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Monday, 30 March 2020

Two ways To Wear a Navy Tank (With Rebecca Minkoff Micro Bedford Bag)

For today's weekday wear post I'm sharing two ways I've recently worn this navy tank. A breastfeeding piece I got when pregnant with my eldest boy, it's such a staple it's never left my wardrobe even though my breastfeeding days are behind me!

I'm continuing to blog as much as possible while the world is so uncertain, it's part of my routine and after 8 years of blogging and outfit photo taking it would be weird to stop! However, not going out as often and working from home has meant more loungewear, so I have less outfits to share as I only share pics of what I actually wear out the house.

While I've dropped my Wednesday post I'll still endeavour to post Monday and Fridays. In fact you'll see this navy top again in my 30 ways to wear post this Friday, as it's hit 30 wears!

What I wore:

green floral duster kimono with navy breastfeeding tank and bermuda denim shorts outfit micro bedford bag | awayfromblue

 Rebecca Minkoff Micro Bedford zip satchel in twilight | awayfromtheblue

awayfromtheblue Instagram | navy tank and Bermuda denim shorts outfit with green floral duster kimono
JacketJeanswest Delilah Long Line Kimono in Green Floral
NecklaceRoie Designs long freshwater pearl necklace with tassel
Tank: MEV Britney bubble tank in mood indigo (c/o)
Shorts: Jeanswest Trinity Bermuda denim shorts
ShoesNew Balance white and blue sneakers
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Micro Bedford zip satchel in twilight (new purchase)

Why I wore it:

Wore this to quickly pop out to do the school run and get groceries two weeks ago, which seems so long ago now. While social distancing wasn't as much of a thing then I thought this beautiful green floral duster kimono would help keep my personal space as it can billow out behind me when I walk quickly 😂 It also brought some extra colour to my outfit to cheer me up and boost my mood - grocery shopping has been a bit difficult lately with the shortages around and I needed something to make me smile.

The navy tank and the blue Bermuda denim shorts were another attempt to make me smile - blue is my favourite and go-to colour when I want to feel a little happier!

With the green kimono breaking up the blue a bit I thought this navy Rebecca Minkoff micro Bedford bag would be a nice compliment to the blue tank and shorts. Normally I'd have more exciting things in mind for the first outings with a new bag, but I thought I'd take the opportunity to wear this bag while I still can! Even if it was just for the school run and grocery shopping.

Last worn: green duster kimono, coin and tassel necklacenavy breastfeeding tank, Bermuda denim shorts, New Balance sneakers. First time I've worn the bag as it is a recent purchase.

Other ways to weargreen duster kimono and jeans, navy breastfeeding tank and maxi skirt, Bermuda denim shorts and peplum tank.

Perfect for pregnancy: navy breastfeeding tank in third trimester

Unboxing My Latest Rebecca Minkoff Purchase:

No "what I bought this month" post up as with all the craziness in the world I only have this bag I bought to share, and a fun orange blazer I got preloved. I optimistically bid on it a few weeks before things changed in Australia, when I was still going into work and it eventually arrived on my second week of who knows how many weeks working from home. I'm hopeful it will make an appearance on the blog soon...but it is really an office piece!

What I wore:

navy breastfeeding mum outfit autumn with floral maxi skirt nursing tank | away from blue

Rebecca Minkoff Micro Bedford zip satchel in twilight with moncohrome blue outfit | away from the blue

awayfromblue Instagram | monochrome navy breastfeeding outfit blue floral maxi skirt micro bedford bag
Necklace:  House of Harlow sunburst necklace in silver and grey
Tank: MEV Britney bubble tank in mood indigo (c/o)
Skirt: Ally Fashion blue border print floral maxi skirt
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs silver tuxedo flats
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Micro Bedford zip satchel in twilight

Why I wore it:

Unlike the outfit above, I kept this completely monochromatic with navy and blue. I really like the navy Micro Bedford bag with the blue floral skirt, it was such a nice combination. The silver necklace is an older favourite and was a bit of matchy-matchy with the silver hardware on the micro Bedford bag, and silver ballet flats.

Another day of being mostly at home - I did pop out to the grocery store again after school drop off and helping in my son's classroom. It was the second time that week I'd been to the grocery store, hoping that there would be more in stock. Got a few more things from my list thankfully, but there were still a lot of bare shelves even with the newly implemented shopping limits.

