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Friday, 14 February 2020

Two Ways To Wear A Navy V-Neck Tee: Jeanswest Sophie V-Neck Tee

This navy tee is one of the ones I picked up from Jeanswest during my massive Christmas gift card shopping spree. They'd only brought out into the store that day (the sales assistant had trouble scanning it) and so it was perfect timing! While I love blue I didn't have a navy v-neck tee. So pleased I do now! It works so well with the other pieces I have in my wardrobe, and I'm wearing it two different ways below.

What I wore:

navy v neck jeanswest tee with ally fashion floral maxi skirt pink accessories on monochrome blue outfit | awayfromblue

Rebecca Minkoff small Darren messenger bag in peony with monochromatic blue outfit | awayfromtheblue

awayfromblue Instgaram | monochrome blue outfit with navy tee floral maxi skirt mum church style
Necklace: Kmart pink multi-colour beaded necklace
TeeJeanswest Sophie navy v-neck tee
SkirtAlly Fashion blue border print floral maxi skirt
Shoesslim navy and pink Havaianas
BagRebecca Minkoff small Darren messenger bag in peony

Why I wore it:

Just knew I had to pair this navy tee with this blue maxi skirt. Something my mum got me for Christmas, this skirt has been on frequent repeat lately as it's so perfect for summer! I really liked the navy with the brighter blue of the skirt, and accessorising was so simple. The blush necklace and peony pink Rebecca Minkoff Darren bag work so well with the pink flowers in the floral print.

This was a quick and easy outfit to pull together to head over to my friends house to watch Church Online. The maxi skirt accommodated the knee brace I've been wearing when I have to drive long distances, even though she just lives 30 minutes away driving really aggravates my knee after I injured it after Christmas.

Really liked all the colours in this outfit, made my matchy-matchy self very happy, especially when I added the navy and pink Havaianas to stick with the colour scheme, haha!

Last worn: floral maxi skirt, pink beaded necklace, navy Havaianas, Rebecca Minkoff Darren messenger bag. First time I've worn the navy tee as it's a recent purchase.

Other ways to wearfloral maxi skirt with turqouise, Rebecca Minkoff Darren messenger bag and sundress.

Comparison of the Rebecca Minkoff Darren and Micro Regan Bags:

What I wore:

Jeanswest navy tee olive shorts and tie dye kimono poncho summer mum outfit with mustard bag | away from blue

Rebecca Minkoff micro Regan satchel in Harvest Gold with jeanswest Kensley summer tie-dye kimono | awayfromtheblue

awayfromblue Instagam | summer mum style park olive shorts navy tee and tie dye kimono with mustard bag
JacketJeanswest Kensley summer tie-dye kimono (on sale!)
NecklaceJeanswest Taryn turquoise tassel bead necklace
TeeJeanswest Sophie navy v-neck tee
ShortsJeanswest Tessa olive embroidered shorts
ShoesNew Balance white and blue sneakers
BagRebecca Minkoff micro Regan satchel in Harvest Gold

Why I wore it:

These embroidered soft shorts are a summer fave for me and I like wearing them with blue - I added the navy tee and couldn't resist wearing this blue tie-dye kimono too, I thought all the blue went so nicely together with the olive. I added even more colour with the mustard Rebecca Minkoff micro Regan bag for a bit of a contrast, and my little turquoise tassel necklace which I often wear with green.

A nice comfortable and colourful outfit for walking along the bike trail and then visiting the park with the boys. I didn't wear my knee brace, instead I put on my old but supportive New Balance sneakers to help reduce the impact on my injured knee as we walked around. The boys could scoot and cycle much faster than I could limp along, but luckily hubby was there to help and keep an eye on them if they went too far while I trailed behind, haha! It was a hot day so the kimono wasn't really needed, but it was nice to have some extra sun protection for my arms.

Last worn: tie-dye kimono, navy tee (above), tassel necklace, olive embroidered shorts, sneakers, Rebecca Minkoff micro Regan.

Other ways to weartie-dye kimono and denim shorts, olive embroidered shorts and striped tee, Rebecca Minkoff micro Regan worn 30 ways.

