Friday, 10 July 2020

Monochrome Stripe Tank and Skinny Jeans Outfits With Bright Accessories

Adding some colour to neutral outfits with bright accessories: my magenta Rebecca Minkoff Edie crossbody bag and blue and purple scarves. I really liked both of these outfits, I need to wear things like this more often! I've been trying to introduce more colour to my outfits lately but there's something so simple about neutral outfits and adding pops of colours with bright accessories.

What I wore:

adding colour to a moncohrome stripe tank black skinny jeans outfit with blue Louis Vuitton shawl scarf and pink bag | awayfromblue

Rebecca Minkoff Edie small crossbody bag in magenta pink with grey cardigan | awayfromtheblue

awayfromtheblue Instagram | monochrome outfit with blue louis vuitton shawl and magenta pink edie bag
Jacket: Paper Scissors grey wrap cardigan
ScarfLouis Vuitton monogram shawl in bleu
Tank: Jeanswest 'Josie' striped back strap tank
JeansNobody Denim Siren skinny super high-rise jeans in power black denim (c/o)
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in black
BagRebecca Minkoff Edie small crossbody bag in magenta 

Why I wore it:

I really liked this outfit! Didn't exactly keep me as warm as I'd hoped in the morning though, the three-quarter length sleeves on the cardigan were a bit chilly for the school drop off. Of course by the school pick up in the afternoon I was feeling like the cardigan and scarf were a bit too warm together!

This Louis Vuitton monogram shawl is so cosy and warm. I really like the pop of colour it gives to the striped tank, and pink and blue being a go-to favourite colour of mine I liked the magenta Rebecca Minkoff Edie bag with this cobalt blue too.

Was a quiet day at home most of the time, aside from the school pickup and drop off and grabbing another loaf of bread on the way home.

Last worn: grey cardigan, Louis Vuitton shawl, stripe tank, Nobody Denim skinny jeans, Converse, Rebecca Minkoff Edie crossbody bag.

Other ways to weargrey cardigan and purple jeans, Louis Vuitton shawl and maxi skirt, stripe tank in the office, Nobody Denim skinny jeans in monochrome outfit, Converse for long-haul flight, Rebecca Minkoff Edie crossbody bag and shorts.

Perfect for pregnancystripe tank in second trimesterConverse in third trimester.

Rebecca Minkoff Edie Crossbody Bag Review:

What I wore:

monochrome stripe tank grey skinny jeans converse cardigan with pink bag purple scarf winter school run style | away from blue

black cardigan with Rebecca Minkoff Edie small crossbody bag in magenta  | away from the blue

awayfromblue Instagram | school run winter mum style skinny jeans stripes monochrome outfit with pink and purple

JacketCotton On black knit wrap cardigan
ScarfMarc by Marc Jacobs mauve square scarf
TankAtmos & Here Oregon stripe tank
Jeans: Jeanswest Cecile dove grey skinny jeans
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in black
BagRebecca Minkoff Edie small crossbody bag in magenta 

Why I wore it:

Unlike the outfit above, this outfit felt really warm, all day! I felt a bit overdressed in this thick knitted cardigan as we walked around the shopping centre in the morning after school drop off. We had to try find a pair of shoes for my youngest boy, but thankfully he liked the first pair we tried on. We went to a proper kids shoe store which is not normally where I'd buy the kids shoes, as they ruin them quite quickly, but they had a sale on so it wasn't too bad. We'd had no luck at Kmart, Target or Big W as they are all suffering from low stock levels because of the virus impacts to imports. Although I think the Target stocking issues may partly be due to them closing down so many stores as well? (Our Aussie brands are different from the US ones and so our Kmarts are taking over closing Target stores). Just gives me more reasons to stay home though - not a lot to browse through in the shops!

This was a very dark outfit with the black tank and cardigan, and the grey jeans. I think that the purple scarf and the magenta bag were just the right touches of colour with it, and purple and pink is another colour combination I really enjoy.

How You Can Wear It:

Bright bags and scarves add the perfect touch of colour to a neutral layered winter outfit. For a little extra pop you can pick two different colours for your accessories like I have here.

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Monday, 6 July 2020

Maxi Skirts and Marl Knits With Balenciaga Day Bag | Weekday Wear Link Up

Cheating a little bit for today's Weekday Wear Link Up as I only wore one of these outfits during the week, the other I wore on the weekend! Both very comfortable outfits, I've paired two of my cosy marl knits with some colourful maxi skirts and my Balenciaga day bag.

What I wore:

Necklace: navy and silver circle pendant tassel necklace
Jumper: SES fashions mustard marle knit jumper
Skirtthrifted Billabong 'Don't Think Of It' bikini red printed maxi skirt
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in black
BagBalenciaga giant hardware Day bag in 2009 tempete

Why I wore it:

With the yellow print on this pretty red maxi skirt, I've been slowly trying to wear it with more yellow pieces. This mustard marle knit was the perfect paring! I thought the blue Balenciaga day bag worked as a bit of a neutral with all the colour. Even if I didn't need a big bag to carry that much around with me, working from home and doing the school run as well as a telehealth appointment in the evening.

The only thing I didn't like about this outfit was when I picked my son up from school in the afternoon it was a bit windy - and this skirt loves blowing in the breeze. It's a pretty big skirt so I wasn't in danger of having my own Marilyn moment but I had not shaved my legs for a few days and was trying to keep my skirt down to hide that fact  😂 I was somewhat successful. Hopefully social distancing away from the other parents at pickup meant nobody noticed!

Last worn: mustard marle knit, navy tassel necklace, red maxi skirt, Converse, Balenciaga tempete day bag.

