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Friday, 1 May 2020

30 Ways To Wear: Navy Floral Kimono #30wears

After Monday's Ways To Wear post, I'm sharing another one as part of the monthly 30 wears series.

Each month I look through my blog archives of daily outfit pics (I have over 8 years worth!) and share with you something that's reached 30 or more wears, to give you some outfit ideas and inspiration for how you can wear something similar in your wardrobe. I started doing this monthly challenge after seeing The True Cost documentary which I highly recommend watching if you haven't already!

This month, it's this beautiful Cotton On navy floral cocoon kimono!

30 Ways To Wear: Navy Floral Kimono

30 ways to wear a navy floral kimono #30wears challenge | away from the blue blog

I've been wearing this kimono on frequent repeat recently as it was so close to 30 wears and I wanted to get it there before the cooler autumn weather set in in Brisbane. Even with isolating at home since March, I managed to hit my goal. I do wear this kimono a little in the cooler weather anyway as it's really like a giant blanket, which has made it perfect for these isolation / working from home in isolation days!

Cost Per Wear

Just like the last navy kimono I hit 30 wears with, this was another pregnancy purchase back in January 2016. It's just a floral print instead of the geometric print of my other kimono, and a cocoon style. It was originally $39.95 at Cotton On, reduced to $3 on sale at the outlet. I couldn't say no to that! At 30 wears that brings the cost per wear down to 10 cents a wear, which I'm really happy with. It's definitely been a valuable addition to my wardrobe.

Navy Floral Kimono With Yellow Tops

5 ways to wear a navy floral kimono with yellow tops denim outfits | awayfromblue

I really like blue and yellow together, and as you can see from the mix of yellow tops here this navy kimono works so well with any shade of yellow, from pastel to mustard!

Navy Floral Kimono With Black

3 navy and black outfit ideas with a navy floral kimono | away from the blue

Black and navy are another colour combination I like to wear. The neutral colours look lovely together, as you can see by how this kimono works well with the different amounts of black, like a maxi dress, tank or skinny jeans.

Navy Floral Kimono With Pink and Purple

navy floral kimono worn with pink and purple accesories | awayfromtheblue

Pink and purple are other colours that go so well with navy. I like wearing pink with this kimono as it matches the pink in the floral print, even if it's something as small as adding a pink bag to my outfit. With purple, just like with pink, any shade seems to work really well with this kimono - as you can see with the darker purple jeans, the brighter purple bag, and the lilac tee.

Floral Kimono With Prints

print mixing outfits with navy floral kimono | away from blue

I've tried print mixing with this floral kimono a few times, with mixed results! While none of these outfits are ones I'd repeat again, I do think stripes and florals are always a fun mix, and maybe I just haven't found the perfect stripe to pair with this kimono yet!

Navy Floral Kimono With Green

5 ways to wear a navy kimono floral print with green | away from blue

This is a colour combination I wasn't too sure about a few year ago, it's only recently I've been trying navy and green together. In fact some of these outfits were my first few attempts at the navy and green combination! Olive green or a true bright forest green both work equally well with this navy kimono.

Navy Floral Kimono With Grey

4 outfit ideas floral navy kimono with grey tee | awayfromblue

A grey tee is a wardrobe staple for me and something I wear frequently. I've perviously shared 30 ways to wear a grey tee, and a kimono is a frequent go-to topper for me over a grey tee to stop an outfit looking too plain. This kimono certainly adds a lot of print and colour to a basic grey tee!

Navy Floral Kimono With A Baby Bump

maternity outfits with a navy floral kimono away from the blue blog

This kimono was an early third trimester pregnancy purchase and I enjoyed wearing it in that final trimester! I had a third trimester capsule wardrobe I stuck to in my last pregnancy and I found kimonos like this one really helped change up my outfits a little so it didn't feel like I was wearing the same thing over and over. A kimono is a fun topper over a basic maternity tank, and it always fits no matter how big the bump gets!

