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Friday, 3 July 2020

30 Ways To Wear: Turquoise Tassel Necklace

Sharing another accessory for this month's 30 wears series. Each month I look through my blog archives and pick out pieces I've worn 30 times or more to put together these posts and give you some inspiration for how you can rewear pieces in your own wardrobe. I got the idea from The True Cost documentary.

With staying home more and getting dressed less I'm not hitting 30 wears as much as I usually would with my clothes, although I'm sure my pyjamas and loungewear have great numbers of wear now! So I had a look around for other things I might have hit 30 wears with and found I've worn this cute turquoise tassel necklace 32 times! It's not the first necklace I've hit that goal with either, I wore a teething necklace well over 30 times when the kids were younger!

30 Ways To Wear: Turquoise Tassel Necklace

30 ways to wear a turquoise tassel necklace away from the blue blog

The colours of this necklace are beautiful! With the gold chain, cloudy white stone pendant and the little beaded turquoise tassels, it really goes with so much and is often the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. I've heard turquoise jewellery goes with everything and this necklace proves that! Neutrals, greens, blues, yellow, reds, orange, pink... it works with every colour.

Cost Per Wear

This tassel necklace was an impulse buy at Jeanswest during a shopping trip with my sister, back in October 2018. It was on sale for $14.99, which was 40% off so I got a bargain! At 32 wears, it works out at 47 cents a wear which is pretty good. It still looks new, none of the gold tone has started rubbing off the hardware, so I know I'll get a lot more wear from it in future too.

Matching Turquoise Necklace To Other Pieces In An Outfit

5 outfit ideas, Matching Turquoise Necklace To Other Pieces In An Outfit | awayfromtheblue

You know if you have followed me for a while that I love a bit of matchy-matchy! If you're not sure how to wear a colourful necklace like this try matching it with other turquoise pieces in your outfit! I like wearing my aqua Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC bag, or my teal Balenciaga first bag with this necklace bit you can also match it to a print of something you're wearing like I have with the maxi dresses.

Turquoise Necklace With Green

4 ways to try a Turquoise Necklace With Green | awayfromblue

Turquoise is not too similar to wear with green! I've found that no matter the shade of green - a neutral olive or a brighter emerald, this turquoise necklace compliments it well. 

Turquoise Necklace With Blue

4 outfit ideas of a Turquoise Necklace With Blue outfit pieces awayfromblue blog

Just like with the green outfits above, any shade of blue in your outfit pairs nicely with a turquoise necklace. I do quite like wearing this necklace with that navy printed maxi dress though 😂 You can see it works just as well with the cobalt knit or the pale blue denim jacket.

Turquoise Necklace With Red

turquoise necklace with red worn 4 ways to wear | away from blue

I love the contrast of turquoise and red together! Blue and red is a colour pairing I wear a lot and once I decided to try this turquoise necklace with red I just kept repeating it. It's a good way to add an extra touch of colour to your outfit.

Turquoise Necklace With Neutrals

Turquoise Necklace With Neutrals 4 outfit ideas | away from blue

While I've worn this necklace with a few different colours above it's also really good against a neutral outfit, or a neutral piece in your outfit. It really pops and stands out against black or grey.

Turquoise Tassel Necklace In The Office

4 outfit ideas wearing a boho turquoise tassel necklace to office pencil skirt | awayfromtheblue

A tassel necklace brings a little touch of boho to your outfit and it doesn't just work with casual outfits, it looks pretty good in the office too with a pencil skirt to stop your outfit looking overly formal. I've worn this to the office a lot, back when we all used to work in offices...

Adding a Turquoise Necklace As An Extra Colour In An Outfit

5 different outfit and colour combination ideas with a turquoise tassel necklace | away from blue

Because turquoise goes with everything, I like to add this necklace to an outfit as a way of introducing a third or fourth colour without trying too hard. If you're unsure you can try match it with something else like I have with the bag in the last maxi skirt outfit there, or you can just add it as an extra pop of colour against an already colourful outfit. Orange, green and yellow, green and yellow and works with any colour combination!

