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Friday, 7 September 2018

Red Tees, Skinny Jeans, Cardigans and Louis Vuitton Bags

At the end of winter, while the days were warming up in Brisbane, the mornings were still pretty cold. It means layering up, so by the time it reaches 25 / 28 degrees (82 F) in the afternoon, you've shed all of your layers.

Despite wearing a similar outfit formula on both of these days, I had very different experiences with each!

What I wore:

red tee with skinny jeans converse grey maxi cardigan louis vuitton speedy bag | awayfromblue

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene 30 speedy bandouliere with heatstamp | awayfromtheblue

awayfromblue instagram grey cardigan skinny jeans leopard print scarf and red tee outfit

Why I wore it:

Wore this for a busy but fun filled day. I had the day off from work to volunteer at the Ekka (Brisbane's royal state show, kinda like the state fairs in the US). I dropped the boys off at daycare, ran a quick errand and started filming some videos before it was time to leave. Just as I was in the middle of filming I got a call from daycare that one of the boys had a fever. I frantically called around, found someone to take care of him, rushed to daycare to pick him up and then dropping him off in safe hands I headed out to the Ekka.

Got to the Ekka with plenty of time to stroll around taking in the sights, get some showbags and then get to work. My volunteer shift finished slightly early so I quickly picked up my bags and headed home to my boys, after quickly texting to make sure all was still okay. By the time I got home he really wasn't in a good state. I rushed him to the doctors (thank goodness for the 24/7 primary care centre nearby!) where the doctor scolded us for bringing him there instead of calling an ambulance and ended up calling the ambulance for us. Ending the night in Lady Cilento hospital was not how I had planned the day to go, but at least he's feeling better now.

Outfit wise at least I was comfortable! I picked the Converse as I knew I'd be in the kitchen volunteering for most of the day, and the scarf and cardigan were good layers to take off and on as it got too hot, and easily fit inside my Louis Vuitton speedy bandouliere bag.

Louis Vuitton Collection Video

What I wore:

layered shopping skinny jeans red tee outfit poppy scarf navy cardigan LV neverfull | away from the blue

Louis Vuitton MM damier azur neverfull worn on arm | away from the blue

awayfromtheblue instagram navy and red skinny jeans outfit with poppy print scarf LV NF tote
Earrings: Kmart blue fringe crescent statement earrings (new purchase)

Why I wore it:

Same outfit formula as the one above, but a much more relaxed day! I wore this a few days after the incident above, I had scheduled the day off in advance to try give myself some downtime. Thankfully the little one was feeling much better so I didn't feel too guilty leaving him to have some me-time. I spent some time Christmas present shopping, picking up things I'd noticed the boys might like on a previous shopping trip. Yes it's early, but you need to take advantage of any kid-free moments you can get to shop!

As it was supposed to warm up to such a hot day, but I had an early start, I dressed in layers. I thought this poppy print scarf worked nicely with the red tee, but I needed a little something to cover my arms to so went with this navy waterfall cardigan. The navy cardigan also perfectly matched the statement earrings! By the time afternoon arrived and it was 20 degrees warmer than when I first ventured out, the scarf and cardigan had been ditched. Again, it was nice that they could both fit inside my bag, the Louis Vuitton damier azur neverfull this time.

After a busy morning, I had a leisurely lunch and treated myself to a pedicure in anticipation of the warmer weather sticking around. It was nice to enjoy the sunshine and warmth for a bit! I even managed to film a complete video too, after the less than perfect attempt a few days before.

Red Tees Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

A red tee is a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe! It's a fun pop of colour against neutral layers like in the first outfit, or works well with other colours like navy as in the second outfit. When in doubt, pair a red tee with neutral skinny jeans.

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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Leopard Print Scarves, Knits, Skinny Jeans and Balenciaga Bags

When I'm feeling uninspired in winter I reach for cosy layers and jeans. Of course I still want to keep things interesting - that's where my bright scarves come in, to add an extra something to an otherwise simple outfit of a knit and skinny jeans.

