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Friday, 3 January 2020

30 Ways To Wear: Gold Marc By Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats & 2019 Shopping Review, 2020 Budget

For this month's 30 ways to wear post I'm also sharing how my "spend less on fashion" year went in 2019, and my spending goals for 2020!

These little metallic Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats definitely deserve their own 30 wears post. It's not a style that's made any more, you can find some on eBay and other resale sites though. I bought them on sale back in 2013 for $166, and they've been worn 92 times since then. (So currently $1.80 per wear). I think I'm definitely getting my money's worth from them! While they are showing a little wear they are still very comfortable and wearable and I expect them to be around for a while yet. Even if they could do with a bit of a polish!

30 ways to wear metallic ballet flats Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse shoes | away from the blue blog

It's such a talking point when people realise I'm wearing little mouse shoes, they are too fun for me to ever think of giving them up, even if they are discontinued and the Marc by Marc Jacobs brand isn't around any more. I like to wear them whenever I know I'll be meeting new people as they are a cute conversation starter. The metallic gold goes with absolutely everything too, I had a hard time putting this 30 wears post together as I wear them with so many colours!

I decided to show you 34 outfits, with different styles of clothing I've worn these flats with rather than focusing on colour combinations to try. I hope it inspires you to try something different with a similar pair of flats you own - I find bold bright shoes tricky to wear but these fun novelty metallic gold ones are very versatile! Much more versatile that you'd expect from a pair of shoes with mouse ears and whiskers!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats with Dresses

Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats with Dresses 8 ways to wear | away from the blue

Ballet flats and a dress is a staple outfit for a hot day - and add a blazer, a more structured bag maybe, and it's perfect for the office! I had a hard time picking my fave dress and mouse flats outfits to share here as I have worn this outfit combo a lot!

Metallic Gold Ballet Flats with Skirts

Metallic Gold Ballet Flats with Skirts 8 outfit ideas | awayfromblue blog

Of course just as I wear my mouse flats to the office with dresses, I like to wear them with pencil skirts too, another work staple for me! You can match the metallic flats to something else gold in our your outfit, like how I've matched the necklaces or gold hardware on the bags in most of these outfits. They can also be worn on their own, like in the first outfit, where the only gold touch is the ballet flats.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats with Jeans

Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats with Jeans ways to wear metallic flats 8 ideas | awayfromtheblue

Simple mum style for a busy day with the kids - ballet flats and jeans! I like how printed, flared or colourful jeans all work as well with these shoes as much as skinny jeans do. Being metallic, I also feel they dress up the stay at home mum outfits a little more thank classic black ballet flats. My kids love that the shoes have little ears and whiskers too!

Gold Mouse Flats in Pregnancy

marc by marc jacobs mouse flats in pregnancy 4 outfit ideas | away from blue blog

While my pregnancies with the boys both ended with massive heatwaves and my feet swelled up massively with the heat and humidity, there were some days in pregnancy (second trimester and early third trimester) when I could still wear these shoes. I think the elasticated sections helped them stretch out a little, and they were still comfortable to wear.  It's not always possible to wear the same pair of shoes all 40 weeks of pregnancy, but I love looking back at my baby bump pics and seeing how I could still wear my pre-pregnancy pieces, even if they were just accessories!

Where to Buy Marc By Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats:

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2019 Fashion Spend and 2020 Budget

Last year I set a simple goal, I wanted to spend less on fashion than I had the year before. In 2017 I spent $1,696.53, in 2018 I met that goal and only spent $1,014.44.

For 2019, I also met that goal and only spent $633.18 on fashion over the year (this includes a $158.99 gift card spend). For 2018, I'd spent $664.44 without gift cards and so I'm pleased to see I spent less than that in 2019 even with gift card spend included.

I had an average spend of $52.27 a month which is pretty good (my average spend in 2018 was $84.54 a month). Despite spending less, I bought more in 2019, with 43 items for the year so average of $14.72 each. Most of my gift card spend went to house things which is why I don't have a nice round figure for gift card spend on fashion.

