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Monday, 9 December 2019

Weekday Wear Linkup: Wrap Tops and Pencil Skirts With Balenciaga Day Bags

For today's weekday wear I'm wearing some wrap tops that haven't been worn in a while with pencil skirts and statement necklaces for an easy office outfit.

What I wore:

navy wrap top with statement necklace and grey jersey pencil skirt, printed flats summer office outfit | awayfromblue

Balenciaga giant hardware Day bag in 2009 tempete | awayfromtheblue

awayfromtheblue instagram | navy wrap top with grey jersey pencil skirt beaded statement necklace summer office outfit
NecklaceOxfam Noah's Ark green red beaded necklace
TopAtmos & Here Arlene wrap top in navy
SkirtAtmos&Here grey marle jersey pencil skirt
ShoesWalnut Melbourne Ava white leopard ballet flats
BagBalenciaga giant hardware Day bag in 2009 tempete

Why I wore it:

It's not the first time I've worn this navy wrap top with a grey pencil skirt, I really like navy and grey together! To change it up a little I added some different accessories. This green and red beaded statement necklace is a firm fave and while I do wear it at other times through the year it seems so perfectly festive for December, being so close to Christmas! I wasn't sure if the leopard print flats would be too much with this given the necklace was already enough of a statement, but I ended up really liking it when I tried it.

The tempete Balenciaga day bag is the perfect mix of blue and grey so seemed like the obvious choice to wear with this 💙

Last worn: navy wrap top, green and red necklace, grey jersey pencil skirt, leopard print flats, Balenciaga tempete day bag.

Other ways to wearnavy wrap top and maxi skirt, grey jersey pencil skirt worn two ways, leopard print flats and jeans, Balenciaga tempete day bag and floral dress.

Perfect for pregnancynavy wrap top in third trimester, grey jersey pencil skirt in third trimester, Balenciaga tempete day bag in second trimester.

What's In My Bag: Balenciaga Day

What I wore:

grey jersey wrap tee with jacquard navy pencil skirt and pink accessories | away from blue

Balenciaga Day bag in 2005 magenta | away from the blue

awayfromblue Instgaram | summer office otufit wrap tee with jacquard pencil skirt magenta statement necklace balenciaga bag
Necklace: thrifted magenta pink statement beaded necklace (new purchase)
TeeAtmos&Here Nile wrap front jersey tee
SkirtWarehouse navy jacquard pencil skirt
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs silver tuxedo flats
BagBalenciaga Day bag in 2005 magenta

Why I wore it:

Followed the same blue and grey colour scheme as the first outfit for this one, just with a single brighter colour in my accessories. I thought the basic grey wrap top was a nice neutral to pair with the jacquard pencil skirt and I really like the way the magenta pops against it!

This recently thrifted necklace was one I couldn't pass by in the opshop when I was in looking for Christmas books for our advent calendar. I knew it would be the perfect match with this magenta Balenciaga day bag and I love the way they look together!

Last worn: grey wrap top, jacquard pencil skirt, silver ballet flats, Balenciaga magenta day bag. First time I've worn the necklace as it was a recent purchase.

Other ways to weargrey wrap top and jeans, jacquard pencil skirt in winter, silver ballet flats and printed dress, Balenciaga magenta day bag and maxi skirt.

Perfect for pregnancyjacquard pencil skirt in first trimester, silver ballet flats in third trimester, Balenciaga magenta day bag in third trimester.

Wrap Tops Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

A simple wrap top is a nice twist on a basic and works well in the office when you need to be a little more dressed up. They are great with pencil skirts! I bought both of these wrap tops for easy breastfeeding as they have a snap to hold them in place. It makes them simple to wear at work as they don't gape open. You could always layer a tank underneath if your top doesn't have a modesty snap.