What I wore:

orange leopard print scarf with foil polka dot grey knit black skinny jeans balenciaga part time | awayfromblue

Balenciaga part time in black 2010 with SGH on arm | awayfromtheblue

awayfromblue instagram leopard print neon scarf foil polka dot pullover skinny jeans Bal part time bag
ScarfSupre neon pink leopard print scarf
JumperJeanswest Kara foil pullover in smoke marl and silver
JeansJeanswest prima denim super skinny jeans in absolute black
ShoesAsos Cleo leather boots in tan
BagBalenciaga part time in black 2010 with SGH

Why I wore it:

You may notice a slight difference in this photo - or you might not! Being in such a rush in the morning, I didn't get a moment to grab my outfit photos like I usually do. I ended up taking photos when I got home in the afternoon. After I'd visited the priceline pop up store and had false lashes applied for the first time.

The lashes felt weird. I went home with a goodie bag (including more false lashes) but I'm not sure I'd be able to apply them again myself, as easy as the lovely lady made it look! Still, fun to try something different.

My outfit was designed to keep me warm as it was such a cold day, so polka dot foil knit with skinny jeans and tall boots. I felt that the neon leopard print scarf worked nicely with the polka dots and added a bit of colour to my outfit, as I had my black Balenciaga part time bag. It was nice to spend an hour or two kid free (and I picked up a couple of Christmas presents for the boys!) while hubby took the boys to swim lessons. I really liked this outfit, as simple as it is.

Last worn: leopard print scarf, polka dot knit, Prima skinny jeans, ASOS Cleo boots, Balenciaga part time bag.

Other ways to wearleopard print scarf and striped skirt, polka dot knit and shorts, Prima skinny jeans and logo tee, ASOS Cleo boots and stripe dress, Balenciaga part time bag and chambray.

Perfect for pregnancyleopard print scarf hiding an early bump, Prima skinny jeans in second trimester, Balenciaga part time bag in third trimester.

Updated Balenciaga Handbag Collection Video

What I wore:

purple leopard print scarf ombre knit black skinny jeans pink balenciaga sorbet city | away from blue

ombre knit, Balenciaga RH classic city in 2010 sorbet | away from the blue

awayfromtheblue Instagram purple leopard print scarf ombre knit skinny jeans and converse winter SAHM style
Scarf: Sportsgirl animal scarf in violet
JumperJeanswest 'Serena' ombre knit
JeansNobody Denim Siren skinny super high-rise jeans in power black denim (C/O)
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in black
BagBalenciaga RH classic city in 2010 sorbet (more affordable preloved)

Why I wore it:

Since I liked the outfit formula in the first outfit so much, I repeated a similar one again a few days later. I realised I hadn't worn this beautiful ombre knit yet this winter, so felt it was time to give it a wear. I stuck with black skinny jeans again to keep things simple, but unlike the first outfit I added a colourful bag with my colourful leopard print scarf. I thought the purple leopard scarf and pink Balenciaga city bag were fun pops against the otherwise neutral outfit.

I was surprised to see that I hadn't worn this scarf and knit together before, I've worn and loved the ombre knit with my purple skinny jeans in the past.

This knit is an open knit, so I layered a long sleeve tee underneath to keep me cosy. This was the perfect outfit for a morning with the boys at my ABA Mother's group, and then a quick grocery shop afterwards.

Last worn: ombre knit, purple leopard print scarf, Nobody Denim Siren jeans, Converse, Balenciaga sorbet city bag.

Other ways to wearombre knit and printed jeans, purple leopard print scarf and maxi dress, Nobody Denim Siren jeans and embroidered tank, Converse and shorts, Balenciaga sorbet city bag and sheath dress.

Perfect for pregnancyombre knit at 40 weeks, purple leopard print scarf in third trimester, Converse for second trimester travel, Balenciaga sorbet city bag in second trimester.

