Monday, 29 May 2017

Wearing Camis in Autumn with Layers, LV Speedy and Skinny Jeans

In month 5 of #6MonthsWithoutShopping, I'm trying to pick things I haven't worn when I'm feeling bored and uninspired with my wardrobe. Last time I picked band tees, this time around I'm giving my cami tops some love. It's been a mild autumn here in Brisbane, but some days have been cool enough to layer, and that's when I wore these tops. Spaghetti straps and thick breastfeeding bra straps aren't the prettiest combination, so the layers hide that nicely!

What I wore:

skinny jeans, polka dot cami and red cardi knit LV speedy bandouliere autumn style | Away From Blue

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene 30 speedy bandouliere | Away From The Blue
SunniesRay-Ban new Wayfarers
JacketJeanswest long red drape cardigan
Necklace: Ruby Olive Softies Charlotte teething necklace
TopJeanswest 'Mia' cami in black
JeansJeanswest 'shale' super skinny jeans
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs black logo plaque ballet flats
BagLouis Vuitton Damier Ebene 30 speedy bandouliere
Nails: OPI Rich and Brazilian

Why I wore it:

Some of the polka dots on this ruffle cami are red so the red cardigan seemed like a great layering piece. Had a busy morning rushing around running errands before getting back just in time for meeting the tradie to get some work done on the house. Long story short, some work we had done a couple of years back needed re-done. Not impressed. Anyway....

While I was sure about the pairing of the cami and the cardigan together, I wasn't too sure about the skinny jeans with it. The jeans are a purple-ish grey (you can see more of the purple in the last time I wore them here). I worried red and purple would look a little odd together but I think the jeans are subtle enough that it turned out nicely.

Last worn: Ray-Ban Wayfarer, red drape cardigan, polka dot cami, skinny jeans, Marc Jacobs tuxedo ballet flats, Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere.

Other ways to wearred cardigan tied in knot, polka dot cami for casual Friday, skinny jeans in the office, Marc Jacobs tuxedo ballet flats, Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere and shirt dress.

Perfect for pregnancy: polka dot cami hiding a second trimester bump, skinny jeans in first trimesterred cardigan in second trimester, Speedy Bandouliere and maternity shorts.

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What I wore:

peach ruffle cami black skinny jeans floral kimono autumn colour outfit | AwayFromBlue

silver bracelet stack, hot stamped Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene 30 speedy bandouliere | AwayFromTheBlue
Necklace: Ruby Olive Softies Charlotte teething necklace
TopJeanswest peach ruffle cami
JeansJeanswest prima denim super skinny jeans in absolute black
Shoesblack slim Havaianas thongs
BagLouis Vuitton Damier Ebene 30 speedy bandouliere
Nails: OPI Rich and Brazilian

Why I wore it:

As much as I love this kimono, I was starting to feel it was getting a little repetitive each time I wore it and wanted to wear it with something completely different. I've never worn it with peach before so the cami was a way to try change it up a little.

I really don't think it worked though, with the ruffle on the cami giving it a bit of volume and then the voluminous kimono. I wasn't too sure that morning but decided to wear it anyway - as mentioned above I needed something over the straps and it wasn't quite cold enough for a thicker jacket.

Even though I wasn't loving my outfit, I did have a good day in this! We had some friends around and managed to actually talk a lot more than I expected too with two toddlers running around and interrupting. Keeping the boys occupied with snacks helped I think, ha!

Last worn: Ray-Ban Wayfarers (above), Somedays Lovin' kimono, peach ruffle cami, black Prima skinny jeans, Havaianas, Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere (above).

Other ways to wearSomedays Lovin' kimono and blue top, peach ruffle cami and tweed blazer, black Prima skinny jeans with pink and purple, Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere and maxi skirt.

Perfect for pregnancy: black Prima jeans and belly band over a second trimester bumpspeedy bandouliere and maternity wrap dress.


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How You Can Wear It:

Most warm weather pieces can easily be worn year-round with a few extra layers. Show off a pretty printed cami in Autumn with a colourful and cosy cardigan, or add some print to a block colour top with a printed layer like a kimono. You don't need to pack your summer clothes away as soon as the weather changes. Trying to wear things year-round means you get more value for money too.

