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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Grey Tees, Maxi Skirts, and Tesalate Towel

A good fail-safe wardrobe option for me is a grey tee. With all of the printed pieces in my wardrobe, grey tees are staple pieces I can always pull out when I'm not sure what to wear with something. With brightly coloured printed maxi skirts like the ones I'm wearing before, a grey tee is a simple choice.

What I wore:

slouchy grey teem boho red printed maxi skirt, yellow micro regan bag, SAHM errand style | away from blue

silver bracelet stack, Rebecca Minkoff micro Regan satchel in Harvest Gold | away from the blue

awayfromblue instagram slouchy boho outfit grey tee red printed maxi skirt
Necklace: Happiness Boutique turquoise and coral pendant necklace (C/O)
TeeMarc by Marc Jacobs blossom pocket tee in grey
Skirt: thrifted Billabong red printed maxi skirt
ShoesRebecca Minkoff Georgina studded gladiator sandals in blush
BagRebecca Minkoff micro Regan satchel in Harvest Gold

Why I wore it:

I realised I hadn't worn this grey tee for a while and decided to give it a last wear. When I'm not sure about something in my wardrobe or it's been so long between wears, 'the last wear' lets me find out if I still love something and it deserves to stay, or if it needs to leave my wardrobe. I had such mixed opinions about this when I wore it though! Wasn't too happy with it in the photos, but it is so soft, comfortable and I felt great in it all day. It's staying in my wardrobe for now.

I want to try it with something other than this maxi skirt - as I've mentioned before it's a slightly too long thrift find that I just roll up and wear higher on my waist so it's a lot of bulk together with a slouchy tee. I will need to get this skirt tailored, I'm sure it's a keeper now!

Wore this to run a few errands with the boys. I've worn yellow and red together before, and again I really liked the combination. I think the mustard yellow micro Regan bag works nicely with the bright red of the maxi skirt.

Last worn: grey pocket tee, red printed maxi skirt, studded sandals, Rebecca Minkoff micro Regan bag.

Other ways to weargrey pocket tee in winter, red printed maxi skirt and blue tee, studded sandals worn 30 ways, Rebecca Minkoff micro Regan bag worn 30 ways.

Perfect for pregnancy: grey pocket tee in second trimester.

Grey Tees Under $50:

What I wore:

grey tee, printed maxi skirt, louis vuitton neverfull beach bag outfit | awayfromblue

Louis Vuitton MM damier azur neverfull | awayfromtheblue

awayfromblue instagram Tesalate 'this is love' towel sand free
Hat: Big W bow detail sunhat
Tee: Spectrum basic v-neck tee in grey marl
Bikini: Kiargo 'Captains Bridge' striped bikini
Skirt: thrifted tribal print maxi skirt
Shoesslim gold Havaianas
BagLouis Vuitton MM damier azur neverfull

Why I wore it:

Wore this for a much-needed relaxing beach day the week before Christmas. My first weekend after finishing up at work for the Christmas break, so some sun was just what was needed.  I'd attempted no-heat curls the night before by plaiting my hair, but as you might have seen on Insta stories it didn't work too well! I ended up throwing my very frizzy and not at all curly hair up into a messy bun and hiding it under my sun hat at the beach. I got the chance to try out my new Tesalate towel at the beach too! They kindly sent me one, the 'this is love' towel.

Tesalate towels are 'sand free', and I was surprised to find that this claim is actually true! I tried to take a video showing how easy it was to flick the sand off the towel, but with my hands full with two toddlers it didn't happen. Trust me, it is sand free. No sand sticks to it, even wet sand. It washed well too.
The only downside is that after we went to the kid's water play area and sat down on the grass to dry off, it accumulated a few leaves on the underside of the towel. So it's good for not taking a bunch of sand home with you, but watch out for leaves and twigs!

I picked the grey tee to wear as I wanted something easy to throw on over my bikini, it was perfect. And my Louis Vuitton neverfull is frequently selected as my beach bag. It's nice to have a big bag to throw everything in when it doesn't fit in the baby bag which is filled with all the usual things plus towels for everyone! (That's another bonus of the Tesalate towel, it folds up so small!).

