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Neutral Dresses, Colourful Beaded Necklaces and Chloe Paraty Bag: Weekday Wear Link Up

Adding a little festive colour to some neutral dresses with red and green necklaces. I love the simplicity of a cute little dress and some bright accessories in spring.

What I wore:

white denim jacket over tiered LBD sundress sneakers chloe paraty bag statement green beaded necklace

black and white outfit with pastel Chloe periwinkle small Paraty | awayfromtheblue

JacketCotton On girlfriend denim jacket in whitehaven
NecklaceStarfish Project Hannah turquoise bead necklace
Dress: Kmart Aztec print tiered little black dress
Shoesthrifted Adidas Superstar sneakers
Bracelets: the usual plus Polka Luka resin bangles in red and teal
BagChloe periwinkle small Paraty

Why I wore it:

It's been far too long since I last wore this dress. When I wore it on this day I was reminded why I love it so much! It is an awesome summer sundress, but layers well. With the slightly cooler day I added the white denim jacket at the last minute that morning and it was perfect. 

After the school drop off, we decided to stop off at one of my favourite opshops before our regular library visit. They have clothes for just $1 and I scored an awesome little fuchsia linen dress for $1 that retailed for $25. Wearing and loving this dress again made me see I needed more dresses in my wardrobe, and for just $1 I wasn't going to leave it behind! I picked up a couple more colourful statement beaded necklaces too.

With the black dress and very subtle white print I wanted to add a little more colour - this green necklace is perfect for adding a burst of colour and works so well with the teal and red resin bracelets to make it just ever so slightly festive. I'm going to have to try this accessory combination again with my other black dresses! I've worn this dress and necklace together before too.

While the Adidas Superstar match the dress and jacket perfectly with the black and white, the periwinkle Chloe Paraty bag doesn't match anything. I still thought it worked with this outfit to add a touch more colour without being too much with the green and little bit of red.

Last worn: white denim jacket, green beaded necklace, resin bracelets, black tiered sundress, Adidas Superstar, Chloe periwinkle Paraty bag.

Other ways to wearwhite denim jacket and jeans, black tiered sundress worn two ways, Adidas Superstar and denim skirt, Chloe periwinkle Paraty bag and jeans.

All The Blue Bags In My Handbag Collection:

What I wore:

asos grey skater dress fit flare with converse chucks and chloe paraty bag red beaded necklace | awayfromblue

Chloe periwinkle small Paraty crossbody with grey dress | awayfromblue

Necklace: thrifted red flat bead necklace
DressAsos grey skater dress
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in white
Bracelets: the usual
BagChloe periwinkle small Paraty

Why I wore it:

This was again a cooler day. I considered adding a jacket in the morning but didn't, and regretted it when it got really cloudy! A denim jacket or kimono would have been a good topper with this dress. It was okay for the school run, sports and a playdate with the little one, but for sports in the evening with both kids after school pickup I definitely changed into something warmer!

I loved the red necklace against the grey dress - it's such a nice pop of colour with the big statement beads. I thought that the Chloe Paraty bag would again be a nice non-matchy choice, just like it was in the outfit above. With the light grey of the dress though when I saw the photos I thought a different bag with a bigger contrast would have worked better here. Last time I wore this dress and bag together I didn't notice because I had a purple cardigan between them. Maybe I should have gone matchy-matchy with a red bag this time around.

Last worn: red statement necklace, grey skater dress, Converse, Chloe small Paraty bag (above).

Other ways to wear: grey skater dress and leggings, Converse and striped dress, Chloe small Paraty bag and maxi skirt.

Perfect for pregnancygrey skater dress in second trimesterConverse in second trimester.

How You Can Wear It:

A neutral dress is a great wardrobe staple as it's easy to change up the look of it each time you wear it with different accessories. A bright beaded statement necklace in a bold colour is the simplest way to change it up.

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Friday, 3 December 2021

30 Ways To Wear: Sass and Bide Chevron Print Playman Skinny Jeans

These Sass and Bide Playman skinny jeans have such a fun print! Sometimes the bold chevron can seem a little tricky to wear. While I don't quite love every one of the 32 outfits I've worn with them, I've really been reaching for them a lot more often this past year as I feel I'm finding the best ways to style them recently. It's great to be able to put this 30 ways to wear post together and share just how versatile printed jeans can be - you can definitely rewear them over and over!

