Friday, 11 January 2019

Accessorising Handbags & Blue Printed Dresses

It's no secret blue is my favourite colour, and while I have a few dresses in my wardrobe, blue printed dresses make up the majority! Both of these dresses are very different styles and prints, but are great for a hot summer day. I accessorised them both with bright mini bags, and accessorised further by adding accessories to those bags themselves.

What I wore:

kmart strappy tiered sundress blue pink watercolour print with purple mini mab bag | awayfromblue

printed dress and purple rebecca minkoff mini MAB tote bag with faux fur pom pom charm | awayfromtheblue

awayfromblue instagram | summer style tiered sundress kmart blue pink print with purple mini mab bag
Necklace: Lovisa gold filigree heart pendant
Dress: Kmart strappy tiered sundress in watercolour blue and blush print
Shoesslim gold Havaianas
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum

Why I wore it:

I wasn't doing anything special on this day - a quiet day out with the boys, but sometimes you just want to throw on a pretty dress. This lightweight one is so good in the heat too, and since I picked it up on clearance at Kmart for $2, it's down to a $1 cost per wear already!

Last time I wore this I paired it with a pastel pink bag to match the print of the dress. This time around I decided to do something a little different. I love blue and pink and pink and purple and blue and purple together, this dress gives me the ability to wear all three! Since I was wearing the purple mini MAB tote bag and it has gold hardware, I picked my rose gold filigree heart necklace to wear.

I really liked this outfit - simple but perfect for a hot day! The purple mini MAB tote bag has a little extra interest too with the faux fur pom pom charm - a gift a few years ago from one of my friends, it looks so good on this bag it lives there permanently!

Last worn: blue and pink tiered sundress, gold filigree heart necklace, gold Havaianas, purple Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote bag.

Other ways to weartiered sundress and silver sneakers, purple Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote bag worn 30 ways.

Perfect for pregnancypurple Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote bag in third trimester.

More Ways To Accessorise Your Bags:

What I wore:

blue boho printed peasant dress with red micro avery bag and scarf tied in bow | away from blue

red rebecca minkoff micro avery bag with scarf tied in bow | away from the blue

awayfromtheblue Instagram summer SAHM style blue boho printed peasant dress with red bag
Necklace: Zatini red pendant necklace
DressJeanswest 'Chelsea' printed dress
Shoesslim gold Havaianas
BagRebecca Minkoff red micro Avery cross body bag (with Fashion Scarf Girl Navy and Gold hair scarf (c/o) tied in a bow)

Why I wore it:

This dress is a summer favourite, although I have layered it up for winter a few times in the years I've owned it. I wanted something simple to wear at a catch up at my parents. Since they were missing Christmas as they were going overseas, we caught up with the family to give them a few gifts before they left, and have a yummy dinner together.

I don't think I've worn red with this dress before, but I really liked the way this little Rebecca Minkoff micro Avery bag popped with the blue print. I had to go a little matchy-matchy and wear my red necklace with it too, even though it's guaranteed one or both of the boys will grab on this when I'm wearing it to get a closer look!

To further continue to the blue, and to change up the look of the micro Avery bag a little as I've been frequently wearing it, I added one of my scarves from Fashion Scarf Girl. Such a fun little hair scarf, it looks great tied in a bow on this handbag handle!

Last worn: blue boho printed dress, red necklace, gold Havaianas (above), Rebecca Minkoff micro Avery tote bag. First time I've worn the scarf as it's a recent addition to my wardrobe.

Other ways to wearblue boho printed dress and blazer, Rebecca Minkoff micro Avery tote bag and skinny jeans.

Perfect for pregnancyblue boho printed dress in second trimester.

Similar Blue Printed Dresses Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

A mini cross body bag is a great addition to a simple summer dress outfit, to add an extra little pop of colour. If you want to change things up a bit, you can accessorise the bag too! Try a fun charm or a simple scarf tied in a bow.

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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Printed Tops and Maxi Skirts With Red Rebecca Minkoff Micro Avery Bag

Such a simple outfit formula - pick a printed top and pair it with a plain maxi skirt! Since both the polka dot cami and logo tee have a little red in them, I thought my Rebecca Minkoff mini Avery bag was the best accessory for both outfits.