Last worn: sun hatgrey tee, striped Kiargo bikini, tribal print maxi skirt, gold Havaianas, Louis Vuitton damier azur neverfull.

Other ways to wear: sunhat and tunicgrey tee and skinny jeans, tribal print maxi skirt, Louis Vuitton neverfull and wrap dress.

Perfect for pregnancygrey tee and maternity pencil skirt, Louis Vuitton damier azur neverfull at 38 weeks.

Printed Maxi Skirts Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

If you have a printed skirt you're not sure what to pair it with, try a grey tee. It's a classic neutral that goes with everything. Perfect for a casual relaxed day at the beach, or a busy morning running errands.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Denim Shorts, Kimonos, Fitted Tanks and Rebecca Minkoff Bags

Two incredibly similar outfits for dealing with the summer heat. Denim shorts, fitted tanks, printed kimonos and Rebecca Minkoff cross body bags.

I've written before about the lack of confidence I had wearing my fitted tanks after my last pregnancy. Since I've decided to embrace the mum-tum in fitted items just as much as I do in my bikini, I've been looking for more changes to wear the large collection of colourful tanks I have. They do make an easy outfit when paired with denim shorts and kimonos too.

What I wore:

Summer kimono denim shorts style grey tank silver bag | Away From Blue

Roie Designs pearl, howlite and hematite beaded bracelets, Rebecca Minkoff silver mini MAC bag | Away From The Blue
SunglassesRay-Ban new Wayfarers
JacketNew Look Petite print kimono
Necklace: Ruby Olive Softies Ava elephant pendant teething necklace
Tank: ASOS grey singlet
ShortsJeanswest printed denim shorts
ShoesRebecca Minkoff Georgina studded gladiator sandals in blush (on sale!)
Bracelets: the usual plus Roie Designs pearl, howlite and hematite beaded bracelets
BagRebecca Minkoff metallic silver mini MAC (on sale in gold!)
NailsOPI Breakfast at Tiffany collection 'I got the mean reds' and 'Sunrise...bedtime'

Why I wore it:

Although this is a simple outfit, it met a lot of style challenges for the day on Instagram. I liked the printed shorts with the printed kimono too, I wasn't sure it would work at first but was happy when I put it on. The shorts have such a subtle print they are easy to wear, and it's not the first time I've worn them with a printed kimono.

This was perfect for a hot day with a couple of errands, Baby Boy's weekly weigh in appointment and then spending the afternoon with my mum.

Took the chance to wear my pretty new Roie Designs bracelets I wore previously here. However I had to take them off when Baby Boy got a little too messy with his pumpkin for lunch - as I was terrified the tassel would get stained. Might need to wait until he's a little less of a messy eater before I can wear it again!

Last worn: Ray-Ban Wayfarer, blue printed kimono, ASOS grey tank, printed denim shorts, studded Georgina sandals, Rebecca Minkoff metallic mini MAC bag.

Other ways to wearblue printed kimono worn with green, ASOS grey singlet and red jeans, printed denim shorts with blue and purple, studded Georgina sandals and maxi dress, Rebecca Minkoff metallic bag and metallic tank.

Denim Shorts Under $50:

What I wore:

Hat: Big W bow detail sunhat
JacketSomedays Lovin' Yakuza print kimono
Necklace: Nibbly Bits Wilma teething necklace in pale daffodil
SingletJeanswest Jenni basic singlet in Emerald green
Shorts: Jeanswest denim cuff shorts
ShoesRebecca Minkoff Georgina studded gladiator sandals in blush (on sale!)
BagRebecca Minkoff micro Regan satchel in Harvest Gold (on sale!)

Why I wore it:

This was what I wore to celebrate Australia Day. I knew I wanted to wear green and gold, although just like when I celebrated Chinese New Year my accessories weren't completely gold... managed to meet a few style challenge on Instagram too.

This was a nice comfortable outfit for a picnic by the lake. Almost every year since we've lived in our current house, we've had an annual Australia Day BBQ. This year it all seemed like a little too much to organise, especially after Baby Boy's recent stay in hospital. A quiet picnic (with Subway sandwiches!) was a much better idea for this year.

I really liked the yellow accessories with this bright green tank. I've worn the mustard yellow bag with khaki green before, and liked the combination then too. It's good to have other colour combinations to wear with green after being so unsure how to wear it for many years!

