Friday, 15 February 2019

Shorts, Tees and Printed Kimonos With Purple Mini MAB Tote Bag

Two outfits following the same outfit formula but with different colour schemes! The first outfit is pink and purple and the second is purple again, but with blue instead. These simple shorts, tee and kimono outfits are a summer staple for me and perfect for mum life.

What I wore:

Target Karolina summer kimono in purple black floral with grey tee blush shorts purple mini MAB bag summer style | awayfromblue

Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum with faux fur pom pom charm | awayfromtheblue

awayfromblue instagram | Target Karolina summer kimono in purple black floral grey tee blush pink pastel shorts purple mini mab bag
Jacket: Target Karolina summer kimono in purple black floral
Necklace: Kmart rose gold and pink beaded necklace
Tee: Spectrum basic v-neck tee in grey marl
Shorts: thrifted pastel pink cotton shorts
ShoesBalenciaga studded sandals in sorbet RGGH
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum (on sale!)

Why I wore it:

I really liked this outfit. I like grey and pink together but this outfit felt it was lacking something until I added the kimono - the perfect touch! With the purple floral kimono, a purple mini MAB tote bag was the obvious choice to accessorise with.

It was a busy day! We went to a local opshop I'd heard good things about but never visited. It's a little out of the way, but with clothes just $1 each was definitely worth checking out! As usual, I left with more things for the boys than me, but it was still a good trip and we will have to try go more regularly. I still haven't found the perfect alternative to my favourite opshop after it closed.

Of course after spending time doing something for me in the morning, we had to go do something for the boys later. We visited a travelling petting zoo at a shopping centre, and it was so much fun. We all had a great time. I did regret my shoe choice as these studded Balenciaga sandals are maybe a little too delicate for straw and animals everywhere, and when I got a cup of animal feed spilled over me and into the cuffs of my shorts I regretted them a little too! But it was so much fun overall I didn't dwell on it for long!

Last worn: floral kimono, pink and gold beaded necklace, grey v-neck tee, pastel pink shorts, Balenciaga studded sandals, Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB tote bag.

Other ways to wearfloral kimono and bermuda shorts, grey v-neck tee with green pants, pastel pink shorts and polka dots, Balenciaga studded sandals and tee dress, Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB tote bag and maxi skirt.

Perfect for pregnancygrey v-neck tee in second trimester, Balenciaga studded sandals in second trimester, Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB tote bag in third trimester.

30 Ways to Wear: Rebecca Minkoff Purple Mini MAB Tote

What I wore:

navy kimono purple mini mab bag summer shorts tee outfit | away from blue

denim shorts, blue kimono with Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum | away from the blue

awayfromtheblue instagram | Rebecca Minkoff plum purple mini MAB tote bag white tee denim shorts kimono
JacketJeanswest Jamie printed kimono (on sale!)
Necklace: navy and silver circle pendant tassel necklace
TeeAtmos & Here white essential v-neck tee
Shortsthrifted Jeanswest distressed denim shorts
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum (on sale!)

Why I wore it:

This day was not as exciting as the one above! Took the boys out to the library, the playground and then picked up some groceries on the way home. I really liked the outfit formula above though, so much that I repeated it again here, just changing the colour scheme a little. Blue and purple is another of those combinations that I love, so I kept the purple Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote bag and switched the purple kimono out for this pretty blue one and the grey tee for a white one. Blue denim shorts and just simple Havaianas made this a great outfit that follows the outfit formula above but created its own unique outfit I loved just as much.

It's taken me a few years to face my fears and buy a white tee, but I'm glad I did, I really like this one from Atmos&Here and it works so nicely with blue!

Last worn: blue kimono, white v-neck tee, navy tassel necklace, distressed denim shortsHavaianas, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote bag (above).

Other ways to wearblue kimono with stripes, white v-neck tee and pencil skirt, boyfriend denim shorts and scarf, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote bag worn 30 ways.

Perfect for pregnancyRebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote bag in thrid trimester.

Kimonos Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

A plain shorts and tee combo is great in the summer heat. For a little more interest to your outfit, you can add a kimono. It's a nice, lightweight layer that makes your outfit a little more special without any extra effort.

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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Printed Maxi Dresses & Pink Balenciaga Bags

The simplest outfit of all has to be a printed dress, and you'll know if you've read my blog a while that maxi dresses are my favourite! I wore both of these recently for different occasions - a maxi dress works for so many events.