What I wore:

polka dot cami maxi skirt with red and green statement beaded necklace red avery bag | awayfromblue

black maxi skirt with Rebecca Minkoff micro avery tote bag | awayfromtheblue

awayfromblue instagram ruffle polka dot cami and drawstring waist maxi skirt red avery bag

Why I wore it:

Wore this for a busy day! We had our final ABA meeting for the year, so it was Christmas themed. It was also, sadly, our last time at the Australian Breastfeeding association group meetings. The new year means a change of day for the sessions and we can't make it on the new day unfortunately! I'm still a member and will try organise some pram walks on the days we are free so I can still catch up with my friends.

After a slightly emotional morning, it was off to run errands. The post office was okay, but waiting in line at the bank with two kids who had filled up on sugary morning tea (including chocolate brownies I brought along for the group) probably wasn't the best option. 😂

Hyper kids aside, I really liked this outfit. It was comfortable for the day and the red and green necklace, which can be worn year-round, definitely didn't look out of place at the Christmas party.

Perfect for pregnancypolka dot cami in second trimester.

What's In My Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Micro Avery Tote

What I wore:

stripe logo coca-cola tee with chambray maxi skirt summer SAHM style red avery bag | away from blue

chrambray maxi skirt and rebecca minkoff mini avery tote bag in red gold hardware | away from the blue

awayfromblue instagram stripe logo coca-cola tee and chambray maxi skirt little red bag
Tee: thrifted navy stripe Coca-Cola logo tee

Why I wore it:

I was doing a couple of Instagram style challenges in December and the theme for the day on them both was stripes. I hard a hard time picking one piece to wear, stripes are definitely my favourite print! I settled on this fun Coca-Cola thrifted tee, as I thought it went really nicely with this chambray maxi skirt. It's not the first time I've worn this chambray skirt and little red Avery bag together, they are a lovely combo. It tied in nicely with the red logo on the striped tee too.

The boys and I had a quieter day - a couple of errands to run (including picking up food for the daycare Christmas party later in the week) and then some time playing at the playground. Nice easy outfit for all of that.

Last worn: striped Coca-Cola teechambray maxi skirt, Havaianas (above), Rebecca Minkoff micro Avery bag (above).

Plain Maxi Skirts Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

A plain maxi skirt is a great outfit base, letting you pick any printed piece to wear with it - stripes or polka dots work equally well. They are also a nice option for a hot summer day as a stay at home mum as you can easily run after the kids (and break up wrestling games in the bank) in them!

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Monday, 7 January 2019

New Weekday Wear Linkup! Blue Dresses and Pink Balenciaga City Bag: Summer Office Outfits

Two simple summer office outfits, with two pretty printed dresses and a pink Balenciaga city bag. All pieces I love and have worn before, but I do have something new to share with you - a new outfit linkup!

What I wore:

paisley print french connection blue sheath dress with balenciaga pink sorbet city bag | awayfromblue

paisley print dress with 2010 pink balenciaga sorbet city bag | awayfromtheblue

awayfromtheblue Instagram paisley print sheath dress pink Balenciaga sorbet city bag summer office outfit
NecklaceJeanswest Taryn turquoise tassel bead necklace
DressFrench Connection blue Paisley print dress
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs metallic mouse flats
BagBalenciaga RH classic city in 2010 sorbet (more affordable preloved)

Why I wore it:

Sometimes I find the square neckline of this sheath dress a little tricky to accessorise, I often debate for a while each morning about what necklace to wear. This long pendant necklace has been a frequently worn one lately though, so I decided to give it a go and I really liked the combination!

The paisley print dress and pink Balenciaga city bag are frequently worn together, I really like pink and blue! And as I had a gold necklace, these gold mouse flats were an obvious shoe choice. Really easy summer office style. I did have a blazer too for the cold aircon in the office, but it was much too hot to wear it for photos in the morning.

Last worn: long tassel necklace, paisley print sheath dress, gold mouse flats, Balenciaga sorbet city bag.

Other ways to wearpaisley print sheath dress and blazer, gold mouse flats and pencil skirt, Balenciaga sorbet city bag in winter.