Navy Floral Kimonos Under $50:

More Outfit Ideas:

For more outfit inspiration and ideas, you can view all 30 ways I've worn this kimono in my blog archives, or browse the complete 30 wears series.

Similar Posts In The 30 Wears Series:

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Friday, 2 March 2018

30 Ways to Wear a Grey Maxi Skirt: #30Wears Challenge Outfits

A 30 wears post with this classic grey marle jersey maxi skirt is so overdue. It's been worn nearly 50 times (48 exactly!) since I bought it in my third trimester four years ago.

The #30wears challenge is committing to wearing things you buy at least 30 times. As I take daily outfit photos, I have over 6 years of outfits to look back on and see all the different times I've worn things. Blog labels and searches in the archives come in helpful for pulling these posts together, and it's fun to see how many things I've hit 30 wears on.

#30Wears: Grey Marle Jersey Maxi Skirt

30 ways to wear a grey jersey maxi skirt | away from the blue blog #30wears

It's no secret that I love maxi skirts, and I've posted a few #30 wears posts featuring some of my maxi skirt collection (see them at the end of the post).

Maxi skirts are for petites too! I got lucky with this Target one, the perfect petite friendly length with no hemming required. It was $25, so that's 52 cents a wear so far on it. It's got a lot of life left in it still, and it's not going anywhere from my wardrobe. Not bad for an impulsive pregnancy buy four years ago!

Maxi Skirt and Graphic Tees (and a Tank)

outfit ideas grey jersey maxi skirt and graphic tees | away from the blue

A plain grey maxi skirt makes it easy to wear fun printed graphic tees, as it's a great neutral base. Even though one of these is a graphic tank instead of a tee, you can see it's still just as simple to wear. A nice easy outfit to pull together, the graphic top adds interest that the plain skirt lacks.

Maxi Skirt and Long Sleeve Tops

3 ways to wear grey maxi skirt and long sleeve tops | awayfromtheblue

Maxi skirts work well in cooler weather with long sleeve tops. The long skirt protects your legs from the cold and keeps you cosy, and a longer sleeved top is an extra layer for a cooler day. If it's really cold, a scarf makes you even warmer. Again, you can see in these three outfits that the plain maxi skirt base means you can add fun printed scarves, bright colours, or even a top with embroidery detail, without your outfit feeling too overpowering.

Maxi Skirt and Layers

6 different ways to layer a maxi skirt for cooler weather | awayfromblue

Sometimes you need a little more than a long sleeve top with a maxi skirt. As I wear my maxi skirts year-round, I've worn them with all kinds of layers. You can see the variety in these outfits, with a denim jacket, cardigans, a blazer, and a kimono. I've also worn this skirt in the middle of winter with a leather jacket when it's been really cold. These layering options are great pieces to add in spring or autumn when it's too cool to wear a skirt and top on it's own.

Grey Maxi Skirt And Summer Outfits

3 easy ways to wear a grey maxi skirt in summer | away from blue

A maxi skirt is really made for summer though, it makes summer dressing easy. And if you have babies or toddlers, the long maxi length means you can run around with them and not worry about things being too short or showing more than you intended when you bend over to pickup the kids, or something they've dropped for the tenth time that day, ha!

Grey Maxi Skirt and Monochromatic Outfits

3 monochromatic outfit ideas with grey jersey maxi skirt | awayfromtheblue

Lots of colourful outfits so far, but you can go completely neutral with a grey skirt and create a monochrome or monochromatic outfit. I like the two shades of grey together on the end there, but with the black v-neck tee is my favourite. I'm still sad that tee didn't survive through too many incorrect wash cycles on the washing machine and had to leave my wardrobe.

Jersey Maxi Skirt In Pregnancy

jersey maxi skirt in third trimester | away from the blue blog

third trimester outfits with jersey stretchy maxi skirt | away from the blue

Since I bought this maxi skirt while I was pregnant, it makes sense that the most frequent way to wear it has been with a baby bump. It's been so nice having this piece that I could wear through my third trimesters with both my boys - and still be wearing and loving it afterwards. I'm impressed the elastic has held up too, they were pretty big baby bumps near the end!