Last worn: sun hat, Somedays Lovin' kimono, green tank, denim shorts, Rebecca Minkoff studded gladiator sandals (above), micro Regan bag in harvest gold.

Other ways to wearsun hat and boho outfit, Somedays Lovin' kimono and maxi skirt, green tank and baby bump, denim shorts and print mixing, Rebecca Minkoff studded gladiator sandals and shirt dress, yellow cross body bag and pink dress.

Kimonos Under $50:

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Navy Embroidered Tunic and Balenciaga Day Bags

Just before Christmas, my mum got me this beautiful Caroline Morgan navy embroidered tunic. She has such good taste. While it's impossible to breastfeed in, it's so beautiful I had to wear it right away. I wore it similarly both times although it was for different occasions.

What I wore:

navy embroided tunic over bermunda denim shorts magenta pink pop bag | AwayFromBlue

navy tunic, Balenciaga Day bag in 2005 magenta | AwayFromTheBlue
Sunnies:  Ray-Ban new Wayfarers
Necklace: Ruby Olive Softies Charlotte teething necklace
Top: Caroline Morgan navy embroidered tunic (gifted)
ShortsJeanswest Trinity Bermuda denim shorts (currently on sale!)
ShoesWittner 'Jasmarie' studded sandals
BagBalenciaga Day bag in 2005 magenta (20% off with code 'WINTER')
Nails: OPI Koala Bear-y

Why I wore it:

This was perfect for the first wear. I really like the embroidery, and the navy colour makes my magenta Balenciaga bag really pop. I love wearing this bag with blue.

The tunic came with a cute little braided belt which I used to pull it up a bit and make it a little shorter. I was wearing my long shorts underneath but wanted them to be clearly seen as I felt it would look a little odd if people thought I as grocery shopping in just a super short dress! Petite problems, ha! Really liked the look of the tunic belted too. Wasn't completely convinced this was the best necklace to wear with it, but doesn't look too bad in the photos.

Last worn: Ray-Ban Wayfarerdenim bermuda shorts, studded sandals, Balenciaga magenta Day bag. First time I've worn the tunic.

Other ways to wearbermuda shorts and slouchy tee, studded sandals and kimono, Balenciaga magenta Day bag and winter layers.

Embroidered tunics under $50:

More Balenciaga Day bags:

What I wore:

Balenciaga giant hardware Day bag in 2009 tempete | Away From The Blue
Hat: Big W bow detail sunhat
Top: Caroline Morgan navy embroidered tunic
ShortsJeanswest printed denim shorts
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
Bag: Balenciaga giant hardware Day bag in 2009 tempete
NailsOPI Breakfast at Tiffany collection 'I got the mean reds' and 'Sunrise...bedtime'

Why I wore it:

Wore the tunic with denim shorts again for the second time. We decided a few days prior to head down the coast for a pool party. This was a perfect bikini cover up, and I used the belt again to pull the tunic up just a little to show off the shorts underneath. I think I liked the blouson effect in the first photo more, but this didn't stay on long before we were in the pool. Meant I didn't really add any accessories to this, just a nice simple pool party outfit.

Again another Balenciaga day bag! It really is my favourite Balenciaga style, and as I wasn't taking a bag poolside I didn't have to worry about it getting wet.

Last worn: sun hat, embroidered tunic (above), printed denim shorts, Havaianas, Balenciaga tempete day bag.

Other ways to wearsun hat and maxi dress, printed shorts and printed kimono, Balenciaga tempete day bag and skinny jeans.

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Friday, 27 January 2017

Summer Maxis, Sun Hat and Louis Vuitton Bags

Hats aren't really my thing. I only have two. A sun hat and a knitted beanie for winter that I won a couple years ago. Hats make a great accessory, but as I'm not a hat person I only use them practically. The sun hat I'm wearing below was a bargain Big W buy a few years ago and it's perfect for a little extra sun protection when I'm spending the day in the summer sun.