Leopard Print Scarves Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

Neutral outfits are easy to default to in winter. You can add colour to them with fun scarves like these leopard print ones. You don't have to stick to plain kints when you wear them either - the leopard print works well with the ombre and the polka dots. For an extra pop of colour you could do what I did in the second outfit and introduce another colour through a bright handbag.

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Friday, 27 July 2018

Printed Jeans and Basic Tees | Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC and Micro Regan

Jeans are a frequently worn option in winter for me. I do try mix things up a little in my effort to stay away from blue jeans. I have a few colourful pairs, and some really fun printed pairs. I'm wearing two printed jeans below, in a monochromatic outfit and a second more colourful one. Although I'm wearing different prints and colours, I kept to a simple outfit formula in both outfits with basic tees and cosy cardigans.

What I wore:

SAHM style: monochrome printed jeans outfit with space dye tee pop of colour micro regan bag | away from blue

Rebecca Minkoff micro Regan satchel in Harvest Gold on wrist | awayfromtheblue

awayfromtheblue instagram monochrome printed jeans outfit mustard yellow rebecca minkoff micro regan bag
JacketCotton On black knit wrap cardigan
Necklace: Kmart Gold and Navy beaded necklace
Tee: thrifted Mix Apparel black marle tee
JeansSass & Bide Playman skinny jeans
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs silver tuxedo flats
BagRebecca Minkoff micro Regan satchel in Harvest Gold

Why I wore it:

No scarf as this was a rather warm winter day! In fact, when we came out of ABA mother's group and we went to grab some groceries, I took the cardigan off as it was a really warm winter afternoon. It was nice to enjoy the sunshine briefly.

I thrifted this tee a while back to replace a plain black v-neck one that I'd destroyed in the wash, and realised this hadn't been worn in a while. With the space dye print being similar to the lines on the chevron print of these jeans, I thought they would look quite nice together. I was worried the print mix was a little bold, definitely bolder than I expected when I put it on, so to keep things simple I added a plain black cardigan over the top. I'd planned to add my mustard cardigan, to match my mustard Rebecca Minkoff Micro Regan bag, but I think the black worked perfectly. It let my little bag be the touch of colour with the outfit.

I felt the silver shoes tied in nicely with the monochrome outfit, even if the necklace was gold and the bag was mustard. Really liked how well the printed jeans handled messy food covered toddler hands at the ABA mothers group too, ha! Prints are so good for disguising finger marks!

Last worn: black belted cardigan, space dye tee, Sass and Bide printed jeans, metallic silver ballet flats, Rebecca Minkoff Micro Regan.

Other ways to wear: black belted cardigan and skater dressblack tee and pink shorts, Sass and Bide printed jeans and wrap top, metallic silver ballet flats and dressRebecca Minkoff micro Regan bag worn 30 ways.

Perfect for pregnancy: black belted cardigan in first trimestermetallic silver ballet flats in third trimester.

Christmas In July Boxswap!

Super excited to share my first every box swap video! I did a Christmas in July surprise box swap / secret santa with some of the other Australian Mum Vloggers I've gotten to know this year.

What I wore:

SAHM Winter colourful printed jeans outfit pink leopard grey cardigan mini MAC bag | away from blue

Rebecca Minkoff neon pink mini MAC, chain strap doubled | away from the blue

awayfromblue instagram pink leopard print skinny jeans blue tee neutral cardi converse mini MAC bag
NecklaceZuriCollections blue polymer clay necklace
TeeAtmos & Here Avery marle tee in navy
Jeans: Portmans pink leopard print skinny jeans
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in white
BagRebecca Minkoff neon pink mini MAC

Why I wore it:

Another day with the boys, another chance to use the same outfit formula with another pair of printed jeans. I was surprised to realise I hadn't worn this blue marle tee with the pink leopard print jeans before, I really like blue and pink together! As the outfit felt a bit bold, I thought a neutral grey cardigan would be the best layer to add. Kept me cosy too, as this is wool.