Navy V-Neck Tees Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

A navy v-neck tee is a great wardrobe basic to have! It's the perfect neutral. It looks good with other neutrals like olive and is a fun base for pink or yellow accessories like these Rebecca Minkoff bags.

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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Floral Kimonos and Space Dye Tees With Denim Shorts and Rebecca Minkoff Edie Crossbody Bag

Two very similar outfits again, just like Monday's post. I was wearing my denim shorts, thrifted space dye tees and some floral kimonos with silver necklaces and my magenta Rebecca Minkoff Edie cross body bag. Easy outfits for the school run.

What I wore:

sheer floral supre kimono thrifted distressed denim shorts space dye tee rebecca minkoff edie bag | awayfromblue

sheer floral kimono with Rebecca Minkoff Edie small crossbody bag in magenta  | awayfromtheblue

Jacketthrifted Supre black sheer floral kimono
Necklace: Target silver Alisha trinity pendant necklace
Tee: thrifted Mix Apparel black marle tee
Shortsthrifted Jeanswest distressed denim shorts
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
BagRebecca Minkoff Edie small crossbody bag in magenta (get it preowned!)

Why I wore it:

This is such an affordable outfit - if you look at the clothing (although the Rebecca Minkoff Edie bag was on sale it was still over $200! 😂). The kimono I thrifted recently for $1, the black space dye tee was just 67 cents as I got it as part of a "fill a bag for $2" sale at the opshop, and the denim shorts were another opshop find and just $8.50. I've been trying to buy second hand more and this outfit is a great example of all of that.

The black space dye tee I thought would go nicely with the sheer floral kimono, I really liked the way this outfit turned out. Perfect for the school and daycare drop off on a hot day. The tee and shorts felt a little plain on their own, even with the long silver statement necklace, so the floral kimono added a little extra colour and print to my outfit, and the magenta Edie bag pairs with the pink florals so nicely.

Last worn: sheer floral kimono, silver circle necklace, black space dye tee, distressed denim shorts, black Havaianas, Rebecca Minkoff Edie bag.

Other ways to wearsheer floral kimono and pink shorts, black space dye tee in the office, distressed denim shorts and grey knit, Rebecca Minkoff Edie bag and sundress.

What's In My Bag & Review: Rebecca Minkoff Edie Cross Body

What I wore:

floral kimono print mix space dye tee and bermuda shorts summer mum style | awayfromtheblue

floral kimono with magenta Rebecca Minkoff edie crossbody small bag | away from the blue

floral cocoon kimono space dye tee bermuda denim shorts rebecca minkoff edie bag | awayfromblue Instagram
JacketCotton On 'Gemma' cocoon kimono in Laos blossom navy print
NecklaceJeanswest Taki necklace (C/O)
Tee: thrifted Kmart space dye cream and black longline top
ShortsJeanswest Trinity Bermuda denim shorts
Shoesslim navy and pink Havaianas
BagRebecca Minkoff Edie small crossbody bag in magenta (get it preowned!)

Why I wore it:

This outfit follows the exact same formula as the outfit above, and yet I didn't like it as much. It was okay, I just liked the first one more. I thought this thrifted white space dye tee would go nicely with this navy floral kimono as it has a lot of white in the print, and the Bermuda denim shorts are a wardrobe staple that work well with the cocoon style of the kimono. Again, the Rebecca Minkoff Edie bag in magenta was so good with the floral print.

It was a cooler morning for the school run and daycare drop off, so I picked this warmer cotton kimono to wear. when I had my dentist appointment in the afternoon she complimented me on it and was surprised I was wearing it outside - it was much warmer in the afternoon! So helpful in the morning and for staying cosy in the aircon at the dentist, but definitely much too warm in the afternoon. Perhaps that's why I didn't like this outfit as much. Trying so hard to wear this kimono often to reach that 30 wears figure though!

Last worn: floral cocoon kimono, space dye tee, silver statement necklace, Bermuda denim shorts, navy Havaianas, Rebecca Minkoff Edie crossbody bag (above).

Other ways to wearfloral cocoon kimono and jeans, space dye tee and green, Bermuda denim shorts worn 30 ways, Rebecca Minkoff Edie crossbody bag and maxi skirt.

Perfect for pregnancyfloral cocoon kimono at 39 weeks.