What I wore:

Kmart Tropicana sleeveless tiered maxi dress, sun hat, Louis Vuitton Neverfull | Away From Blue

Louis Vuitton MM damier azur neverfull | Away From The Blue
Hat: Big W bow detail sunhat
Dress: Kmart Tropicana sleeveless tiered maxi dress
Bikini: Funkita Colour Love Stripes bikini
Shoesslim gold Havaianas
BagLouis Vuitton MM damier azur neverfull

Why I wore it:

A much more casual outfit with this pretty maxi dress I bought in December. Wore it over my bikini for a day by the beach. The bikini is covered up, but this is what it looks like.

It was a little windy and the sea was a bit rough so after letting Baby Boy experience the ocean and sand for the first time we ended up letting the boys play in the wading pool by the beach instead. This dress was perfect for taking off and on as I got in and out of the water with the boys. Last time I wore it I mentioned the straps were sliding off a lot, didn't notice it as much this time.

It's the second time I've worn this dress and I'm reviewing everything I buy after wearing it twice in a month to see if I'm making useful purchases.

This dress was a complete impulse buy. I only bought it after seeing it on a couple of people I follow on Instagram. I don't really need another maxi dress but it was nice to have something new to wear for Christmas day. I used to always have a new dress to wear for Christmas, but haven't been doing it much the past few years.

I don't need any more dresses and probably would have just walked by this in the store if I hadn't seen it on instagram first, but I know it's going to get a lot of wear so I'm pleased I bought it. Even if it wasn't a thought out purchase I do wear maxi dresses often so it will get used.

Last worn: woven sun hat, tropicana maxi dress, gold Havaianas, Louis Vuitton Neverfull.

Other ways to wear: sun hat and shorts, tropicana maxi dress at Christmas, Louis Vuitton Neverfull and a pencil skirt.

Bow Detail Sun Hats Under $50:

What I wore:

sun hat, metallic tank, chambray denim maxi skirt Louis Vuitton speedy bandouliere Summer picnic outfit | AwayFromBlue

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene 30 speedy bandouliere | AwayFromTheBlue
Hat: Big W bow detail sunhat
Necklace: Nibbly Bits Abacus teething necklace in pop
Tank:  Jeanswest Maji metallic tank in soft green and silver (extra 30% off sale price!)
SkirtNoisy May long denim maxi skirt
ShoesRebecca Minkoff Georgina studded gladiator sandals in blush (on sale!)
BagLouis Vuitton Damier Ebene 30 speedy bandouliere
Nails: OPI Breakfast at Tiffany collection

Why I wore it:

Another day in the sun, another chance to wear my hat! We had a picnic in the park with the in-laws, eating leftover Christmas food and enjoying the lovely weather from the shade of a tree. This maxi skirt was perfect - the chambray was light enough that it didn't make me too warm, but it kept my legs away from the sun nicely.

I'd been wanting to pair this skirt and tank together since buying the tank. I really liked this combination, perfect for a relaxing picnic.

Last worn: sun hat (above), metallic tank, chambray maxi skirt, studded sandals, Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere.

Other ways to wearsun hat and printed dress, metallic tank and shorts, chambray maxi skirt in winter, studded sandals and chambray dress, Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere and long cardigan.

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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

6 Ways to Wear: Fringe Cross Body 'India' Bag from Sash & Belle

First up, a sale!

Spend $250+ Save 15%
Spend $500+ Save 20%
Spend $1000+ Save 25%


A while back Alison from Sydney Fashion Hunter contacted me and asked if I'd like to be involved in the "sisterhood of the travelling bag". Of course you know any mention of handbags has me interested!

Today's post features a few different ways to wear this Sash & Belle India black fringe bag. Check out Alison at Sydney Fashion Hunter and Kirsty from Geelong Fashionista to read more about how they've styled the bag in NSW and VIC.

What I wore:

AwayFromBlue | Boho Fringed cross body bag tie dye maxi dress third trimester

AwayFromTheBlue | Sash & Belle India fringed cross body bag in black
Hat: Big W bow detail sunhat
Necklace: Australian coin and crest necklace layered with Roie Designs feather, quartz and love charm long necklace
DressJeanswest 'Elodie' tie dye grey jersey maxi dress
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
Bracelets: the usual plus Roie Designs black leather Swarovski beaded wrap bracelet
Bag: Sash & Belle India fringed cross body bag in black (C/O)

Why I wore it:

I felt a fringed bag would look great with a boho outfit, and thought of wearing this blue dress or this chambray one, but sadly they couldn't accommodate a third trimester baby bump! While the tie dye maxi dress was my third choice, I really liked this outfit in the end. We went out to a community festival, so I thought the hat was a great idea to be sun-safe, although I didn't need it as they had a lot of stalls indoors. Toddler T had a great time running around, and I was suitably comfortable walking around all morning in my maxi dress.