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Friday, 6 December 2019

Floral Duster Kimonos and Grey Tees

If you've read my blog for a while you'll know I love kimonos! I like using accessories in my outfit for a little extra touch of colour. Scarves are great in winter, as are necklaces and bags, but in spring and summer I frequently reach for my kimonos. There's something so comfortable about long duster length ones like these floral ones - taking a simple shorts and tee or jeans and tee outfit and making it feel more dressed up!

What I wore:

monochrome grey tee and jeans outfit with Jeanswest Delilah Long Line Kimono in Green Floral sahm style | awayfromblue

Rebecca Minkoff emerald green mini 5-zip rocker bag with floral duster | awayfromtheblue

awayfromtheblue Instgram | Jeanswest Delilah Long Line Kimono in Green Floral duster with monochrome jeans and tee outfit
JacketJeanswest Delilah Long Line Kimono in Green Floral
Necklace: Uniquely Made with Love Sea Change necklace
Tee: Spectrum basic v-neck tee in grey marl
JeansNobody Denim Siren skinny super high-rise jeans in power black denim (c/o)
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
BagRebecca Minkoff emerald green mini 5-zip rocker bag (get 20% off with code "REAL")

Why I wore it:

The monochromatic grey tee and black skinny jeans outfit was a bit plain, even with the wooden bead necklace. This floral duster kimono added the perfect touch of colour and print and is so comfortable! Of course I couldn't resist going a little matchy-matchy and pairing the green Rebecca Minkoff mini 5-zip bag with this too, even if it does blend into the kimono a bit! They are both such nice shades of green.

Wore this for a morning of furniture shopping which turned into lunch at Ikea, taking advantage of the "kids eat free" deal they had on. Just a nice simple outfit for the challenge that is spending half the day furniture shopping with two little boys!

Last worn: green floral kimono, blue beaded necklace, grey v-neck tee, black skinny jeans, Havaianas, Rebecca Minkoff mini 5-zip bag.

Other ways to weargreen floral kimono and skater dress, grey v-neck tee in the office, black skinny jeans and band tee, Rebecca Minkoff mini 5-zip bag and olive jeans.

Perfect for pregnancygrey v-neck tee in second trimester.

The Perfect Bag for Every Occasion Tag:

What I wore:

black floral duster kimono with pink shorts, grey tee and Louis Vuitton neverfull damier tote | away from blue

black floral duster kimono with Louis Vuitton MM damier azur neverfull | away from the blue

awayfromblue Instagram | black floral duster kimono with grey tee shorts louis vuitton neverfull tote
Hat: Big W bow detail sunhat
Jacket: Target Karolina summer kimono in purple black floral
Necklace: thrifted cream and navy statement flat bead necklace
TeeJeanswest 'Lucy' colour block tee in grey marle/rosebud
Shorts: thrifted pastel pink cotton shorts
ShoesNovo Tawny rose gold sandals
BagLouis Vuitton MM damier azur neverfull

Why I wore it:

A much less stressful day! We took advantage of the summer-like weather and headed to the local park with my family for a picnic. The heat made me reach for a simple shorts and tee outfit, but I did want to dress it up a little for the picnic so I added this awesome floral duster. It was a Christmas gift from my mum last year and it's a firm favourite!

I thought the purple floral went nicely with the pastel pink shorts too, I like pink and purple together and I've worn a similar outfit before. The tee has a pink panel on the back too, so the sheer kimono showed a little of that pink as well.

Had to wear my big floppy sunhat for sun protection, even though we spent most of the day in the shade at the picnic table. I appreciated the hat while running around with the boys in the playground afterwards!

We had a big bag for the picnic blanket and food but I brought my Louis Vuitton neverfull tote bag along as well so I had extra space to carry everything - sunscreen and water bottles. This is a great go-anywhere tote, and my go-to for picnics!

Last worn: sunhat, statement necklace, floral kimono, grey colour block tee, pink shorts, rose gold sandals, Louis Vuitton neverfull.

