Thursday, 25 February 2021

30 Ways To Wear: Navy & White Striped Tank

A striped tank is such a staple wardrobe basic, so it's no surprise I've worn this white and navy striped tank 30 times already! Such a good piece to feature for a 30 wears post as I wear stripes with everything, there are a lot of different outfit ideas here.

Each month I look through my blog archives for pieces I've worn 30 times or more over the years I've owned them, to put this post together. Inspired by The True Cost documentary, which I recommend watching as it highlights that we need to commit to wearing all the clothing we buy at least 30 times to minimise the environmental impact of our shopping.

30 Ways To Wear: Navy and White Striped Tank

30 ways to wear a navy white stripe tank pin awayfromtheblue blog

This tank is called the 'Josie' striped back strap tank as it has a cut out on the back with some fabric straps over it. It's a nice feature but it's something I've never gotten a photo of in any of the 30 times I've worn it sadly! I like that it makes it a little different from a standard striped tank in that way though, even if you don't see it in the pics.

Cost Per Wear:

I bought this tank from Jeanswest at the end of March 2014, while in my third trimester with my now 6 year old! I didn't track my fashion spending back then as I do now, but I did order online so I still had the email showing me I paid $11.99 for this tank during the sale. At 30 wears so far that's 40 cents a wear, pretty good value for money! 

As I bought it almost 7 years ago it's gone through 2 pregnancies and is a piece I've worn to the office as well as on days off with the kinds. It's the perfect wardrobe staple for a mum wardrobe and still has a lot of life left in it! Thankfully the first time I wore it over a third trimester bump didn't stretch it out! It's fun to look back on the different ways I've worn it, and hopefully it gives you some outfit inspiration for how you can wear a similar piece in your own wardrobe.

Stripe Tank and Skirts

striped tank and skirt outfits 5 ways to wear | awayfromtheblue

As I said above, you can really wear this striped tank anywhere! Dressed up for the office with a pencil skirt and blazer, or dressed down with a pencil skirt and kimono, even a pretty maxi skirt looks good with this striped tank. I don't have any mini skirts in my wardrobe but you could certainly wear a striped tank with a mini or even midi skirt too - it works with any length of skirt.

Layering Up A Striped Tank

4 ways to layer a striped tank for winter outfit ideas | awayfromtheblue

The beauty of Brisbane's tropical weather is that I can layer up a tank to wear in winter and still stay perfectly warm! As you can see in the first and last outfits, neutral layers like grey cardigans or hoodies work well with this tank, but so do colourful layers like the blue scarves I've added there in the middle. Basic block colour pieces layer well with a striped tank.

Navy White Striped Tank Worn With Red

4 outfit ideas of navy white stripe tank with red awayfromblue

Red is something I wear with this top a lot. Navy and white stripes with a touch of red can seem a bit nautical but I think the thinner navy stripes on this tank don't give off that vibe. I really like red accessories with this tank, like a red scarf or bag, but other red clothing pieces like the cardigan or the skinny jeans also work well with it.

Wearing Green With a Navy And White Stripe Tank

3 different ways to wear a navy white striped tank with green | awayfromblue

While green isn't the most worn colour in my wardrobe this striped tank is so easy to wear with green and it works so well with any shade that I wanted to call it out specifically. With the green or olive skinny jeans it's a simple outfit, and it works with the olive green shorts too on warmer days. I like navy and green together so it's no surprise this tank is worn so much with green.

Navy And White Stripe Tank In Outfits With Brights

ways to wear a nacy stripe tank with bright pieces in an outfit 5 ideas | awayfromblue

While I've called out the red and green, there really aren't any bright colours that don't work with this tank! From an amber skirt, blue scarf and magenta bag, teal and yellow, even neon orange or pink leopard print, the neutral navy and white stripes on this tank go with any bright pieces you have in your wardrobe.

Print Mixing Outfit Ideas With A Navy And White Stripe Tank

print mixing outfit ideas with navy stripe tank awayfromtheblue

Stripes are always one half of any print mix I try, I find them the easiest base piece to pair with other prints. And while not all of these print mixes were successful I do really like trying different prints with this striped tank! Sticking to the rules and matching blue prints with the navy stripes seems to work well.

