Friday, 27 January 2017

Summer Maxis, Sun Hat and Louis Vuitton Bags

Hats aren't really my thing. I only have two. A sun hat and a knitted beanie for winter that I won a couple years ago. Hats make a great accessory, but as I'm not a hat person I only use them practically. The sun hat I'm wearing below was a bargain Big W buy a few years ago and it's perfect for a little extra sun protection when I'm spending the day in the summer sun.

What I wore:

Kmart Tropicana sleeveless tiered maxi dress, sun hat, Louis Vuitton Neverfull | Away From Blue

Louis Vuitton MM damier azur neverfull | Away From The Blue
Hat: Big W bow detail sunhat
Dress: Kmart Tropicana sleeveless tiered maxi dress
Bikini: Funkita Colour Love Stripes bikini
Shoesslim gold Havaianas
BagLouis Vuitton MM damier azur neverfull

Why I wore it:

A much more casual outfit with this pretty maxi dress I bought in December. Wore it over my bikini for a day by the beach. The bikini is covered up, but this is what it looks like.

It was a little windy and the sea was a bit rough so after letting Baby Boy experience the ocean and sand for the first time we ended up letting the boys play in the wading pool by the beach instead. This dress was perfect for taking off and on as I got in and out of the water with the boys. Last time I wore it I mentioned the straps were sliding off a lot, didn't notice it as much this time.

It's the second time I've worn this dress and I'm reviewing everything I buy after wearing it twice in a month to see if I'm making useful purchases.

This dress was a complete impulse buy. I only bought it after seeing it on a couple of people I follow on Instagram. I don't really need another maxi dress but it was nice to have something new to wear for Christmas day. I used to always have a new dress to wear for Christmas, but haven't been doing it much the past few years.

I don't need any more dresses and probably would have just walked by this in the store if I hadn't seen it on instagram first, but I know it's going to get a lot of wear so I'm pleased I bought it. Even if it wasn't a thought out purchase I do wear maxi dresses often so it will get used.

Last worn: woven sun hat, tropicana maxi dress, gold Havaianas, Louis Vuitton Neverfull.

Other ways to wear: sun hat and shorts, tropicana maxi dress at Christmas, Louis Vuitton Neverfull and a pencil skirt.

Bow Detail Sun Hats Under $50:

What I wore:

sun hat, metallic tank, chambray denim maxi skirt Louis Vuitton speedy bandouliere Summer picnic outfit | AwayFromBlue

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene 30 speedy bandouliere | AwayFromTheBlue
Hat: Big W bow detail sunhat
Necklace: Nibbly Bits Abacus teething necklace in pop
Tank:  Jeanswest Maji metallic tank in soft green and silver (extra 30% off sale price!)
SkirtNoisy May long denim maxi skirt
ShoesRebecca Minkoff Georgina studded gladiator sandals in blush (on sale!)
BagLouis Vuitton Damier Ebene 30 speedy bandouliere
Nails: OPI Breakfast at Tiffany collection

Why I wore it:

Another day in the sun, another chance to wear my hat! We had a picnic in the park with the in-laws, eating leftover Christmas food and enjoying the lovely weather from the shade of a tree. This maxi skirt was perfect - the chambray was light enough that it didn't make me too warm, but it kept my legs away from the sun nicely.

I'd been wanting to pair this skirt and tank together since buying the tank. I really liked this combination, perfect for a relaxing picnic.

Last worn: sun hat (above), metallic tank, chambray maxi skirt, studded sandals, Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere.

Other ways to wearsun hat and printed dress, metallic tank and shorts, chambray maxi skirt in winter, studded sandals and chambray dress, Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere and long cardigan.

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  1. Happy weekend! I know it was impulse but it looks really great on you! I'm not into hats either..but it looks really pretty and pair well with the dress! Beautiful resort chic look! Well wishes to you


  2. I think the hat suits you! They can look really lovely in the summer, I would get one for myself too but there isn't much sun over here haha! I love the colours in outfit 2 :) xx

    Velvet Blush

  3. Mica, I don't have many hats either. LOL But yours and your maxi dress was perfect for the beach. You looked great! I love that chambray skirt. So pretty.

  4. Oh I think you wear the hat quite well Mica. The second look is my favourite.

  5. Love these two LV bags! That floral maxi is fun and perfect for the beach.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. I love a good hat these days. I have always been sun-smart. Since losing my hair to chemo last year, I now have a scruffy pixie cut. My hats have become a wardrobe favourite!
    Sadly, I cannot wear maxi dresses as I tend to drown in them at 5 ft, 4." I recently sent my collection to charity. More of a shorts girl.
    You look excellent!

  7. The hat looks fabulous on you and caps off (pun intended) two great outfits!

  8. I am not really a hat person either - but I love my hat from Mimco that folds up so that it doesn't get wrecked in the baby bag on the walk to the park. Thanks for linking up to the Ultimate Rabbit Hole - from Shari over at

  9. The first outfit is amazing on you. The colour is so pretty and I can definitely see how it would be good for the beach.

  10. Yes, we need wide brim hat in this fierce summer sun. Nice to know you're having fun too in the beach just like me haha. Love your maxi dress and skirt. And as usual nice LV bags ;-)

  11. I love hats and would be a big hat person if I wouldn't keep forgetting to,put them on. My mornings are so rushed, I sometimes wonder how I manage to remember putting on pants.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  12. You look great in a sun hat! I'm not really hat person either (aside from winter hats because I'm cold from October-April!). I feel like if I ever get a non-beanie-type hat, I'll have really crossed over into true blogger status haha! :D

  13. The floral maxi is so pretty, and I love that for your first wear you wore it to a holiday, and the second the beach! That has to show some versatility, no?
    Chic on the Cheap

  14. Well I love the hat on you, but I know what you mean about hats. I bought one this fall and love it, but I still don't feel comfortable in it so I hardly ever wear it! I love that maxi dress, it's so pretty!

  15. I totally get it why you wanted this dress so much! it looks amazing on you!

    Nice add of bags as well!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  16. The maxi dress is a very lovely piece for summer. I love the color. I like your second outfit too, simple and cute. Your necklace is really pretty.
    I hope you enjoy your time at the beach and had a wonderful weekend.
    have a n great week :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡


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