Other ways to wear: sunhat and maxi dress, floral kimono and denim shorts, grey colour block tee and navy kimono, pink shorts and printed tank, rose gold sandals and maxi skirt, Louis Vuitton neverfull worn 30 ways.

Perfect for pregnancysunhat in third trimester, grey colour block tee in second trimester, Louis Vuitton neverfull in third trimester.

Duster Kimonos Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

A grey tee is a mum staple, especially when paired with shorts or jeans. To change up your outfit a little even on a hot day you can add some extra interest through a colourful printed duster kimono. Such a comfortable choice in the heat too!

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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

30 Ways To Wear: Grey V-Neck Tee

A grey tee is such a staple piece to have in your wardrobe. When I heard about the 30 wears challenge I was sure the first thing I'd be sharing was going to be one of my many grey tees. I was surprised to find none of them were even close to 30 wears! Documenting what I wear each day by taking photos really helps me see what I actually wear all the time, instead of just what I think I wear all the time! I suppose having it be the first top in the series is very fitting - everything else has been accessories, outerwear or shorts or skirts.

This monthly post is inspired by the 30 wears challenge I first heard about in The True Cost documentary.

30 Ways To Wear: Grey V-Neck Tee

30 ways to wear a grey v neck tee affordable outfit ideas | away from blue blog

A grey tee is such a basic wardrobe staple and I am sure you have one in your wardrobe! I'm hoping that this post gives you a new outfit or colour combination to try and encourages you to rewear something you already have. I love repeating my favourite pieces, I bought them to wear them after all!

Cost Per Wear

I purchased this tee from The Iconic sale back in July 2013 and it was reduced to just $13.95 so the cost per wear is just 47 cents as I've worn it 33 times. It shows you don't have to splurge on something to have it last a long time.

I am so sad that I can't buy more of these tees - the brand isn't listed on the Iconic anymore and I haven't been able to find anything on Google. When I realised what a great piece this tee was I went back to buy more but by then there was none left in my size and it was never restocked. It's a 100% cotton, comfortable and soft tee which has held up so well over 6 years (and two pregnancies!) and I expect to have it in my wardrobe for a long time still. I've not found one that compares to it yet!

30 Ways To Wear: Video style

Grey Tee and Kimono

4 ways to wear a grey tee with a kimono away from the blue

Just as grey tees are a wardrobe staple, kimonos are another staple for me! Perfect for stay at home mum wear. With a grey tee and shorts or a grey tee and jeans, your outfit can sometimes feel a little plain, so adding a bright kimono is a great way to add more colour and interest to your outfit.

Grey Tee and Layers

5 outfit ideas ways to wear grey v-neck tee | away from the blue

Sometimes you need a little more than a kimono to keep warm - and a grey tee layers beautifully! As it's a basic, block colour neutral you can pair it with printed scarves, bright cardigans and even denim or leather jackets on colder days. I like how you don't have to worry about the tee clashing with any colours or print you might be layering with.

Grey Tee Over A Dress

3 ways to wear a grey tee knotted over a printed dress | awayfromtheblue blog

I was sure I'd have more examples of this to share as I've been loving knotting things over dresses recently! I like how a simple grey tee worn over a fun printed dress can completely change the look of it. This tee knots beautifully too - it doesn't stretch out after being knotted and it looks great with every style and colour and print of dress as it's a go-with-anything neutral.

Grey Tee In The Office

how to wear a grey tee in the office 3 outfit ideas ways to wear | awayfromblue

If you have a business casual workplace, you might be able to dress up your tee for a day at work. I have a business casual office that's so casual people wear jeans through the week. In this kind of office environment, a grey tee and a pencil skirt is an easy and comfortable outfit to wear. You can always try dressing the tee up a little more with a pair of heels, a blazer, or a big scarf to disguise the casual material.

