Monday, 12 June 2017

Olive Tanks, Jeans, Rebecca Minkoff Love Bag

Green is one of those colours I don't have a lot of in my wardrobe. Unlike purple or blue, I find it tricky to wear. Olive green is a neutral colour but I don't find it as easy to wear as my favorite neutral, grey! The two outfits below are me stepping out of my comfort zone a little and trying some new colour combinations.

What I wore:

lace kimono, striped olive tank, metallic gold Sass & Bide skinny jeans RM Love bag | AwayFromBlue

Roie Designs waxed leather cream howlite beaded wrap bracelet, Rebecca Minkoff Love bag | AwayFromTheBlue
JacketShein cream lace kimono (C/O)
NecklaceRoie Designs pearl and antique gold long necklace
TankCotton On stripe sailor tank in dusky green / grey marle
JeansSass and Bide 'Three Words' metallic gold jeans
ShoesRMK Chester black ankle boots
Bracelets: the usual plus Roie Designs waxed leather cream howlite beaded wrap bracelet
BagRebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey (on sale!)

Why I wore it:

I like green and gold so thought I'd try this olive striped tank with my gold Sass & Bide jeans. After unboxing all of my jeans a few weeks ago when the cooler weather eventually arrived I've been trying to wear through them all to make sure I still want to keep them.

These jeans were an impulse buy when I got excited about fitting back into normal jeans after my first son was born. They are a nice departure from classic blue jeans, but sometimes feel a bit much to be worn for daytime, especially as a stay at home mum! While they are fun it's not good to have something in my wardrobe I feel I have to wear so they probably won't be hanging around much longer, even though I did love them in this outfit.

The lace kimono I wasn't sure about - but I needed a little something to take the morning chill off and wanted something soft for babywearing. Settled on this anyway and rushed out the door for a coffee date with some of the mums from my ABA group. We had a lovely chat and I had a delicious piece of caramel pecan slice. Unfortunately I had to eat it super quickly to stop grabby little toddler hands trying to take it off my plate! Eating around toddlers is never easy, even if you do try and distract them with their own choking-hazard-free-foods.

Last worn: lace kimono, olive and grey striped tank, metallic skinny jeans, black ankle boots, Rebecca Minkoff Love Bag.

Other ways to wearlace kimono and ombre maxi dress, olive and grey striped tank and denim shorts in summer, metallic skinny jeans and purple cardi, black ankle boots and shirt dress, Rebecca Minkoff Love Bag in a monochrome outfit.

Perfect for pregnancy: lace and chambray in second trimester, olive striped tank and maternity denim, ankle boots and tee dress for pregnancy announcement, Rebecca Minkoff Love bag and thirs trimester maxi dresses.

Where To Buy The Rebecca Minkoff Love Bag:

What I wore:

Jeanswest dusky pink blazer blush and olive embroidered tank, black skinny jeans | Away From The Blue

Rebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey, mixed up bracelet stack, blush and olive | Away From The Blue
NecklaceRoie Designs long freshwater pearl necklace with tassel
Tank: Target embroidered khaki tank
JeansNobody Denim Siren skinny super high-rise jeans in power black denim (C/O)
ShoesWalnut Melbourne 'Ava' black lizard ballet flats (also available in silver)
Bracelets: the usual plus Roie Designs pearl, howlite and hematite beaded bracelets
BagRebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey (on sale!)

Why I wore it:

I'd actually been thinking about trying this blush pink blazer with an olive top for a while. It was Shea's Live Your Best Life for Less challenge prompts that gave me a reason to finally wear it. While it's not a combination I would have come up with on my own, and something I've picked up from reading other blogs, I quite liked the resulting outfit.

The olive tunic is long so I usually half-tuck it in (like I did here) to stop it overwhelming my petite frame. The Nobody denim skinny jeans are quite high waisted so the tuck was a little too high, and didn't look as good with the longer boyfriend length of the blazer. Really liked the tunic untucked in this outfit, and it was an incredibly comfortable outfit for Baby Boy's weekly weigh and running a few errands as well as spending time with my mum in the afternoon.

Last worn: blush boyfriend blazer, olive embroidered tank, Nobody Denim skinny jeans, black ballet flats, Rebecca Minkoff quilted Love bag (above).

