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30 Ways To Wear: Atmos&Here Slouchy Wine Purple V-Neck Tee

Continuing on with trying to make my #30wears posts a regular monthly feature this year. This month, I'm showing 30 different ways I've worn this beautiful deep purple wine v-neck tee from Atmos&Here.

30 Ways To Wear: Wine Purple V-Neck Tee

30 ways to wear atmos and here rolled sleeve slouchy deep purple wine tee awayfromtheblue

Cost Per Wear

I bought this tee back in October 2013, on sale for just $14.47, as I had an extra discount code. It's not the only slouchy soft rolled sleeve v-neck tee I have bought from Atmos&Here. I used to have a grey, black, and a striped one. This one, however, is the only one that I've manged to hit 30 wears with.

The super soft modal also has spandex in it which means that over the years, its stopped being so stretchy and more baggy as the spandex has worn away. Luckily this one seemed to hold its shape better than the others and I hit 31 wears with it, but it's been a lesson for me that if I want my clothes to last, pay attention to the fabric composition. I have a lot more cotton tees in my wardrobe now! Even if the extra stetch in this tee was helpful to see me through 2 pregnancies and very helpful in the breastfeeding days, I prefer just plain cotton tees now.

At 31 wears, it's now definitely too worn and stretched out to continue wearing, but still super soft, so will be a good pyjama top! It has had a low 47 cents cost per wear, and it's taught me a valuable lesson on paying attention to the fabric content of the things I buy, even if it's not something I'll be able to get a lot more wear from in future.

I don't have a lot of this deep wine-purple coloured burgundy in my wardrobe, so it's been interesting looking back to see how I have worn this. I like it a lot with black and other darker colours, but it has been worn with some brighter pairings too. Here are 30 different ways I've worn it over the 10 years it's been in my wardrobe.

Wine V-Neck Tee With Denim

5 ways to wear wine purple tee with denim awayfromtheblue

I don't think there can be a more classic combo than a v-neck tee and denim! Sometimes I'll pair this tee with jeans, or shorts, even denim skirts. With the plain block colour, printed jeans work too. As do sequins, wearing my awesome Haus of Queenie custom kimono in the middle there.

Deep Purple Tee With Floral Prints

4 floral outfit ideas with deep purple wine tee awayfromblue

I like throwing a cover up or duster on top of a denim and tee outfit, as I have here in these 4 outfits. A floral cover up is a great way to add more colour and print to a plain tee like this wine one.

Wine V-Neck Tee With Stripes

deep purple atmos here tee with stripes awayfromblue

As I've shown above I'm partial to florals, but stripes and even other prints like leopard work well against the plain dark background of this tee too!

Deep Purple Tee With Skirts

5 ways to wear wine purple tee with skirts awayfromblue

You saw the denim skirt with this wine tee above but it works with all other kinds of skirts, like a maxi skirt or with a pencil skirt for the office. I loved that it still fit over the bump with my maternity pencil skirt at the bottom there!

Wine Tee With Blue

wine tee with blue 3 outfits awayfromtheblue

Blue is my favourite colour and I'll wear it with everything. While this dark tee is a bit more burgundy than plain purple, living up to the 'wine' colour label well, I do still like wearing it with shades of blue just as I would with a purely purple tee. Different shades of blue in a scarf work well, and even a brighter turquoise like you can see in the middle of these outfits is good with the tee.

Deep Purple Tee With Grey

3 grey and wine skirt and tee outfit ideas awayfromtheblue

Of course if you're not sure what colour to wear with something, neutrals always work! This tee works well with grey skirts. I really like it with the grey skirt in the first and last outfits, so good I wore it twice! And it was nice to knot it over the grey tie-dye maxi dress in the middle there for something a little different.

Wine Tee With Other Shades Of Red

4 outfit ideas deep burgundy tee with other shades of red awayfromblue

I have tried now and then to be a little more adventurous with this tee. Pairing it with much brighter shades of red, and other lighter shades of burgundy. I've really liked the combination, done on a small scale with a little crossbody bag, or on a larger scale with a printed cover up or that striped maxi skirt in the third outfit.

Deep Purple Tee With Brights

wearing wine purple tee with orange and yellow awayfromtheblue

One unexpected combination I really ended up liking with this tee was adding a brighter piece against the deep wine purple shade. I really liked the wine with the rust orange skirts, and the little yellow bag and yellow print on the shorts in the second outfit there. It was a good way to lighten up this tee and I'm glad I gave the orange and burgundy colour scheme a try!

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  1. So pretty.

  2. It's a cute T. I'm sorry to hear that it's getting worn out.

  3. I love it how you can make the most out of any garment and turn it into the most versatile piece, that's super creative! <3

  4. Congrats on getting 30 wear on this top.

  5. It is such a great shirt. I love that you have been able to wear it so many different ways. Your style is always fabulous <3
    the creation of beauty is art.

  6. So many great outfits! Congrats on 30 wears. My favourite look is with the denim mini skirt.


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