Baby Bump Outfits With A Navy and White Stripe Tank

wearing a non maternity striped tank in pregnancy 3 outfits | awayfromtheblue

I always love looking back at baby bump pics when doing these 30 wears posts! This comfortable tank was perfect over a growing baby bump, and the first two photos here are some of my favourite pregnancy outfits. it's always nice to have a non-maternity piece that works even into the third trimester. I find a stripe really enhances the baby belly too 😂

Where To Buy Striped Tanks Under $50:

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Monday, 22 February 2021

V-Neck Tees, Printed Maxi Skirts and Rebecca Minkoff MAM Bag: Weekday Wear Link Up

For today's Weekday Wear Link Up, two simple printed maxi skirts and tee outfits, both featuring different shades of red and blue! And my neutral grey Rebecca Minkoff MAM bag that was definitely overdue a wear.

What I wore:

blue v-neck tee and red printed maxi skirt with grey Rebecca Minkoff mam bag |awayfromblue

Rebecca Minkoff MAB mini in soft grey | awayfromtheblue

awayfromblue Instagram | blue v-neck tee and red printed maxi skirt

Necklace: Uniquely Made with Love Sea Change necklace
TeeCotton On The One fitted v tee in washed poolside blue (new purchase)
Skirtthrifted Billabong 'Don't Think Of It' bikini red printed maxi skirt
ShoesNew Balance Coast women's running shoe in black 
Bracelets: the usual plus Roie Designs pearl, howlite and hematite beaded bracelets
BagRebecca Minkoff MAB mini in soft grey 

Why I wore it:

Breaking the "weekday" part of the Weekday Wear Linkup as I wore this on the weekend, taking the kids out for a bike ride around our favourite trail and stopping off at the playground before going home for lunch. Wanted something cool as it was such a humid day - this breezy red thrifted maxi skirt was perfect and it gave me the change to wear my newly purchased blue v-neck tee. I really like the pale blue with the red printed maxi skirt. I wasn't sure if this necklace would get 'lost' with the blue tee but I think it worked well!

We weren't planning to be out too long with the heat so I just packed a couple of snacks and all our water bottles in my grey Rebecca Minkoff MAM. It holds a ton! Stuck with my comfortable yet not quite matching the outfit New Balance sneakers, as after aggravating my knee injury I needed the extra support for our trail walking.

Last worn: beaded necklace, red printed maxi skirt, New Balance sneakers, Rebecca Minkoff MAM. First time I've worn the blue v-neck tee as it was a recent purchase.

Other ways to wearred printed maxi skirt and knit, Rebecca Minkoff MAM in the office.

Perfect for pregnancyRebecca Minkoff MAM in second trimester.

What's In My Bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAM

What I wore:

clay v neck tee with nay stripe maxi skirt grey RM mini mab bag | awayfromblue

navy stripe maxi skirt, Rebecca Minkoff MAB mini in soft grey | awayfromtheblue

Necklace: Target silver Alisha trinity pendant necklace
TeeCotton On The One fitted v tee in washed red clay
Skirt: Target navy side split maxi skirt
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star coast blue
BagRebecca Minkoff MAB mini in soft grey

Why I wore it:

With the reddish clay coloured tee and the navy printed maxi skirt this outfit is just a flipped version of the colours in the first one. I wore the Rebecca Minkoff grey MAM bag again with this, as once I start using this bag it is really hard to swap it out for another one as it just fits everything I need, and being a neutral grey it goes with everything!

Picked a simple matchy-matchy necklace with the silver hardware on the bag and comfortable Converse shoes to add another touch of colour with my outfit. We had a busy day, being parent helper in my son's classroom in the morning, grabbing some groceries at Woolies and then a play in the park before the afternoon school pickup and sports in the evening.

The first time I wore this tee I paired it with black shorts and it worked well but I really liked it this time around with the navy striped maxi skirt more, so I'll need to wear it again with navy in the future!

Last worn: washed clay tee, silver circle necklace, navy stripe maxi skirt, Converse, Rebecca Minkoff grey MAM bag (above).