Jersey Maxi Skirt Postpartum

postpartum outfit ideas with a grey maxi skirt | away from the blue blog

Forgiving jersey material, a soft stretchy elastic waistband, all the things I loved about this skirt in pregnancy make it a great postpartum choice too. Much nicer pulling this on in the newborn days than attempting to squeeze into something with buttons, a zipper, or zero stretch! Having something you know will still fit and make you feel great makes getting dressed easy after being up all night with a newborn, and anything to make parenting easier is a winner!

Grey Maxi Skirt for Travel

travel style with a grey jersey maxi skirt: outfit ideas | awayfromtheblue

I've gone on about how great this jersey maxi skirt is to wear, but the material is perfect to travel with too! It's comfortable for a long day of sightseeing, it can be crumpled up in a carry on bag and doesn't need ironing at your destination. For pregnancy travel (the middle pic) it was wonderful, and for running around Sydney with two toddlers (the left and right photos) it works just as well.

It makes me happy to have a piece in my wardrobe that's wrapped around my baby bump for both boys that's still going strong. It's nice to put together a post like this and see the bumps at different stages. So many fun memories attached to the times I've worn this skirt. I'm enjoying continuing the 30 wears challenge this year as it's great putting these posts together.

Grey Jersey Maxi Skirts Under $50:

This Target skirt is no longer available, but above are some great alternatives, all under $50!

30 Ways to Wear a Grey Maxi Skirt (In Video Format):

More Posts in the #30Wears Series:

Perfect if you're looking for more ways to wear outfit inspiration! Alternative, see all the 48+ ways I've worn this skirt in my blog archives.

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Monday, 1 January 2018

30 Wears: Pink Maxi Dress From Mothers En Vogue (Maternity/Nursing Dress)

Happy New Year!

The 30 wears series will continue in 2018, as I had so much fun doing it last year. Each month I'll show you 30 ways I've worn one of the pieces from my wardrobe in an effort to wear more of what I already own, and enjoy what I have instead of constantly buying more.

Kicking off this year's posts with a favourite, my 'Havana' pink maternity/nursing maxi dress from Mothers en Vogue. I'm surprised it's taken me so long to hit 30 wears with this piece, if you've been a regular reader you'll know I wear it often. Through 2 pregnancies and afterwards it always makes me feel great. It's one of the pieces heavily featured in my pregnancy style book too! One of those maternity pieces I'm keeping in my wardrobe, even though my pregnancy days are behind me.

#30 Wears: Pink Mothers En Vogue Empire Waist Maxi Dress

#30 wears: ways to wear a pink maxi dress | Away From Blue Blog

It's tricky to calculate cost per wear on this dress as I received it courtesy of Zibibo back in February 2014. It's nearly 3 years old. 'Courtesy of 'means I didn't have to pay anything for it, although as I said when I got it, it made me rethink my normal budget for a maternity piece as it was certainly worth the $129.90 retail price. 30 wears in almost 3 years means wearing it about once a month on average, which is impressive for such a statement piece and given how many dresses I have already.

All dresses that come into my wardrobe are judged against this dress. If they don't make me feel as good as this dress does, they don't stay! To have a piece that works for pregnancy and breastfeeding, for casual through to more formal events, is such a lifesaver when you're having the 'don't know what to wear' panic before an event.

Pink Dress and Gold Belt

3 ways to wear pink maxi dress and gold glitter belt | awayfromtheblue

This gold belt is a very common accessory! The gold glitter belt works perfectly with the bright pink of my maxi dress, and you'll see it pop up many times in the photos below. Belted over a baby belly, or even just belted over my left over mum-tum, a belt is a frequent go-to with this dress.

PInk Dress Unbelted

3 ways to wear plain pink empire maxi dress unbelted | awayfromblue

The best thing about a maxi dress is that it's an instant outfit. While I do like belting this maxi dress, sometimes you just want the simplicity of a maxi dress and not worrying about accessorising or belting it. As the empire waist on this maxi dress is elasticated, the belt is more for show than function anyway.