Yes, we need shopping limits at all our grocery stores to stop people hoarding and panic buying! A couple in front of me had some of their shopping removed by the cashier because they hadn't stuck to the limits. Thankfully there was no angry outbursts or need for police intervention as I've seen around a lot lately. What a crazy world we live in!

Last worn: navy breastfeeding tank (above), House of Harlow silver necklace, floral maxi skirt, silver ballet flats, Rebecca Minkoff micro Bedford bag (above).

Other ways to wearnavy breastfeeding tank and jeans, floral maxi skirt and pink tee, silver ballet flats and pencil skirt.

Perfect for pregnancynavy breastfeeding tank in second trimester, silver ballet flats in third trimester.

Navy tanks Under $50:

How You Can Wear It

A navy tank is a great wardrobe basic! It's a great base outfit piece for pairing with a bold print - something contrasting in green like the kimono, or a little more monochromatic with a blue floral maxi skirt.

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Wednesday, 4 March 2020

What I Bought In February And How I've Worn It: Second Hand Finds

After a big spend in January, I really wasn't intending on spending anything in February. However I couldn't resist just a little browse in the opshop when we passed by and ended up buying a couple of things! This month everything I got was second hand.

What I Bought:

Why I Bought It:

We were walking by the opshop when my son noticed the door was ajar and ran in so how could I say no? 😂 We did the usual checkout of books and toys before I had a small browse of the clothes. With nothing particularly in mind but an extra 50% off summer stock I tried a few things on. Being petite maxi skirts are hard to find - in regular stores as well as opshops! - so I wasn't sure these would fit well. So pleased to find out that they don't need any alteration! I suspect that the ochre maxi skirt is actually a midi skirt, but it's a maxi length on me. It's a beautiful shade - couldn't tell if it was more rust or mustard, and it seems to change colours in different lights! I think it's a true ochre.

I'm a little annoyed that the navy maxi skirt doesn't have any labels other than the fabric tag saying it's viscose as it's so soft and such a good fabric for summer. Such a great find and it's a shame I don't know the brand to be able to hunt out more!

The jeans are a little difficult to explain - an impulse buy when it was cooler with the wild weather and I wondered if I should get some jeans. I stumbled across these at a great price on eBay and was excited to get them. However when they arrived they were not in the condition the auction made them out to be. I emailed the seller with pics of the disappointing condition and asked if I could try wash them or if they wanted me to return them without trying anything. The seller then immediately apologised and refunded me. I then washed them and they came up good as new. Since the seller had cancelled the transaction and refunded me I couldn't do anything about it, leaving feedback or anything. I did offer to send them back now clean but she said to keep them. So technically, I paid nothing for these jeans. And then since that took a while to sort out, the weather heated up again so I haven't worn them yet. And I also feel really guilty that I didn't pay anything as I got my money refunded!

How I've Worn It:

I set myself the rule of wearing things twice in the month I buy them and even with being a little unwell for February I managed to meet that goal with the skirts. Maxi skirts just work so well into my life as a mum, the perfect length for church or the school run, and with the heat and humidity these light skirts have been a good choice. Was so easy to hit my wear twice goal with these skirts and I have so many more outfits in mind for them!

The jeans I didn't wear as it's just been too hot. They are sure to get more wear when Autumn weather finally arrives, now it's officially autumn we just have to wait for the summer heat to leave here in Brisbane! They are a very bold magenta so I'm excited to show them off once the weather cools down.

A few purchases even if I wasn't intending to buy anything this month! I'm pleased everything was preloved though, second hand shopping is a lot kinder to my wallet and the environment.

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Friday, 31 January 2020

What I Bought in December And January, And How I've Worn It

Well 2020 has been off to a strange start! And not just because of all the wild events recently, I'm talking specifically about my shopping. This is a personal style blog after all!

I started the new year with my intention, the same as last year, to spend less than I did the previous year. Yet at the end of January, I've bought a lot more than expected! I actually only have 1 Christmas gift card left! A few impulse buys and a few fear-driven purchases. I covered it all in the video below with a quick summary you can read through too.

What I Bought:

Why I Bought It:

Now my favourite store (Jeanswest) is in administration and closing stores I wanted to spend the last of my Christmas gift cards ASAP. They can change the terms and conditions with the gift cards when a chain is in administration and that has happened with other stores that have closed here in Australia, from requiring you to spend a set amount before you can use a gift card to just refusing to accept them. 