What I wore:

Jeanswest Sophia high-low maxi dress with magenta balenciaga day bag studded sandals summer dinner outfit | awayfromblue

printed maxi dress with Balenciaga Day bag in 2005 magenta | awayfromtheblue

awayfromtheblue instagram | Jeanswest Sophia high-low maxi dress summer dinner outfit with magenta pink Balenciaga bag
Necklace: Kmart navy and gold beaded tassel necklace
DressJeanswest Sophia high-low maxi dress
ShoesRebecca Minkoff Georgina studded gladiator sandals in blush
BagBalenciaga Day bag in 2005 magenta

Why I wore it:

Second wearing of my Christmas dress! I bought this dress back in October. I usually stick to my 'wear twice in the month I buy it' rule for fashion purchases, but decided to treat myself to a new dress for Christmas and put this aside until the day.

This time around, I wore it to head over to my parents for dinner. Nothing formal, just another excuse for me to wear this pretty dress! These studded Rebecca Minkoff gladiator sandals are a staple for me over summer - the neutral shade just goes with everything - and were an obvious choice with the dress.

I thought the magenta Balenciaga day bag would work nicely with the pink and the purple in the print. While not an exact match to the shade of pink in the dress, I still really liked this combination together. I thought the navy and gold tassel necklace was a good pairing with the dress too.

Unfortunately I managed to break (and kinda repair) this necklace part way through the evening. It's not quite as symmetrical now, although it is back in one piece! Despite breaking the necklace, we had such a nice time at my parents.

Last worn: high-low maxi dress, navy tassel necklace, gladiator sandals, Balenciaga magenta day bag.

Other ways to wearhigh-low maxi dress for Christmas day, gladiator sandals worn 30 ways, Balenciaga magenta day bag for travelling.

Perfect for pregnancyBalenciaga magenta day bag in third trimester.

My Balenciaga Handbag Collection:

What I wore:

blue printed jersey empire maxi dress with sorbet balenciaga city bag and pink studded sandals easy summer airport style | away from blue

Balenciaga RH classic city in 2010 sorbet with printed maxi dress | away from the blue

awayfromtheblue Instagram blue jersy jeanswest printed maxi dress with sorbet pink Balenciaga studded sandals and city bag
Necklace: Kmart pink multi-colour beaded necklace
DressJeanswest 'Chantelle' crochet detail blue printed maxi dress
ShoesBalenciaga studded sandals in sorbet RGGH
BagBalenciaga RH classic city in 2010 sorbet (more affordable preloved)

Why I wore it:

This outfit was for a much more casual occasion, although I again opted for the ease of a maxi dress. We had an early morning start to surprise hubby at the airport as he arrived after a week away in America. An even earlier start than expected as his plane arrived 20 minutes ahead of time, so instead of leisurely getting ready I had to hurry up and get us all fed and dressed and drive to the airport. In the end I probably didn't need to get there as early as I did, his plane was only actually 10 minutes early in the end, but as we were surprising him and he wasn't expecting to see us, I wanted to be there ready with our signs so he'd see us as soon as he stepped through customs.

Since I wanted to put in a little bit of effort into my outfit, I went with my trusty blue maxi dress. It's just as comfortable as pyjamas when you're sitting around at the airport waiting for someone to arrive! I've worn it with pink before in the past, I really like blue and pink together. I was surprised to see I hadn't worn this pink Balenciaga sorbet city bag with it before though! I really liked the combination.

I picked a pink necklace which kind of matched, and my sorbet Balenciaga studded sandals which matched the bag exactly. Simple accessorising for the morning rush!

Last worn: pink beaded necklace, blue printed maxi dress, Balenciaga studded sandals, Balenciaga sorbet city bag.

Other ways to wearblue printed maxi dress layered for a rainy day, Balenciaga studded sandals and shorts, Balenciaga sorbet city bag and pencil skirt.

Perfect for pregnancyblue printed maxi dress at 39 weeks, Balenciaga studded sandals in second trimester, Balenciaga sorbet city bag in second trimester.

Printed Maxi Dresses Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

A printed maxi dress is such a time saver, it's an instant outfit. They are easy to accessorise too! You can pick similar colours out of the print to wear in your accessories and add some neutral pieces like in the first outfit, or just pick a contrasting colour and wear that in all your accessories like I have in the second outfit.

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Monday, 11 February 2019

Peplum Tops, Pencil Skirts & Rebecca Minkoff MAB Tote | Weekday Wear Linkup!

It's the Weekday Wear Linkup, with some office style!