How I spent less:

  • We had our big Europe trip at the start of the year as well as the move into our house when the build was finished.
  • We had a few things in mind to buy for the new house which reduced my budget, and I used most of the gift cards I got for Christmas (stores like Kmart and David Jones) on things for our new house.
  • I usually spend a lot in the January sales, but with the house build going on, studying for a big exam and saving for our Europe trip my mind was occupied with other things!
  • I focused on the 30 wear series more and on rewearing what I had instead of frequently buying new.
  • I shopped in the opshops more frequently and in high street stores less and although I couldn't resist all the sales I used my gift cards as much as possible when I did shop in the big shopping centres.
  • I had the 2018 previous spend figure of $1,014.44 in mind when spending anything on fashion to keep me on track, and I noted down my spend each month to know where I stood.

2020 Budget:

For this new year, I'd love to spend less on fashion than I did in 2019. $633.18 is a pretty low figure for me and one I'm very impressed with, but I'm not sure I could meet that again! I'm going to try meet that figure, but give myself a $1,000 budget similar to what I had in 2019 and I'll see how I go with spending less than that this year. If I can get less than $633.18 I'll be really impressed, but under $1,000, similar to the budget I had last year, and I'll be happy.

What's your fashion budget for this year?

Note: This post, like all my posts, was written and scheduled in advance. I had to add this note in though given the horrible situation unfolding in Australia, especially with it looking bleaker every day. So soon after my last note, once again the country is consumed with bushfires. We are safe from the bushfires, as are our family and friends for now.

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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

30 Ways To Wear: Grey V-Neck Tee

A grey tee is such a staple piece to have in your wardrobe. When I heard about the 30 wears challenge I was sure the first thing I'd be sharing was going to be one of my many grey tees. I was surprised to find none of them were even close to 30 wears! Documenting what I wear each day by taking photos really helps me see what I actually wear all the time, instead of just what I think I wear all the time! I suppose having it be the first top in the series is very fitting - everything else has been accessories, outerwear or shorts or skirts.

This monthly post is inspired by the 30 wears challenge I first heard about in The True Cost documentary.

30 Ways To Wear: Grey V-Neck Tee

30 ways to wear a grey v neck tee affordable outfit ideas | away from blue blog

A grey tee is such a basic wardrobe staple and I am sure you have one in your wardrobe! I'm hoping that this post gives you a new outfit or colour combination to try and encourages you to rewear something you already have. I love repeating my favourite pieces, I bought them to wear them after all!

Cost Per Wear

I purchased this tee from The Iconic sale back in July 2013 and it was reduced to just $13.95 so the cost per wear is just 47 cents as I've worn it 33 times. It shows you don't have to splurge on something to have it last a long time.

I am so sad that I can't buy more of these tees - the brand isn't listed on the Iconic anymore and I haven't been able to find anything on Google. When I realised what a great piece this tee was I went back to buy more but by then there was none left in my size and it was never restocked. It's a 100% cotton, comfortable and soft tee which has held up so well over 6 years (and two pregnancies!) and I expect to have it in my wardrobe for a long time still. I've not found one that compares to it yet!

30 Ways To Wear: Video style

Grey Tee and Kimono

4 ways to wear a grey tee with a kimono away from the blue

Just as grey tees are a wardrobe staple, kimonos are another staple for me! Perfect for stay at home mum wear. With a grey tee and shorts or a grey tee and jeans, your outfit can sometimes feel a little plain, so adding a bright kimono is a great way to add more colour and interest to your outfit.

Grey Tee and Layers

5 outfit ideas ways to wear grey v-neck tee | away from the blue

Sometimes you need a little more than a kimono to keep warm - and a grey tee layers beautifully! As it's a basic, block colour neutral you can pair it with printed scarves, bright cardigans and even denim or leather jackets on colder days. I like how you don't have to worry about the tee clashing with any colours or print you might be layering with.

Grey Tee Over A Dress

3 ways to wear a grey tee knotted over a printed dress | awayfromtheblue blog

I was sure I'd have more examples of this to share as I've been loving knotting things over dresses recently! I like how a simple grey tee worn over a fun printed dress can completely change the look of it. This tee knots beautifully too - it doesn't stretch out after being knotted and it looks great with every style and colour and print of dress as it's a go-with-anything neutral.

Grey Tee In The Office

how to wear a grey tee in the office 3 outfit ideas ways to wear | awayfromblue

If you have a business casual workplace, you might be able to dress up your tee for a day at work. I have a business casual office that's so casual people wear jeans through the week. In this kind of office environment, a grey tee and a pencil skirt is an easy and comfortable outfit to wear. You can always try dressing the tee up a little more with a pair of heels, a blazer, or a big scarf to disguise the casual material.