Perfect for pregnancypaisley print sheath dress in second trimester, gold mouse flats in second trimester, Balenciaga sorbet city bag in second trimester.

What's In My Bag: Balenciaga Sorbet City Bag

What I wore:

navy ikat print empire waist dress with knit blazer and pink Balenciaga city bag for office | away from blue

Balenciaga RH classic city in 2010 sorbet pink | away from the blue

awayfromblue isntagram navy ikat print dress with black blazer and accessories and pink bag
Jacketthrifted Zara black blazer
Necklace: Kmart gold and navy beaded necklace
DressJeanswest Aztec print dress
BeltRebecca Minkoff Liv double wrap velvet belt
ShoesWalnut Melbourne 'Ava' black lizard ballet flats (also available in silver)
BagBalenciaga RH classic city in 2010 sorbet (more affordable preloved)

Why I wore it:

It was a little cooler this morning (although not by much) so I wore my blazer for the pics. Again I picked a gold necklace to wear with the blue printed dress, this Kmart one is another frequently worn one, and so cheap too! For the blazer, shoes and belt I went with black, due to the darker colours in the Ikat print of the dress.

While the blue print in this dress is darker than the one above, I still think the pink Balenciaga city bag is a fun accessory with it - it really pops with the darker background.

A little bit of a quieter day at work meant the opportunity to get some training in too which was wonderful - we have an online training site but I so rarely get the opportunity to use it and there were some courses I've been wanting to do for a while!

Last worn: black jersey blazer, blue and gold necklace, Ikat print dress, velvet belt, black ballet flats, Balenciaga sorbet city bag (above).

Other ways to wearjersey blazer and jeans, Ikat print dress with green, velvet belt over a blazer, black ballet flats and skinny jeans, Balenciaga sorbet city bag and shorts.

Perfect for pregnancyblack jersey blazer in third trimester, Ikat print dress in third trimester, black ballet flats in second trimester, Balenciaga sorbet city bag in second trimester.

Blue Printed Dresses Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

A printed dress is such an easy office option as you can just pull-on and go. You can always accessorise with a nice neutral like all the black pieces I wore in the second outfit, or make a brightly coloured dress even brighter with a bold bag like the pink Balenciaga city.

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Friday, 4 January 2019

30 Ways To Wear: Chloe Marcie Hobo Bag & 2018 Shopping Review & 2019 Budget

A new 30 ways to wear post, as well as a review of what I bought last year and my fashion budget for 2019!

I love handbags, and I have a lot of them! But I frequently sell some to have funds towards something else I want more. This Chloe Marcie hobo bag was a bag I loved, but rationalised I didn't wear as much as my Balenciaga day hobo bag, so I decided to let it go. I did hit 30 wears before I sold it, so I've dug through the blog archives for some older photos of my wearing it. I wonder if I'll cringe as much looking back at outfit pics now in a few years as much as I am looking back on these pics now? 😂

30 Ways To Wear: Chloe Marcie Hobo Bag In Nut

30 ways to wear the medium Chloe Marcie Hobo Bag in nut brown | awayfromtheblue  30wears challenge

Like many of my bags that I've now sold, I find this tricky to calculate cost per wear on! I bought it at a Reebonz offline sale, after wanting it for a while. I got a really good deal on it, so much so that I managed to sell it for almost what I paid for it. So you could calculate cost per wear based on the price I paid, or take that price minus the amount I got when I sold it and calculate it on around the $100 difference. I'm never sure what to do in these cases.

Inability to calculate cost per wear aside, I'm happy with the use I got from this bag. It held up really well, still looking like new when it eventually left my wardrobe, and I was pleased to look back at these old pics and see that I had hit 30 wears with it. I do sometimes regret selling it, but I know it wouldn't have gotten much more wear if it stayed in my wardrobe longer!

Chloe Marcie Hobo Bag In Summer

Chloe Marcie bag with summer outfits 5 ideas | awayfromblue

The handle drop on this bag is quite large, especially as the leather of the bag sags down a bit when the bag is full. It makes it an easy bag to throw over your shoulder in summer as it doesn't feel too tight or irritating to wear. The neutral colour works with all kinds of summer brights too!