Scarf as a Belt

3 outfit ideas pink maxi dress and Louis Vuitton bandeau scarf as belt | awayfromblue

When I do want to belt this pink maxi dress but I want something other than the go-to gold belt option above, I try to mix things up a little with this Louis Vuitton bandeau scarf worn as a belt. I love how the colours in the scarf compliment the pink dress, it's got pinks and purples and orange in the print.

Pink Dress and ColourFul Bags

colourful bags to wear with a pink maxi dress #30wears | away from the blue

A bright pink maxi dress sounds pretty in your face, and when I ordered this I considered the grey one instead as I wasn't sure I could pull off so much pink. Every time I wear it though I'm so grateful I went with the colourful option. It's just so cheerful with all that colour. You don't need to stick with neutral accessories when wearing a bright dress. I like pairing the bright pink dress with colourful bags! Blue, purple or yellow, a colourful bag works nicely. As you can see I particularly love the pink and purple colour combination.

Pink Dress and Denim Jacket

denim jacket and pink maxi dress worn 4 ways | away from blue

I like this combo a lot, as you can see by my wearing it 4 times! The outfit with the printed snood is easily my favourite of all of these ones though. It was the first time I wore this dress without a baby bump, and I found it perfect for those early postpartum days. In spring or autumn a denim jacket is a great layer with a maxi dress, and you can add a printed scarf to keep you cosy if it's really cold.

Pink Dress and Layers

ways to layer up a pink maxi dress for multiple seasons 5 outfit ideas | awayfromblue

It's not just denim jackets that make good layers with maxi dresses! I like to wear cardigans with my maxi dresses, and for something different, a kimono. You can even try belting the layer over the top of the dress too, as I've done in two of the photos above.

Pink Dress in Pregnancy

mothers en vogue havana maternity nursing dress worn with a baby bump | away from blue

This Mothers En Vogue dress is a combo breastfeeding and pregnancy one, and it does both those things so well. With a nice bit of stretch, it easily covered a growing baby bump, even right through to the final days of pregnancy. It was nice to have something pretty I could pull on and feel good about in, no matter the size of the growing belly!

Pink Dress and Special Events

4 ways to wear a pink maxi dress to special events | away from the blue

Pregnant or not, this beautiful dress has become my default for special events. Christmas day, birthday parties, date nights. I think everyone needs that one staple piece in their wardrobe they can pull on for an event that makes them feel special. For me, this pink dress is it. I love how it turned out to be the last thing I photographed for the blog before giving birth to baby boy, it's such a cherished piece and that makes it even more so.

Pink Maternity Maxi Dresses Under $50:

Some of these are nursing ones too!

Non-maternity Pink Maxi Dresses Under $50:

Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane and the chance to see the baby bumps across two pregnancies. This dress really has been worn to so many things, and accommodated all of the pregnancy and breastfeeding related body changes so well 😂 Want more outfit inspiration? Browse through all the times I've worn this MEV dress on the blog.

2017: A year of 30 wears posts

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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

30 Ways To Wear a Striped Maxi Skirt - White and Navy #30Wears Series

Another month, another #30wears achieved for a piece from my wardrobe. This time it's another maxi skirt. It's interesting that there are only a few jeans that I've hit 30 wears on but I've easily hit that on so many of my maxi skirts. I've always thought I was more of a jeans than skirt person, my style has definitely evolved over the years. It's useful having the blog to look back on and see what I've worn over the years, and it's great that I can compile my outfit pics together into posts like this.

I have started to look up pieces I'm close to 30 wears on and wearing them a little more regularly, as you've probably seen on Instagram. I do want to wear more of my wardrobe, but I'm also enjoying the challenge of thinking up more ways to wear things to hit 30 wears.