Last worn: sun hat, tie dye maxi dress, Havaianas. First time I've worn the bag.

Other ways to wearsun hat and denim shorts, tie dye maxi dress without a baby bump. See below for more ways to wear a fringed bag.

6 Ways to Wear the Sash & Belle India Fringe Bag:

Of course I couldn't pass up the chance to share the love and let the bag do a little travelling within Queensland...the strap is removable and adjustable so you can wear it a few different ways, as demonstrated by the stylish model and my fellow bloggers below.

Kirsty is a new mum and has been blogging  at Geelong Fashionista since November 2012 and her blog centers on her love of fashion by featuring outfits she has styled, sharing trends and providing advice on living a creative, inspired and stylish life. You can find Kirsty on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and PinterestSee her full outfit here.

Allison is the blogger behind Sydney Fashion Hunter. She is a globetrotting, bargain hunting, shoe loving, designer handbag toting, fun loving Aussie who lives life with a sense of humour and a wine glass in hand! See her full outfit here.

Shop more great fringe bags under $200:

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Monday, 26 October 2015

Frocktober: Balenciaga Bags and SAHM Casual Daytime and Evening Printed Dresses

Continuing on with the Frocktober outfits. I'm doing a #31Days31DifferentDresses challenge and wearing a different dress every day in October to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research.

Every donation helps! Thank you to everyone who is donating to this great cause.

What I wore:

Away From The Blue | Second Trimester Striped tee dress scarf beanie ankle boots Bal part time

Away From The Blue Blog | Balenciaga part time in black 2010 with SGH
Hat: white knitted beanie 
ScarfAlexander McQueen modal skull scarf in white/pink
DressAtmos&Here navy stripe tee dress
ShoesAsos airtime leather Chelsea boots in tan
Bracelets: the usual plus Edenborough Evans 'Ivy' silver cuff
BagBalenciaga part time in black 2010 with SGH

Why I wore it:

It was a little chilly, so perfect time to wear one of my warmest dresses. And since it was Hat Day too, I was able to meet the #myStyleOctober challenge of 'hattitude' by wearing a cosy beanie. Layered up with a scarf as well as it got quite cold with the wind and rain.

I was so grateful to be wearing this dress, and not just for the extra warmth. The dress has a longer hem in the back that comes in helpful for toddler wrangling. I spent the morning at the accountants getting my tax done, having had to take toddler T along with me. Although he did sit there quietly 'reading' a book most of the time, every now and then he'd try running around. He managed to drop down and crawl under the accountant's desk at one stage!

Last worn: knitted beanie, skull scarf, striped tee dress, Chelsea ankle boots, Balenciaga Part Time bag.

Other ways to wearknitted beanie in the office, pink skull scarf with blue and teal, striped tee dress in winter, Chelsea ankle boots and jeans, Balenciaga Part Time bag and denim.

Shop more Balenciaga bags:

What I wore:

Away From The Blue | Snake Print Halter Neck Maxi Dress dressed down for daytime denim jacket balenciaga city

AwayFromTheBlue Blog | Balenciaga RH classic city in 2010 sorbet pink
Jacket: Bubblegum denim jacket
NecklaceTai gold alphabet necklace
DressJeanswest grey snake print maxi dress
Shoes: Ikwetta 'Circles of life' sandals (C/O)
Bracelets: the usual plus Roie Designs black leather Swarovski beaded wrap bracelet
BagBalenciaga RH classic city in 2010 sorbet

Why I wore it:

We went out for dinner in the evening with hubby's family, so I figured I'd wear one of my 'dressiest' dresses for the occasion. I'm trying to plan out the month so I'm not left with something completely inappropriate to wear near the end! Dinner out seemed like the best time to wear such a formal dress.