Chloe Marcie Hobo Bag With Winter Layers

5 ways to wear Chloe Marcie hobo bag in winter layers | awayfromtheblue

Being a neutral brown, this 'nut' shade is perfect for adding to winter outfits. I've picked similarly coloured scarves to wear with the bag in each of these layered outfits, but you can see it would work well without any matching as it looks great with black winter layers!

Chloe Marcie Hobo In The Office

hobo bag in the office worn 6 ways: Chloe marcie in nut | awayfromblue

Printed dresses or pencil skirts, I found this Chloe Marcie bag worked so well for the office. Again making the most of the neutral shade I could wear it with brightly coloured or printed pieces, or just let it compliment a neutral outfit. It's a rather structured hobo shape so doesn't feel too casual for work.

Chloe Marcie Hobo Bag With Jeans

5 ways to wear a chloe marcie shoulder bag with jeans  | away from blue blog

As you can see in these photos, before I gave up my blue jeans I used to wear them a lot! The Chloe Marcie bag just works so well with denim, it's an easy choice when wearing jeans. I wore it a lot with skirts and dresses as you've seen in the earlier photos, but it was still a go-to with jeans too. Really versatile bag.

Chloe Marcie Hobo With Printed Outfits

Chloe neutral brown hobo handbag worn with prints 5 ways | away from the blue

Because this 'nut' shade is a nice neutral colour, it made the bag my default neutral piece to wear with prints. Something like a printed dress, or just a little print like a skirt or top, the hobo bag works nicely with all different prints and colours.

Chloe Marcie Hobo Bag In Pregnancy

4 outfit ideas wearing the chloe marcie hobo bag in pregnancy | awayfromblue

Despite only having this bag during my pregnancy with my eldest boy, it was worn enough times for me to be able to include it as a category here in my wrap up. You know I love looking back at my bump pics when doing these posts! I wore the bag a few times in the second and third trimester as you can see. It isn't a heavy bag so was nice to wear during pregnancy, the braided strap is really comfortable on the shoulder.

What's In My Bag: Chloe Marcie Medium Hobo Bag In Nut

Where To Buy:

This hobo style of Marcie has been discontinued, but there are still some places you can buy second hand! All the bags above come with authenticity guarantees even though they are preloved.

More Posts in The #30 Wears Handbag Series:

If you're looking for more outfit inspiration with this bag, you can see all 30+ ways I've worn it in my blog archives. I've included some links to other handbag related 30 wears posts below too. You can find the full post series by clicking here.

2018 Spend And Goals For 2019

My last shopping haul for the year!

My Total Spend in 2018

I totalled it up, I bought 30 fashion items (clothing and accessories) in 2018. In 2017 I spent $1,696.53, my goal in 2018 was to spend less than that. I achieved that as I spent $1,014.44 if you include gift cards, which works out to $84.54 a month. If you don't include gift card spend, I only spent $664.44. I'm really pleased with the figures and that I met my goal!

How Do I Do It?

I'm a fashion blogger with a love for expensive things (handbags 😂) without a big budget and slight shopaholic tendencies! I did a 6 months without shopping in 2017 which I ended up stretching out to 7 months, and really made me evaluate what I was buying and why.

I also continued to work on this 30 wears challenge! Every month I have to find something in my wardrobe I've worn 30 times or more to make these posts. This makes me focus more on ways I can rewear things I already own and makes me less likely to turn to a store for inspiration when looking or something to wear. Looking through my blog archives for ways I've worn things before often gives me ideas of things to try from past outfits!

My Goals For 2019

Same as last year, my goal for this year will be to spend less than I did last year. To make things easy on myself, I'll include the gift card spend. So 2019 will be the year of spending less (again), rewearing more, and hoping I don't go over my $1,014.44 budget! Wish me luck!

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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Summer Style: Shorts And Kimonos With Rebecca Minkoff MAM Bag

A pair of soft, loose shorts like the ones I'm wearing below and a nice lightweight kimono along with a simple tank is such a staple summer outfit for me! I find the kimonos provide sun protection, add a little extra colour and print, and are a great way to layer without overheating. These outfits were perfect for our December heat.

One of the kimonos I'm wearing isn't actually a kimono at all though!