Grey Tee And Printed Skirts

4 outfit ideas with printed skirt and grey tee | away from the blue blgo

As I've shown above, a neutral tee goes with any print. My favourite pairing is definitely stripes, but I like how easy this tee is to wear with any style of printed skirt. It's such a simple combo, grey tee and maxi skirt, but one I keep wearing over and over. Perfect for mum life.

Grey Tee With Bright or Printed Jeans

5 ways to wear a grey tee with different jeans bright and printed | awayfromblue blog

Everyone relies on a great jeans and tee outfit! It's the best basic outfit and one I frequently wear. Because this tee is a nice neutral grey, you can have a little more fun when picking jeans to wear it with, going bolder with bright jeans or printed jeans to add a little more interest to your outfit. All 5 of these outfits are the same basic tee and jeans formula, but just by changing up the jeans to different colours and prints, maybe adding an accessory like a scarf, you create a new outfit each time.

Classic Jeans and Tee Outfit

3 classic simple outfit ideas grey tee and jeans | away from the blue blog

Of course sometimes you don't want to go all out and you just want a nice, simple, classic jeans and tee outfit. With the traditional blue jeans or simple black pair, this grey tee makes a great staple outfit.

Grey Tee In Pregnancy And Postpartum

3 outfit ideas with grey non maternity tee pregnancy and postpartum | awyafromblue

I just had to finish this post with some pregnancy (and postpartum) outfits! I always enjoy looking back at them when I'm compiling these 30 ways to wear posts. After owning this tee 6 years, it's accommodated all the typical weight fluctuations over that time, and two pregnancies (as you can see by it stretched to the max over the third trimester bump there!). It's sprung back into shape every time and was so comfortable to wear over a growing baby bump or slowly shrinking postpartum bump like in the middle photo. Definitely a versatile wardrobe staple!

Where To Buy A Grey V-Neck Tee Under $50:

More Outfit Ideas:

For more outfit inspiration and ideas, you can view all the 33+ ways I've worn this grey v-neck tee in my blog archives, or browse the complete 30 wears series.

Similar Posts In The 30 Wears Series:

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Wednesday, 27 November 2019

V-Neck Tees Knotted Over Tiered Sundresses With Rebecca Minkoff Love Bag

I'm a little sad that Kmart hasn't brought these strappy tiered sundresses back again this year, I was so hoping they would! They are such a staple in my wardrobe and they aren't just worn in the summer months. Today I'm sharing two spring outfits I made with them by knotting some tees over the top. I did this in winter too with knits.

What I wore:

orange tee knotted over black printed tiered sundress with colourful accessories | awayfromblue

little black dress with Rebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey | awayfromtheblue

awayfromtheblue Instagram | marigold orange tee with black sundresses knotted spring layer bright necklace love bag
NecklaceRuby Olive Art series long striped pod necklace
TeeJeanswest essential v-neck tee in marigold
Dress: Kmart Aztec print tiered little black dress
ShoesRebecca Minkoff Georgina studded gladiator sandals in blush
Bracelets: the usual plus mixed metal bracelet stack
BagRebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey

Why I wore it:

I wore this a little bit too late for Halloween! But I did like the black and orange combo. This v-neck tee is a recent purchase from the Jeanswest sale. I picked it up as I loved the orange, and went to try it on. Then it looked so mustard in the change room. I asked the SA as I was buying it, it's definitely not mustard right?! ha! I do love mustard but I already have a mustard tee.

Like you do with a new purchase, I wanted to wear this shortly after I bought it and realised it would be a great pop of colour with this little black tiered sundress. With the nude studded gladiator sandals and the grey Rebecca Minkoff love bag, I wanted to add a little more colour to the outfit and this Ruby Olive necklace was perfect! It was a Christmas gift from my bestie last year.

I liked the slight extra warmth this tee gave layered over the sundress for church too - always so cold in church with the aircon!

Last worn: black Aztec print dress, statement necklace, studded gladiator sandals, Rebecca Minkoff Love bag. First time I've worn the tee as it was a recent purchase.