Grey Tee And Printed Skirts

4 outfit ideas with printed skirt and grey tee | away from the blue blgo

As I've shown above, a neutral tee goes with any print. My favourite pairing is definitely stripes, but I like how easy this tee is to wear with any style of printed skirt. It's such a simple combo, grey tee and maxi skirt, but one I keep wearing over and over. Perfect for mum life.

Grey Tee With Bright or Printed Jeans

5 ways to wear a grey tee with different jeans bright and printed | awayfromblue blog

Everyone relies on a great jeans and tee outfit! It's the best basic outfit and one I frequently wear. Because this tee is a nice neutral grey, you can have a little more fun when picking jeans to wear it with, going bolder with bright jeans or printed jeans to add a little more interest to your outfit. All 5 of these outfits are the same basic tee and jeans formula, but just by changing up the jeans to different colours and prints, maybe adding an accessory like a scarf, you create a new outfit each time.

Classic Jeans and Tee Outfit

3 classic simple outfit ideas grey tee and jeans | away from the blue blog

Of course sometimes you don't want to go all out and you just want a nice, simple, classic jeans and tee outfit. With the traditional blue jeans or simple black pair, this grey tee makes a great staple outfit.

Grey Tee In Pregnancy And Postpartum

3 outfit ideas with grey non maternity tee pregnancy and postpartum | awyafromblue

I just had to finish this post with some pregnancy (and postpartum) outfits! I always enjoy looking back at them when I'm compiling these 30 ways to wear posts. After owning this tee 6 years, it's accommodated all the typical weight fluctuations over that time, and two pregnancies (as you can see by it stretched to the max over the third trimester bump there!). It's sprung back into shape every time and was so comfortable to wear over a growing baby bump or slowly shrinking postpartum bump like in the middle photo. Definitely a versatile wardrobe staple!

Where To Buy A Grey V-Neck Tee Under $50:

More Outfit Ideas:

For more outfit inspiration and ideas, you can view all the 33+ ways I've worn this grey v-neck tee in my blog archives, or browse the complete 30 wears series.

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Friday, 1 November 2019

30 Ways To Wear: Navy Rebecca Minkoff Medium MAB Tote Bag

I really enjoy putting these 30 ways to wear posts together, it's a good way to look back at my outfits, gives me some inspiration for things to wear in future. I hope it inspires you too!

This month I'm sharing my beautiful navy blue Rebecca Minkoff medium MAB tote bag. Don't let the name fool you, this bag is quite large! (Although it does come in a smaller size that I also own, and an even larger size too!)

30 Ways To Wear: Rebecca Minkoff Medium MAB Tote Bag

30 ways to wear Navy tote bag Rebecca Minkoff MAB medium tote in moon | awayfromblue blog

I'm surprised it's taken me so long to put this post together! This bag is often worn to the office, it's a great tote for fitting anything and everything in and still looking classy when it sits on my desk. While I have tried it casually once, I much prefer keeping it as an office only bag, when the structured design works better with my outfits.

Cost Per Wear

I picked this up in the Rebecca Minkoff sale for $202.65 back in 2015. At 39 wears, it's still got a lot to go to hit the "$1 per wear" figure people aim for (currently at $5.19) but I can see myself using this for many years to come, it is such a timeless tote design. I do tend to use it for work, which is why I'm only just past 30 wears now, I had a 18 month maternity leave from 2016 to 2017 so I haven't been reaching for it all 4 years I've had it!

30 Ways To Wear: Navy Tote Bag Video Style

MAB Tote Bag with Monochromatic Blue Outfits

4 outfit ideas monochromatic blue outfits with navy MAB tote bag | awayfromblue

Blue is my favourite colour - I wear it to boost my mood and my confidence and also when I'm just having a great day and want to continue that happy feeling! I love a monochromatic blue outfit, and paired with this navy blue Rebecca Minkoff medium MAB bag, it creates an outfit I adore. I just need a blue pair of shoes now to go head-to-toe blue!