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P.S. Congrats to Tricia who won a copy of my eBook, Stylish Pregnancy on a Budget. All the best for baby number 2!

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  1. I really like the first one, the jeans do work nicely with the top. But I am sorry to hear anout the work that needs to be redone, it is so annoying when that happens.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. I love how you paired the first top with the red cardigan, they look so nice together! Happy Monday Mica xx


  3. I am all for getting value for my money. So sorry you had to redo work that was done yrs ago, that sucks. Hopefully you don't have to do it again after this time. The first jeans actually looks great. The purple is quite subtle. I love the polka dots.

  4. I love your ruffled cami! And that is so impressive that you've gone 5 months without shopping!

  5. Mica, I am smitten with that ruffled cami & cardigan. Both look SO GOOD together. That's a really nice look.

  6. Your colour coordination is on pint! I didn’t actually notice the jeans were purple-ish. I thought they were a brown-black shade. They look great with the outfit though! I think the second look worked really well too! The soft colours are go together nicely! Hope you’re having an amazing week!


  7. Mica, I love the first outfit, it's really cute on you... I like the color of the second ruffle cami... it's great for the summer xox

    I am sorry I haven't been around lately, I have been dealing with a great deal of pain, my doctor prescribed a pill that seems to be helping... thankfully... Finally I can get back to writing and keep up with my blogging friends

  8. For some reason, I was totally thinking camouflage when I read "camis in autumn," and it took an embarrassingly long time for the lightbulb to light on "camisoles"! haha! I didn't think those jeans were purple, but now knowing they're purple, I like them even more!

  9. I do love this first look...that top with ruffles is so cute! That red cardigan is a great match for that top. The second outfit is cute, I like the combination of colours with peach and everything, but I can see why you didn't like it. Sometimes voluminous items worn together can be too much 'volume' and for some people wearing two voluminous things at once just feel wrong. I too prefer to wear one 'oversize' item at a time. Happy to hear you had a nice day that day :).

  10. I love both of these looks! Some of my favorites of yours. Those camis are so cute. I don't remember seeing either before, so you are definitely keeping it fresh for me!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  11. Hi! I love both looks! The red cardi makes the entire look pop beautifully and the peach cami does the same thing as well! You always inspire to pay attention to the details! Stay encouraged with the's really awesome! Have a wonderful week


  12. Dear Mica,
    I love both of the looks and even the 2nd one you didn't love! I think you had a great idea to wear your tops with the cardigan and the kimono over it and I'm always impressed about the treasures you have in your closet!
    The top with the tops is btw my favourite.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  13. I think both of these outfits work and they are chic while being comfy for a busy mom of two kids ages 3 and under. Love the Springy colors in the second peachy outfit and I think the kimono and camisole worked together.

    Have a great week Mica! You are doing SO WELL with your 6-month shopping ban and creating lovely outfits. =)

  14. I love the red cardigan and polka dot blouse combination! They look great together! And peach is a lovely color to pair with your kimono!

  15. I am not too sold on the second look but the first I really like Mica ! There is something about the brown LV bag and that red that is just striking.

  16. Love both look equally, they both are well styled and have great accessories!
    Sorry life is frustrating around you, you will cope I know ! The bag--- so fabulous!
    XX, Elle

  17. Hooray for snacks! They're lifesavers sometimes. I do like the colors in the second look, but the first is my favorite too. That top is so pretty, and the cardigan is the perfect color to complement it! Have a great week Mica!

  18. At first I didn't even notice the "purple" in the jeans, but after I read that, they did pull a little plum to me in the photos. Regardless though, I think it's deep enough and the red is brighter so they sort of balance together.

    I really don't dislike the second outfit either, but I can see where the two similar fabrics might no lay the best, causing them to appear bulkier. I play it safe with my kimonos and always just rock a plain tee or tank underneath. (; Purchased three more over the weekend! (:

  19. I really like both looks as you look great in a Kimono ( ill get one one day! ) and the peach is such a pretty color on you. Love the mix of polka dots and red.. and its a given I love your bags. Good to hear you had a good time with friends!
    Thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  20. Heart eyes for the Speedy! If I ever get another LV that will probs be it.


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