Other ways to wearblack Aztec print dress and denim jacketstudded gladiator sandals worn 30 ways, Rebecca Minkoff Love bag and jeans.

Perfect for pregnancyRebecca Minkoff Love bag in second trimester.

30 Ways To Wear: Rebecca Minkoff Love Cross Body Bag

What I wore:

grey v neck tee knotted over printed tiered sundress with ankle boots love bag | away from blue

blush printed sundress with Rebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey | away from the blue

awayfromblue Instagram | mum style church outfit knotted grey tee over tiered printed sundress with rebecca minkoff love bag
NecklaceZuriCollections blue polymer clay necklace
Tee: Spectrum basic v-neck tee in grey marl
Dress: Kmart strappy tiered sundress in watercolour blue and blush print
Shoes: RMK Chester black ankle boots
BagRebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey

Why I wore it:

Another outfit I wore to church, another tee knotted over a sundress! Unlike the first outfit, I let the dress be the colour with the blue and pink print and went with a neutral grey tee to match the Rebecca Minkoff Love bag. Picked the black ankle boots as I wore this a few weeks before the first outfit, where I wanted a little extra warmth for the cooler spring morning. It turned into a beautifully warm day by the afternoon though.

This grey tee is such a wardrobe staple - I have a 30 ways to wear post coming up with it soon because I've finally achieved over 30 wears with it. It was one of the pieces I searched through my blog archives for first when I heard about the 30 wears challenge, so sure that I'd have already hit 30 wears with it! I have finally got over 30 wears with it now, and I've been putting a 30 wears post together every month for almost 2 years, haha!

I knotted this tee to the side but I preferred the way I knotted the tee in the first outfit, making the knot more of a statement.

Last worn: grey v-neck tee, blush and blue sundress, beaded necklace, black ankle boots, Rebecca Minkoff love bag (above).

Other ways to weargrey v-neck tee and maxi skirt, blush and blue sundress and pink bag, black ankle boots worn 30 ways, Rebecca Minkoff love bag worn 30 ways.

Perfect for pregnancygrey v-neck tee in second trimesterblack ankle boots in second trimester, Rebecca Minkoff love bag in third trimester.

V-Neck Tees Under $50:

How You Can Wear It

A v-neck tee is a wardrobe staple and pairs so nicely with denim - jeans or shorts! For something a little different and for a cooler spring or autumn day, try layering a tee over one of your fave summer dresses to create a whole new look!

What I Bought In November:

I'd usually do an extra post for this with a video but I've been a bit unwell this month and lost my voice for over a week so I'm just adding a little note onto this post. I also only bought three things:

I used up the last of my Christmas gift cards in the Jeanswest 40% off sale to pickup some colourful pieces for summer, and as I was hunting the opshops for books for our Christmas book advent calendar I couldn't resist this cute necklace for just $3!

Here's how I've worn it all:

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Friday, 8 November 2019

Wearing Tops Over Maxi Dresses With Ankle Boots: Casual and Dressy

Following a simple outfit formula and adding a top over a printed maxi dress to make it a skirt, but creating two very different looks!

What I wore:

Brisbane Fashion Runway show 2019 touch of glitter sqequin tank over snake print maxi dress with black blazer vintage Chanel | awayfromblue

snake print maxi dress with Chanel vintage quilted lambskin flap | awayfromtheblue

awayfromtheblue Instagram | black blazer with sequin tank over snake print maxi dress for brisbane fashion runway show
Earrings: Kmart mustard gold tassel earrings
JacketWarehouse cropped zip detail jacket
Tank: thrifted Valleygirl metallic sequin tank (gift from my mum)
DressJeanswest grey snake print maxi dress (worn as skirt)
ShoesAcne pistol boots in "skin"
BagChanel vintage quilted lambskin flap

Why I wore it:

Sequins and snake print together is not my normal style of dressing, but I pushed myself out of my comfort zone a little with this outfit for the Brisbane Fashion Runway show. The theme was a touch of glitter and I think this tank nailed it perfectly!

