Monday 8 January 2024

What I Wore For Christmas Day, Eve and Boxing Day

Finally getting around to sharing what I wore for Christmas! Always feels strange sharing Christmas outfits in January, but I'm never to up to date with blogging what I've worn. I hosted Christmas for the family this year so I'm sharing my Christmas eve and Christmas day outfits, as well as what I wore to the in-laws when we celebrated with that side of the family on Boxing day.

What I wore:

Earrings: gold angel stud earrings (Christmas present)
Necklace: double circle hammered pendant necklace (Christmas present)
Dress: Iris Maxi The Label flora print blue and white mini dress (Christmas present)
Shoes: Kmart tan crossover slides (Christmas present)
Bracelets: the usual plus vintage silver charm bracelet and Disney Couture Winnie the Pooh bangle
BagRebecca Minkoff Leo envelope clutch in champagne gold 

Why I wore it:

I had planned my Christmas outfit in advance, and then I unwrapped this dress on Christmas day from my sister and knew I just had to wear this instead! It does come with a belt (and has belt loops on the side) but I figured for Christmas day feasting it was best to wear it unbelted. This was beautiful, light and flowy and oh so perfect for a humid Christmas. We were very lucky to avoid major damage from the Christmas day storms that evening.

The sandals and the necklace are both new, from my parents. The Rebecca Minkoff Leo envelope clutch is an old favourite, especially for Christmas. I didn't really need a bag as we stayed home, enjoying time with the family, eating yummy food, only minorly burning the lunch, and watching the kids enjoy all their new toys and presents.

Last worn: Rebecca Minkoff Leo envelope clutch. First time I've worn the dress, necklace and sandals as they were Christmas presents.

Other ways to wearRebecca Minkoff Leo envelope clutch and maxi dress.

What Fits Inside: Rebecca Minkoff Leo Envelope Clutch

What I wore:

Earrings: Kmart glitter gingerbread man earrings
Tee: festive glitter Santa tee
Skirt: thrifted SES Fashions vertical stripe maxi skirt
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
Bracelets: the usual
BagMulberry Lily in maroon metallic suede leopard

Why I wore it:

I wore this for Christmas eve. My sister bought my mum and I these festive tees 10 years ago, they are still going strong! It's a nice tradition to get to wear it. Sadly, the little festive bracelets haven't fared so well and mine is getting harder to wear as the elastic dries out.

As well as baking and decorating a huge pile of Christmas cookies, we made some Christmas deserts, ate lots of snacks, and spent our time doing Christmas craft and watching Christmas movies. It was a really fun way to spend Christmas eve and I look forward to this each year - it's such a special day. Somehow preparing all the food for Christmas eve seems less stressful than preparing Christmas day lunch!

This year we got a make your own Christmas earring kit for one of our crafts and had a lot of fun with it - quite pleased with some of the pieces I made! My mum, sister and I all have matching handmade earrings now.

Last worn: festive Santa tee, striped maxi skirt, Havaianas, Mulberry leopard print Lily bag. First time I've worn the earrings as they were a recent purchase.

Other ways to wearfestive Santa tee and shorts, striped maxi skirt and denim jacket, Mulberry leopard print Lily bag and maxi dress.

Perfect for pregnancyfestive Santa tee in second trimester.

What I wore:

Earrings: DIY green clay Christmas tree earrings
NecklaceStarfish Project Hannah turquoise bead necklace
Dress: thrifted peach and white floral print tiered sundress
Shoes: Kmart tan crossover slides
Bracelets: the usual plus Polka Luka resin bangles in red, orange and teal
BagRebecca Minkoff Leo envelope clutch in champagne gold 

Why I wore it:

This is another more casual Christmas outfit! I wore this to go celebrate Christmas with the in-laws on Boxing day. They have their celebration a day later which works out well for everyone. It was a bit of an eventful day, with the Boxing Day storms. It had been a little rumbly and there was some rain for most of the day, but it wasn't too bad until the next wave of storms came over bringing hail. Lots of scrambling to try cover up the cars as with everyone there we couldn't all fit in the garage. Luckily, the hail didn't get big enough to cause any damage. It did make for an interesting drive home later that night though, with debris all over the roads and power and traffic light outages. I somehow also managed to cover the back of my dress in mud - unsure if it was when I was putting the cover on the car in the hail or taking it off after the storm, but thankfully it's all washed out.

