Friday 2 June 2023

What I Bought In May & How I've Worn It: Preloved Purchases

After not buying anything for my wardrobe in January and February, I have been impulse buying a lot these past few months! Picked up some things in March and April, and now I've tripled what I spent over both those months with my latest buys in May!

What I Bought:

Why I Bought It:

Everything except the bag was purchased at Gladrags markets. It was a cold morning so I did a few laps around the market to keep warm, instead of sitting in my stall all the time. I ended up chatting to some of the other stall holders and making a few too good to pass up buys. Still made more than I spent, so a good day, and I got some incredible bargains too!

The handbag was an impulse buy as well - I've been looking at this style when it goes on sale quite often on the Rebecca Minkoff site, but even the sale prices didn't drop enough to make me buy. When I stumbled across this on eBay, ticking off a style I wanted to try, and a fabric I wanted to try (I don't have any suede bags in my wardrobe), I knew this was a keeper!

How I've Worn It:

Gladrags Markets was at the end of May, so I haven't had as many opportunities as I'd like to wear everything I bought. Even if it takes me a few days longer to hit my goals of wearing everything I buy twice in the month I bought it though, I've managed to wear everything at least once which is awesome.

The leather jacket was a very timely buy with our record breaking cold temps at the end of autumn - it's kept me very cosy! And I've managed to wear the bag 3 times too.

I can definitely see I've been increasing my spending since the start of the year. With that stall at Gladrags markets I'm being a bit more critical with my wardrobe, so that even if I haven't reached my 30 wear goal with some pieces, I'm creating a wardrobe full of things I love to wear and letting those that don't work for me go on to new homes. And it's so much fun seeing who your pieces go home with when you have a market stall!

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  1. Ooh I love that leather jacket!
    I really have an itch to shop but nothing has been calling my name lately, annoying!

  2. When you have a stall, you must buy from your fellow sellers. If it isn't, it should be a rule.

  3. It's amazing that you were able to wear everything at least once! That bag is so fantastic! I love the chain on the front. Wow. What a great piece!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  4. Love the red dress that you picked up. Have a great weekend.

  5. I think your blue Edie is stunning, but WOW, this new one is too! Just a totally different vibe in given the different material, color, size!

  6. So many lovely items!

    Danielle |

  7. I'm swooning over the dress, and that leather jacket definitely was a must-have! As for the handbag: what a stunning colour! xxx

  8. That is a really great bag and the leather jacket is a wardrobe staple.

  9. I'm happy that the stall worked out so well for you, Mica, even if it meant more temptation for spending! I also agree with letting go of things that aren't you, despite not hitting 30 wears. I love the red dress and the leather jacket - those are good buys. The purse is lovely too - love the suede and the chain.

  10. What cute thrifted finds! Thrifting is the best.


  11. Looks like you picked up some great items. :)


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