I tried to shop sensibly and buy basics I can wear over and over, and I'm pleased with what I got but also it wasn't anything I really felt I needed. Although to be honest with a wardrobe the size of mine, there's nothing that's really a need! So pleased I got some cute things with the Christmas gifts I was given, and that I got to spend them before the rules around using gift cards possibly changes. Really hoping that Jeanswest doesn't shut down completely though - where else would I do the majority of my clothes shopping!?

How I've Worn It:

waht I've bought and how I've worn it: wardrobe remix with january Jeanswest sale finds

I have a rule that every time I want to buy something I have to think of two different ways I will immediately wear it that month. I didn't do too badly with this goal this month at all....the opshopped jacket doesn't suit the weather at all and so hasn't been worn, but I wasn't going to pass on a jacket for just $1! I bought more than I needed to this month for sure, usually I spread my gifts cards through the year but I was focused on spending all my Jeanswest ones this month. I did enjoy wearing everything and did quite well with the goal, but also didn't get to my twice a wear figure with the jeans and the jacket as they aren't suited for summer temps.

For the upcoming months...I'm either going to spend a fortune at the Jeanswest closing down sales or the closure of one of the stores I frequently shop in will help me meet my spend less target this year!

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Friday, 27 September 2019

Shopping Haul: What I Bought In September & How I've Worn It

So.....after a rather large haul last month I wasn't expecting to buy much of anything this month. I ended up impulse buying quite a few things, with all of the sales going on tempting me!

What I Bought In September: Haul Video

In the video:

  • Kmart teal tassel earrings
  • Kmart mustard gold tassel earrings
  • Kmart teal floral print midi dress
  • Target Preview navy long sleeve collared shirt
  • thrifted cream and navy statement flat bead necklace
  • thrifted black and grey floral crystal statement necklace
  • thrifted statement gunmetal hardware necklace
  • thrifted Equip turquoise cream multi strand bead necklace

Why I Bought It:

With an event looming in October, I needed to find an outfit that fit the dress code. After trying a few options in my wardrobe I decided nothing was quite what I wanted to wear, and so I decided to hit up some local opshops. I had an idea in my head for what I needed to complete my outfit - either an accessory or something to go over my dress.

After spending a week looking for the perfect outfit topper I gave up and decided to go for an accessory instead. The difficulty with looking for necklaces that may work with a formal dress is that you can't wear the formal dress while thrifting, it's a tad overdressed, ha! So I ended up buying a couple of options...and then in the end my mum found the perfect thing in another opshop and bought it for me so I'm not going to wear any of the necklaces I bought to the event! I still like statement necklaces though so expect these to get some wear outside the event, and at just $3 each it was hard to say no.

The Kmart finds were kind of planned. My friend Jess had got an awesome earring haul from the Kmart clearance so I headed into the store to check them out, and ended up spotting this pretty floral dress too reduced to just $12 so that had to come home with me as well!

The Target blouse was a last minute buy at the end of the month - I went into Target to check out the clearance sale and this was reduced from $39 to just $10 so I had to buy it. Luckily for my wallet, none of the other bargains (tops for $5!) I tried on fit right on me.

How I've Worn It:

As you would expect from impulse buys, I didn't manage to wear everything twice to reach my goal of 'wearing things twice in the month I buy them'. A big flag to me that even if it's a bargain I don't need to buy everything I see! I need to take a moment to stop and consider how things will work for my life ahead for the month. After completing #6monthsWithoutShopping 2 years ago I was doing pretty well curbing the impulse buys, I need to make sure I don't fall back into my bad habits!

I do expect I will get wear from these pieces, but statement earrings and necklaces are not everyday wear for me and something I need to be considerate when I wear - pointy pieces are not good when giving toddler cuddles, and big bold necklaces are not the kind of thing I would normally wear to the playground with the kids.

Next month is "Buy Nothing New Month" and it would be great to achieve it this year! I do still have one Jeanswest gift card left from Christmas though...

The 30% off birthday sale at the Iconic is providing me further temptation, as is the Shopbop sale!

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Friday, 30 August 2019

Spring / Summer Haul! What I Bought In August

After a successful no buy July last month (5th year in a row!) I went just a little overboard this month and bought quite a lot! Most of it was pre-loved though so not too much of a hit on the budget!