Navy Tote Bag with Black

3 ways to wear a navy tote bag with black outfits | away from the blue

If you haven't tried it, navy and black is a great colour combination! I think the two neutrals work so well together. A navy bag with a black outfit is a nice way to try the colour combination out on a smaller scale. You can go monochromatic black with a dress, a little bit of black with a pencil skirt, and even break up the colour a little with a bright scarf if you're unsure about just wearing the navy and black side by side.

Navy MAB Tote Bag With Pink

4 pink and navy outfit ideas with rebecca minkoff mab tote bag | away from the blue

Another much loved colour combination of mine! I like pink and blue together, in any combination of shades. As you can see from these otufits, from a pastel pink blazer to a hot pink tee, the navy MAB tote bag works with every intensity of pink. If you just want to try the colour combination in a small way, and a pink dress with a navy bag like the fits outfit is too bold for you, you could always add a pink scarf to your outfit.

MAB Tote Bag Matching Other Navy Pieces In Outfit

4 ways to wear a navy bag matching other navy pieces in your outfit | away from blue

Matchy-matchy makes it so easy to pull an outfit together! When you're not sure what bag to wear you can just pick one that matches a colour in your outfit. It's a simple tip but it really helps an outfit feel more cohesive, even if it's just as simple as a navy scarf to match your bag.

Navy MAB Tote Bag With Printed Dresses For The office

5 ways to wear a navy rebecca minkoff mab tote bag with printed dresses | awayfromblue

Printed dresses are an office staple, they make getting ready for work so easy as you don't have to mix and match with a one and done outfit! As you can see in the pics, no matter the print or colour of the dress, this neutral navy tote works with them all.

MAB Tote Bag with Pencil Skirts At Work

4 outfit ideas with a large navy tote bag and pencil skirt for the office | away from the blue

Another staple work option for me, the classic pencil skirt. A big tote bag looks nice with a pencil skirt outfit, and works more formally with a blazer to dress up a more casual cardigan and skirt outfit. You can't go wrong with a structured tote and pencil skirt in the office!

Navy MAB Tote Bag With Print Mixing Office Outfits

3 print mixing outfit ideas with navy tote bag rebecca minkoff mab in moon | away from the blue

It's nice to have a little fun with your outfit when you're wearing a neutral bag - you can be more adventurous with colour or prints. Even if you just add a little hint of print mixing to your outfit by adding a printed scarf on top of a different print, a neutral tote is a great complimentary accessory, as you don't have to worry about the big block colour clashing with any of the prints.

Rebecca Minkoff MAB Tote Bag Accessorised with Scarves

3 ways to accessorise a navy tote bag with a scarf | awayfromtheblue

This is quite a large tote, and sometimes it can feel a little plain being a big neutral square. As you've seen in the outfits above, a bag charm is a cute addition to the bag to break up the colour a little, and in these outfits I've accessorised the bag by tying scarves around the handles. This works well on the way to the office when it's a hot summer day but you know you will need a scarf at your desk in the cold aircon! It's also a nice way to add another colour or print to your outfit.

Where to Buy Rebecca Minkoff MAB Tote Bag:

More Outfit Ideas:

For more outfit inspiration and ideas, you can view all the 39+ ways I've worn this navy tote in my blog archives, or browse the complete 30 wears series.

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Friday, 4 October 2019

30 Ways To Wear: Grey Maxi Cardigan

I'm sharing another outerwear piece for this months 30 ways to wear post! Last month I showed you 30 ways to wear a camel trench coat, this month it's this lovely grey longline maxi cardigan (also known as a duster) from Jeanswest, in the cosiest Australian wool.

Every month I share something I've worn more than 30 times to give you some ideas and inspiration for how you can wear a similar piece in your wardrobe. Inspired by the 30 wears challenge I first heard about in The True Cost documentary.

30 Ways To Wear: Grey Maxi Cardigan

30 Ways To Wear: Grey Wool Maxi Cardigan Awayfromtheblue blog

It does feel a little strange sharing this cardigan right now, in the middle of spring when it's been packed away for a few weeks! It's a very thick and cosy Australian wool cardigan, perfect for a Brisbane winter, but not something that's been needed much in the hot spring we've had so far. I was so happy to realise I'd hit 30 wears with it though this year (35 to be exact) so I was eager to share it.

