Monday, 20 November 2017

Wrap Tops and Blue Textured Pencil Skirts for the Office

I've shared before about how easy it is to wear breastfeeding clothes after you've stopped breastfeeding. I bought a few wrap tops to help with breastfeeding, but they are still getting worn now. They are a really stylish option for work.

Ended up going a little monochrome, wearing my blue wrap tops with textured navy pencil skirts for the office. And of course my latest bag purchase, the purple Balenciaga work bag.

What I wore:

blue marle jersey wrap top lace pencil skirt monochrome office outfit silver accessories purple bag | awayfromblue

blue lace pencil skirt, Balenciaga raisin purple 2009 giant silver G21 hardware work bag | away from the blue
Necklace: Lovisa silver love knitted heart pendant necklace
TopDorothy Perkins 3/4 sleeve wrap top
SkirtAsos blue textured lace pencil skirt
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs silver tuxedo flats
Bracelets: the usual plus Roie Designs waxed leather cream howlite beaded wrap bracelet and Cora purpleheart and mother of pearl watch C/O JORD
BagBalenciaga raisin purple 2009 giant silver G21 hardware work bag

Why I wore it:

With warmer spring weather, I know there are going to be less opportunities to wear this longer sleeved wrap top. As I said last time I wore it too! It was good to take the chance to wear it again. I really liked how it looked with the blue lace pencil skirt, it made for a nice monochrome outfit.

An easy outfit was just what was needed after spending the past few days with a sick baby and a lot of waking up in the night. Throwing on my favourite colour (blue) to boost my mood, makeup to hide the bags under my eyes and I felt pulled together enough for a day in the office.

Debated for a few minutes in the morning trying to pick out a necklace to wear with this top. I settled on this silver heart pendant that hadn't been worn in a while, but I think a longer necklace might have worked better.

Last worn: blue marle wrap top, ASOS lace pencil skirt, silver ballet flats, Balenciaga purple work bag.

Other ways to wearblue marle wrap top in winter, lace pencil skirt worn casually, silver ballet flats and wrap dress, Balenciaga purple work bag and printed dress.

Perfect for pregnancy: lace pencil skirt in third trimester, ballet flats in third trimester,

Wrap Tops Under $50:

What I wore:

cream blazer with monochrome navy office pencil skirt wrap top spring outfit | away from blue

Balenciaga raisin purple 2009 giant silver hardware work bag for the office | away from the bleu
NecklaceStarfish Project Hannah turquoise bead necklace
TopAtmos & Here Arlene wrap top in navy
SkirtWarehouse navy jacquard pencil skirt
ShoesWalnut Melbourne 'Ava' black lizard ballet flats (also available in silver)
Bracelets: the usual plus
BagBalenciaga raisin purple 2009 giant silver G21 hardware work bag

Why I wore it:

Another day at work, another sick boy! Toddler T had fallen ill the day before, so once again it was monochrome blue to try lift my mood and give me a bit of a boost to power through the work day. This time around I went with a longer turquoise beaded necklace with the wrap top, and I really liked this combination.

As the top is short sleeved, I added the cream jersey blazer to keep me warm in the office air-con, but I really didn't need to keep it on outside as it was such a warm spring day.

You can tell it's spring as the sun is rising earlier and my usual photo spot isn't in shade as much as usual! It's really tricky early in the mornings now trying to get a photo that's not in bright sunlight. Going to have to start changing up my photo spot.

Last worn: cream jersey blazer, navy wrap top, jacquard pencil skirt, black ballet flats, purple Balenciaga work bag (above).

Other ways to wearcream jersey blazer and jeans, navy wrap top and maxi skirt, jacquard pencil skirt and heels, black ballet flats and maxi dress, purple Balenciaga work bag and black outfit.

Perfect for pregnancycream jersey blazer and hidden baby bump, wrap top in third trimester, ballet flats in third trimester.

More Wrap Tops Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

Wrap tops aren't just perfect for breastfeeding - they work great in a professional setting too and are good office options. You can't go wrong pairing them with a pencil skirt and a blazer.