Similar Necklaces Under $50:

Monday, 1 June 2020

30 Ways To Wear: Navy Rebecca Minkoff Regan Bag & Weekday Wear Link Up #30wears

This Rebecca Minkoff Regan bag is overdue a 30 wears post, I hit 30 wears with it a while ago!
Every month, I pick something in my wardrobe I've worn 30 or more times and put together a post showing you the ways I've worn it over the years. I got the idea from The True Cost documentary and I hope it gives you some inspiration for the pieces in your wardrobe.

The Weekday Wear Link up is here too, just scroll on down through this picture heavy post.

30 Wears: Rebecca Minkoff Navy Regan Satchel

30 Ways to wear Navy Rebecca Minkoff Regan satchel medium bag | away from the blue blog

This bag is the perfect neutral - a big navy rectangle that's neither too formal or too casual so it works on my stay at home mum days and for my part time office job. I fell in love with it seeing its similarity to the Balenciaga city bag but at a much lower price point, so I snapped it up when it was on sale!

Cost Per Wear

I bought this bag in the Rebecca Minkoff sale at the end of 2017, for $241.45 (including the insanely high shipping charges when buying from Rebecca Minkoff online and shipping to Australia!). At 37 wears that's $6.53 per wear. It will be easy to continue to get this cost per wear down further over the years, especially as this bag still looks new after almost 3 years of wear. Even after having the contents of an entire water bottle accidentally dumped inside!

30 Ways To Wear Rebecca Minkoff Regan Bag: Video Style

Regan Bag Accessorised 4 Ways

4 different ways to accessorise your bag | Rebecca Minkoff Regan | away from blue

With a big neutral bag like this it's easy to change up the look by accessorising it a little - it's a great "blank canvas"! From a silk scarf, llama bag charm or even swapping out the bag strap, just a small change can make the Regan bag look a little different each time you wear it.

Navy Regan Bag and Black Outfit Pieces

navy and black outfit ideas with Rebecca Minkoff Regan bag | awayfromtheblue

Navy and black is a colour combination I wear quite a lot! I like the two neutrals together, whether it's adding this navy bag to an outfit with a lot of black in it or wearing a navy and black outfit and matching the navy clothes with the navy bag.

Navy Blue Regan Bag and Green Outfits

4 different ways to wear navy and green outfit ideas with rebecca minkoff Regan bag | away from the blue

Blue and green should definitely be seen! As you can see here no matter what shade of green you have in your outfit, a navy bag works brilliantly. Especially when paired with other navy pieces too like the tank or cardigan. You can see 30 ways I've worn this navy tank here.

Monochrome Outfits With Rebecca Minkoff Regan Bag

3 monochrome blue outfits with rebecca minkoff navy regan satchel bag | awayfromblue

Blue being my favourite colour, I do wear a lot of it! I like a bit of matchy-matchy too so if you have a monochromatic blue outfit, why not go all out and add a navy bag to your outfit too for a complete monochrome look?

Pencil Skirt Outfits With Regan Satchel

4 pencil skirt outfit ways to wear Rebecca Minkoff Regan satchel | away from blue

The Rebecca Minkoff Regan bag is so good for work! As you can see I've worn it a lot casually as well from the outfits above, but in the office it works so well with a pencil skirt - it is the perfect neutral carryall for work.

Dresses and Rebecca Minkoff Regan Bag

6 different dress outfit ideas with rebecca minkoff regan satchel | away from blue

Again it's not just office dress outfits that the Regan bag works with - casual dresses like the grey skater dress it works so well with too! This neutral navy works with any combo of colour or print on a dress.

Casual Outfits With Rebecca Minkoff Regan Satchel

4 ways to wear rebecca minkoff navy Regan bag casual outfits | awayfromblue

Finishing up with 4 casual outfits showing how versatile this bag is - shorts, jeans or skirts, the Regan works with every outfit (and rather crucially fits mine and the kids water bottles inside so I don't need to carry the baby bag when I wear it). I was reaching for it quite often before Coronavirus changed the world, perfect bag when I was out with the kids.

What's In My Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Regan

Where To Buy the Rebecca Minkoff Regan Bag:

More Outfit Ideas:

For more outfit inspiration and ideas, you can view all the 37+ ways I've worn this navy Regan in my blog archives, or browse the complete 30 wears series.

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Weekday Wear Linkup #73

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Friday, 1 May 2020

30 Ways To Wear: Navy Floral Kimono #30wears

After Monday's Ways To Wear post, I'm sharing another one as part of the monthly 30 wears series.

