Wednesday 26 December 2012

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas with family and friends!

I enjoyed taking a couple of days away from the computer and spending time with my family. Sharing a couple of photos a day doesn't take long but it was nice to stay away from the computer for a while. Thought I'd try do one post to catchup for the missed blog posts. It's a long one, sorry.

Here's what I wore on Christmas Eve (I'm in the middle):
Tee: gifted festive glitter Santa tee
Bracelets: the usual plus two metal and fabric Indigo Rose Design bracelets, gifted Christmas bow bracelet (with bells!)
ShortsJeanswest denim cuff shorts
ShoesNine West silver strap sandals (not worn in photo)
BagBalenciaga flat clutch GSH in 2010 Sang

Close up of accessories and clutch:
Completely forgot to take a solo picture, so sharing this instagram photo of my outfit instead with my mum, sister and Cooper.

My sister bought us all these fun t-shirts to wear on Christmas eve. I thought it was a great idea, and made me feel very festive as we visited family and baked Christmas cookies. I suspect I'll be wearing the tee again next year! The bracelet had little bells inside so my sister and I jingled everywhere we went :)

The shorts were last worn here, shoes here and clutch here. It's the first time I've worn the tee.

On Christmas day, this is what I wore:
Sunnies: gifted Cotton On 'Kirsten sunnie' in sky blue
Earrings: gifited vintage Chanel dangling camellia charm earrings (better pic here)
NecklaceHouse of Harlow silver and grey leather sunburst necklace
Bracelets: the usual plus gifted Balenciaga classic pearly grey double tour bracelet, gifted silver and crystal embellished bangle, gifted silver and crystal bracelet, Lovisa 'Collette by Collette Dinnigan' twisted bow charm bracelet in silver, Lovisa 'Collette by Collette Dinnigan' heart charm bracelet in silver. Gifted faux pearl and silver chain bracelet on other wrist.
Dressgifted Jeanswest 'Elodie' tie dye grey jersey maxi dress
BeltSupre black braided belt (hidden by dress fabric in photo)
ShoesNine West silver strap sandals (hidden behind Cooper)
BagBalenciaga flat clutch GSH in 2010 Sang

Close up of accessories and clutch:
Love the photo of Cooper taking a massive yawn, had to share that one with you all :) Almost looks like he is singing carols!

On Christmas day we went to church, opened presents, had an extremely delicious meal, visited both of our families and ended the day with a relaxing swim in the pool before we had guests around. It was a really busy but family-filled day, it was so nice. The food was lovely and the company even better.

Had a bit of a giggle with my sister when we realised we had both worn blue sunnies, maxi dresses and Balenciaga clutches. We have very similar taste :)

The shoes were last worn here and clutch here. It's the first time I've worn the dress and sunnies, both of which were birthday presents. A lot of my bracelet stack was made up of Christmas gifts.

Here's what I wore today on Boxing day:
Sunnies: gifted Cotton On 'Risky Business' sunglasses in sky blue
NecklaceChanel necklace from Reebonz
Bracelets: the usual plus Lovisa 'Collette by Collette Dinnigan' twisted bow charm bracelet in silverLovisa 'Collette by Collette Dinnigan' heart charm bracelet in silver.
Tee: gifted JayJays Cookie Monster "Keep calm and eat cookies" grey tee
ShortsJeanswest denim cuff shorts
Shoes: gifted Havaianas slim tropical print
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAC with python embossed leather in Aquamarine

Closeup of accessories and bag:

We had a much more relaxed Boxing day after our busy Christmas day. Didn't do very much at all, watched some DVDs we got for Christmas, went on a long walk with Cooper and ate plenty of Christmas cookies!

The shorts were last worn here, thongs here and bag here. This is the first time I've worn this tee as it was a Christmas present.

Thank you for reading my longest post!  Would love to hear how you spent Christmas! However you celebrated I hope you enjoyed it and got everything you wished for :)

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  1. Love the looks!!

  2. OMG the look on Cooper's face is priceless lol!!! He stole the photo lol.

    You look great! I just wore PJ's on Christmas lol.

  3. Hello there cutie Aussie :) Looks like we both share the same love for Balenciaga and Rebecca Minkoff! I love how you "decorated" your doggie :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog! My family lives in Brisbane so I do go back quite often too!
    Let me know if you want to follow each other's blog :)

  4. Wow! You look great! :) Lovin your style! :)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Following your blog now. Hoping you'll follow mine too! :) Merry Christmas! :)

  5. Cooper looks so cute too!.

    What a locly Christmas!

    SSG xxx

  6. I love Cooper's look in the reindeer antlers - so funny! You look wonderful in your maxi - you have the best collection of bags I've ever seen!

    Swing by for my own Christmas recap - glad you had a good one, Mica!

    1. Loved your Christmas recap :) Cooper is very patient and lets me dress him up sometimes, although the antlers did keep falling off so he only made an entrance in them everywhere we went, and then we had to spend some time hunting for where he dropped them...haha!

  7. Ohmygosh the dog! Adorbs! Love the keep calm and eat cookies tee, very appropriate around the holidays :)

    1. I thought it was perfect for avoiding the boxing day sales, haha!

  8. SO AWESOME! I enjoyed going through your blog a lot :). I had to follow. I hope you can check out my site: and join if you would be so kind. Thanks for your time, hope to see you stop by. Happy Holidays and God Bless !


  9. merry christmas and happy holidays to you.

  10. your dress is sooo gorgeous and I LOVE the bag in the boxing day outfit :)

  11. A blog from australia! so cool I found your´s , I am in PerĂº but spent time in Perth, got family there as well.
    love your outfits and your dog is so cute!!!
    Patricia Arata Behind the Camera

  12. I love the dress and 'keep calm and eat cookies' t shirt. Very cute ! Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by <3

    70th and Chic

  13. lovely Christmas day outfit. Crazy seeing Christmas day all hot and sunny!

  14. I like your picture next to the swimming pool and Cooper looks soooo handsome.
    I am also a big fan of your Cookie Monster t shirt.

    1. I love it, I want to wear it every day, haha!

  15. I love the shirts your sister got you guys and oh how i want that cookie monster shirt! COOPER is a trip! hahaha I love his reindeer antlers.

    1. The t-shirts were so fun :) And YES you should try get the cookie monster shirt! It's amazing! I can't see it on their website though :( Maybe sold out.

  16. Thank you all for your lovely comments - hope you all had a very nice Christmas.


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