Space Dye Tops Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

A space dye tee is a fun twist on a classic plain tee. The print isn't so overwhelming that you can't wear it with other printed pieces in your outfit. Try florals! You can coordinate the floral print to match the colours on the tee too like I have with each outfit here.

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Friday, 7 February 2020

Colourful Outfits To Match Printed Kimonos

Even a glance at my blog or Instagram will tell you I love kimonos! With warm temperatures most of the year here in Brisbane they have become a wardrobe staple for me and are a great way to add a little more colour and interest to an outfit.

This time around I picked the kimonos I wanted to wear and created outfits based on the colours from the kimonos. It was a fun way to wear some of my recently purchased pieces!

What I wore:

Jeanswest Melanie floral kimono with Vickie turquoise tank and russet skinny jeans regan cross body bag | awayfromblue

Rebecca Minkoff Avery crossbody bag in burgundy | awayfromtheblue

awayfromblue | Jeanswest mum style outfit melanie floral kimono vickie button tank harper russet skinny pant burgundy turquoise
JacketJeanswest Melanie floral kimono
Necklace: Lovisa blue leaf long necklace
TankJeanswest Vickie button back tank in enamel blue (new purchase)
JeansJeanswest Harper skinny pant in Russet (new purchase)
Shoesslim navy and pink Havaianas
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Avery crossbody bag in burgundy

Why I wore it:

This is a very Jeanswest heavy outfit! The kimono, tank and jeans are all Jeanswest. As I explained with my post Christmas sale haul, my go-to store Jeanswest has gone into administration. Rather than spending all my Christmas gift cards through the year as usual, I spent all of them in one month in January, in case things change with the store possible closing, and they wouldn't be honoured later.

When I looked at what I'd bought I realised how well it all worked together, so I took the chance on that one day when we had slightly cooler temps with all the rain and it was under 30 degrees Celsius to wear my new jeans. Bit of a big day, with swimming lessons, almost being trapped in floodwaters, and a joint birthday party to attend. The humidity increased through the day too so I wasn't entirely happy with my choice to wear jeans instead of shorts, but I did love the outfit in the cooler morning! Even if the turquoise tank quickly creased like crazy!

My new jeans go so well with this burgundy Rebecca Minkoff Avery crossbody bag that my sister got me for Christmas, I just had to wear them together to continue the matchy-matchy with them both and the tank matching the tropical print on the kimono.

Last worn: tropical floral kimono, leaf necklace, Havaianas. First time I've worn the rust jeans and turquoise tank as they are recent purchases, and first time I've worn the Regan crossbody bag as it was a Christmas gift.

Other ways to weartropical floral kimono and olive shorts.

Rebecca Minkoff Reveal - Regan Cross Body

What I wore:

thrifted Supre black sheer floral kimono with matching purple and pink outfit rebecca minkoff mab mini bag | away from the blue

bracelet stack with Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum | away from the blue

awayfromtheblue Instagram | mum style purple tee and pastel pink shorts matching outfit to print in floral kimono
Jacketthrifted Supre black sheer floral kimono (new purchase)
NecklaceRoie Designs long freshwater pearl necklace with tassel
Tee: Spectrum basic v-neck tee in washed lilac
Shorts: thrifted pastel pink cotton shorts
ShoesNew Balance white and blue sneakers
Bracelets: the usual plus Roie Designs black leather Swarovski beaded wrap bracelet
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum (on sale!)

Why I wore it:

While this outfit copies the same formula as the outfit above, picking clothes and a bag to wear that match the floral print of the kimono, the outfit looks very different as this kimono has a different set of colours. Still just as easy to pull together as the first outfit though. I liked the pastel combination of the lilac tank with the blush shorts and this $1 sheer floral kimono from the opshop was a great buy!

I added the New Balance sneakers as we had a big day out planned and I knew my knee would need some extra support. (I injured it after Christmas and it's going to take months to heal). Took the kids into the city to visit the Water exhibition at GOMA. It was really interactive and they enjoyed it. The Riverbed installation was an actual river flowing through the gallery and a lot of rocks and gravel which was very difficult to walk on for me, definitely overdid it a bit!

It was a fun day out though, knee pain aside. After we'd been to the gallery we met hubby for lunch as he was working in the city.