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Friday, 17 November 2017

Maxi Dresses and Printed Kimonos with Rebecca Minkoff Bags

I love maxi dresses and I love kimonos, so it just makes sense to wear them together! I thought that these printed kimonos would be a nice touch with the plain maxi dresses, to add a little more fun to my outfits.

What I wore:

black halterneck jersey maxi dress Havaianas Somedays Lovin' Yakuza print kimono | away from the blue

printed kimono, silver bracelet stack, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC in aquamarine with python embossed leather | away from blue

awayfromblue instagram outtake windy day kimono and maxi dress
JacketSomedays Lovin' Yakuza print kimono
Necklace: Nibbly Bits Feather pendant in peach (C/O)
Dressblack Jeanswest halterneck maxi dress
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAC in aquamarine with python embossed leather (on sale!)

Why I wore it:

This is one of my most worn kimonos, but it's still not at 30 wears yet, this is only it's 26th wear! I'm hopeful I'll hit 30 wears on it by the end of the year, so you'll probably see it being worn a lot more often, just like I did with my purple cardigan when I was so close to 30 wears with it. Nice and comfortable outfit for a busy morning, taking Baby Boy for his weigh in session and getting my tax done and picking up groceries.

The only downside to this outfit was that it was a very windy day. I had so many issues trying to get a good photo, as the kimono kept getting caught in the wind!

Last worn: Somedays Lovin' kimono, black maxi dress, Havaianas, Rebecca Minkoff aqua mini MAC.

Other ways to wearSomedays Lovin' kimono and denim shorts, black maxi dress and denim jacket, Rebecca Minkoff aqua mini MAC and pencil skirt.

Perfect for pregnancy: printed kimono and maternity tankmaxi dress in third trimester, mini MAC in third trimester.

Maxi Dresses Under $50:

What I wore:

pink maxi dress with belted navy bird floral print kimono and purple accessories | awayfromblue

bracelet stack with Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum purple with pink dress | AwayFromTheBlue
Jacket: thrifted Edited floral and bird print kimono
Necklace: Nibbly Bits BB plum silicone teething necklace (C/O)
DressMEV Havana maxi dress C/O Zibibo
Belt: Kmart thin gold glitter belt
ShoesWittner 'Jasmarie' studded sandals
Bracelets: the usual plus House of Harlow sunburst wrap bracelet in cobalt
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum (on sale in pink, 43% off!)

Why I wore it:

I grabbed this maxi dress, my favourite, out of my wardrobe to try break a bit of an outfit slump I was in after our Sydney trip. It always makes me feel good when I wear it.

In an effort to try change this up a little, I decided to try belting a kimono over it. I've belted things over it in pregnancy before so I figured I'd try the look without the bump. While I liked this in the mirror, I think it looks a little off in the photo as the belt slipped down. Was a nice and colourful, comfortable outfit for playgroup though. I really liked the colours with the pink dress, purple bag and blue kimono together.

Last worn: navy printed kimono, gold glitter belt, pink maternity maxi dress, studded sandals, Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB Tote bag.

Other ways to wearnavy printed kimono and shorts, gold glitter belt and little black dress, pink maxi dress for a first birthday party, studded sandals and black shorts, Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB Tote bag and leopard print jeans.

Perfect for pregnancy: belted dress in second trimester, pink maxi dress at 39 weeks, studded sandals and maternity shorts, mini MAB tote in third trimester.

Printed Kimonos Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

A printed kimono is a great layer with a plain maxi dress. It's perfect for spring or autumn, as kimonos are so lightweight. It's a nice way to add some extra colour or print to your outfit, and you can belt it to try something a little different too.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Button Up Tanks and Colourful Spring Outfits With Prints

I love tank tops, they are essentials for our Brisbane weather. As the two outfit photos below show, they can be layered up for a cooler day, and worn on their own when it heats up. Perfect for spring with the fluctuating temperatures!