Other ways to wearmustard marle knit and jeansred maxi skirt in summer, Converse and tee dress, Balenciaga tempete day bag and wrap dress.

Perfect for pregnancyConverse in second trimester, Balenciaga tempete day bag in third trimester.

What's In My Bag - Balenciaga Day Bag:

What I wore:

Necklace: Jeanswest Taryn turquoise tassel bead necklace
Knit: thrifted Valleygirl blue knit jumper
Skirt: thrifted Cotton On navy and grey striped maxi skirt
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in black
BagBalenciaga giant hardware Day bag in 2009 tempete

Why I wore it:

Not quite a monochrome outfit here but I think the blues and greys worked together so well! I wanted to wear this cosy marle knit again but I wasn't sure what skirt to wear it with - I tried out a few before I realised the navy and grey in this skirt would go perfectly with the bluey-grey colour of my Balenciaga tempete day bag. And the stripes went so well with the bright knit.

This was a cosy and comfortable outfit for what we anticipated to be a long day at the shops, trying to social distance and entertain two little ones as we shopped for a new fridge. This time around my bag was pushed to its limit with water bottles and snacks inside, definitely needed a big bag on this day. Turned out we found a fridge we loved at the first store and they could price match a store that was further away but had it cheaper, and we got a great deal on the fridge without spending all day walking around.

Had a bit of a giggle when we left, as I stopped to grab a photo and realised my grey lined maxi skirt matched the metal wall behind me!

How You Can Wear It:

A cosy marl open knit like this is a good light-weight choice for a Brisbane winter. If you're in a colder climate you might want to add a few extra layers, but on a mild winter day, with just a tank underneath and a cute maxi skirt, this is an easy outfit.

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Friday, 3 July 2020

30 Ways To Wear: Turquoise Tassel Necklace

Sharing another accessory for this month's 30 wears series. Each month I look through my blog archives and pick out pieces I've worn 30 times or more to put together these posts and give you some inspiration for how you can rewear pieces in your own wardrobe. I got the idea from The True Cost documentary.

With staying home more and getting dressed less I'm not hitting 30 wears as much as I usually would with my clothes, although I'm sure my pyjamas and loungewear have great numbers of wear now! So I had a look around for other things I might have hit 30 wears with and found I've worn this cute turquoise tassel necklace 32 times! It's not the first necklace I've hit that goal with either, I wore a teething necklace well over 30 times when the kids were younger!

30 Ways To Wear: Turquoise Tassel Necklace

30 ways to wear a turquoise tassel necklace away from the blue blog

The colours of this necklace are beautiful! With the gold chain, cloudy white stone pendant and the little beaded turquoise tassels, it really goes with so much and is often the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. I've heard turquoise jewellery goes with everything and this necklace proves that! Neutrals, greens, blues, yellow, reds, orange, pink... it works with every colour.

Cost Per Wear

This tassel necklace was an impulse buy at Jeanswest during a shopping trip with my sister, back in October 2018. It was on sale for $14.99, which was 40% off so I got a bargain! At 32 wears, it works out at 47 cents a wear which is pretty good. It still looks new, none of the gold tone has started rubbing off the hardware, so I know I'll get a lot more wear from it in future too.

Matching Turquoise Necklace To Other Pieces In An Outfit

5 outfit ideas, Matching Turquoise Necklace To Other Pieces In An Outfit | awayfromtheblue

You know if you have followed me for a while that I love a bit of matchy-matchy! If you're not sure how to wear a colourful necklace like this try matching it with other turquoise pieces in your outfit! I like wearing my aqua Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC bag, or my teal Balenciaga first bag with this necklace bit you can also match it to a print of something you're wearing like I have with the maxi dresses.

Turquoise Necklace With Green

4 ways to try a Turquoise Necklace With Green | awayfromblue

Turquoise is not too similar to wear with green! I've found that no matter the shade of green - a neutral olive or a brighter emerald, this turquoise necklace compliments it well. 

Turquoise Necklace With Blue

4 outfit ideas of a Turquoise Necklace With Blue outfit pieces awayfromblue blog

Just like with the green outfits above, any shade of blue in your outfit pairs nicely with a turquoise necklace. I do quite like wearing this necklace with that navy printed maxi dress though 😂 You can see it works just as well with the cobalt knit or the pale blue denim jacket.

Turquoise Necklace With Red

turquoise necklace with red worn 4 ways to wear | away from blue

I love the contrast of turquoise and red together! Blue and red is a colour pairing I wear a lot and once I decided to try this turquoise necklace with red I just kept repeating it. It's a good way to add an extra touch of colour to your outfit.

Turquoise Necklace With Neutrals

Turquoise Necklace With Neutrals 4 outfit ideas | away from blue

While I've worn this necklace with a few different colours above it's also really good against a neutral outfit, or a neutral piece in your outfit. It really pops and stands out against black or grey.

Turquoise Tassel Necklace In The Office

4 outfit ideas wearing a boho turquoise tassel necklace to office pencil skirt | awayfromtheblue

A tassel necklace brings a little touch of boho to your outfit and it doesn't just work with casual outfits, it looks pretty good in the office too with a pencil skirt to stop your outfit looking overly formal. I've worn this to the office a lot, back when we all used to work in offices...

Adding a Turquoise Necklace As An Extra Colour In An Outfit

5 different outfit and colour combination ideas with a turquoise tassel necklace | away from blue

Because turquoise goes with everything, I like to add this necklace to an outfit as a way of introducing a third or fourth colour without trying too hard. If you're unsure you can try match it with something else like I have with the bag in the last maxi skirt outfit there, or you can just add it as an extra pop of colour against an already colourful outfit. Orange, green and yellow, green and yellow and works with any colour combination!

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