Other ways to wearblush blazer and navy stripes, olive embroidered tank and denim shorts, Nobody Denim skinny jeans and Vans, black ballet flats and flares, Rebecca Minkoff quilted Love bag and tweed jacket.

Perfect for pregnancy: blush blazer and maternity office wear, ballet flats and third trimester bump, Rebecca Minkoff Love and maternity dress for Christmas.

More Olive Tanks Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

Olive is a lovely neutral that's perfect for autumn and winter. If you find it or any other colour tricky to wear, look to your own outfits. Do you wear a similar colour already? My previous outfits with seaglass green inspired the first outfit. You can also get ideas from bloggers, and Instagram style challenges are a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try a new colour combination. In the end, they are only clothes, you don't lose anything if you try something new and don't like the result - have a play in your wardrobe and see what you can come up with! Consider this post a style challenge to encourage you to try a new colour combination tomorrow!

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  1. I have no new color combinations to wear in my closet, at least not on first thought. My basics are grey, black or red and I have paired them with almost every color there is. Which is not really challenging when it comes to black and grey, but I am boring like that.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. Those gold jeans are gorgeous, but I know what you mean about feeling you 'have to' wear certain clothes because they just aren't right for your current lifestyle. After I had my daughter I donated many of my strapless tops and halter tops because we weren't having as many date nights and they just weren't practical! Good to get one more wear from them though! I really like the olive and blush together in the second outfit! The tunic looks great untucked and the blazer adds more structure to it!

  3. I love olive but like you, I find it a bit difficult to wear. I actually really love your first outfit with the olive jeans! I think I should get a pair for myself when the weather gets a bit cooler here!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  4. Looooove that second look with the pink blazer, its a combination Ive tried to pull off several times however it never seems perfect - like I picture it in my head.

  5. Olive green or khaki is definitely one of my favourite colours to wear because it flatters my medium skin tone really well. I don't have a jeans in that colour though and I should really pick up one for myself. You look great in both outfits, Mica.

  6. Olive and blush is one of my favorite color combos, and I'm sure you will think of far more ways to style olive! Caramel Pecan sounds delish...
    Chic on the Cheap

  7. I love both of these outfits - the jeans made me do a double-take! So cool that they are an antique gold colour, and that definitely makes them special. I really like the olive and pink combo in the second outfit - really pretty! Lovely, Mica!

  8. I think the olive green suits you very well :) and then you add in those metallic jeans, and suddenly, you're a rockstar on a day off.

  9. I agree with you entirely hun, green is a beautiful colour but I too find it to be very tricky to wear! I don't think I have a single green clothing piece in my wardrobe actually. I do really like olive green though, and I think it looks super lovely on you! :) Both looks seem so classic and effortless. <3 Hope you're well, lovely xoxo


  10. Im trying to cut back on impulse buying. Cute jeans though. Olive green is not one of my fave colors but you rocked it. I love your bag. Both looks are fab!

  11. That olive green does look great with gold Mica. Nice pairing. I love grey & blush together. You really know how to match your colors.

  12. I do like green but ironically I seem to only buy most of this colour in olive shades, or hunter greens. I like your first outfit so much. Lace and stripes are my favourite. <3 /Madison

  13. Oooh I'm a big fan of olive too! I love that striped top! The pink blush and olive combo is also just gorgeous - I really need to include more pink in my life!

    Eileen |

  14. I don't have many green things in my wardrobe either, but khaki/olive has become a very appealing colour for me lately. I got a silky bomber last year and I still love it this season. Love the first outfit and the original trousers, not your average jeans!

    Hope you are having a great week, dear

    Saida | She talks Glam

  15. Okay I love the first kimono! It's just a gorgeous lace and that last outfit is so chic. I love the blush blazer!

  16. Mica, my favorite combination of olive and blush in the lower pic looks so lovely on you. I am loving those metallic jeans though, they are so flattering on you with the neutrals! You look lovely!
    Enjoy the weekend!
    jess xx

  17. Great outfits both, particularly love the dressiness of the lace kimono with the blingy jeans! I have very little green that isn't olive (in fact, I don't even have that much olive!) but it is a great neutral.

  18. I jumped on the olive train last autumn, and I have every intention to do so again this year! I feel so comfortable in that color. Almost like it's a safe color for me. (; The olive and blush combo literally works for everyone and I love that the two colors balance each other out in such a nice way! (:


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