What I wore:

pink floral scarf knotted and worn as kimono with olive shorts and black tank summer style | awayfromblue

olive shorts and rebecca minkoff soft grey MAM mini MAB bag | awayfromtheblue

awayfromtheblue instagram | floral scarf tied as kimono with olive embroidered shorts summer outfit
Kimono: Fashion Scarf Girl pretty pink floral scarf (c/o) worn as kimono
NecklaceJeanswest Taryn turquoise tassel bead necklace
TankFrench Connection feather foil singlet
ShortsJeanswest Tessa olive embroidered shorts
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
BagRebecca Minkoff MAB mini in soft grey

Why I wore it:

I got this beautiful big scarf as part of my brand rep role for fashion scarf girl. Being a massive scarf (100 cm by 180 cm!) I instantly thought of wearing it as a sarong for the beach. With no beach trips in the immediate future, I decided to double it over and knot the ends together to create a kimono. Not the first time I've worn a scarf as a kimono, it's a good way to change up the way you wear something!

I picked the olive shorts as they kind of met the #DAREcember style challenge prompt of 'in the jungle', being an olive colour. And also because it was a hot day with a lot of running around to do and these are so light to wear. I ran a few errands with the boys, including buying a secret Santa gift for a Christmas dinner with friends.

With the olive shorts and all the colours in the scarf, I thought the neutral Rebecca Minkoff MAM was a good bag to compliment it. Holds a lot of things too!

Last worn: black shimmer tank, tassel necklace, olive embroidered shorts, HavaianasRebecca Minkoff MAM bag. First time I've worn the scarf as it is a recent addition to my wardrobe.

Other ways to wearblack shimmer tank and printed jeans, olive embroidered shorts in autumn, Rebecca Minkoff MAM bag in the office

Perfect for pregnancyblack shimmer tank in first trimester, Rebecca Minkoff MAM bag in third trimester

Wear And Tear: What The Rebecca Minkoff MAM Bag Looks Like After 5 Years

What I wore:

print mixing shorts and kimono and converse summer outfit | away from the blue

print mixing shorts outfit with Rebecca Minkoff grey MAM bag | away from the blue

awayfromblue instagram | monochromatic outfit with colourful beaded necklace print mixing shorts and kimono casual SAHM outfit
JacketSomedays Lovin' Yakuza print kimono
Necklace: Ruby Olive Art series long striped pod necklace (gift from my bestie)
TankJeanswest Maji metallic tank in soft green and silver (on sale!)
ShortsJeanswest Parker printed shirred short
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in white
BagRebecca Minkoff MAB mini in soft grey

Why I wore it:

This was such a hot day! We planned to put up out Christmas tree in the afternoon (I wore this back at the start of December). There was a new walking trail I wanted to try out first, so we set off early in the morning before the heat got to be too much. Since it was a sunny day, I added the kimono for a little sun protection as I wasn't sure how shaded the track would be. While the walk was short, it was worth it, beautiful views!
While it was a bit warm for closed in shoes, and I kicked them off as soon as I got home, the Converse were good for walking. I was glad the walk was short as it was so hot! Will definitely attempt it again later when it's a little cooler.

It's not the first time I've tried this floral kimono with another print, it's great for print mixing with. With the black shorts, grey kimono and silver tank I felt the outfit needed a little colour - this pretty Ruby Olive necklace that my bestie got me from Christmas was the perfect addition. Met the 'dotty' style challenge prompt nicely for that day too.

Last worn: grey floral kimono, silver tank, black printed shorts, Converse, Rebecca Minkoff MAM bag (above).

Other ways to weargrey floral kimono worn 30 ways, silver tank worn two ways, black printed shorts in monochrome outfit, Converse and printed dress, Rebecca Minkoff MAM bag worn 30 ways.

Perfect for pregnancygrey floral kimono in third trimester, Converse in second trimester, Rebecca Minkoff MAM bag in third trimester.

Soft Shorts Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

Soft shorts are ideal for a hot summer day, and a colourful kimono is a lovely extra layer that will add further interest to your outfit without over heating you. Neutral accessories like basic tanks and grey bags are good pieces to pair with a loud printed kimono too.