Cost Per Wear

I picked up this 'Alice' wool cardigan in the Jeanswest autumn sale back in 2017, so I've had it 2 and a half years. I paid $88.15 for it, and with 35 wears so far that works out to $2.50 a wear. Still more wears to go to reach the "$1 per wear" figure most people aim for, but I'm impressed that I've worn it so much so far. 35 wears over 3 winters is about 12 wears a year, and given that our winter weather barely lasts three months in Brisbane that's a great number! It's something I like reaching for over and over when it's chilly.

It is definitely showing its age, there's a lot of pilling on it as it's been worn and washed. I've run a fuzzball remover over it a few times but it's quite a thick wool so I'm not sure you see much of a difference, ha! It's still so cosy and comfortable though so I will continue to wear it, nothing wrong with pieces looking a little lived in! It's expected for wool to have pilling over time I think anyway.

30 Ways To Wear: Maxi Cardigan Video Style

Grey Maxi Cardigan And Bright Jeans

grey maxi cardigan and bright colourful denim skinny jeans | away from the blue

A nice neutral, long cardigan like this is wonderful to wear with different coloured denim! I love wearing my red, green and purple skinny jeans with this cardigan, it's a fun and colourful way to stay cosy through winter. This longline cardigan looks great with skinny jeans in any shade.

Grey Cardigan and Printed Jeans

ways to wear grey maxi cardigan and printed jeans 4 outfit ideas | awayfromblue

Of course it's not just colourful jeans I'll wear with grey maxi cardigan with, I have a couple of pairs of printed jeans too and this cardigan works equally well with printed denim. Pairing this cardigan with the Sass & Bide chevron printed jeans is a frequent go-to, as you can see! If you're a fan of leggings, you could try printed leggings instead.

Maxi Cardigan And Scarves

wool duster cardigan with blanket scarves ways to wear | awayfromtheblue

This wool cardigan is so cosy in winter, but sometimes you need a little extra layer to keep you warm, especially on a windy day. A big blanket scarf comes in helpful, and with the cardigan being a neutral plain block colour you can pick any printed scarf to wear with it. Leopard is a favourite of mine!

Longline Cardigan With Jeans and Boots

5 ways to wear longline duster maxi cardigan with jeans and boots | away from the blue blog

Sometimes a scarf, wool cardigan and jeans just isn't enough on a cold day, so you have to pull out the boots as well! The longline of this cardigan looks so great when paired with tall boots, although as you can see in the last photo there ankle boots work just as well.

Grey Cardigan With Grey Jeans

monochromatic outfit grey skinny jeans and maxi cardigan with bright accessories and printed tops | awayfromblue

Going monochromatic and pairing a grey cardigan with a grey pair of jeans lets you have more fun with the res of your outfit - either picking bright and colourful accessories like scarves or shoes or bags, or a brightly coloured tee to break up all the grey. I like matching things together, and a grey cardigan and jeans are a great combination.

Maxi Cardigan With Skirts And Dresses

grey maxi cardigan with skirts and dresses outfit ideas | away from blue blog

I do wear this grey maxi cardigan a lot with jeans, but I've worn it with dresses and skirts too! These three outfits show you how you can wear a maxi cardigan with a maxi dress, pencil skirt, or maxi skirt. It's a nice cosy warm layer to add on top of a skirt or dress.

Grey Cardigan With Simple Tops and Jeans

simple grey cardigan with jeans and plain tee outfit ideas for fall | away from the blue

Of course, the simplest outfits are the best! A neutral grey maxi cardigan like this is the perfect throw on and go layer on top of a simple jeans and tee (or jeans and tank!) outfit when it's a little too chilly for bare arms. It's fuss free as it really does go with everything, as you've seen from these 30 different ways to wear it.

Where To Buy A Grey Maxi Cardigan Under $50:

More Outfit Ideas:

For more outfit inspiration and ideas, you can view all the 35+ ways I've worn this grey longline cardigan in my blog archives, or browse the complete 30 wears series.

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Friday, 6 September 2019

30 Ways To Wear a Classic Camel Trench Coat #30wears Challenge

For this month's 30 wears challenge I'm sharing another wardrobe classic, my camel trench coat. It's a must have piece for the cooler weather!

Each month I look through the blog archives and find something I've worn 30 times or more to create this wrap up post showing you 30 ways you can wear a similar piece from your own wardrobe. Inspired by the 30 wears challenge I heard about in The True Cost documentary. It's a challenge to slow your shopping by ensuring each piece you buy will be worn 30 times or more and to reduce the environmental impact of fashion.