Other ways to wearclay tee and shorts, navy stripe maxi skirt with yellow, Converse in moncchrome outfit, Rebecca Minkoff grey MAM worn 30 ways bag

Perfect for pregnancyRebecca Minkoff grey MAM bag in second trimester.

How You Can Wear It:
A plain block colour v-neck tee is a great wardrobe basic and works well with printed pieces in your wardrobe. A printed maxi skirt makes a nice summer outfit with a v-neck tee but feels a little more dressed up than a standard pair of shorts.

Weekday Wear Linkup #109

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Thursday, 18 February 2021

Neutral Dresses And Pink Balenciaga City Bag

A sign of how behind I've been with blogging, these are the outfits I wore for the first week back at school at the end of January. Back into the routine with the school run each day called for easy outfits - nothing easier than a neutral dress and a bright pink bag, this Balenciaga sorbet pink city bag really pops against neutral.

What I wore:

grey skater dress, Adidas superstar, Balenciaga sorbet pink city bag | away from blue

Balenciaga RH classic city in 2010 sorbet and grey dress | awayfromtheblue

Necklace: Colette crescent purple and gold necklace
DressAsos grey skater dress
Shoesthrifted Adidas Superstar sneakers
BagBalenciaga RH classic city in 2010 sorbet

Why I wore it:

Had a busy day ahead, with some errands after the school drop off so I picked this grey skater dress, it looks so good with pink but surprisingly I've never worn this bag and dress together before. I was so sure I had until I looked back through my blog archives. Despite taking years to wear these two together I really liked the pairing, especially when I added the little magenta necklace too.

Good simple outfit for a hot day with a little running around - we visited the library and got some groceries as well as attempting to return an item to Jeanswest. They don't do returns for sale items any more so I had to exchange instead - luckily my sister had her eye on a dress in store and I could pick that up for her.

Last worn: grey skater dress, magenta crescent necklace, Adidas Superstar, Balenciaga sorbet pink city bag.

Other ways to weargrey skater dress worn two ways, Adidas Superstar and Bermuda shorts, Balenciaga sorbet pink city bag worn 30 ways.

Perfect for pregnancygrey skater dress in second trimester, Balenciaga sorbet pink city bag at 37 weeks.

30 Ways To Wear: Balenciaga Sorbet City Bag

What I wore:

Cotton On 'Tina' white striped tee dress in Lissy black / Gardenia with Adidas Superstar and Balenciaga sorbet pink city bag | away from blue

striped tee dress with Balenciaga RH classic city in 2010 sorbet  | away from the blue

EarringsMichael Hill stud earrings with aqua cubic zirconia in sterling silver
Necklace: Kmart pink multi-colour beaded necklace
DressCotton On 'Tina' white striped tee dress in Lissy black / Gardenia
Shoesthrifted Adidas Superstar sneakers
BagBalenciaga RH classic city in 2010 sorbet 

Why I wore it:

More matchy-matchy with a pink necklace and pink bag! Working from home and doing the school run called for something really easy - this dress is what my blog friend Sheila would call a "jammy dress" as it's as comfortable as pyjamas, just what I needed for an impossibly long day of meetings. I'd planned to wear this dress as I knew the first week back at school after the summer holidays would be a busy one as we all settled into the routine, dresses are so good for outfits you don't have to think too hard about!

I'd grabbed the Adidas Superstar sneakers to wear without considering the stripes on the dress but looking at the photos I liked the contrasting stripes! Was just another bit of matchy-matchy like the pink accessories really.

Last worn: blue earrings, stripe tee dress, wooden beaded necklace, Adidas Superstar (above), Balenciaga sorbet pink city bag (above).

Other ways to wearstripe tee dress with purple, Adidas Superstar and maxi skirt, Balenciaga sorbet pink city bag and jeans.

Perfect for pregnancyBalenciaga sorbet pink city bag in third trimester.

How You Can Wear It:

Bright and colourful bags are a fun pop with a simple neutral dress outfit - you can match a necklace too for a little extra colour without thinking too hard! Simple summer school run style!

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