Each month I look through my blog archives of daily outfit pics (I have over 8 years worth!) and share with you something that's reached 30 or more wears, to give you some outfit ideas and inspiration for how you can wear something similar in your wardrobe. I started doing this monthly challenge after seeing The True Cost documentary which I highly recommend watching if you haven't already!

This month, it's this beautiful Cotton On navy floral cocoon kimono!

30 Ways To Wear: Navy Floral Kimono

30 ways to wear a navy floral kimono #30wears challenge | away from the blue blog

I've been wearing this kimono on frequent repeat recently as it was so close to 30 wears and I wanted to get it there before the cooler autumn weather set in in Brisbane. Even with isolating at home since March, I managed to hit my goal. I do wear this kimono a little in the cooler weather anyway as it's really like a giant blanket, which has made it perfect for these isolation / working from home in isolation days!

Cost Per Wear

Just like the last navy kimono I hit 30 wears with, this was another pregnancy purchase back in January 2016. It's just a floral print instead of the geometric print of my other kimono, and a cocoon style. It was originally $39.95 at Cotton On, reduced to $3 on sale at the outlet. I couldn't say no to that! At 30 wears that brings the cost per wear down to 10 cents a wear, which I'm really happy with. It's definitely been a valuable addition to my wardrobe.

Navy Floral Kimono With Yellow Tops

5 ways to wear a navy floral kimono with yellow tops denim outfits | awayfromblue

I really like blue and yellow together, and as you can see from the mix of yellow tops here this navy kimono works so well with any shade of yellow, from pastel to mustard!

Navy Floral Kimono With Black

3 navy and black outfit ideas with a navy floral kimono | away from the blue

Black and navy are another colour combination I like to wear. The neutral colours look lovely together, as you can see by how this kimono works well with the different amounts of black, like a maxi dress, tank or skinny jeans.

Navy Floral Kimono With Pink and Purple

navy floral kimono worn with pink and purple accesories | awayfromtheblue

Pink and purple are other colours that go so well with navy. I like wearing pink with this kimono as it matches the pink in the floral print, even if it's something as small as adding a pink bag to my outfit. With purple, just like with pink, any shade seems to work really well with this kimono - as you can see with the darker purple jeans, the brighter purple bag, and the lilac tee.

Floral Kimono With Prints

print mixing outfits with navy floral kimono | away from blue

I've tried print mixing with this floral kimono a few times, with mixed results! While none of these outfits are ones I'd repeat again, I do think stripes and florals are always a fun mix, and maybe I just haven't found the perfect stripe to pair with this kimono yet!

Navy Floral Kimono With Green

5 ways to wear a navy kimono floral print with green | away from blue

This is a colour combination I wasn't too sure about a few year ago, it's only recently I've been trying navy and green together. In fact some of these outfits were my first few attempts at the navy and green combination! Olive green or a true bright forest green both work equally well with this navy kimono.

Navy Floral Kimono With Grey

4 outfit ideas floral navy kimono with grey tee | awayfromblue

A grey tee is a wardrobe staple for me and something I wear frequently. I've perviously shared 30 ways to wear a grey tee, and a kimono is a frequent go-to topper for me over a grey tee to stop an outfit looking too plain. This kimono certainly adds a lot of print and colour to a basic grey tee!

Navy Floral Kimono With A Baby Bump

maternity outfits with a navy floral kimono away from the blue blog

This kimono was an early third trimester pregnancy purchase and I enjoyed wearing it in that final trimester! I had a third trimester capsule wardrobe I stuck to in my last pregnancy and I found kimonos like this one really helped change up my outfits a little so it didn't feel like I was wearing the same thing over and over. A kimono is a fun topper over a basic maternity tank, and it always fits no matter how big the bump gets!

Navy Floral Kimonos Under $50:

More Outfit Ideas:

For more outfit inspiration and ideas, you can view all 30 ways I've worn this kimono in my blog archives, or browse the complete 30 wears series.