August is the last month of winter here in Australia but I'm already thinking of spring and summer and so bought some light weight scarves for layering on cooler days, along with a LOT of tees and maxi skirts. Oh and a new bag too 😂 You know you've gone overboard when you can't fit all the things you bought in the video thumbnail pic!

What I Bought In August: Haul Video

In The Video:

Everything I got in my opshop fill a bag for $5 haul:
  • thrifted pinstripe maxi skirt
  • thrifted SES Fashions vertical stripe maxi skirt
  • thrifted Kmart black and grey knitted asymmetric maxi skirt in shadow
  • thrifted Cotton On navy and grey striped maxi skirt
  • thrifted Kmart space dye cream and black longline top
  • thrifted Cotton on grey tunic tee
  • thrifted black and white space dye peplum tee
  • thrifted Navy Emerson slouchy tee
  • blue multi stand long beaded necklace

Why I Bought It:

After catching up with Jess and seeing one of the new Fashion Scarf Girl scarves in person, I had to put in an order! You might recall I was a brand rep for the company last year - but these scarves I bought myself, as I do only collaborate with companies I'd spend money on! I thought they'd be the perfect light layer for the upcoming spring (just a few days away!).

The bag was something I could not get out of my head. I'd put an offer in on it before when I had an ebay voucher but it was rejected, so I decided it wasn't meant to be. I kept it in my watch list though and after seeing it consistently relisted for a few weeks I caved, upped my offer and bought it in mid August when I had another ebay voucher. So happy with it. And still so confused as to how or why these ebay vouchers appear!

The kimono was another purchase I'd been eyeing for a while, when a 40% off sale at Jeanswest came along at the end of August I snapped it up!

The opshop haul is a big one! It was a fill a bag for $5 sale and I may have went overboard - but all these pieces are things I see myself wearing a lot in the months to come. Even if I did question my sanity a little when I realised out of the 5 maxi skirts I tried on I wanted to take 4 home with me....

How I've Worn It:

With my big opshop haul coming mid August, and filling my $5 bag with so many clothes, I was doubtful I'd hit the "wear everything twice in the month I buy it" rule that I set myself. I made a good attempt at it though, and give myself a pass there as I honestly wasn't expecting to have so much good luck at the opshop! I wasn't going to put things I loved back if I was paying the same price for the bag no matter how much was inside it!

In saying the above though, I'm also not expecting to shop much more the next few months, I have plenty of new to me things to wear and I feel stocked up for spring and summer! The pieces I bought have been perfect for our warmer end to winter too.

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Friday, 31 May 2019

What I Bought In Autumn and How I've Worn It: Shopping Haul & Try On Video

Sharing a bit of everything with this What I bought post! Just like last month, I'm wrapping up a few weeks of purchases at once, so sharing my April and May autumn purchases.

Fashion items I picked up before our trip away, as well as the souvenirs I bought in Europe. (Technically the Europe purchases are spring buys but it felt like winter to me over there 😂 )

What I've Bought In Autumn:

What I Was Given:

Why I Bought It:

Quite a few impulse buys this month! The Mickey Mouse tee was something I hadn't intended to buy, I went to Uniqlo to check out the kids Disney tees for our Disneyland trip and when I saw adult sizes I had to get one too! I was hunting for kid's shoes in Big W when I came across the mustard tee and given how much I love mustard and that I've been wearing a lot of v-neck tees lately, had to add that to my trolley!

The berry blouse I'd been admiring at Jeanswest for a while waiting for a sale, and when it was reduced from $70 to $20 I had to buy it! They didn't have my size in store so I had to order it in and when it arrived shortly before we left I decided just to pack it for my trip as a last minute addition. The denim jacket is something I've had on my wishlist for a while, my current one is over 10 years old and I've mentioned a few times I want to update it, and when I saw this one I knew it would be perfect.

The Mickey Mouse scarf and the Edinburgh tourist tee were fun souvenirs from our trip!

How I've Worn It:

Not everything has been worn twice to meet my 'wear twice in the month I buy it' goals. Due to 3 weeks of travelling I'm giving myself a bit of grace there! The orange cami my mum picked up in the sales I couldn't wear due to the cold temps, which is a shame as it's so cute! I did get in one wear when I got back to Brisbane.

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Friday, 1 March 2019

What I Bought In Jan / Feb & How I've Worn It: Shopping Haul & Try On Video

I bought a few things in January but as I mentioned not everything arrived in time for me to make a video, so I decided to compile my January and February purchases together. Some January sale finds and a few opshop bargains!