With the neutral white Converse shoes as well it was looking like a good outfit, but I decided to go even bolder with the hot pink mini MAC bag. While an even brighter shade of pink than on the leopard print jeans, it really popped and just made the outfit for me. I tried doubling the strap over a little to make it a little shorter. I do that frequently with my Rebecca Minkoff Love bag. This mini MAC is not as structured though, and the soft leather pulled a big, as you can see in the close up shot. I don't think I'll try that again!

Again, a slightly warmer day so I went without a scarf. We spent most of our time indoors too, running a couple errands and taking the boys to rhyme time at the library.

Last worn: grey wool maxi cardigan, blue marle tee, pink leopard print jeans, Converse, neon pink mini MAC.

Other ways to weargrey wool maxi cardigan and pencil skirt, blue marle tee and printed shorts, pink leopard print jeans and blazer, Converse and denim shorts, neon pink mini MAC and little black dress.

Perfect for pregnancypink leopard print jeans in second trimester, Converse in second trimester.

Printed Jeans Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

Printed jeans are easy to pair with basic tees, and neutral cardigans if the weather is cooler. You don't have to stick to neturals though! While the first monochrome outfit works, the second outfit follows the same formula but with more colourful pieces. Don't be afraid to add more colour to a printed piece.  You can stick with a colour combination you already love to make it easy.

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Monday, 9 October 2017

Ruffle Dresses for the Office with Chloe Paddington Bag

If I like something I'll buy multiples of it. While I'm a bit more discerning now and I wait until something has proved its worth in my wardrobe before I buy another version of it, there are a handful of pieces in my wardrobe that I bought different prints of at the same time, like these dresses!

These ruffle dresses were purchased at the same time and both are must-haves in my wardrobe. While they are identical styles, just different prints, I find them both useful additions to my wardrobe. Neither of them are breastfeeding friendly so they have been packed away while I was on maternity leave. They are perfect for the office though and it's been good to get them out again. I decided to wear them with a little worn bag, my Chloe Paddington.

What I wore:

blush pink blazer, ankle boots, animal print ruffle dress and Chloe paddington brun chocolate brown bag | Away From Blue

animal print dress, Chloe Paddington bag in 2007 Brun | Away From The Blue

awayfromblue instagram ruffle animal print dress pink bazer ankle boots Chloe Paddington
JacketJeanswest Nadine 3/4 sleeve dusky pink blazer
NecklaceZanele 40 handmade rope necklace
DressJeanswest ruffle neckline animal print dress
ShoesAcne pistol boots in "skin"
BagChloe Paddington in 2007 Brun

Why I wore it:

The style challenge for the day was 'spot my shoe style' so I decided to wear my favourite boots, my Acne Pistol ankle boots. Last time I wore these to the office I really enjoyed wearing them again. While they have a high heel they are so comfortable, and I had no issues wearing them last time on a quiet day in the office. This time round I ended up unexpectedly rushing around the office to and from meetings in these and by the end of the day I was wishing I'd picked flat shoes! My feet were comfortable, but my weak knee, used to wearing flats during pregnancy and on maternity leave, was a little sore as they are quite tall.

Knee problems aside, I loved everything else about this outfit. The pastel pink blazer works perfectly with the print on the dress, and it was fun carrying my Chloe paddington again. It was my first ever designer bag purchase, over 10 years ago!

Last worn: blush pink blazer, ruffle printed dress, Acne Pistol Boots, Chloe Paddington bag.

Other ways to wearblush pink blazer and olive tank, ruffle printed dress and red accessories, Acne Pistol Boots and bodycon dress, Chloe Paddington bag with graphic tee and jeans.

Perfect for pregnancy: blush blazer and maternity pencil skirt in third trimester, printed dress hiding 4 month baby bump, pistol boots in third trimesterChloe Paddington in first trimester.