I knew I wanted to wear this snake print maxi dress but couldn't find a sequin topper, so thrifted a few possible necklace options at the opshops after spending a few weeks fruitlessly hunting for something with sequins. None of the necklaces felt quiet right with the dress but luckily my mum found this sequin tank for just $2 in her local opshop and it was exactly what I needed! Big thanks to my mum!

Apart from the $2 tank, everything else was already in my wardrobe. The cropped black blazer is one I won in a blog giveaway years ago and considered donating it a few times. Glad I kept it as it was a much cooler day than expected with the rain all morning. Thankfully it cleared up in the afternoon for the show.

Had a really fun time despite worrying I'd feel out of place, never been to an official fashion show before but Emily and Mel were great people to go with. Big thanks to Emily for the photos too!

Last worn: cropped blazer, gold tassel earrings, snake print maxi dress, Acne pistol boots, vintage Chanel bag. First time I've worn the thrifted tank my mum found me.

Other ways to wearcropped blazer and lace dress, snake print maxi dress with red clutch, Acne pistol boots and ruffle dress, vintage Chanel bag at Christmas.

Perfect for pregnancysnake print maxi dress at 39 weeks, Acne pistol boots in third trimester, vintage Chanel bag and last pregnancy pic.

Choosing A Handbag For Every Occasion:

What I wore:

casual grey tee over high low maxi skirt outfit with straw circle bag and ankle boots | away from blue

Amerii medium sling rattan bag in black with mandala print maxi dress | away from the blue

awayfromtheblue Instagram | grey tee over high low maxi dress casual spring church outfit with amerii straw circle bag
NecklaceRoie Designs long freshwater pearl necklace with tassel
Tee: Spectrum basic v-neck tee in grey marl
DressJeanswest Sophia high-low maxi dress
Shoes: RMK Chester black ankle boots
Bag: Amerii medium sling rattan bag in black (c/o)

Why I wore it:

This was the morning after the night before! 😂 Needed something simple and comfortable after a few drinks before, during and after the fashion show! Mum life means 3 drinks in one night and staying up past my normal bed time is far too much, ha! Stuck with the same outfit formula but a lot more casual.  I love wearing this high-low maxi dress as a skirt and the grey tee was the perfect topper with it.

The black straw bag and ankle boots were simple matching accessories that made getting ready in the morning a bit easier! We made it to church but did spend the rest of the day afterwards at home, trying to relax as much as you can with two little boys!

Last worn: grey tee, pearl tassel necklace, printed maxi dress, black ankle boots, straw circle bag.

Other ways to weargrey tee and pencil skirt, printed maxi dress and denim jacket, black ankle boots worn 30 ways, straw circle bag in winter.

Perfect for pregnancygrey tee in second trimester, black ankle boots in second trimester.

Printed Maxi Dresses Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

For something a little different why not try layering your maxi dress and adding a tank or tee on top to wear it as a skirt? It's a simple way to change up the look of your favourite dress and create a whole new outfit.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Waterfall Cardigans, Printed Shorts And V-Neck Tees With Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC

It's been a very hot spring so far in Brisbane but the mornings and evenings started out a little cooler, so I decided to add some cardigans to my shorts and tee outfits to keep me warm. Even if I did end up taking both cardigans off by lunchtime 😂

What I wore:

magenta cardigan with pink accessories grey tee and printed shorts converse spring mum outfit | awayfromblue

magenta cardigan with Rebecca Minkoff neon pink mini MAC | awayfromtheblue

awayfromtheblue Instagram | magenta purple cardigan with grey tee printed shorts converse sahm spring style pink mini mac bag
JacketJeanswest Dana drape knit cardi in boysenberry
Necklace: Kmart pink multi-colour beaded necklace
Tee: Spectrum basic v-neck tee in grey marl
ShortsJeanswest Parker printed shirred short
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in white
BagRebecca Minkoff neon pink mini MAC

Why I wore it:

I really like pink and purple together and I like how this purpley-magenta cardigan works so nicely with the neon pink Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC bag. They were fun accessories with the monochromatic grey tee and black printed shirt too. The cardigan became much too hot halfway round the trail the kids were biking and scooting around so I quickly took it off. Had been perfect in the colder start to the day though.

