Monday 11 December 2023

Floral Print Dresses and Burgundy Crossbody Bag | Weekday wear Link Up

For today's Weekday Wear Link Up, two floral dresses for the office, both accessorised with my little burgundy Rebecca Minkoff Avery crossbody bag.

What I wore:

Earrings: neutral clay disc earrings
Necklace: terrazzo and wood rose gold bead necklace
DressShein navy flower print flowy dress (c/o) 
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in white
Bracelets: the usual
BagRebecca Minkoff Avery crossbody bag in burgundy

Why I wore it:

This was a warm spring day so I appreciated the swing style of this dress, it's great in the heat! It also however developed another split along the seams after wearing it all day. I have lost count of how many times I have had to repair this dress! It's leaving my wardrobe now, I am done constantly repairing the stitching. I have lost count of how many times I've patched or restitched it. This is it's 18th wear. I was really trying to reach 30 wears with it to prove you could do that even with a fast fashion brand like Shein, but the quality isn't there. Even though I got this dress back in 2018, so I'd expect it to be a little higher quality than anything available from that brand at the moment.

Annoying failure of stitching side, I did like this outfit. The burgundy Avery crossbody bag is so nice with the red print on the dress, and I liked the way the neutral earrings and necklace looked together. Just can't keep repairing this dress over and over, it's definitely done.

Last worn: navy floral swing dress, neutral disc earrings, beaded necklace, white Converse, Rebecca Minkoff burgundy Avery crossbody bag.

Other ways to wearnavy floral swing dress and blazer, white Converse and jeans, Rebecca Minkoff burgundy Avery crossbody bag and matching jeans.

Perfect for pregnancyConverse in second trimester.

What I wore:

Necklace: engraved interlinked silver circle family name necklace
Dress: Kmart teal floral print midi dress
ShoesAsos Cleo leather boots in tan
BagRebecca Minkoff Avery crossbody bag in burgundy

Why I wore it:

This dress is only on it's 14th wear, but it's definitely going much stronger than the Shein dress above, as I haven't had to repair it at all yet. It was also only $12 at Kmart, so not exactly top of the range quality, ha! Kmart certainly isn't a trailblazer at paying a living wage to it's garment workers, but the company has been improving slightly to make some progress towards being more ethical (rating of 57 on ethical fashion guide). Shein on the other hand, doesn't even have a promise to work towards paying anyone in the supply chain a living wage. (Rating of 4/100)

I picked this dress to wear to work as it was another cool and rainy day. I added the boots too to be extra warm, although I regretted the decision in the afternoon. I left the office early to go see my sons get some awards at school, at which point the rain had stopped and the humidity was creeping up. I'd wished I hadn't worn the boots, as much as I'd loved them in the morning!

Tried something a little different with the burgundy bag with the teal floral dress. I've worn red bags with this dress before, so I knew I'd like these two colours together too.

Last worn: Kmart teal floral midi dress, silver personalised necklace, tall boots, Rebecca Minkoff Avery crossbody bag (above).

Other ways to wearKmart teal floral midi dress worn 2 ways, tall boots worn 30 ways, Rebecca Minkoff Avery crossbody bag and skirt.

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  1. Love both dresses so much! Sorry that you are done with the first one. The boho print is so pretty. Thanks for the link up Mica!

  2. I love all the floral looks here. And your bag is such a beautiful colour. I hope you’re having an amazing week so far.

  3. I love seeing you rewear your dresses and I love how changing accessories can change how they look.

  4. It's interesting to compare the quality/durability between the Shein dress and the Kmart dress - I think many people would put them in the same category, but clearly the Kmart dress is superior. Hard to believe how many times you had to repair the Shein one to even get it to 18 wears! It's a cute style, but if the quality is that poor, it's not worth it.

  5. I admire your commitment to trying to make the Shein dress reach 30 wears! I love the teal colour of the second dress, and the Minkoff burgundy bag.

  6. Both dresses are really pretty. It's a shame the first one is coming apart. I hope you find a replacement for it.

    Emma xxx

  7. Two gorgeous floral frocks, Mica! I can't decide which I love best, but as teal is a favourite colour of mine, I'll go with that one!
    I know, Shein doesn't have the best of reputations in that department and the quality seems to be quite deplorable too, judging from the Shein clothes I come across in the charity shops here ... xxx

  8. Both dresses are so nice. But it is annoying to have to restitch the one over and over.

  9. These are two beautiful floral dresses, Mica, and ideal for warm weather days! I think your burgundy bag looks fantastic with both outfits too.

    I hope you are having a great week so far!



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  10. That first dress is so so gorgeous. What a shame that it needed to be repaired so many times! I suppose you can only do that so many times before moving on from the item. Love the second outfit as well. I'm glad the quality is higher with that gorgeous dress!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  11. That first dress is super cute—the boho look suits you!
    Cheryl Shops |

  12. Thank you for the link-party, Mica! The first dress has a fantastic pattern - I've seen quite a lot of Shein in the thrift stores here and they do have great patterns and prints...BUT, the quality of the fabric is just...ugh, shudder. It's so gross, almost like pure plastic. I hope you will keep your eye out for a new/op-shop Bohemian style dress like this - you already know you like it, so Always Be Upgrading!

  13. What a bummer with all the repairs you've had to do to the first dress! I will say the quality is better now than it was! Love the second dress on you so much!

  14. You are rocking these dresses.


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