Keeping things simple for my return to work after a bit of a break, I stuck with an outfit combo I've worn before. Peplum tanks and pencil skirts, easy office style and just what you need after a few weeks leave over Christmas (I wore these mid-January).

What I wore:

black kmart peplum frill hem sleeveless tank pink polka dot pencil skirt | awayfromblue

bird print scarf accessorising Rebecca Minkoff medium MAB Tote bag in moon navy | awayfromtheblue

awayfromtheblue instagram | black peplum tank with blush polka dot pencil skirt navy mab tote bag with scarf
Earrings: gifted Kmart navy tassel earrings
Scarf: Fashion Scarf Girl grey tiny bird print scarf (c/o)
Necklace: Kmart navy and gold beaded tassel necklace
Tank: Kmart black sleeveless frill hem peplum tank (new purchase)
Skirt: Cotton On 'Mica' mesh spot skirt in dusty pink
ShoesWalnut Melbourne 'Ava' black lizard ballet flats (also available in silver)
BagRebecca Minkoff medium MAB tote in moon navy

Why I wore it:

Last time I wore this skirt I mentioned how much I wear it with black - the fuzzy polka dots just make black an obvious pairing! I thought the peplum tank and textured pencil skirt would be a fun combo, but still good for a busy day at work.

It was a bit of a weird day, with wind and rain forecast but also quite humid so I added this bird print scarf onto the handles of my Rebecca Minkoff MAB bag in case I needed it later with the rain. It actually started raining just after I took these photos!

With the black and pink, I decided to wear accessories that would match the navy bag for a third colour in my outfit. I loved the tassel earrings and tassel necklace together, both are Christmas gifts. Only downside was that the statement earrings kept catching on my braid. I have to remember to wear simpler pieces when I have my hair braided on the side like this!

Last worn: navy and gold tassel necklace, pink polka dot pencil skirt, black ballet flats, Rebecca Minkoff MAB tote bag. First time I've worn the peplum tank and scarf.

Other ways to wearpink polka dot pencil skirt in winter, black ballet flats and jeans, Rebecca Minkoff MAB tote bag and sheath dress.

Perfect for pregnancypink polka dot pencil skirt in first trimester, black ballet flats in second trimester, Rebecca Minkoff MAB tote bag in third trimester.

What's In My Bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAB Tote

What I wore:

Kmart navy bird print peplum frill hem tank, grey jersey pencil skirt, hot pink scarf accessory | away from blue

Fashion Scarf Girl plain crinkle scarf in hot pink on navy rebecca minkoff mab tote | away from the blue

awayfromblue instagram | summer office otufit grey knit pencil skirt pink scarf navy bird print peplum top and tote bag
Earrings: Kmart silver tassel earrings
ScarfFashion Scarf Girl plain crinkle scarf in hot pink (c/o)
Necklace: For King & Country Priceless Australian coin and crest necklace
Tank: Kmart navy bird print peplum frill hem tank
SkirtAtmos&Here grey marle jersey pencil skirt
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs silver tuxedo flats
BagRebecca Minkoff medium MAB tote in moon navy

Why I wore it:

Once again, repeating the outfit formula above as I liked it so much. This time around, with a printed tank and a plan pencil skirt. And a simpler hairstyle, as I picked grey tassel earrings to match the pencil skirt and the blazer I brought along for meetings. Like the outfit above, it was both a humid and rainy day so I didn't add the blazer for the pics, but it really dressed up the outfit in the office. A grey jersey pencil skirt and a grey jersey blazer together looks very formal, even with a fun printed peplum tank in the middle.

Picked a bright pink scarf to accessorise. This crinkle one didn't get any wear during the day with my blazer worn in the office aircon instead, but I loved how it popped on the bag!

Last worn: silver tassel earrings, coin pendant necklace, pink crinkle scarf, bird print tank, jersey pencil skirt, silver bow ballet flats, Rebecca Minkoff MAB tote (above).

Other ways to wearbird print tank and olive jeans, jersey pencil skirt worn two ways, silver bow ballet flats and little black dress, Rebecca Minkoff MAB tote in winter.

Perfect for pregnancyjersey pencil skirt in third trimester, silver bow ballet flats in third trimester, Rebecca Minkoff MAB tote in first trimester.

Peplum Tanks Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

A peplum tank is a flattering option, and it is such a cute touch to have a little extra frill on a basic tank. Paired with a pencil skirt (with a blazer on top if needed to meet stricter office dress codes) it makes a simple feminine office outfit. You can go with something plain, or pick a printed tank for a little more interest and colour.

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