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#30Wears: Black Ankle Boots

Another month, another #30wears post. This month I'm sharing 30 ways you can wear black ankle boots - across multiple seasons. If you're currently enjoying summer and want more sandal inspiration, I've done 30 ways to wear gladiator sandals.

#noBuyJuly17 Results

Quickly wrapping up #noBuyJuly17 - I achieved it! Even after 6 months without shopping, I stuck to my goals this month and avoided the sales, not spending anything on fashion. I'm not going to try do 8 months without shopping, I'm open to shopping again in August.

However, I don't have the big 'wishlist' of items I was sure I'd have by the time my no-shop challenge is over, so I'm not going to be breaking the shopping drought with a huge haul or spending all those gift cards at once. I'll just see what I come across, and gradually spend the giftcards I'd set aside as a reward over the end of the year. A fairly uneventful end for a rather big achievement, no shopping for 7 months!

Despite the lack of a properly planned celebratory shop, I'm still really proud of managing to change my shopaholic ways. By buying nothing, I'm really getting more use from the things in my wardrobe that I already own, something I was trying to do but never seemed able to when I was just slowing down my shopping.

30 Wears: RMK Black Leather Ankle Boots

I bought these boots in June, a little over two years ago. It was a month of a lot of purchases thanks to all of the sales there were on at the time and needing new winter pieces. These boots were a little more expensive than the pair they replaced, but they were on sale, in my size and with a smaller heel so they were the perfect choice for me as a mum! It's also good to see that while 30 wears in two years doesn't sound like a lot, it's more frequently than I wore the boots that these replaced so it was definitely a practical purchase, and I'm pleased I bought these.

I think black ankle boots are such a classic - definitely a must-have for me, and you can wear them many ways in different seasons.

30 ways to wear black leather ankle boots | Away From The Blue blog

Ankle Boots & Dresses in Warmer Weather

This is my favourite way to wear ankle boots. While I'm petite, I don't think these black ankle boots make me look shorter when paired with bare legs - they are a very flattering style. The slight dip at the front of them is one of the features that's supposed to stop them from 'cutting off' your legs and making you look shorter. While we rarely get weather that allows me to be bare legged and wear boots, wearing dresses and ankle boots with bare legs in spring and autumn is definitely a favourite.

Ankle Boots & Dresses in Warmer Weather | Away From The Blue

3 ways to wear Ankle Boots & Dresses in Warmer Weather | Away From Blue

Ankle Boots and Dresses in Winter

As much as I like the look of dresses and ankle boots with bare legs, I don't stop wearing it when winter arrives. Just add some extra layers like a cosy cardigan or jacket, a big scarf, and some fleece-lined tights (a winter essential for me!). If you're concerned about black ankle boots making you look shorter, this is a good way to wear them as the black tights and boots together elongate your legs.

3 outfit ideas Ankle Boots and Dresses in Winter | Away From The Blue

3 ways to wear Ankle Boots and Dresses in Winter | Away From Blue

Ankle Boots and Office Wear

While I don't think ankle boots would work in all offices, I have a business casual dress code at work and so ankle boots are a great choice in winter. Just like above, I wear them with dresses, although they look equally good with pencil skirts too. If it would fit in with your company dress code, there's no reason you can't rock ankle boots in the office.

Ankle Boots and Office Wear Business casual winter outfits | Away From The Blue Blog

Ankle Boots and Maxis

You can continue to wear your maxi skirts and dresses year-round by layering them up for winter weather. While sandals are great with maxis in the warmer weather, it's much cosier wearing them with ankle boots in winter. I've worn ankle boots with maxi dresses as well as maxi skirts.

ankle boots and maxi dresses and scarves - colourful winter outfits | Away From Blue

Maxi dresses and ankle boots - cosy winter layering | Away From Blue

Ankle Boots and Jeans

A really common way to wear ankle boots, because everything goes with denim! When it's a cold winter day, I'll usually tuck my skinny jeans into my ankle boots to keep my legs warm. It it's a warmer spring or autumn day, I'll usually roll my jeans up so they stop just above my ankle boots, showing the tiniest bit of skin. I've read a few times that cuffed jeans are a no-no for petites as they make you look shorter, and so I spent far too much time avoiding wearing my ankle boots this way. I really like it after giving it a try, I don't think it makes me look any shorter than I am and I love wearing it. Rolling my skin jeans above my ankle boots is my favourite way to wear them with denim.