Last worn: lilac tee, pearl tassel necklace, pink shorts, New Balance sneakers, purple Rebecca Minkoff MAB bag. First time I've worn the sheer floral kimono as it's a recent purchase.

Other ways to wearlilac tee and maxi skirt, pink shorts and printed tank, purple Rebecca Minkoff MAB bag worn 30 ways

Perfect for pregnancylilac tee in second trimester, purple Rebecca Minkoff MAB bag in third trimester

Floral Kimonos Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

A fun floral kimono has so many possible outfits you can wear with it - shorts and a tee is a summer staple of course, but you can mix it up each time you wear it by picking clothes to wear that match the colours in the print. It creates a completely different outfit each time, even though you are following the same outfit formula and is so quick to pull together, very mum friendly!

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Wednesday, 5 February 2020

30 Ways To Wear: Navy Printed Kimono | #30wears Challenge

Another kimono for this months 30 wears post! Surprisingly it's only the second time I've featured a kimono for one of these posts, despite wearing kimonos frequently. I think it's because I have so many it takes me a while to build up 30 wears on one of them.

Every month I look back through my blog archives and find something I've worn 30 times or more to create these posts. One of the benefits of photographing and blogging what I wear each day for over 8 years, it's easy to see how often things are worn!

30 Ways To Wear: Navy Printed Kimono

30 Ways To Wear a Navy Printed Kimono: Outfit Ideas | Away From The Blue blog

I bought this kimono from ASOS, on sale when I was pregnant with my youngest boy at the end of 2015. It has been worn a lot, which surprises me to see that it's taken a little over 4 years to get to 30 wears with it. I think it's just because I have so many kimonos as I said above.

Cost Per Wear

I paid $22 for this kimono on sale, so at 30 wears that's 73 cents a wear, which is really good! This kimono still looks new too, it hasn't faded or worn. I'm really happy with it, and it will of course be staying in my wardrobe to be worn even more.

So here are the ways I've worn it, and some outfit ideas and colour combinations you can try.

Navy Kimono With Denim

6 outfit ideas with navy printed kimono and denim spring and summer | awayfromblue

Of course the outfit formula you'll see me wearing the most is a kimono and denim. There's something about a casual kimono that makes it the best topper for a denim outfit - whether it's skinny jeans or denim shorts! I like adding a kimono when I've got some denim in my outfit.

Printed Kimono With Dresses

3 ways to wear navy kimono and dresses | awayfromtheblue

There are other things that look great with kimonos! I like adding them to dresses - from a shorter chambray dress in the middle there to the two black maxi dresses, I think kimonos are perfect with any length of dress. They are a nice way to cover up your shoulders as well when wearing a sleeveless dress, for sun protection or a little extra warmth.

Navy Kimono With Skirts

3 outfit ideas styling a navy printed kimono with skirts | away from the blue

Just like the dresses above, you'll find that a kimono works well with any length of skirt! I like the slouchy relaxed look it gives when worn with a maxi skirt, and it's a nice way to dress down a pencil skirt a little more too when you are wearing it outside of the office as I am in the first and third outfits here.

Some Colour Combinations To Try With a Navy Kimono:

Blue Kimono Worn With Black

colour combination outfit ideas with navy kimono and black | away from the blue

I really like black and blue together! With the addition of the navy printed kimono, these basic black tank and denim outfits are a little bit more colourful and interesting.

Navy Kimono With Red

3 ways to wear a navy printed kimono with red pieces | 30wears awayfromtheblue

Red and blue are a fun and colourful combination - you can try a basic red tee under a kimono, or a bolder outfit with a pair of red skinny jeans like I have in the middle there. Any amount of red looks good with navy.

Blue Printed Kimono With Pink Accessories

5 outfit ideas with a navy blue kimono and pink accessories | awayfromblue blog

Pink and blue are so good together! This set of outfit ideas shows you a great way to try a new colour combo - you can take it small and simple by wearing a pink accessory with a blue kimono. Could be a statement necklace like in the middle, or a bit bigger and bolder with a pink bag. You can see I really like wearing my neon pink mini MAC with this kimono!

