Monday 10 June 2024

Blue Long Sleeved Dresses With Pink Mini MAC Bag

Making the most of warmer weekends back in Autumn and wearing two pretty blue dresses with a little pink bag for some birthday parties!

What I wore:

EarringsMimco silver stud earrings 
Necklace: custom Cooper charm by Silhoupette
DressJaase Celine autumn leaves mini dress
ShoesAtmos&Here tan Lola leather ankle boots
Bracelets: the usual
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAC redyed with Angelus hot pink leather paint

Why I wore it:

This was such a fun day! We had a family birthday to celebrate, so I wanted to wear this pretty Jaase autumn leaves print dress again. While it was a cooler morning, with the ankle boots and the longer sleeves on the dress I felt fine wearing this and going bare-legged. It was so good to spend time with family!

We also took the opportunity to stop by the shelter we adopted Cooper from to do a meet and greet with a little puppy we'd fallen in love with online. She and Cooper seemed friendly, so this is what I was wearing when we adopted Bonnie. The ankle boots were a good choice and very practical for running around in the meet and greet yard with the dogs.

Last wornMimco earrings, silhouette necklace, tan ankle boots, Jaase dress, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC.

Other ways to weartan ankle boots and jeans, Jaase dress, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC and stripes.

What I wore:

EarringsMichael Hill stud earrings with aqua cubic zirconia in sterling silver
Necklace: Colette crescent purple and gold necklace
DressTarget puff sleeve tiered denim dress
Shoesthrifted white leather Chuck Taylor All Star Converse sneakers
Bracelets: the usual
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAC redyed with Angelus hot pink leather paint

Why I wore it:

Another birthday party day, this one was a little cooler so I was grateful for the thicker denim fabric on this tiered dress. It kept me nice and cosy as I caught up with my friends at a bowling party, the kids were very entertained with playing a couple rounds of bowling and then enjoying the arcade before having some delicious cake!

Because the denim fabric on this dress kept me warm and we were indoors for the party anyway, I just went with comfortable Converse sneakers. not as cosy as ankle boots, but perfect for this day.

I added a little more colour with the magenta crescent necklace and again my little redyed pink Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC bag. I really like this pink bag with different shades of blue!

Last worn: earrings, crescent necklace, tiered denim dress, leather Converse sneakers, Rebecca Minkoff pink mini MAC (above)

Other ways to weartiered denim dress and red, leather Converse sneakers and skirt, Rebecca Minkoff pink mini MAC and jeans.

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  1. I love the shape of these tiered dresses! They look so cute and comfortable!

  2. Oh these dresses are lovely they have similar cuts and looks super comfy nice to one print and one solid. They both go super well with the pink bag and look nice on you very flattering.

    Allie of


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