What I Bought In January / February:

Kmart culotte short in navy lemon print
Kmart black sleeveless frill hem peplum tank
Rebecca Minkoff Edie small crossbody bag in magenta
Thrifted Kmart abstract blob print tee
Thrifted Crossroads black ruffle hem maxi skirt
Thrifted Target colourful printed tank
Thrifted red statement bead necklace
Thrifted Spirit grey marle jumper
Jeanswest Emily cotton v-neck tee in coral

Why I Bought It:

Despite getting a lot of lovely clothes and accessories for Christmas, I just had to check out the Kmart clearance sale in the new year and came away with some new clothes and even PJs, using a gift card I got for Christmas.

And I eventually succumbed to the temptation of the Rebecca Minkoff sale too! As you will have seen first on YouTube, I picked up another bag in the final days of the sale when there was an extra 40% off sale items. The Jeanswest sales were successfully avoided in January, but I couldn't resist picking up a coral tee later in February when there was an extra 40% off sale items!

My search for a good local opshop continued in January and February, trying to find an alternative one after my favourite closed. I picked up quite a few bargains when I was browsing the opshops in the surrounding areas, most of the clothes only being $1 each. All completely impulse buys though, and nothing I absolutely needed, just things I wanted.

How I've Worn It:

 I noticed I'd perhaps gone a little overboard with the buying (although certainly not the spending!) when I struggled with meeting my 'wear twice in the month I buy it' goals with some of my pieces. A good reminder that even if those clothes are only $1 each, I need to be more thoughtful with what I buy. With the grey jumper being an autumn / winter piece, I'm giving that a pass for not meeting the 'wear twice in the month I buy it' rule as I know I'll love it later!

I anticipate that the next few months will be a little slower with the purchases, while I enjoy what I own for a while.

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Friday, 4 January 2019

30 Ways To Wear: Chloe Marcie Hobo Bag & 2018 Shopping Review & 2019 Budget

A new 30 ways to wear post, as well as a review of what I bought last year and my fashion budget for 2019!

I love handbags, and I have a lot of them! But I frequently sell some to have funds towards something else I want more. This Chloe Marcie hobo bag was a bag I loved, but rationalised I didn't wear as much as my Balenciaga day hobo bag, so I decided to let it go. I did hit 30 wears before I sold it, so I've dug through the blog archives for some older photos of my wearing it. I wonder if I'll cringe as much looking back at outfit pics now in a few years as much as I am looking back on these pics now? 😂

30 Ways To Wear: Chloe Marcie Hobo Bag In Nut

30 ways to wear the medium Chloe Marcie Hobo Bag in nut brown | awayfromtheblue  30wears challenge

Like many of my bags that I've now sold, I find this tricky to calculate cost per wear on! I bought it at a Reebonz offline sale, after wanting it for a while. I got a really good deal on it, so much so that I managed to sell it for almost what I paid for it. So you could calculate cost per wear based on the price I paid, or take that price minus the amount I got when I sold it and calculate it on around the $100 difference. I'm never sure what to do in these cases.

Inability to calculate cost per wear aside, I'm happy with the use I got from this bag. It held up really well, still looking like new when it eventually left my wardrobe, and I was pleased to look back at these old pics and see that I had hit 30 wears with it. I do sometimes regret selling it, but I know it wouldn't have gotten much more wear if it stayed in my wardrobe longer!

Chloe Marcie Hobo Bag In Summer

Chloe Marcie bag with summer outfits 5 ideas | awayfromblue

The handle drop on this bag is quite large, especially as the leather of the bag sags down a bit when the bag is full. It makes it an easy bag to throw over your shoulder in summer as it doesn't feel too tight or irritating to wear. The neutral colour works with all kinds of summer brights too!

Chloe Marcie Hobo Bag With Winter Layers

5 ways to wear Chloe Marcie hobo bag in winter layers | awayfromtheblue

Being a neutral brown, this 'nut' shade is perfect for adding to winter outfits. I've picked similarly coloured scarves to wear with the bag in each of these layered outfits, but you can see it would work well without any matching as it looks great with black winter layers!

Chloe Marcie Hobo In The Office

hobo bag in the office worn 6 ways: Chloe marcie in nut | awayfromblue

Printed dresses or pencil skirts, I found this Chloe Marcie bag worked so well for the office. Again making the most of the neutral shade I could wear it with brightly coloured or printed pieces, or just let it compliment a neutral outfit. It's a rather structured hobo shape so doesn't feel too casual for work.