Nice quiet day with the kids, shorts and tee and Converse was a great outfit, even if the cardigan didn't stay on long.

Last worn: purple cardigan, pink beaded necklace, grey tee, printed shorts, Converse, Rebecca Minkoff neon mini MAC bag.

Other ways to wearpurple cardigan worn 30 ways, grey tee in the office, printed shorts and mustard tank, Converse and maxi skirt, Rebecca Minkoff neon mini MAC bag and little black dress.

Perfect for pregnancypurple cardigan in second trimester, grey tee in second trimester, Converse in second trimester.

What's in My Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC

What I wore:

mustard tee with navy cardigan and printed kmart shorts glitter sneakers SAHM spring style | away from blue

navy outfit with Rebecca Minkoff metallic silver mini MAC | away from the blue

awayfromblue Instagram | navy waterfall cardigan with mustard tee and printed shorts blue and yellow SAHM style outfit with silver accessories
JacketJeanswest waterfall drape cardigan in navy night sky marle
Necklace: For King & Country Priceless Australian coin and crest necklace
Tee: Big W mustard v-neck tee
Shorts: Kmart culotte short in navy lemon print
Shoes: Kmart sparkly silver glitter sneakers
BagRebecca Minkoff metallic silver mini MAC

Why I wore it:

This navy cardigan didn't stay on long at all! It had seemed like a nice idea in the morning but I quickly realised during swimming lessons that it was far too hot for it, and left it in the car!

I did like the way the navy cardigan worked so well with the navy printed shorts and the bright mustard tee, just was a much warmer day than I anticipated! I like mustard and navy together, and although the yellow in the print on the shorts is lemon I think the mustard tee paired nice with it and was a fun pop of colour with the navy. I went a little matchy-matchy with my accessories, wearing my metallic silver mini MAC bag and also my glittery silver sneakers.

Last worn: navy cardigan, coin necklace, mustard tee, printed shorts, glitter sneakers, Rebecca Minkoff silver mini MAC.

Other ways to wearnavy cardigan and green jeans, mustard tee worn two ways, printed shorts and pink tee, glitter sneakers and maxi skirt, Rebecca Minkoff silver mini MAC and band tee.

Perfect for pregnancyRebecca Minkoff silver mini MAC in second trimester.

Waterfall Cardigans Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:
In spring and autumn, cardigans are great layers to add for the cooler mornings and evenings and aren't too bulky to pop in a bag if you take them off during the day. You can try wearing your cardigans with printed shorts when you know the day is going to heat up, using the cardigan to add more colour like I did in the first outfit, or matching the print in the shorts like I did in the second outfit.

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Friday, 11 October 2019

Spring: Kimonos and Skinny Jeans With Space Dye Tops And Green Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5-Zip Bag

Two different skinny jeans and kimonos outfits for two very different days! I'm enjoying the warmer spring weather as I get to wear my kimonos again after passing over them all winter.

What I wore:

Jeanswest Delilah Long Line Kimono in Green Floral black skinny jeans space dye top spring SAHM fashion show outfit | awayfromblue

Rebecca Minkoff emerald green mini 5-zip rocker bag with floral kimono duster | awayfromtheblue

awayfromblue Instagram | Jeanswest Delilah Long Line Kimono in Green Floral with tee and black skinny jeans fashion show spring outfit
JacketJeanswest Delilah Long Line Kimono in Green Floral  (new purchase)
EarringsKmart blue fringe crescent statement earrings
Necklace: thrifted blue multi stand long beaded necklace
Tee: thrifted Kmart space dye cream and black longline top
JeansNobody Denim Siren skinny super high-rise jeans in power black denim (c/o)
ShoesWalnut Melbourne 'Ava' black lizard ballet flats
BagRebecca Minkoff emerald green mini 5-zip rocker bag