As it was such a hot and humid day, again I changed up what I planned to wear and went with this super light tiered sundress. I've added red and green to it before and think the colours work surprisingly well with the orange palm print. So I added the green beaded necklace, red and teal resin bracelet stack, and although it's a little tricky to see, my new Christmas tree earrings I'd made a couple days before on Christmas eve. I thought they matched the necklace nicely. I also wore my new sandals again. The Rebecca Minkoff Leo envelope clutch got another wear, as I didn't need to carry much, just the essentials. I had a separate bag for our snack contributions to add to the festive food spread.

Last worn: tiered sundress, green necklace, resin bracelet stack, sandals (above), Rebecca Minkoff Leo envelope clutch (above). First time I've worn the earrings as I made them on Christmas eve.

Other ways to weartiered sundress layered with a knit, Rebecca Minkoff Leo envelope clutch and pink dress.

Hopefully you had a fun Christmas with your loved ones, and were not impacted by any of the storms.

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  1. I absolutely love that first outfit! That dress, the weight, shape and the pattern are just perfect for the warmer weather. Its a really classic piece. Also, I want that clutch!!!! I have no clutch anymore and have had the hardest time finding a clutch to purchase. Yours is beautiful and functional. May have to see if I can find it to purchase nearby.

  2. This peach flower dress is beautiful :)
    The bag in the second style is in Christmas colors

  3. I love all 3 of these outfits especially the 2 dresses. Your clutch really adds that festive touch!

  4. Hello!

    I hope 2024 is a good year for you on all levels!
    As for your looks, it's a bit strange for me to see Christmas looks with summer clothes, because here in Portugal that's when it's coldest! But you look beautiful in all your outfits! All the best!

  5. I love the dress your sister bought you. How nice you wore it right away. I like to wear the presents right away too. I feel like that shows the appreciation of the gift. Plus, you look so lovely in that dress.
    I like your second outfit with the festive t-shirt. Very cute for Christmas/ Christmas Eve. The dress you wore to celebrate with your in-laws is wonderful! I do like all the outfits you wore. I hope your January is wonderful so far and I wish you all the best in 2024!
    Thank you for your comment about the poem! I really appreciate it.

  6. Wow! You were so stylish for the holidays! (I wore various versions of Christmas pajamas, so I am super impressed with your thoughtful and beautiful outfits.) The dress you were given is stunning! Definitely a gorgeous Christmas look...and I just adore that festive Christmas shirt you wore on Christmas Eve. What a cute item!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  7. Mica, that blue and white dress is so adorable! I really like that you can wear it belted or unbelted for two different silhouettes. And how fun that your 10 year old Christmas tee shirt is still going strong! I have a bunch of holiday novelty clothes that just keep going year after year. I guess when you only wear them a few times a year, they can last forever! Fun post and fabulous outfits, my friend. Happy New Year!


  8. What gorgeous outfits you wore for the holidays, Mica! I particularly love that dress your sister gave you! xxx

  9. Love this dress for the Christmas! I love the flowy feel. That last dress is so wonderful as well. Makes me want summer to be here soon!

  10. That dress from your sister is fabulous and I just love the whimsical christmas t-shirt too.

  11. What a lovely dress/gift from your sister, she really knows your taste. Look great with the gold metallic clutch.I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

    Allie of

  12. Love the dress you sister got you. Can't wait to see how it looks when its belted.

  13. Lovely outfits! The first completely won my heart! I would so wear this dress. It looks adorable. I am happy you enjoyed wonderful holiday time. Wishing you and your family all the best, love, health, joy and many smiles.

  14. Los tres outfits son muy bonitos, saludos:D

  15. Your new dress is beautiful! I love the white and blue print! I can see why you wanted to wear it right away!

  16. Love your new dress! I also really like that red leopard bag, and the gold envelope clutch. Happy Christmas, Mica!

  17. All lovely Mica, but that first dress is so cute. Hope you’re having a great start to the year xx Jacqui x

  18. These are fabulous outfits! Thank you so much for sharing with us at Talking About It Tuesdays. I love that first dress and your maxi skirt and printed shirt is so cute.

  19. Two lovely dresses. Pretty jewellery that you received on Christmas Day! Thanks for linking


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