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Monday, 31 December 2018

Pink Tanks, Denim Shorts and Printed Scarves With Rebecca Minkoff MAM Bag

A simple bright tank and denim shorts is an easy summer staple outfit. For something a little different, I like to add some extra colour or print with accessories. A kimono, printed bag, or as I've worn here a printed scarf, is a fun extra touch to your outfit. Both of these scarves are lightweight and perfect for a milder summer day.

What I wore:

blush pink scarf with magenta hot pink tank black denim shorts rebecca minkoff mam | awayfromblue

hermes pale pink clic clac and Rebecca Minkoff MAB mini in soft grey | awayfromtheblue

awayfromblue instagram pink tank and pastel leaf print scarf denim shorts SHAM style
ScarfFashion Scarf Girl leaf print scarf (c/o)
TankAsos satin singlet in pink
ShortsJeanswest Sara distressed hot short
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
Bracelets: the usual plus Hermes pink clic clac
BagRebecca Minkoff MAB mini in soft grey

Why I wore it:

This was an absolutely crazy day. Usually on a crazy busy day I'd stick with a comfortable tried and true outfit, but I decided at the last minute to try something a little different and add this pale pink leaf print scarf to the hot pink tank. While it was a hot day, it was a very windy one so the scarf was a great accessory to have. Particularly when the dust picked up.

I had to drive into the city for an appointment and it was an interesting drive - some of the remnants of the dust storm had reached Brisbane and everything was very hazy. Which lead to a lot of questions from the kids in the back seat about why the city was so 'misty'. And a very dirty car -  although I wore this back in November - like everyone else in Brisbane my car stayed covered in red dust for a few weeks!

With the pink on pink, the neutral Rebecca Minkoff MAB bag seemed like a good choice, and it held a few things I needed for the appointment. Perfect for running errands after too.

Last worn: leaf print scarf, pink tank, black denim shorts, Hermes clic clacHavaianas, Rebecca Minkoff MAM bag.

Other ways to wearleaf print scarf worn as a kimono, pink tank and cobalt, black denim shorts and kimono, Rebecca Minkoff MAM bag and maxi dress.

Perfect for pregnancypink tank in second trimester, Rebecca Minkoff MAM bag in third trimester.

5 Different Ways To Wear the Rebecca Minkoff MAM Bag

What I wore:

chook print bird and egg scarf pink button up tank bermuda denim shorts summer SHAM style | away from blue

awayfromtheblue instagram | bird print scarf adding interest to pink button up tank and bermuda denim shorts outfit with rebecca minkoff mam bag
ScarfFashion Scarf Girl bird and egg print scarf (c/o)
TankJeanswest Helene sleeveless textured shirt in berry
ShortsJeanswest Trinity Bermuda denim shorts
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
BagRebecca Minkoff MAB mini in soft grey

Why I wore it:

A  very similar outfit formula to the one above, again with a pink tank and denim shorts. I added this fun chicken and egg print scarf for a little extra interest with the otherwise plain outfit. Unlike the day above, this was a much more relaxed day with the boys. We headed out to the library for rhyme time and then stopped at a few stores on the way home to run some errands. Being in aircon for most of the day, the scarf was a good extra layer to stop it feeling too chilly in the shopping centre.

Last worn: bird print scarf, pink button up tank, Bermuda denim shorts, Havaianas (above), Rebecca Minkoff MAM bag (above).

Other ways to wearbird print scarf and pencil skirt, pink button up tank and flares, Bermuda denim shorts and embroidered blouse, Rebecca Minkoff MAM bag and dress.

Perfect for pregnancypink button up tank in first trimester, Rebecca Minkoff MAM bag in third trimester.

Pink Tanks Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

A plain tank and denim shorts is such an easy summer staple outfit. If you want to change things up a little between wears, try throwing on a cute scarf for some extra interest to your outfit. If it's a cooler summer day or you're spending a lot of time in the aircon it will make you a little warmer too! Light fabrics like viscose are best for scarves you want to wear in summer.

Hope you have a very happy new year! I will be spending it as I usually do since having kids, exhausted and asleep in bed missing welcoming in the new year! 😂

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Friday, 28 December 2018

Christmas Outfits: Casual and Dressy Maxis

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your friends or family! We hosted Christmas this year, which always makes things a little more hectic, but it's always fun.