Why I wore it:

This gorgeous green duster kimono was a piece I picked up in the Jeanswest sale back in August. I've been making more of an effort to wear green recently and found out I quite like it, so when I saw this released I knew I was going to snap it up on sale. Even if I did have to visit two stores before I found it, ha! Thought it was the perfect topper for my neutral skinny jeans and tee outfit, and the little emerald green Rebecca Minkoff mini 5 zip bag compliments it nicely.

I did consider wearing a green statement necklace with this but decided it might be a little too much green! I went with this recently thrifted blue beaded necklace, which matched my navy tassel earrings. The space dye tee was thrifted at the same time too, a great wardrobe basic that still had the tags attached.

Wore this for a relaxed Saturday with a big walk for the dogs, swim lessons and attending a local fashion show. The theme was colours for spring so I felt this green floral kimono was the perfect topper. Was a nice lightweight layer for a windy day, as you can tell from the pics!

Last worn: tassel earrings, blue beaded necklace, space dye tee, black skinny jeans, ballet flats, Rebecca Minkoff mini 5-zip. First time I've shared the kimono on the blog as it's a recent purchase.

Other ways to wearspace dye tee and red jeans, black skinny jeans and knitted jumper, ballet flats and wrap dress, Rebecca Minkoff mini 5-zip and matching necklace.

Perfect for pregnancyballet flats in second trimester.

Unboxing My Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5-Zip Bag:

What I wore:

knitted kimono with peplum top skinny jeans converse spring outfit green 5 zip bag | away from blue

knitted kimono with Rebecca Minkoff emerald green mini 5-zip rocker bag | away from the blue

awayfromtheblue Instagram | monochrome peplum tee knitted ruana poncho kimono skinny jeans converse SAHM style
JacketRebecca Minkoff Ruana poncho
NecklaceJeanswest Taryn turquoise tassel bead necklace
Tee: thrifted black and white space dye peplum tee
Jeans:  Jeanswest Cecile dove grey skinny jeans
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in black
BagRebecca Minkoff emerald green mini 5-zip rocker bag

Why I wore it:

In complete contrast to the outfit above, this is a lot darker and not as colourful (even though I'm wearing the same green Rebecca Minkoff 5 zip bag) and a lot cosier! It was also not as relaxing of a day, ha!

It was a really cold morning so I figured I'd better get this knitted poncho / kimono out again to keep me warm at the playground with the kids. I ended up regretting this though when the day heated up, and in the middle of running errands I left it in the car, just too hot!

I love this peplum space dye tee and I thought the effect on it was subtle enough that it looked nice with the print on the kimono. I really liked the outfit, even if I didn't wear the knitted poncho for long! The skinny jeans and Converse were good for all the running around we did. I had a few errands to run and places to visit, and some roadworks meant changing my plans a little with the diversions so I was a bit flustered all morning! As you can see by the setting sun in the pic, didn't even get to take my usual outfit photo in the morning. One of those crazy busy days.

Last worn: knitted kimono, space dye peplum teetassel necklace, grey skinny jeans, Converse, Rebecca Minkoff mini 5-zip bag (above).

Other ways to wearknitted kimono worn two ways, space dye peplum tee and scarfgrey skinny jeans in a castle, Converse and maxi skirt, Rebecca Minkoff mini 5-zip bag with olive jeans.

Perfect for pregnancyConverse in second trimester.

Kimonos Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

A kimono is the perfect topper for those in-between seasons! You can keep it light and airy with a viscose fabric one, or be a little cosier in the colder mornings and evenings with something knitted. A kimono is an easy layer to take off if needed when the weather changes.

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