30 Ways To Wear: Camel Trench Coat

30 Ways To Wear A Camel Trench Coat | #30wears | away from the blue blog

This trench coat hit 30 wears quite quickly - I don't have a lot of winter coats in my wardrobe so this is worn at least once a week to the office in winter, and on colder spring and autumn days. Unlike in the northern hemisphere where a trench is more of a spring or autumn piece, this cotton twill fully lined trench coat is thick and cosy and perfect for a Brisbane winter!

Cost Per Wear

Worn more than 60 times on the blog I really wish I could remember the price I paid for it to calculate cost per wear. I remember buying it on sale at the outlets when shopping with my mum - it was massively reduced, definitely under $50, as it was out of season and one of the buttons was falling off. I bought it and set it aside for the next winter (after my mum fixed one of the buttons!). I had it before my blog, so more than 8 years ago. Given that I've had it more than 8 years and worn it faithfully every winter, I'm sure it's less than the '$1 per wear' figure most people aim for to get value for money. I'm really pleased with this purchase and don't see me getting rid of this coat any time soon!

Everyone needs a classic camel trench in their wardrobe, and this post covers just some ways you can wear it!

30 Ways To Wear A Camel Trench: Video Style

Camel Trench Coat With Burgundy

camel trench coat worn with burgundy in 6 different ways to wear | away from blue

You'll see a few go-to colour combinations come up in this post! While camel is a great neutral and goes with every colour in my wardrobe, there are a few colour combinations I repeatedly try with this trench. Burgundy is one of them. While I love my burgundy pants with the camel coat, I do like other burgundy pieces like a scarf or dress.

Tench Coat with Monochrome Black Outfits

adding a cmael trench coat to a monochrome black outfit 6 ways to wear | awayfromblue

Black and camel is another frequently worn combination. While I have added in some other colours to these outfits with accessories, the outfits themselves are monochrome black. Classic little black dresses or a black top and pencil skirt together, a camel trench coat is a great topper with a monochromatic black outfit.

Camel Trench Coat and Jeans

ways to wear camel trench coat and jeans  | awayfromtheblue

While I wear my camel trench coat frequently to the office with more formal outfits, it also looks great worn more casually with jeans. You can see a couple of the outfits here are older ones as I last wore blue jeans 2 years ago! Any colour of denim looks great with this neutral camel trench coat though.

Trench Coat and Printed Outfits

Of course, being a classic neutral shade, a camel trench coat works with all kinds of printed outfits. it's the perfect neutral topper to a colourful print mixing outfit, or an easy choice with a printed dress!

Camel Trench Coat and Sheath Dresses

camel trench coat and sheath dresses office outfit ideas | away from blue

I love a good sheath dress for the office, but all the ones I have are short sleeved or sleeveless. This trench coat is great topper for cooler weather, it keeps me warm and works perfectly with the prints on the dresses, no matter how bold they are! Just like with the other printed outfit options above. A sheath dress and a trench coat is staple formal office style.

Trench Coat and Pencil Skirts

4 ways to wear a trench coat with pencil skirts office outfit ideas | away from the blue

Another work outfit option, a pencil skirt pairs equally as well with a trench coat as the dresses above. You can go with a classic black one, or have a little more fun with colourful printed or textured pencil skirts. It's the best neutral outfit topper no matter what skirt you wear. This trench coat really does go with everything!

Where To Buy A Camel Trench Coat Under $50:

More Outfit Ideas:

For more outfit inspiration and ideas, you can view all the 60+ ways I've worn this trench in my blog archives, or browse the complete 30 wears series.

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Friday, 2 August 2019

30 Ways To Wear: Chambray Maxi Skirt

A  new month, a new 30 ways to wear post! It's been a while since I featured a maxi skirt, and I am actually surprised that it's taken me so long to hit 30 wears with this chambray one!

Each month I go through my archives in the blog to find things I've worn 30 times or more to meet the 30 wear challenge, and compile all the times I've worn something into a helpful guide like this showing you how I've remixed things.