30 Ways To Wear: Sass & Bide Chevron Print Skinny Jeans

30 ways to wear black and grey chevron print skinny jeans Sass Bide Playman skinnies | away from the blue blog

Cost Per Wear

I bought these in June 2016, a second hand buy on eBay. Just $28.50, including postage. Not a bad price for Sass and Bide jeans, and at 32 wears that's just 95 cents a wear so far. I think perhaps the original seller had a few of the same "what do I wear these with" struggles I did in the early years! I've tried print mixing now and then, but over time I've realised if I keep it simple and stick to basic block colour pieces with these jeans I really love them in my outfits. 

It's taken me 5 years to get over 30 wears with these jeans. They are certainly not just "throw on and go" jeans, and do require a little more thought before I wear them. But they are so fun, and I still have so many outfit ideas for these. They are definitely keepers in my wardrobe even if it took me a couple years to recognise just how versatile they could be! Particularly this current year. I felt like they were on frequent repeat, as I stuck with the "pair solids with prints" rule to build outfits I loved.

Since I  have such a range of outfits with these jeans I've tried to split up the outfits into go-to outfit formulas as well as some easy colour pairings, in case you have a similar pair of grey and black printed jeans you're trying to find outfit inspiration for.

Chevron Print Jeans With Blue and Green

blue and green outfit ideas with chevron print sass bide jeans | awayfromtheblue

Blue is my favourite colour and of course I think it goes with everything! I am slowly warming up to green and trying to wear more of it in my wardrobe. With the neutral black and grey chevron print of the jeans a bright blue, teal, or even mint top works well against the print.

Colourful Cardigans and Chevron Print Skinny Jeans

Colourful cardigans with black and grey printed skinny jeans outfit ideas | awayfromblue

Just like the colourful blue and green outfits above, these follow a similar outfit formula. This time, the bright block colour is the cardigan though! While I really like the bold combination of red with the black and grey, you'll see I wear quite a lot of pink and purple with these jeans too!

Neutral Layers With Black and Grey Chevron Jeans

neutral layers to chevron print skinny jeans outfits | awayfromtheblue

A failsafe "I'm not sure what to wear with a bold printed piece" choice is neutrals! And while I can never seem to nail a completely monochromatic outfit as I always add in a little extra colour - these jeans look so good with neutral blacks and greys, echoing the colours in the print.

Citrus Brights With Chevron Print Jeans

4 ways to wear chevron print skinny jeans with citrus brights yellow and orange | awayfromtheblue

Another much more colourful set of outfits! Similar to the blues and greens I first shared, I find different shades of citrus brights work well with these jeans - from a bright mustard yellow, a more pastel peach, a mango yellow or a bold bright orange, the colours really pop against the denim! I think that the grey chevron print on these jeans helps stop an orange and black combo from looking too Halloween-y as well.

Double Denim Outfits With Printed Jeans

double denim outfit ideas with sass bide printed skinny jeans | awayfromblue

My usual method for waring double denim is to keep it safe and stick to completely different shades - so blue denim jackets (and even my white one) work well with these printed jeans! It's good to stick a bright top in between too for even more contrast between the different shades of denim.

Bright Accessories With Chevron Print Jeans

outfit ideas for chevron print jeans with bright accessories | awayfromblue

Maybe bright tops and cardigans are a little too bold for you to try with some statement printed jeans like these. So why not introduce a smaller amount of colour with a scarf or bag? Or both - as I've done in the first and third outfits with the matchy-matchy scarf and bag. Of course if you're loving all the colour, you could try a bright cardigan and a bright scarf together like that outfit at the end there.

Leather Jackets With Black and White Printed Jeans

leather jackets and chevron print jeans winter outfit ideas | awayfromblue

These jeans are so easy to layer up in winter - printed jeans and a leather jacket is a staple outfit for a cold day! You don't have to stick to black jackets either - a colourful one like that cobalt blue works well too.

Pink And Purple Outfits With Chevron Print Jeans

pink and purple outfit ideas with chevron print playman skinny jeans awayfromblue

These outfits are really combinations of everything above! Bright accessories, tops or colourful cardigans, in pink or purple, or sometimes both. I love pink and purple with these jeans, and with the neutral colour scheme of the grey chevron on the black jeans means you can easily wear more than one colour with them. And pink and purple go together so well!

Where To Buy Sass Bide Chevron Print Playman Jeans Under $50:

More Outfit Ideas:

For more outfit inspiration and ideas, you can view all 32+ ways I've worn these jeans in my blog archives, or browse the complete 30 wears series.

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