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Friday, 3 April 2020

30 Ways To Wear: Mothers En Vogue Navy Breastfeeding Tank

This tank is such a wardrobe staple! An extremely useful breastfeeding piece, it has hidden nursing access and is such a super soft bamboo that I wasn't ready to give it away with the rest of my maternity / breastfeeding pieces. I decided to keep it in my wardrobe as a great wardrobe basic, and it's been such a good piece to have. For something that I got when pregnant with my now 5 and a half year old, it's really stood the test of time!

30 Ways To Wear: Navy Breastfeeding Tank

Cost per wear is tricky to calculate for this tank as I didn't actually pay anything for it, it was something I got through a blog partnership back when I was pregnant with my now 5 and a half year old! The retail was around $70 if I remember correctly and I certainly think it's worth the investment. You can get it on sale for cheaper here or the long sleeved version here.

While I have worn it 30 times, only 10 of those wears have been after I stopped breastfeeding. It was a staple breastfeeding tank for me and on frequent repeat back in those days. It really shows that if you invest in the right maternity / breastfeeding pieces, you can get a lot of wear from them in the future too. In fact, both of the Mothers En Vogue pieces I got in pregnancy are the two pieces that have stayed in my post-pregnancy wardrobe. I've shared 30 wears with the pink breastfeeding dress, the other piece I got, before.

When shopping in pregnancy, stick with neutral colours, like this indigo shade, or colours you already have a lot of in your non-maternity wardrobe. I'm going to be still using and loving this tank in the years to come (or whenever I get to get out the house again!). I like the bubble gathered effect and the neutral navy colour goes with everything. I'll show you some outfit pieces and colour combinations you can wear a similar piece with in your wardrobe!

Colour Combinations With A Navy Tank:

Navy Tank In Monochrome Outfits

Blue is my favourite colour so I love a good monochrome outfit, easily done by pairing this navy tank with other navy or blue pieces in my wardrobe. To stop the outfit looking too plain you can try wearing different sades of blue together, or try a printed navy piece with the block colour tank.

Navy Tank With Green

Blue and green is a colour combination I've only been wearing for a few years but I am not sure why I avoided it for so long! With the neutral navy, it looks good with bright emerald greens like the necklace and skirt, or the floral duster kimono, as well as a more muted green with the olive shorts.

Navy Tank With Pink

Blue and pink look great together - and these three outfits showcase that so well with different sades and amounts of pink. With bright magenta jeans, a pink bag or a blush blazer, there is no shade of pink that doesn't look good with navy!

Navy Tank With Purple

Blue and purple is another go-to colour combo for me. Just as you saw in the pink outfit set above, different shades or purple and different amounts of purple work well with this tank. Purple skinny jeans, purple accessories, and a purple cardigan. Even a pink, blue and purple outfit like the last one there with the purple kimono over the tank and the magenta pink bag.

Navy Tank With Red

Red really pops with navy! Again, you can do this in different ways. A red bag is a fun burst of colour with a neutral tank like this, or you can go a little bigger and bolder like the outfit in the middle with the red skirt worn with the navy tank. Even if the skirt does look a little orange in these pics, taken back when Brisbane had a lot of orange haze from the smoke last year.

Navy Tank With Yellow

Yellow is such a cheerful colour to wear, but sometimes it can feel a little overpowering. A nice neutral basic outfit building block like this navy tank works well with yellow. It really lets even a little bit of yellow, like a yellow necklace, really pop.

Outfit Ideas With a Navy tank:

Navy Tank with Denim

It's no surprise that I've worn this top with a lot of denim! Jeans are such a mum staple and you've seen this top worn a lot with denim in this post. These 4 outfits show you how you can mix it up a little with the denim - trying different colours, or a denim jacket instead of jeans. They also show how much I loved that Nibbly Bits necklace when breastfeeding! 😂 I suspect that necklace is part of the reason why my kids love playing with my accessories so much...

Navy Tank with Prints

And the final way you can wear a plain navy tank like this is with something printed! It's such a fail-safe outfit formula, a plain block-colour piece like this top with something bold and printed. Stripes are a firm favourite of mine, but printed jeans or even a tie dye kimono, any print works!

Where To Buy Navy Tanks Under $50:

Not all of these are specific maternity or breastfeeding pieces but they will still be staples in your wardrobe!

More Outfit Ideas:

For more outfit inspiration and ideas, you can view all the 30+ ways I've worn this navy tank in my blog archives, or browse the complete 30 wears series.