30 Ways To Wear: Chambray Maxi Skirt

30 ways to wear a chambray maxi skirt AwayFromTheBlue blog pinable image

The first 30 wears post I ever did was with a maxi skirt, but the last time I featured one was almost a year and a half ago, definitely overdue a ways to wear post with a maxi skirt for this series! This chambray maxi skirt is a stunner too! A sale purchase over 3 years ago, it's something I found through another blogger and fell in love with. I had to wait until it went on sale to get this, as I had to budget in the fact that I'd need to have it taken up, being petite. It's from the Noisy May range for tall people so there was quite a lot to cut off! 😂

Cost Per Wear

Cost per wear is a little tricky to calculate as I can't remember how much the alterations were! The skirt alone was just $24.49 and I've worn it 31 times since then, so it's under the $1 per wear that seems to be the goal most people aim for. If you add alterations as well though I would still have more wears to get that $1 a wear figure, but I know this skirt will be worn a lot more in future.

As someone who loves denim and maxi skirts, a chambray maxi skirt was an obvious choice and I really enjoy wearing this!

30 Ways To Wear Chambray Maxi Skirt: Video Style

Chambray Skirt With a Bright Top

4 ways to wear a chambray maxi skirt with bright tops | away from the blue

The beautiful blue chambray skirt is a perfect pairing with bold block-colour tops! I love a good bright coral or pink tee or tank, or a longer sleeved teal henley for cooler weather. This is such a fun skirt to wear other colours with as blue goes with most of my wardrobe!

Chambray Maxi Skirt With Yellow

3 outfit ideas with yellow and chambray maxi skirt | away from blue

Calling out this colour option for you separately from the brights section above, as I love wearing this chambray skirt with yellow! Blue and yellow is a favourite and cheerful colour combination I love to wear, and enjoy pairing different amounts of yellow with this blue skirt - a little bit like a yellow bag, or a larger amount of yellow like a mustard cardigan or tee.

Maxi Skirt In Monochrome Outfit

monochrome maxi skirt outfit ideas 3 ways to wear | awayfromtheblue

The colour combinations above are fun to try, but you can also go the easy route and wear a monochromatic outfit with a maxi skirt. this blue chambray skirt is a great pairing for a blue tank, tee or blouse, and as you can see I'm wearing it with 3 different shades of blue here. You don't have to match the shades of the skirt and top exactly to create a monochromatic outfit!

Maxi Skirt And Graphic Tee

how to wear graphic tees and chambray maxi skirt | awayfromblue

A graphic tee looks great with denim - and not just denim shorts and jeans! You can mix it up a little and pair a graphic tee with a chambray maxi skirt for a different look. This is such a nice combination for a hot day, and creates a slightly different outfit from the ones above where I've worn the skirt with bolder block-colour tees.

Chambray Skirt and Stripes

striped top and chambray maxi skirt 4 outfit ideas | away from the blue

Just like the graphic tee set of outfits above, stripes and denim is another classic go-to outfit for me. there's something so simple about denim and stripes! I like pairing striped tees and tanks with this skirt. As it's a plain block-colour skirt, you don't have to worry about print-clashing when you pick a striped top to wear with it.

Chambray Maxi Skirt and Layers

layering ideas with a chambray denim maxi skirt outfit different seasons | awayfromtheblue

Chambray isn't just a summer fabric for me, I like to get wear out of this maxi skirt year round. that means adding layers when it gets a little cooler. It could be as simple as adding a kimono over your maxi skirt, or extra layers on a winter day like a cardigan and scarf. A leather jacket works well with a maxi skirt in winter too, particularly paired with ankle boots to keep you cosy!

Maxi Skirt and Knit

3 ways to wear maxi skirt and knitted jumper pullover outfits | away from the blue

Another winter outfit idea is to wear a cosy knitted jumper with a maxi skirt! It's such a simple outfit to wear and so incredibly comfortable. I love being warm and cosy in winter so I've worn a jumper with this maxi skirt a few times. You may need to add some extra layers like scarves, ankle boots and leather jackets if it's very cold, or even a pair of leggings under your skirt!

Chambray Maxi Skirt and Summer Tanks

4 summer tank outfit ideas with chambray maxi skirt | away from blue

Saving the simplest outfit for last - for a hot summer day, just pick this light chambray maxi skirt and add a plain or colourful tank. Simple fuss-free summer dressing for the heat! The lighter fabric of this maxi skirt means it billows around nicely as you walk, creating a cool breeze on the hot days. A great summer outfit choice!

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