Ruffle Detail Dresses Under $50:

What I wore:

jacquard blazer with pink ruffle neckline dress, gold mouse flats, Chloe paddy bag | AwayFromBlue

Chloe paddington gold hardware padlock bag in Brun chocolate brown 2007 | AwayFromTheBlue

awayfromblue instagram pink ruffle dress with yellow statement necklace business casual office wear spring
JacketJeanswest Cassandra jacquard jacket
NecklaceStarfish Project Veronica short yellow multi strand necklace
DressJeanswest deep pink ruffle neckline dress (updated version recently released)
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs metallic mouse flats (on sale in black!)
BagChloe Paddington in 2007 Brun

Why I wore it:

The colour of this dress is always so hard to capture! It's a really berry pink, looking hot pink and red in different lights. I thought the fun yellow statement necklace would look great with it, and the embellished blazer kind of has stripes on it for the 'team stripes' style challenge that day.

Surprised to look up and see that the last time I wore this dress was over 2 years ago though! No idea why it's been so long between wears.

I was wearing my trusty gold mouse flats instead of heels, which was definitely needed. As I shared on my Insta stories, daycare lost a lovey/comforter/snuggly whatever you want to call it. As we didn't have a backup, I had to rush around the city stores at lunch time trying desperately to find a replacement. Without any luck sadly! I was more than a little annoyed, especially as it's not the first time I've made this frantic shop!

Thankfully I liked my outfit, even if I did go home empty handed with no replacement cuddly toy. Daycare eventually found it again a couple days later. And we also now have a back up one!

Last worn: jacquard blazer, ruffle detail dress, gold mouse flats, Chloe Paddington bag (above).

Other ways to wearjacquard blazer and maxi skirt, ruffle detail dress and purple bag, gold mouse flats and skinny jeans, Chloe Paddington bag and printed pencil skirt.

Perfect for pregnancy: jacquard blazer in second trimester, mouse flats and maternity wrap dress, Chloe Paddington in second trimester.

Where To Buy a Chloe Paddington Bag:

While the Chloe Paddington is no longer in production, there are plenty of trusted places to get it second hand!

How You Can Wear It:

Need a quick and easy outfit for work? Grab a pretty dress and add a blazer and your fave bag, simple and professional!
If you're buying multiples of clothes for work, dresses are a good option. Different prints and colours make it look like a whole new outfit, even if they are the same style of dress, like the two in this post.

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Friday, 8 September 2017

Open Knits and Colourful Jeans with Converse and Cross Body Bags

It's spring now in Brisbane but I still have some older winter outfits like these to share.  A cosy knit and colourful jeans is a simple cold weather outfit. I didn't wear my knitted jumpers a lot over winter as dry clean or handwash only pieces aren't my first choice for wearing around two toddlers! They worked perfectly for work from home days when I do the daycare pick up / drop off.

What I wore:

SAHM style ombre open knit purple skinny jeans leopard print scarf white converse | AwayFromBlue

purple skinny jeans, Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene 30 speedy bandouliere | AwayFromTheBlue

awayfromblue ombre open knit purple skinny jeans leopard print scarf LV speedy instagram
ScarfASOS crinkle oversized leopard print scarf
JumperJeanswest 'Serena' ombre knit
JeansJeanswest blackberry super skinny jeans
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in white
Bracelets: the usual plus Roie Designs waxed leather cream howlite beaded wrap bracelet
BagLouis Vuitton Damier Ebene 30 speedy bandouliere

Why I wore it:

I absolutely loved this outfit - it's taken me a while to get around to posting it on the blog though! I wore this when it was really chilly in the middle of winter, so the extra scarf was necessary for the cold morning. I wasn't sure what scarf to wear with this at first, the purple jeans and ombre knit are a busy enough outfit on their own. I've worn the ombre knit with leopard print before though so I grabbed this one. I really liked the way this looked.