We weren't doing much earlier the day though, so I tried to dress this down a little, and settled on the denim jacket and casual bag. I've been wearing my Balenciaga bags a bit lately!

This dress hasn't been worn much - it's been almost 10 months since I last wore it! It's definitely staying in my wardrobe though. I just don't wear it much as I keep it for more formal occasions. I think it's perfectly okay to only wear a floor length formal dress a couple times a year. I expect my 'everyday' wardrobe to get worn a lot more though!

Last week I shared about the Shopbop sale, so I wanted to share with you all what I bought too. I picked up a couple things, after feeling like treating myself as I ended up doing #noSpenderSpetember!

What I bought:

Last worn: Ray-Ban Wayfarer, denim jacket, snake print maxi dress, Ikwetta sandals, Balenciaga sorbet city bag.

Other ways to weardenim jacket and a maxi skirt, snake print maxi dress at 39 weeks pregnantIkwetta sandals and a maxi skirt, pink Balenciaga sorbet city bag in the office.

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Monday, 27 July 2015

Corporate Style In Winter: Knitted Beanie, Burberry Cashmere Scarf and Ankle Boots

Commuting early in the morning in the coldest days of winter has meant I've been reaching for warmer accessories for the trip to and from work. The knitted beanie I'm wearing below was part of a competition prize from the PoshLadyIndigo style challenge I did a few months ago. I'm not much of a hat person, although I have started enjoying wearing sunhats more in summer. It's been so cold this beanie has been perfect to keep me cosy, especially paired with my Burberry cashmere scarf.

What I wore:

Burgundy skinny pants ankle boots trench winter corporate style

Marc By Marc Jacobs Classic Q Fran bag in carob brown with burgundy pants
Hat: white knitted beanie (competition prize)
Jacket: Barkins beige trench coat 
ScarfBurberry cashmere tartan scarf
Shirt: Zara star print shirt
PantsJeanswest 'Fiona' skinny leg pant in shiraz
ShoesAsos airtime leather Chelsea boots in tan
BagMarc By Marc Jacobs Classic Q Fran bag with gold hardware in carob brown

Why I wore it:

It was so cold I knew I would be wearing these pants again! I am so glad I decided to wear them to the office one day as part of the style challenge I was doing, it's given me a great option for cooler days. Especially after throwing out all my other (ill-fitting) work pants during my wardrobe detox. I've not been able to find any new pairs, although with #noBuyJuly15 I haven't been looking too hard!

I was looking through my wardrobe wondering what top to wear with the pants when I saw this shirt in my wardrobe that hadn't been worn in a while. I remembered it being quite warm when I last wore it in summer, so it seemed like a good choice for winter!

As it's the second time I've worn the boots, and I'm trying to wear everything twice in the month after buying it to reflect on how it's working for me, my purchase review:
I like these boots. I don't love them, but they fit the gap I had in my shoe wardrobe of a neutral flat pair of ankle boots. I love my Pistol boots but lately I've been wanting flat shoes more often. With an old knee injury wearing heels to the office a couple of times a week is as much as I can take. These boots are comfortable and practical for life with baby, so I'm glad I bought them. Plus they were on sale!

Last worn: beige trench, Burberry tartan scarf, star print shirt, burgundy skinny pants, Asos Chelsea ankle boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs Fran bag. First time I've worn the beanie.

Other ways to wearbeige trench with a printed dress, Burberry tartan scarf with a star print dress, star print shirt with gold jeans, burgundy pants in warmer weather, Chelsea ankle boots with a maxi skirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs Fran bag at 40 weeks pregnant.

More beanies and scarves to keep you cosy:

What I wore:

knitted beanie tartan scarf cobalt leather jacket black white office wear winter

Marc By Marc Jacobs Classic Q Fran bag with gold hardware in carob brown
Hat: white knitted beanie (competition prize)
JacketWittner 'Santa Fe' cobalt blue leather jacket
ScarfBurberry cashmere tartan scarf
Top: white vintage knit jumper from my mum's wardrobe
SkirtJeanswest zip detail ponte pencil skirt
ShoesRMK Chester black ankle boots
BagMarc By Marc Jacobs Classic Q Fran bag with gold hardware in carob brown

Why I wore it:

As the knitted beanie and cashmere scarf kept me warm previously, I wore them again! All out of pants for work though so had to go with fleece lined tights and ankle boots.