Navy Kimono Worn With Green

colourful outfit combinations navy printed kimono with green | away from blue

While I used to avoid wearing blue and green together, when I tried the combo I realised that blue and green really should be seen! No matter what the old fashion "rule" says. This neutral navy kimono works well with every shade of green.

Blue Printed Kimono In Pregnancy

navy printed kimono in pregnancy with baby bump awayfromtheblue blog

Much like accessories, kimonos are the best as they work in all trimesters of pregnancy! I loved being able to feel like myself by wearing a favourite kimono no matter how big my belly grew. It's always fun looking back at the bump pics when I'm putting these posts together too. You don't need to splurge on a maternity kimono - as you never button it up any kimono works well with a baby belly!

Where To Buy a Navy Printed Kimono Under $50:

I packed up this New Look petite navy printed kimono at ASOS in the sales, but there are a lot of cute options in other stores too:

More Outfit Ideas:

For more outfit inspiration and ideas, you can view all the 30+ ways I've worn this navy printed kimono in my blog archives, or browse the complete 30 wears series.

Similar Posts In The 30 Wears Series:

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Friday, 31 January 2020

What I Bought in December And January, And How I've Worn It

Well 2020 has been off to a strange start! And not just because of all the wild events recently, I'm talking specifically about my shopping. This is a personal style blog after all!

I started the new year with my intention, the same as last year, to spend less than I did the previous year. Yet at the end of January, I've bought a lot more than expected! I actually only have 1 Christmas gift card left! A few impulse buys and a few fear-driven purchases. I covered it all in the video below with a quick summary you can read through too.

What I Bought:

Why I Bought It:

Now my favourite store (Jeanswest) is in administration and closing stores I wanted to spend the last of my Christmas gift cards ASAP. They can change the terms and conditions with the gift cards when a chain is in administration and that has happened with other stores that have closed here in Australia, from requiring you to spend a set amount before you can use a gift card to just refusing to accept them. 

I tried to shop sensibly and buy basics I can wear over and over, and I'm pleased with what I got but also it wasn't anything I really felt I needed. Although to be honest with a wardrobe the size of mine, there's nothing that's really a need! So pleased I got some cute things with the Christmas gifts I was given, and that I got to spend them before the rules around using gift cards possibly changes. Really hoping that Jeanswest doesn't shut down completely though - where else would I do the majority of my clothes shopping!?

How I've Worn It:

waht I've bought and how I've worn it: wardrobe remix with january Jeanswest sale finds

I have a rule that every time I want to buy something I have to think of two different ways I will immediately wear it that month. I didn't do too badly with this goal this month at all....the opshopped jacket doesn't suit the weather at all and so hasn't been worn, but I wasn't going to pass on a jacket for just $1! I bought more than I needed to this month for sure, usually I spread my gifts cards through the year but I was focused on spending all my Jeanswest ones this month. I did enjoy wearing everything and did quite well with the goal, but also didn't get to my twice a wear figure with the jeans and the jacket as they aren't suited for summer temps.

For the upcoming months...I'm either going to spend a fortune at the Jeanswest closing down sales or the closure of one of the stores I frequently shop in will help me meet my spend less target this year!

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Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Blue Kimonos With Navy Tops and Shorts

Keeping it simple for the summer heat with shorts and kimonos! I love my kimonos over summer, I'm sharing an old favourite that's on frequent repeat as well as a new one I picked up in the January sales!

What I wore:

navy floral cocoon kimono with marle tee and pink cuffed shorts balenciaga first bag | awayfromblue

floral kimono and pink shorts with Balenciaga first bag in 2006 Blue India | awayfromtheblue

awayfromtheblue Instagram | floral cocoon kimono with pink shorts and balenciaga first bag
JacketCotton On 'Gemma' cocoon kimono in Laos blossom navy print
Necklace: Kmart rose gold and pink beaded necklace
TeeAtmos & Here Avery marle tee in navy
Shorts: thrifted pastel pink cotton shorts
Shoesslim navy and pink Havaianas
BagBalenciaga first bag in 2006 Blue India

Why I wore it:

Surprisingly, despite having both this kimono and the navy tee for a few years, I've never worn them together! I think the slightly different shade of navy from the marle tee works so nicely with the deeper navy on the floral kimono. The blush pink shorts are something that have been worn with this kimono a few times in the past, even though they don't match the pink in the print exactly I feel they compliment it nicely. And the rose gold and blush necklace matches them perfectly to tie it all together.