#30 Wears: Navy and White Striped Maxi Skirt

While I don't wear a lot of white, I find this maxi skirt so easy to wear. Being machine washable helps! The stretchy elastic waistband has stretched through to the third trimester of two pregnancies and still fits perfectly post-baby. Non-maternity clothes with elastic waists are wonderful in pregnancy. In fact the very first time I wore this skirt I was pregnant, it's a great pregnancy piece.

It's not just pregnancy this works well for though! Stretchy skirts are great postpartum and incredibly comfortable post-baby. It's easy to see why I've hit 30 wears on this. In fact, half of them were during pregnancy and the other 15 were when I wasn't pregnant. Really funny to see the perfect split when I counted up the 30 wears.

stripe maxi skirt 30 ways to wear series outfit ideas | Away From The Blue blog

Stripe Maxi Skirt With Printed And Embellished Tanks

stripe maxi skirt 4 ways printed embellished tanks | awayfromblue

A printed skirt doesn't mean you have to wear it with plain pieces! I've enjoyed doing a little print mixing by pairing the striped skirt with printed tanks. If you're looking for something slightly different you can add something extra to the stripes with embellished tanks with beading or sequins. The benefit of the beaded and sequin embellished tanks were that they draw the eye up and away from what was an early second trimester baby bump. Of course as you can see with the brown floral tank, you can only disguise a baby bump for so long! Get more ways to hide a baby bump here.

Navy Stripe Maxi Skirt and Matching Top

stripe maxi skirt 3 ways matching navy tops awayfromblue

stripe maxi skirt 3 ways with matching navy tops awayfromblue

Since the white maxi skirt has a navy stripe, it's good to be matchy-matchy and wear a navy tee with it. It's a quick fool-proof outfit technique you can use for any printed piece. Grab a plain piece in a similar colour to one that's in the print to wear with it for an easy outfit that is perfectly co-ordinated.

Stripe Maxi Skirt and Grey Tee

stripe maxi skirt and grey tees 5 ways to wear with bright bags | awayfromtheblue

A grey tee is another one of those fail-safe outfit options with a printed maxi skirt. I have quite a few grey tees in my wardrobe, as you can see above as each time I've worn this skirt it's been with a different grey tee! I like them when I need a neutral piece to wear with a print. A grey tee and a maxi skirt is a favourite frequently worn combination of mine. A grey tee will always be a classic to me. A nice neutral grey tee lets you be a little more bold and adventurous with your accessory choices and I like to wear a bright handbag often with grey tees as the colour really pops.

Stripe Maxi Skirt and Colourful Tanks

stripe maxi skirt in pregnancy with colourful fitted tanks on baby bump | away from blue

While grey tees are a great neutral with prints, and you can easily pick a navy top for an easy coordinating outfit, I like wearing bright and colourful tanks with this stripe maxi skirt too. I love this in pregnancy, as my colourful fitted tanks really work nicely to show off a baby bump. Because this skirt is a non-maternity piece, there is a limit to how far the elastic will stretch around a growing baby belly. When it hits its limit, a maternity tank comes in helpful as the longer bump-covering length lets you wear the skirt lower with the waist band under the baby bump like in the last photo.

Maxi Skirts and Light Layers In Cooler Weather

stripe maxi skirt 4 ways in spring autumn light layers | awayfromtheblue

I try to wear most of my wardrobe year-round, but with the slit up the side it gets a little too cold to wear this maxi skirt over winter. I make it work outside of summer by adding a light layer, something as simple as a scarf or denim jacket, or a little more colourful with a printed kimono or colourful knit. Just that extra layer can make it easier to wear this skirt for spring or autumn. You don't have to keep maxi skirts just for summer!

Maxi Skirt and Ruffle Camis

stripe maxi skirt and ruffle camis 3 outfit ideas with print mixing | awayfromtheblue

Sometimes i's nice to add some extra texture to your outfit. The close fit of this jersey maxi skirt means voluminous tops are a good pairing with it, and my ruffle camis are such fun pieces to wear. You can even add in some print mixing like I've done in two of those three outfits above. Stripes really do go with so much, and a strappy cami is a wonderful piece to wear in the summer heat.