5 Ways to Wear Ankle Boots and Skinny Jeans in Winter | Away From The Blue

rolled cuffed skinny jeans and ankle boots petite friendly | Away From Blue Blog

Black Ankle Boots Under $100:

How do you wear your ankle boots? Want more outfit ideas? 100+ ways to wear ankle boots in my blog archives.

Black Ankle Boots With Extra Detail Under $100:

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  1. Wow, so many looks with one pair of shoes! Amazing! The black ankle boots is definitely a must have! Thanks for sharing, I got to get a new pair asap! :)

  2. I have camel ankle boots that I love to wear in spring and fall if the weather allows it. I the summer I stick to sandals and in the winter to thick boots to keep me warm.
    No shopping for seven months is a huge achievment, well done! And I bet it will help with not shopping too much nownthat you realized you don't actually need that much to be dressed perfectly.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  3. I love this series that you do:) Way to rock the ankle boots. You look great in all of them! How do you do that? :) They really are very versatile, eh? My fave way to wear them is with skinny jeans, but I love wearing them with dresses too. I haven't tried them with maxis yet, so thanks for the idea:)

  4. I have just recently fell in love with wearing my ankle boots in different ways!! I've had them for years but only pulled them out in the colder months!! But lately I've been pairing them with shorts & dresses, and it feels so unique!!
    Good for the no shopping...I need to do that...eeek!

  5. Ankle boots are DEFINITELY a perfect staple! Endless ways to wear them! I'm sure I've worn mine over 30 times as well :D

  6. Congratulations on the 7 months without shopping!! That is awesome, and I think it's smart that you don't have some huge shopping trip planned. It will be nice to be able to buy things if you find things you love though. I love all the ways you've worn those ankle boots. I really need new (or new to me) ankle boots and hope to find some for fall!

  7. Dear Mica,
    Wow, you can be so proud of you how you managed your shopping challenge!
    And I think black ankle boots are in general very versatile shoes. I own a few of them and I wear my favourite black ankle boots extremely often as I recognised they go with nearly everything :)
    Thanks a lot for sharing all the fantastic inspirations!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  8. They is no footwear piece that is more versatile and chic than the black ankle boot, you have just illustrated this ! I am crazy about your green print mini and is impressed iwht your accomplishment !
    I can't wait to see what you finally choose to buy after this no shop break. 7 months Is amazing, 8 months... well almost a full year ! Love your styling and layering !
    Xx, Elle

  9. That is a huge achievement not shopping for clothing that many months. It also makes sense financially and cuts down on waste. The fact that you managed to create so many good looks is also a plus.

  10. Brava on all these wearings and options for your black booties, Mica! All great looks. I am trying to remember if I have a pair of black ankle boots, and I don't think I do. I have a pair that are wider at the ankle with studs all over them, but they don't fit this same niche. Funny how one person's basic is another's "nope". :)

  11. So good girl. What an achievement! I totally agree a pair of ankle boots can be worn so many ways. I have a pair that my mom gave me for my birthday like 4 years ago and they still look amazing and I wear them in fall and winter every year! Definitely have gotten probably 100 wears in from them!

  12. Congrats Mica on managing 6 months! That's insanely crazy! I mean I've cut my shopping right back, it's just 1 thing a month, which is good for me, but 6 months?! That's an achievement! Love black boots too, can never get enough of them!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  13. Oooh these boots are petite-friendly, they hit your leg at just the right spot! I totally disregard the no-cuffed-jeans-with-ankle-boots rule too - I actually think it looks a lot better for us that way as showing a bit of skin seems to elongate the leg that little bit. Where are those jeans from in your last set of photos - they look a bit bronzey? Love them!

    Eileen |

  14. I have one pair of brown (old) ankle boots. I only wear them when I travel to cooler climates. Just the other day I was thinking about getting rid of them as I have not worn them in over a year... and they are kind of like in bad shape. I have wanted to wear them with a maxi dress like you. Maybe it will be its last wear. Maybe I should dye them.

  15. Thank you for the low down on ankle boots, Mica. I've abandoned them these last few years... Need to address this.

    SSG xxx

  16. Ankle boots rock Mica and you wear them so well. They look great with these outfits. There are so many options! Good job!


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