Nice and cosy (with a long sleeve tee under the open knit) and colourful with the purple jeans, but comfortable and quick to pull together in time for dropping the kids off at daycare before working from home for the rest of the day.

Last worn: leopard print scarfombre knit, purple skinny jeans, Converse, Louis Vuitton speedy bandouliere.

Other ways to wear: leopard print scarf and red shift dressombre knit and burgundy pantspurple skinny jeans with matching scarf, Converse and printed jeans, Louis Vuitton speedy bandouliere and maxi dress.

Perfect for pregnancy: ombre knit at 40 weeks pregnant, purple jeans in first trimester, Converse and dress in second trimester, speedy bandouliere and maternity pencil skirts.

Open Knit Jumpers Under $50:

What I wore:

Wildfox Couture rainbow dreamer Lennon distressed knit colourful winter red skinny jeans outfit | Away From Blue

Red skinny jeans, Rebecca Minkoff micro Regan satchel in Harvest Gold | Away From The Blue

awayfromblue instagram colourful winter rainbow knit red skinny jeans outfit
NecklaceUniquely Made with Love Sea Change necklace
JumperWildfox Couture rainbow dreamer Lennon distressed knit
Jeans: thrifted Emerson red skinny jeans
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in white
BagRebecca Minkoff micro Regan satchel in Harvest Gold

Why I wore it:

This distressed knit is either a love or a hate, I don't think there's any in-between! First time I wore it I shared that Baby Boy kept getting tangled in the distressed pieces. Last time I wore it I rolled and tucked to hide the distressing a little more. Since I didn't get a proper blog photo first time I wore it, I was eager to wear it in all its raw ripped glory again. A work from home day with the boys at daycare was the perfect chance - no little toddler hands grabbing and pulling on it! A day to myself meant I could wear a 'grown up' beaded necklace too, even if I did have to take it off in the evening as baby boy kept trying to play with it like he does with my teething necklaces.

I loved how colourful this outfit was with the rainbow knit, red skinny jeans and yellow bag. Felt a little 'wasted' as I only worked from home and didn't see many people, so I'm sure I'll wear this combination again next winter.

I feel a little sad when I look up the previous times I've worn these knits as they've been worn so rarely. I've actually downsized my jumper collection this year, rather than buying more. Usually June is a big spending month for me coming into winter and stocking up on winter pieces, but as I was doing my no-shop challenge I haven't added any wintery things. I'm sure I'll return to loving my knits more next winter when the boys are bigger, but right now I've been preferring layering up summer pieces and sticking to wearing things that are machine washable. Two toddlers can be messy!

Last worn: Wildfox Couture distressed knit, red skinny jeans, Converse (above), Rebecca Minkoff micro Regan.

Other ways to wearWildfox Couture distressed knit and maxi skirt, red skinny jeans and graphic tee, Converse and floral dress, Rebecca Minkoff micro Regan worn 30 ways.

Perfect for pregnancy: Converse and maternity denim shorts, skinny jeans in first trimester.

Colourful Jeans Under $50:

How You Can Wear It

Cold morning and in a rush? Grab a favourite knit, add some bright jeans and you're ready in an instant! I like the winter days where it's warm enough to just wear a jumper and jeans, it's the simplest and easiest outfit formula and keeps you cosy no matter what the day holds. Maybe just stick to machine washable knits if you're spending time with toddlers!

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Plain Henley Tops, Printed Jeans and Cosy Cardis: Winter SAHM Style

A plain top, printed jeans, a neutral cardigan and Converse makes an easy stay at home mum winter outfit.

I have a few long sleeve henley tops I packed away with my winter things that I've been trying to make an effort to wear again. In the last official month of winter I'm not sure I'll have many more chances to wear them!