The turquoise Balenciaga first bag kind of matches the pale blue in the floral print, which was a happy coincidence as intended the bag to be another pop of colour for the outfit. It makes me happy when everything matches nicely!

This was a quick outfit to pull together for a busy day. We dropped off more stuff at the opshop, and then of course I bought a few more things when we went in to "just have a look", ha! Still the 2 pieces of clothing and 2 books we bought were a lot less than the 4 boxes and a bag full of clothes and other items that we had donated! I do tend to delay donating things until I have a car boot full as I always find something to buy every time I go. Then we had a lot of errands to run, thankfully most of them could be done in the comfort of the air-conditioned shopping centre as it was a very humid day!

Last worn: floral cocoon kimono, blush and rose gold necklace, navy marle tee, blush cotton shorts, Havaianas, Balenciaga first bag.

Other ways to wearfloral cocoon kimono and maxi dress, navy marle tee over a dress, blush cotton shorts and denim jacket, Balenciaga first bag and olive shorts.

Perfect for pregnancyfloral cocoon kimono at 39 weeks.

Perfect Bag For Every Occasion

What I wore:

Jeanswest Kensley summer tie-dye kimono with LV speedy bandouliere bag and navy breastfeeding tank summer theme park mum style | away from blue

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene 30 speedy bandouliere with tassel bag charm | away from the blue

navy and black breastfeeding theme park outfit Jeanswest Kensley summer tie-dye kimono | awayfromblue Instagram
Jacket: Jeanswest Kensley summer tie-dye kimono (new purchase, on sale!)
Necklace: Colette marble and gold pendant drop long necklace
Tank: MEV Britney bubble tank in mood indigo C/O
ShortsJeanswest Sara distressed hot short
Shoes: New Balance white and blue sneakers
BagLouis Vuitton Damier Ebene 30 speedy bandouliere

Why I wore it:

I picked this navy tank to wear as I'm getting close to 30 wears with it and so I'm trying to reach for it more often to hit that number this year! I also liked the way it went with this recently purchased tie dye kimono. Especially when worn with the black shorts, it echos the colours in the tie dye print nicely.

Added the purple and gold necklace for a little touch of colour, and the Louis Vuitton speedy bandouliere bag as I needed something waterproof for our day out at Sea World on the Gold Coast. We had quite a lot of rain that weekend, which put out a few fires thankfully, and it was predicted to rain more. Luckily it didn't start raining until we were in the car going home.

The shoes are actually super old ones I purchased out of necessity when I was in an accident and injured my knee years ago, before kids. I've kept them despite many wardrobe clear outs even though they are rarely worn (only on longer walks with the dogs) as they are nice to have "just in case". I've always had a bit of a weak knee with repeated knocks, accidents and bumps to it causing an old injury to be aggravated. It's good to have these for whenever my injury plays up.

I'm not a fan of the dad sneaker trend but with a day of walking around a theme park ahead of me and still being in a lot of knee pain after injuring myself again after Christmas, I needed a shoe that would support my knee as much as possible. Even if they don't go with my outfit, I always keep things real here on the blog and share what I actually wear. Plus it's the bags you come to see, not my boring shoe collection 😂

Last worn: navy breastfeeding tank, marble necklaceblack denim shorts, speedy bandouliere. First time I've worn the tie dye kimono as it's a recent purchase. 

Other ways to wear: navy breastfeeding tank and blush blazer, black denim shorts and printed tee, speedy bandouliere and jeans.

Perfect for pregnancynavy breastfeeding tank in second trimester, speedy bandouliere in third trimester.

Navy Kimonos Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

A navy kimono is so easy to wear, even if it's a bold tie dye or floral print. You can wear a simple navy tank or tee underneath and a pair of your fave shorts, for a summer outfit that's quick to pull together.

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Monday, 20 January 2020

Foil Print Tees and Denim Shorts With Bright Rebecca Minkoff Bags: Weekday Wear Link Up!

More casual outfits for this week's Weekday Wear Link up. Back in the summer of 2017/2018 I bought a few foil print tees. I tend not to wear them for everyday as they feel a bit more special than a regular tree, but I realised they hadn't been worn in a while. Going out with family felt like the perfect time to wear them. They pair so nicely with denim!