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Friday, 28 February 2020

30 Ways To Wear A Red Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Micro Avery Tote Bag #30wears

Another red bag for this months 30 ways to wear series! Previously in this series I've featured a bigger red Balenciaga bag, and a little red saddle bag.

Each month since January 2017, I pick something I've worn 30 times or more and put this post together sharing the ways I've worn it to give you some ideas or inspiration for how to rewear a similar piece in your own wardrobe. Inspired by the 30 wears challenge I heard about in The True Cost documentary.

30 Ways To Wear: Rebecca Minkoff Red Micro Avery Tote Bag

30 ways to wear a mini red crossbody bag rebecca minkoff micro avery tote | awayfromtheblue

I tried to think of some different ways to categorise these outfits, as I have shared other red bags before in the 30 Wears series. Despite having more bags in other colours, the red bags seem to be ones I reach for over and over and they are staples in my collection! I'm surprised I haven't done a 30 wears post yet with one of my many pink bags - need to add that to my to-do list!

Cost Per Wear

This Rebecca Minkoff micro Avery tote bag was a lucky eBay find back in August 2018. I had an eBay voucher, the seller hadn't listed a lot of details, and in the end I paid just $17 for it. One of my best eBay scores, I've certainly got a lot of value from that $17! At 33 wears it's down to 52 cents a wear. A really good cost per wear figure for a designer bag, even if it is just a contemporary designer and a discontinued style, I love it.

30 Wears Video Style:

Blue Dress

4 ways to wear a red bag with blue dresses | awayfromtheblue

I love red and blue together so of course I've worn this little red bag with a lot of blue! From navy to teal, the red really pops, especially against a printed blue dress.

Pencil Skirt

3 outfit ideas little red micro Avery bag with pencil skirts | away from the blue

Despite the mini size, this bag fits quite a lot! It can fit my essentials (keys, wallet phone) and still has space for my camera, so it's a good size to take to work if I don't have to carry any notes around. It means I've frequently worn it with pencil skirts, I think the mini size looks great worn this way.

Graphic Tee

5 ways to wear graphic tees with red micro avery bag | awayfromblue

I like to wear this bag casually too. I love a good tee, and this micro Avery bag works well with a graphic tee - from being the only pop of red in my outfit like in the middle with the blue and white graphic tee, or in the other outfits where I've matched the red bag to the red in the print of the tee. As you can see from the Santa tees, this bag gets worn a lot around Christmas time too.

Matching  Accessories

matching accessories neck pieces to a red bag ways to wear | away from blue

Matching bags and scarves is something I do often but I wanted to include that pic with the red and green beaded necklace there to show you you can match this cute little red bag to any red neck piece - a necklace or a scarf! Wearing this bag with a red scarf is definitely my favourite though!

Matching  Print

red printed pieces with red rebecca minkoff micro avery tote bag ways to wear

More matchy-matchy, this time matching in some subtle ways, wearing red printed pieces with this little red micro Avery bag. From something as bold as a red striped tank to a more subtle red stripe on a rainbow knit, the red bag is a great accessory to wear.

Matching Clothes

how to wear a red bag matching it to other clothes in your outfit | away from blue

I think this is the ultimate amount of matching! One statement red piece in your outfit looks great, like a skirt, tee or jeans, but you can go all-out and pair those red pieces with a similar bag too! When I do this, as you can see above, I tend to stick with neutral pieces in the rest of my outfit, or go with shades of blue that always look good with a lot of red.

Pop of Colour

wearing a red bag as a pop of colour with your outfit | away from blue

The final way you can wear a little red bag like this is not matching at all, it's using the red bag as the pop of colour in your outfit. I love the bold bright red against a neutral black outfit, but as you can see in the second pic there it doesn't have to be blacks and greys - it works so well with the mustard dress!

What's In My Bag: Rebcca Minkoff Micro Avery

Where to Buy the Rebecca Minkoff Micro Avery Bag

More Outfit Ideas:

For more outfit inspiration and ideas, you can view all the 39+ ways I've worn this navy tote in my blog archives, or browse the complete 30 wears series.