Below I'm sharing two Christmas outfits - a casual one for Christmas eve and then a dressier one for Christmas day. Also the first time in a couple of years I've bought a new dress just for Christmas!

What I wore:

Christmas even novelty festive glitter santa tee with jersey maxi skirt and red bag | away from blue

Rebecca Minkoff red micro Avery cross body bag with glitter jingle bells bow bracelet | away from the blue

awayfromtheblue Instagram Christmas eve family time casual festive outfit glitter santa novelty tee maxi dress red bag
Top: festive glitter Santa tee
SkirtJeanswest Luxe jersey maxi skirt
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
Bracelets: the usual plus Christmas bow bracelet (with bells!)
BagRebecca Minkoff red micro Avery cross body bag

Why I wore it:

Christmas eve in my family is always a casual day, the purpose being to relax and spend time together. We all meet up at my parent's place, and commence our yearly traditions. Christmas cookie making, craft making, Christmas movies and a lot of laughter. Definitely the best way to begin Christmas, spending time with people you love.

We've been wearing these Christmas tees to celebrate for 6 years - we each have one, and although I have to keep buying the boys new ones as they grow, this green Santa tee has been worn regularly every year, through both my pregnancies! It's another fun tradition to have.

I couldn't resist adding this red Rebecca Minkoff Avery bag to my outfit - it's such a festive bag it was a frequent go-to over December.

Last worn: green Santa tee, black jersey maxi skirt, Havaianas, Rebecca Minkoff micro Avery bag.

Other ways to weargreen Santa tee and shorts, black jersey maxi skirt in autumn, Rebecca Minkoff micro Avery bag and other festive outfits.

Perfect for pregnancygreen Santa tee in second trimester.

Christmas Celebrations:

All the family fun from Christmas and a few days before it.

What I wore:

Christmas day formal hostess outfit Jeanswest Sophia high-low maxi dress with navy and gold accessories vintage chanel flap bag | awayfromblue

silver bracelet stack and charm bracelet with Chanel vintage quilted lambskin flap | awayfromtheblue

awayromtheblue Instagram | Christmas day hostess style Jeanswest Sophia high-low maxi dress mandala print with vintage chanel flap bag
Earrings: gifted navy tassel statement earrings
Necklace: gifted navy and silver circle pendant tassel necklace
DressJeanswest Sophia high-low maxi dress (new purchase)
ShoesNovo Tawny rose gold sandals (new purchase)
Bracelets: the usual plus silver charm bracelet
BagChanel vintage quilted lambskin flap

Why I wore it:

While Christmas eve is dressed down, on Christmas day we love to dress up! I'd seen this maxi dress at Jeanswest a few weeks before Christmas, and with some left over gift card to spend decided to treat myself to a new dress for Christmas, something I haven't done for a couple of years.

Christmas day was also a fun and family filled, with presents, putting our new Christmas crafts to good use, and marvelling over the kid's excitement with their gifts. There was a little stress as I hosted Christmas lunch, but so worth it in the end when you get to sit down and eat together! Even if I did mess up the cooking a little bit.... This maxi dress was perfect, I was so glad to finally get to wear it. It's sure to pop up a lot more often on the blog now!

I did want to curl my hair and be all 'done up' for Christmas, but by the time I finished prepping for Christmas day it was 10.30 pm on Christmas eve so I just decided to go to bed instead of staying up to curl my hair, and ran the straighteners through it in the morning. It's nice to want to do everything on Christmas, and wonderful when you achieve it, but at the end of the day (as it is every day) your sanity is the most important thing! Plus with two boys under five that extra 30 minutes in bed makes a difference when they come wake you up early Christmas morning! 😂

Last worn: first time I've worn the maxi dress and the sandals as they are new purchases. Vintage Chanel bag.

Other ways to wearVintage Chanel bag and skinny jeans.

Perfect for pregnancyVintage Chanel bag at 40 weeks.

How You Can Wear It:

Christmas time is a great time to dress up or dress down - there are so many outfit options! You can go for a fun novelty tee (or knit if it's colder where you are) for a casual outfit, or glam it up a little with a maxi dress. Anything goes!

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