Maxi Skirt and Tees

stripe maxi skrit and tees 5 ways to wear in pregnancy and postbaby | Away From Blue

As you can see above, I love my grey tees and my navy tees with this striped maxi skirt. Any kind of tee pairs beautifully with a maxi skirt though, and as well as some brightly coloured ones it's been fun wearing graphic tees with this striped skirt. It makes a great casual outfit for places like playgroup if you're wanting to dress a maxi skirt down a little. A simple outfit formula like this can continue on in pregnancy as well!

Striped Maxi Skirts Under $50:

A striped skirt can be surprisingly versatile, and this was definitely good value for money! I bought this Atmos & Here maxi skirt back in 2013 for $17.45, so it's now down to 58 cents per wear and still going strong 4 years later.

Want more outfit inspiration? All the 30+ ways I've worn this striped maxi skirt.

Previous 30 Wears posts:

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Monday, 22 May 2017

How to Have a Stylish Pregnancy On a Budget: eBook & Giveaway!

This has to be the most nervous and excited I have ever been about posting. I'm sharing my first eBook!

Stylish Pregnancy on a Budget: how to stick to your personal style and budget during pregnancy

ebook: Stylish Pregnancy on a Budget: how to stick to your personal style and budget during pregnancy

It's a guide for you to identify your own pregnancy style and wear what works for you and your growing bump. I've crammed it full of all of the best tips, tricks and exactly what you need to know to effortlessly dress your bump and feel comfortable and confident through your pregnancy. It explains how to navigate maternity clothing and only buy what you really need, identify what you already have that will work for you, and even how to create your own pregnancy capsule wardrobe. With more than 5 years of personal style blogging over two pregnancies, I have of course included a lot of outfit inspiration and ideas too.

When you're pregnant your 'I have nothing to wear' days increase as your growing baby limits your wardrobe options. With this pregnancy style guide you'll be able to minimise those days! You'll know what outfits you have in your wardrobe that will work for you in each trimester and be able to stay true to your personal style through your pregnancy. It's got the knowledge I acquired through two pregnancies so you don't have to make the same expensive mistakes I did when buying maternity clothing.

It's normally $2.95, but for everyone who enters the giveaway to win a copy I'm giving you a special discount code just for the book launch. The discount code will bring the price down to $1.50, even if you don't win the giveaway. The code is only valid for 48 hours so snap it up when you can! Just click here to buy it.

Newer readers might wonder why I'm coming out with this book now, over a month after baby boy's first birthday. This has been a long time in the making. Spending time in July last year with a special friend gave me the confidence to give the book a try and I started writing it. With Baby Boy's health issues and hospital stay it just kept getting pushed back further and further. It's come together now with a lot of support and encouragement! A little later than I hoped, but I'm no less proud of managing to actually write an eBook. I even have an affiliate program, so if you like the book and want to be part of it send me a message.

All of the early feedback has been so positive and I'm thrilled to be able to offer this pregnancy style resource to you!

Enter the giveaway below to get your discount code and have the chance to win a copy. To enter, leave a blog post comment telling me who you'd want to win the eBook for. The answer that makes me smile the most will be the winner. Giveaway ends on Sunday 28th May. Winning is a game of skill, judge's decision is final.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Excited about the ebook but don't need it in your life right now and can't think of anyone who does? That's okay, I've got an outfit to share too!

What I wore:

DressMEV Havana maxi dress C/O Zibibo
Belt: white and silver sequin scarf worn as a belt
Bracelets: the usual plus silver charm bracelet

Why I wore it:

This is what I wore for Baby Boy's first birthday party. I wanted to wear this pretty dress again after it was the last blog photo I took while pregnant with him, seemed fitting to wear it for his party.

The first birthday is always an emotional celebration, but even more so this time. Since Baby Boy's speedy arrival into the world things have been so different in so many ways, but through it all we have been blessed. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over his first year, from friends and family helping us to people online reaching out with advice, support and encouragement.