What I wore:

purple cardigan, printed sleeveless tank, Jeanswest grey cecile skinny jeans cuffed ankle boots | awayfromblue

faux fur pom pom charm, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum | away from the blue
JacketJeanswest Dana drape knit cardi in boysenberry
Necklace: Nibbly Bits BB plum silicone teething necklace (C/O)
TopJeanswest Florence print long line tank
JeansJeanswest Cecile dove grey skinny jeans
ShoesRMK Chester black ankle boots
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum (on sale in pink, 43% off!)

Why I wore it:

As I shared on instagram, this is the 30th wear of this cardigan. I bought it pre-blog so I know it's been worn more times than that, but I didn't have regular outfit photos then. I've been wearing it a lot lately as I was so eager to hit that 30 wear mark before proper spring weather arrived and it got too warm for this to be worn. It's the reason why I packed it to take to Sydney!

I've worn this tank and cardigan together before too. Since I loved this outfit pairing of the printed tank with purple skinny jeans, I've been recreating that with the purple cardigan! To try and make it a little different I picked grey jeans this time instead of the black jeans I wore last time. I had a much nicer day than I did last time I wore the tank and cardigan together!

We spent the day at my parents, decorating biscuits before lunch, which the boys loved as always! While all the purples are slightly different shades in this outfit, I loved wearing this and think it turned it really well. Comfortable for a day visiting my parents too.

Last worn: purple cardigan, printed tank, grey skinny jeans, black ankle boots, Rebecca Minkoff plum mini MAB tote bag.

Other ways to wearpurple cardigan and chambray dress, sleeveless tank layered for winter, grey skinny jeans with colourful cardigans, black ankle boots and little black dress, Rebecca Minkoff plum mini MAB tote bag and maxi dress.

Perfect for pregnancypurple cardi in first trimester, printed tank in third trimester, ankle boots in second trimester, mini MAB tote in second trimester.

Button Up Tanks Under $50:

What I wore:

pink tank, printed skinny jeans, purple mini MAB tote bag spring outfit | away from blue

silver bracelet stack, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum | away from the Blue
Necklace: Nibbly Bits BB plum silicone teething necklace (C/O)
TopJeanswest Helene sleeveless textured shirt in berry
JeansSass & Bide Playman skinny jeans
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
Bracelets: the usual
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum (on sale in pink, 43% off!)

Why I wore it:

A quick stop at the post office in the morning, then we headed to my local ABA mother's group. The discussion topic was 'managing a newborn and toddler'. While those days are behind me now and I have two toddlers (time flies so fast!) it was great to share the things that helped me and smile at the stories of things happening now and in the past that were so similar to my own experiences.

Unlike the rainy and cool spring day above, this was a much warmer day that allowed me to wear the sleeveless tank without any extra layers. I haven't worn this tank for a while, it's been sitting near the front of my wardrobe to remind me to wear it. The colour is incredible and it's one of those pieces it's so tempting to just 'save' for special occasions! I'm trying to get more wear from pieces in my wardrobe and enjoy what I own, so this top was definitely due another wear.

As I love pink and purple together, the purple accessories seemed like a good choice with this tank. I thought that the printed jeans would be a nice pairing with the pink tank too, to add a little more interest to my outfit.

Last worn: pink sleeveless tank, Sass and bide printed jeans, Havaianas, purple mini MAB tote bag (above).

Other ways to wearpink sleeveless tank in the office, Sass and bide printed jeans in winter, Havaianas in multiple seasons, purple mini MAB tote bag and little black dress.

Perfect for pregnancy: pink tank in the first trimester, Havaianas and maternity shorts, mini MAB tote and a maternity maxi dress.

More Button Up Tanks Under $50

How You Can Wear It:

A button up tank is a great stay at home mum staple! It can feel a little more pulled-together than a regular tank, but is just as easy to wear. Button up tanks are perfect for breastfeeding, without the need to buy anything special just for feeding and that have the added bonus of being able to be worn afterwards too!

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