What I wore:

black henley, belted knit cardigan, pink leopard print jeans, Converse | Away From Blue

pink leopard print, Rebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey  | Away From The Blue

@awayFromblue pink leopard print jeans instagram pic
Necklace: Nibbly Bits Feather pendant in peach (C/O)
TopJeanswest 'Tilda' black shirt
Jeans: Portmans pink leopard print skinny jeans
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in white
BagRebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey

Why I wore it:

If you saw my Insta stories you might know I was lucky enough to be given a few new teething necklaces by Dee from Nibbly Bits. This peach feather pendant is one of the ones I got, it goes nicely with a lot of outfits. I've shared my love for teething necklaces before, so I'm thankful to add some new ones to my wardrobe!

I love these pink leopard print jeans - I tend to wear them with grey a lot as I like pink and grey together but they look just as good with other neutrals like this black Henley. I actually ended up taking the cardigan off during the day - we went out to the local Quandamooka festival. While I didn't try a BBQ roo, croc or emu kebab we did enjoy walking around and meeting some of the boys' friends from daycare.

Unfortunately our lovely morning out turned into a stressful afternoon with an unexpected doctor's visit for Baby Boy - I was grateful for having the teething necklace on as it kept him amused in the waiting room.

Last worn: black belted cardigan, black henley top, pink leopard print jeans, white Converse, Rebecca Minkoff quilted Love bag.

Other ways to wearblack belted cardigan and skater dress, black henley top in the office, pink leopard print jeans with blue and yellow, white Converse and maxi dress, Rebecca Minkoff quilted Love bag and chambray.

Perfect for pregnancy: cardigan and hidden early baby bump, black top in second trimester, leopard print jeans in first trimester, Converse and maternity shorts, Rebecca Minkoff Love bag and maternity maxi dress.

Black and Grey Cardigans Under $50:

What I wore:

teal henley printed Sass & Bide skinny jeans converse wool maxi cardigan | AwayFromBlue

Rebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey | AwayFromTheBlue

@awayfromblue teal henley print mixing skinny jeans star print scarf
JacketJeanswest Alice longline Australian wool cardigan
Scarf: star print pashmina
TopJeanswest 'Aubrey' pintuck yoke henley in deep teal
JeansSass & Bide Playman skinny jeans
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in black
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey

Why I wore it:

A busy day! It was a little chilly in the morning when I wore this so I added the scarf. I thought this one wouldn't compete too much with the print on the jeans. While I loved the pop from the teal henley with the black and grey, I wasn't too sure about the scarf. Kept me warm though so met its purpose!

Had our local ABA meeting in the morning, but sadly we had to leave early to go to another doctor's appointment for baby boy. It's a shame as it was a good discussion topic too - talking about birth experiences and the first breastfeed. While my baby days are behind me, I think birth stories are fascinating, so many different ways our little ones make their arrivals into the world!

I'm so incredibly lucky to be able to return to work part time, but I am finding it difficult on my days off to cram everything in - the time goes so quickly! I know we will hit a rhythm soon. With winter coming to an end hopefully we will have less sickness and doctor visits too. I love our GP and everyone there at the surgery but it would be nice not to see them all so often.

Last worn: wool cardigan, star print scarf, teal henley, Sass & Bide printed jeans, Converse, Rebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag (above).

Other ways to wearwool cardigan and tall boots, star print scarf and shirt dress, teal henley and chambray skirt, Sass & Bide printed jeans worn two ways, Converse and purple jeans, Rebecca MInkoff Love cross body bag and blue kimonos.

Perfect for pregnancy: star print scarf in second trimester, teal henley and maternity pencil skirtConverse for second trimester travel, Rebecca Minkoff Love bag and maxi dresses in third trimester.

Printed Jeans Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

If you're not sure what to wear with a printed piece, go plain! If you have a pair of printed jeans, dress, or top, pick a simple basic to wear with them. In this case, I picked two plain henleys. One a nice neutral black against the colourful print, and the other a pop of teal colour with the black and grey.

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