Blogging is my me-time and while it might be in short supply with 2 boys under 3, it's always fun to come and share my outfits and now my eBook with you all. Thank you. 💕

Last worn: sequin scarf, Mothers En Vogue Maxi Dress.

Other ways to wear: sequin scarf as a headband, pink maxi dress and denim jacket.

Perfect for pregnancy: Mothers En Vogue maxi dress at 39 weeks.

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Monday, 2 May 2016

Third Trimester Pregnancy Outfit Inspiration: 55 Outfit Ideas

Third trimester pregnancy dressing comes with it's own set of challenges! A lot of the regular wardrobe options that could be worn in the second trimester are outgrown in the third trimester, reducing the outfit possibilities and making getting dress rather uninspiring.

For my recent pregnancy, I implemented a third trimester pregnancy capsule wardrobe to try make it a little more fun.

The third trimester is definitely the time to repeat outfits that make you look and feel good, and to do so unashamedly! Find things that work for you and wear them as many times as you like. I've included 55 outfit ideas for the third trimester below, from both of my pregnancies. You can click on the links under the images to view more info about them.

Office Outfits:

In the third trimester, I still wore my ASOS maternity pencil skirts often, but the standout pieces were my wrap dresses. They were such an easy outfit that always fit the growing bump and never failed to look good. I wore wrap dresses a lot! I was able to find some regular non-maternity dresses in my wardrobe that still accommodated the baby bump too.

AwayFromBlue | ASOS tartan check maternity pencil skirt 4 ways

Third Trimester Office Wear: ASOS graphic print pencil skirt 4 outfit ideas

AwayFromBlue: 3rd Trimester Soon Maternity Madeline printed wrap dress for office wear

4 regular (non-maternity) dresses that work in third trimester

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Final Pregnancy Outfit: Maxi Dress and Vintage Chanel Bag

This is the last pregnancy outfit I took photos of for the blog! While baby arrived a couple of weeks ago, I've been sharing the backed up outfit photos.

I've mentioned before, when I had baby T, that dressing to care for a newborn is all about just finding something clean to wear and doesn't really make for blog worthy outfits. Most of the time you want to stay at home anyway, and not get dressed up and go out. Having a little backlog of outfit posts has let me relax and not feel any pressure to get back into 'normal' clothing, and embrace the pyjama days and newborn snuggles as much as possible. Adjusting to two under two is a big change, blogging has not been at the front of my mind.

What I wore:

AwayFromBlue | MEV Havana maxi dress evening pregnancy date night outfit

AwayFromTheBlue | Chanel vintage quilted lambskin flap bag
DressMEV Havana maxi dress C/O Zibibo
Belt: Kmart thin black glitter belt
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
Bracelets: the usual plus Disney Couture Winnie the Pooh bangle
BagChanel vintage quilted lambskin flap

Why I wore it:

Wore this out for a date night with hubby. Back in the first trimester, I'd optimistically booked tickets to a show just a few days before my due date. My reasoning was that I didn't want to be stuck home feeling sorry for myself, missing a sold-out show and being heavily pregnant. When I didn't go into labour the day of the show or the day after, I was glad I'd bought the tickets! It was nice to get dressed up for an evening and enjoy spending some time together before our second son arrived.

I don't see myself using my vintage Chanel bag when looking after a baby and a toddler, so it was good to have a reason to use it before packing it away for a little while.

This dress has been worn a lot over both my pregnancies, and afterwards too as it's nursing friendly. It was nice to take a final pregnancy photo in it, although I didn't know it at the time!

AwayFromBlue | Final Baby Bump Update Photo 39 Weeks

Thank you for following along with my pregnancy journey.

Last wornMothers En Vogue maxi dress, black glitter belt, Havaianas, vintage Chanel flap bag.

Other ways to wearmaxi dress and a Louis Vuitton scarf, glitter belt over a cardigan, vintage Chanel flap bag for a house party.

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Want more outfit inspiration and advice on how to come up with a wardrobe plan for your pregnancy? The ultimate guide, How to Have a Stylish Pregnancy On a Budget is available now!

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