors for an instant pop of color with almost any outfit. I hope you have a fantastic week!


  15. Fabulous wears Mica ! I love the idea of maximising wears.
    Have you checked the cpw ?

  16. This bag is gorgeous and so versatile and luxe! I can see what it is a favorite, it looks great in EVERY shot !
    xx, Elle

  17. I guess I never realized how much of a statement a red handbag can make! It works as a super flattering focal point to all of these outfits. Dressed up or down. So clearly I need a red handbag. (; I can't wait to see more of these 30 wears posts!


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