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Wednesday, 5 February 2020

30 Ways To Wear: Navy Printed Kimono | #30wears Challenge

Another kimono for this months 30 wears post! Surprisingly it's only the second time I've featured a kimono for one of these posts, despite wearing kimonos frequently. I think it's because I have so many it takes me a while to build up 30 wears on one of them.

Every month I look back through my blog archives and find something I've worn 30 times or more to create these posts. One of the benefits of photographing and blogging what I wear each day for over 8 years, it's easy to see how often things are worn!

30 Ways To Wear: Navy Printed Kimono

30 Ways To Wear a Navy Printed Kimono: Outfit Ideas | Away From The Blue blog

I bought this kimono from ASOS, on sale when I was pregnant with my youngest boy at the end of 2015. It has been worn a lot, which surprises me to see that it's taken a little over 4 years to get to 30 wears with it. I think it's just because I have so many kimonos as I said above.

Cost Per Wear

I paid $22 for this kimono on sale, so at 30 wears that's 73 cents a wear, which is really good! This kimono still looks new too, it hasn't faded or worn. I'm really happy with it, and it will of course be staying in my wardrobe to be worn even more.

So here are the ways I've worn it, and some outfit ideas and colour combinations you can try.

Navy Kimono With Denim

6 outfit ideas with navy printed kimono and denim spring and summer | awayfromblue

Of course the outfit formula you'll see me wearing the most is a kimono and denim. There's something about a casual kimono that makes it the best topper for a denim outfit - whether it's skinny jeans or denim shorts! I like adding a kimono when I've got some denim in my outfit.

Printed Kimono With Dresses

3 ways to wear navy kimono and dresses | awayfromtheblue

There are other things that look great with kimonos! I like adding them to dresses - from a shorter chambray dress in the middle there to the two black maxi dresses, I think kimonos are perfect with any length of dress. They are a nice way to cover up your shoulders as well when wearing a sleeveless dress, for sun protection or a little extra warmth.

Navy Kimono With Skirts

3 outfit ideas styling a navy printed kimono with skirts | away from the blue

Just like the dresses above, you'll find that a kimono works well with any length of skirt! I like the slouchy relaxed look it gives when worn with a maxi skirt, and it's a nice way to dress down a pencil skirt a little more too when you are wearing it outside of the office as I am in the first and third outfits here.

Some Colour Combinations To Try With a Navy Kimono:

Blue Kimono Worn With Black

colour combination outfit ideas with navy kimono and black | away from the blue

I really like black and blue together! With the addition of the navy printed kimono, these basic black tank and denim outfits are a little bit more colourful and interesting.

Navy Kimono With Red

3 ways to wear a navy printed kimono with red pieces | 30wears awayfromtheblue

Red and blue are a fun and colourful combination - you can try a basic red tee under a kimono, or a bolder outfit with a pair of red skinny jeans like I have in the middle there. Any amount of red looks good with navy.

Blue Printed Kimono With Pink Accessories

5 outfit ideas with a navy blue kimono and pink accessories | awayfromblue blog

Pink and blue are so good together! This set of outfit ideas shows you a great way to try a new colour combo - you can take it small and simple by wearing a pink accessory with a blue kimono. Could be a statement necklace like in the middle, or a bit bigger and bolder with a pink bag. You can see I really like wearing my neon pink mini MAC with this kimono!

Navy Kimono Worn With Green

colourful outfit combinations navy printed kimono with green | away from blue

While I used to avoid wearing blue and green together, when I tried the combo I realised that blue and green really should be seen! No matter what the old fashion "rule" says. This neutral navy kimono works well with every shade of green.

Blue Printed Kimono In Pregnancy

navy printed kimono in pregnancy with baby bump awayfromtheblue blog

Much like accessories, kimonos are the best as they work in all trimesters of pregnancy! I loved being able to feel like myself by wearing a favourite kimono no matter how big my belly grew. It's always fun looking back at the bump pics when I'm putting these posts together too. You don't need to splurge on a maternity kimono - as you never button it up any kimono works well with a baby belly!

Where To Buy a Navy Printed Kimono Under $50:

I packed up this New Look petite navy printed kimono at ASOS in the sales, but there are a lot of cute options in other stores too:

More Outfit Ideas:

For more outfit inspiration and ideas, you can view all the 30+ ways I've worn this navy printed kimono in my blog archives, or browse the complete 30 wears series.

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