Thursday 15 February 2024

Denim Skirts, Converse and Blazers With Blue 5-Zip Bag

Taking advantage of two quiet days in the office on each side of a long weekend to wear some denim skirts. These outfits would have been good causal Friday outfits back in the day, but every day in the office is even more casual than casual Friday now!

I did dress these simple tank and denim skirts outfits a little with blazers to look a little more professional, but there weren't a lot of people in the office before or after the long weekend that I had to worry about looking professional for.

What I wore:

Jacket: thrifted Valleygirl navy jersey blazer
Top: Target embroidered khaki tank
Skirt: Target classic denim skirt in white
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in white
Bracelets: the usual
Bagvintage original Rebecca Minkoff 5-zip in faded electric blue

Why I wore it:

I've worn this olive embroidered tank with white in the past, it's such a nice combination of neutrals. I added the white Converse too for a little matchy-matchy, and then the navy blazer as I like navy and olive together. The blue Rebecca Minkoff 5 zip bag seemed an obvious addition once I picked out the navy blazer. It was far too hot to wear the blazer for the commute, but with just a denim skirt and a tank in the office aircon, I appreciated the blazer very much when I was sitting at my desk!

Didn't wear a necklace with this as the tassels and the embroidered neckline on the tank added enough detail I felt. I did consider wearing some statement earrings too, but I was in a rush that morning and hadn't picked a pair to wear so skipped adding them.

Last worn: navy blazer, olive embroidered tank, white denim skirt, white Converse, Rebecca Minkoff 5 zip bag.

Other ways to wearnavy blazer and pencil skirt, olive embroidered tank and maxi skirt, white denim skirt with pink, white Converse and jeans, Rebecca Minkoff 5 zip bag and leopard print.

Perfect for pregnancyConverse in second trimester

What I wore:

Jacketthrifted Zara black blazer
Earrings: blue and yellow daisy resin earrings
Necklace: adjustable coral flat bead necklace
Tank: Jeanswest Elissa leaf print tank
Skirt: thrifted Target black stretch denim skirt
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in black
Bracelets: the usual
Bagvintage original Rebecca Minkoff 5-zip in faded electric blue

Why I wore it:

Another simple tank and denim skirt outfit. This time I went matchy-matchy with the black denim skirt, black Converse, and a black blazer to balance out the mix of colours in the print of the tank. With the navy fern print, again the Rebecca Minkoff 5 zip bag was a good choice, with the shades of blue not exactly matching, but close enough that I liked the tank and bag together.

The coral necklace was a different shade from the red in the print, as is the bright blue daisy earrings, but with all the black I felt the outfit needed a little extra brightness.

It was another day I shed the blazer as soon as I took these blog photos - such a humid summer day! It was nice to spend the day in the aircon at the office, blazer firmly back on.

Last worn: black blazer, daisy earrings, coral necklace, fern print tank, black denim skirt, black Converse, Rebecca Minkoff 5 zip bag (above).
Other ways to wearblack blazer and jeans, fern print tank worn two ways, black denim skirt and leopard print, black Converse and shorts, Rebecca Minkoff 5 zip bag and shorts.

Perfect for pregnancy: black blazer in third trimester, Converse in second trimester.

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  1. Blazers are such an awesome way to add a little 'profesh' to an office look, especially in these casual times! Both of these are classy outfits - comfortable but also sharp. Your eye for details remains excellent, Mica!

  2. Both of these looks are gorgeous! I love the way you make these denim skirts look extra fabulous. It's super smart to layer pieces so you can be comfortable outside and in the AC!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  3. Prefect causal office looks. I can see myself wearing these outfit.

  4. I also like to combine blazers with Converse. :)

  5. The second look is my favorite.


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