The white jumper I've never worn on before. I got it from one of my mum's wardrobe clear outs. I have a few things from her wardrobe! A while back she brought over a big bag and I went through them all before she donated the rest. I was keeping this for a cold day, so it was the perfect time to bring it out. Decided to go with the blue leather jacket as it gives me a chance to wear it without baby (reducing the risk of any more unfortunate accidents) and I wanted to add some colour to the black and white outfit.

Last worn: beanie (above), cobalt blue leather jacket, Burberry cashmere scarf (above), black pencil skirt, black leather ankle boots, MbMJ Fran bag (above). First time I've worn the white jumper.

Other ways to wearcobalt blue leather jacket with a printed dress, Burberry scarf with pink, black pencil skirt with a polka dot top, ankle boots and a maxi dress, MbMJ Fran bag with a maxi skirt.

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Friday, 6 February 2015

Sunny Sightseeing: Sun Hat, Skirt and Shorts. Snake Print Tee

Two outfits with my cute sun hat. With my grandparents visiting and lovely weather, we were out taking advantage of the sun, but trying not to get burnt. The hat was a bargain Big W find a while back, it's really helpful for sun protection. It's made me become more of a hat person too!

Here's what I wore to go to the beach:
Stylish sun hat maxi skirt beach outfit Aussie Blogger
Hat: Big W bow detail sunhat
Necklace: Nibbly Bits Abacus necklace in pop
TankJeanswest 'Jenni' singlet in indigo blue (on sale here!)
SkirtAsos colour block maxi skirt in red (on sale!)
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs

The style challenge was 'stand tall heels and colour block'. I can't really wear heels with baby T, they are not the most practical footwear, so I only managed half of this challenge with the colour block maxi skirt. Decided to wear a colourful tank too, to be really colourful for the challenge. I tried on a few and I decided this blue one looked best, what do you think? Nice and comfortable and colourful for a bit of a road trip down to NSW to spend some time at the beach.

I ran out of time in the morning to take my usual picture in the yard, so thanks to my sister for snapping this one for me! Although I've been doing the tourist thing with my grandparents and we've been to lots of beautiful places, I've found it easiest to get my outfit pics in the morning before I go out, rather than worrying all day about where would be a good spot for photos. Leaves me free to take pictures of baby T and his great grandparents while we are out instead. Before baby I would have taken advantage of getting lots of nice new backgrounds to take outfit photos in, but I'm finding it easier to stick with taking photos in the back yard for now.

Last worn: sun hat, blue singlet, colour block maxi skirt, Havaianas.

Here's what I wore to go swimming at South Bank:
Sun hat denim shorts grey printed tee casual beach outfit south bank
Hat: Big W bow detail sunhat
Necklace: Nibbly Bits Wilma necklace in pale daffodil
Tee: Cotton On oversized snake print tee
ShortsJeanswest denim cuff shorts
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
BagLouis Vuitton Damier Ebene 30 speedy bandouliere (with Coach feather bag charm)

Wore this outfit to meetup with my family for a day of swimming at South Bank.  The sleeves were good for covering up my sunburnt shoulders and back after the previous day at the beach! My own fault for not re-applying sunscreen. Baby T is covered head to toe regularly, but I often forget to reapply my own. The hat was helpful for blocking some sun too.

The style challenge was 'bring out the animal in you', so I wanted to wear something with animal print. This tee has been neglected in my wardrobe for a while, it's only been worn four times in the 3 years I've had the blog. I like the loose fit and the print. I don't like how low-cut the arm holes are, meaning I always have to wear a layering singlet underneath. Ideal for having a breastfeeding singlet underneath, not so good for hot days where you don't need to layer!

Despite how much I do like this top, I don't wear it enough and so it's leaving my wardrobe. I definitely have a lot of grey tees, so I'm sure I won't miss this one!

Leaving my wardrobe: Cotton On grey snake print tee

Last worn: sunhat (above) snake print tee, denim shorts, Havaianas (above), Louis Vuitton Speedy B.

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