What I wore:

foil print stripe tee with navy printed kimono boyfriend denim shorts neon pink mini mac movie outfit | awayfromblue

Rebecca Minkoff neon pink mini MAC with silver bracelet stack denim shorts kimono | awayfromtheblue

awayfromblue Instagram | denim shorts navy kimono stripe foil print tee with pink accessories mini mac bag for movies
JacketNew Look Petite print kimono
Necklace: engraved interlinked silver circle family name necklace
TeeJeanswest Anika foil stripe tee in white and silver
Shortsthrifted Jeanswest distressed denim shorts
ShoesRebecca Minkoff Georgina studded gladiator sandals in blush
Bracelets: the usual plus enamel coated Marc By Marc Jacobs Katie bracelet
BagRebecca Minkoff neon pink mini MAC

Why I wore it:

Wore this blue and white outfit to go see Frozen 2 with the kids. They were so excited to see it, but we wanted to wait until we could all go together. Thankfully everyone's days off lined up eventually. It was so strange sitting there in the movie theatre watching the second Frozen movie with my mum, sister and my two kids, as when I saw the first one with my mum and sister I was pregnant with my eldest boy! He loved the songs and danced along in my belly so it's no surprise he still loves the movie now, ha!

I've worn this navy printed kimono with stripes before, it's a great way to print mix especially with the silver foil stripes on this tee. I kept the silver theme with the necklace, bracelet and the silver hardware on the pink mini MAC. Pink is another thing that's frequently worn with this kimono!

The studded gladiator sandals and the distressed denim shorts were simple pieces to wear with the colourful blue and pink outfit.

Last worn: navy printed kimono, circle necklace, silver foil stripe tee, distressed denim shorts, studded gladiator sandals, Rebecca Minkoff neon pink mini MAC.

Other ways to wearnavy printed kimono worn 3 ways, silver foil stripe tee in monochrome outfit, distressed denim shorts and Conversestudded gladiator sandals worn 30 ways, Rebecca Minkoff neon pink mini MAC and printed dress.

Perfect for pregnancynavy printed kimono in third trimester.

My Favourite Rebecca Minkoff Bag:

What I wore:

Movie world white Christmas outfit star foil print tee black denim shorts red accessories | away from blue

awayfromtheblue Instagram | movie world white christmas outfit foil star print tee denim shorts red accessories rebecca minkoff micro avery bag

awayfromtheblue Movie World White Christmas outtake photobomber silver foil star print tee denim shorts
Necklace: thrifted red flat bead necklace
TeeJeanswest Kaylin star foil grey tee
ShortsJeanswest Sara distressed hot short
Shoes: Kmart sparkly silver glitter sneakers
Bracelets: the usual plus Edenborough Evans 'Ivy' silver cuff
BagRebecca Minkoff red micro Avery cross body bag

Why I wore it:

Although you can't see it so well in the main photo this cream tee is covered in lots of little foil stars, the perfect sparkly outfit for a night out at Movie World's White Christmas event! Especially when paired with the silver glitter Kmart shoes, and the silver cuff. My sister thought the same - she and I matched with our star print tees and black shorts! It's no mystery why I dress the boys the same when my sister and I are still doing it as adults! 😂

As it was a Christmas event at the theme park I added some red accessories for a festive touch of colour. I wore this little red Rebecca Minkoff mini Avery tote bag last time we went too, it's a great size for my wallet and camera and it zips up securely to keep everything safe. The necklace was a nice bit of matchy matchy.

Once again we had a great time at the event, it was awesome!

Last worn: star print tee, red beaded necklace, black denim shorts, silver sneakers, Rebecca Minkoff micro Avery bag.

Other ways to wearstar print tee worn two ways, black denim shorts and scarf, silver sneakers and grey dress, Rebecca Minkoff micro Avery bag and matching jeans.

Foil Print Tees Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

A foil print tee is a fun twist on a classic tee. Just like a plain tee, it works well with denim! You can continue the sparkle with other accessories like I have with the shoes and cuff in the second outfit, or just let the tee be all the sparkle and add some bright colourful accessories like red blue or pink.

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