Chloe Marcie Hobo Bag With Jeans

5 ways to wear a chloe marcie shoulder bag with jeans  | away from blue blog

As you can see in these photos, before I gave up my blue jeans I used to wear them a lot! The Chloe Marcie bag just works so well with denim, it's an easy choice when wearing jeans. I wore it a lot with skirts and dresses as you've seen in the earlier photos, but it was still a go-to with jeans too. Really versatile bag.

Chloe Marcie Hobo With Printed Outfits

Chloe neutral brown hobo handbag worn with prints 5 ways | away from the blue

Because this 'nut' shade is a nice neutral colour, it made the bag my default neutral piece to wear with prints. Something like a printed dress, or just a little print like a skirt or top, the hobo bag works nicely with all different prints and colours.

Chloe Marcie Hobo Bag In Pregnancy

4 outfit ideas wearing the chloe marcie hobo bag in pregnancy | awayfromblue

Despite only having this bag during my pregnancy with my eldest boy, it was worn enough times for me to be able to include it as a category here in my wrap up. You know I love looking back at my bump pics when doing these posts! I wore the bag a few times in the second and third trimester as you can see. It isn't a heavy bag so was nice to wear during pregnancy, the braided strap is really comfortable on the shoulder.

What's In My Bag: Chloe Marcie Medium Hobo Bag In Nut

Where To Buy:

This hobo style of Marcie has been discontinued, but there are still some places you can buy second hand! All the bags above come with authenticity guarantees even though they are preloved.

More Posts in The #30 Wears Handbag Series:

If you're looking for more outfit inspiration with this bag, you can see all 30+ ways I've worn it in my blog archives. I've included some links to other handbag related 30 wears posts below too. You can find the full post series by clicking here.

2018 Spend And Goals For 2019

My last shopping haul for the year!

My Total Spend in 2018

I totalled it up, I bought 30 fashion items (clothing and accessories) in 2018. In 2017 I spent $1,696.53, my goal in 2018 was to spend less than that. I achieved that as I spent $1,014.44 if you include gift cards, which works out to $84.54 a month. If you don't include gift card spend, I only spent $664.44. I'm really pleased with the figures and that I met my goal!

How Do I Do It?

I'm a fashion blogger with a love for expensive things (handbags 😂) without a big budget and slight shopaholic tendencies! I did a 6 months without shopping in 2017 which I ended up stretching out to 7 months, and really made me evaluate what I was buying and why.

I also continued to work on this 30 wears challenge! Every month I have to find something in my wardrobe I've worn 30 times or more to make these posts. This makes me focus more on ways I can rewear things I already own and makes me less likely to turn to a store for inspiration when looking or something to wear. Looking through my blog archives for ways I've worn things before often gives me ideas of things to try from past outfits!

My Goals For 2019

Same as last year, my goal for this year will be to spend less than I did last year. To make things easy on myself, I'll include the gift card spend. So 2019 will be the year of spending less (again), rewearing more, and hoping I don't go over my $1,014.44 budget! Wish me luck!

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Monday, 12 November 2018

Peplum Tanks and Pencil Skirts With Pink Handbags

For something a little different, I paired some peplum tanks and pencil skirts together. It's not the first time I've worn the combo, and I'm wearing it in two different ways below. For a casual work from home day and for a day in the office.

What I wore:

spring rainy day peplum tank pencil skirt pink balenciaga city bag office outfit | awayfromblue

Balenciaga RH classic city in 2010 sorbet pink | awayfromtheblue

awayfromblue Instagram | navy peplum bird print tank pink balenciaga city bag pencil skirt
Earrings: Kmart blue fringe crescent statement earrings
NecklaceJeanswest Taryn turquoise tassel bead necklace (new purchase)
Tank: gifted Kmart navy bird print peplum frill hem tank
SkirtAsos tailored tab front pencil skirt in grey
ShoesWalnut Melbourne 'Ava' black lizard ballet flats (also available in silver)
BagBalenciaga RH classic city in 2010 sorbet (more affordable preloved)

Why I wore it:

I was excited to give my new tank a wear! My mum kindly picked this up for me in Kmart when we were browsing together. It's perfect for summer, and I could see it working with a pencil skirt and blazer or plain pants as well as with jeans and shorts. Really looking forward to wearing this more! Decided to pair it with my pink Balenciaga city bag to bring out the pink bird print.

The necklace is new too, I picked it up at Jeanswest recently during one of their sales.

The grey pencil skirt was a great neutral to wear it with, although I did wish I'd taken a blazer - the rain set in for most of the day and it was a little chillier than I expected. The black ballet flats were a good choice for the rain with the rubber soles.

Last worn: statement earrings, grey pencil skirt, Walnut Melbourne flats, Balenciaga sorbet city. First time I've worn the tank and necklace as they are recent additions to my wardrobe.

Other ways to weargrey pencil skirt and polka dot tank, Walnut Melbourne flats and green pants, Balenciaga sorbet city with monochrome outfit.

Perfect for pregnancygrey pencil skirt in second trimester, Walnut Melbourne flats in second trimester, Balenciaga sorbet city in third trimester.

My Latest Rebecca Minkoff Purchase Revealed:

What I wore:

monochrome tassel scarf peplum tank pencil skirt converse outfit with pastel pink bag | away from blue

Rebecca Minkoff small Darren messenger bag in peony | away from the blue

awayfromtheblue instagram | monochrome pencil skirt converse peplum tank bird print scarf outfit with pastel pink RM darren bag
Scarf: Fashion Scarf Girl bird and egg print scarf (c/o)
Tank: Zalora basics ruffle hem tank in black
SkirtAtmos&Here grey marle jersey pencil skirt
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in black
BagRebecca Minkoff small Darren messenger bag in peony  (new purchase)

Why I wore it:

Similar outfit to the one above, but I wore this pencil skirt and peplum tank combo for a much more casual day so I dressed it down a little with the Converse. The jersey material of this pencil skirt is a great relaxed fit with Converse, and I've worn them together in the past.

Had the daycare drop off in the morning and then working from home before doing the pickup and taking my son to his appointment, so this comfortable outfit was perfectly suited for the day.

I really liked the way this pastel pink Rebecca Minkoff small Darren bag worked with the neutral black and grey too.

The fun chook print scarf was a last minute addition, but I felt it worked well too add an extra bit of interest to my outfit, and a little touch of warmth in the cooler weather. The outfit seemed a bit plain without it!

Last wornblack peplum tank, grey jersey pencil skirt, Converse. First time I've worn the scarf and bag as they are recent additions to my wardrobe.

Other ways to wearblack peplum tank and shorts, grey jersey pencil skirt worn two ways, Converse and skinny jeans

Perfect for pregnancyblack peplum tank in first trimester, grey jersey pencil skirt in third trimester, Converse for second trimester travel

Peplum Tanks Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

Peplum tanks, like any other kind of tanks, are so easy to wear with pencil skirts. You can dress them up for the office or dress them down for a quieter day at home. If you're in a formal business environment, you might not get away with a peplum tank as you have to wear a button up or collared shirt, but for a business casual environment like my office this outfit formula works perfectly.

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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

What I Bought in October & How I've Worn It: Shopping Haul & Try On Video

After I managed #nospenderSeptember without really thinking about it, I expected I might shop a little more than usual this month.

As you can see from the video below, while I did shop at a couple of places I got most things at a discount thanks to sales!

What I Bought:

Not Mentioned In the Video:

Just like in August's haul video, I've only included things I've purchased, but I was given more things I wanted to share here. As part of my brand rep role for Fashion Scarf Girl on Instagram, I was gifted some scarves to wear. You might have seen these pop up on Instagram over the month, but they haven't appeared on the blog yet. As always, I'll disclose when an item was sent to me to wear (marked c/o). There's another one I was given too but I haven't worn that yet!

fashion scarf girl scarves brand rep awayfromblue instagram

Why I Bought It

I go into this in a little more detail in the video.

Somewhat predictably, the allure of the Jeanswest sale was too strong and while I avoided it for September, I caved on the very first day of October and went in 'just to look' while out with my sister, which turned into a try on session and some purchases..

It's been a LONG time since I've ordered anything from The Iconic - last time was in their boxing day sale almost 2 years ago! Was overdue a shop there!

And you might already know about the Rebecca Minkoff bag from my reveal / unboxing video!

How I've Worn It

October Shopping haul and try on video what a fashion blogger buys each month | awayfromtheblue

With the majority of my purchases being early in the month, it was easy to mostly achieve my goal of wearing things twice in the month I purchase them! That dress is the exception - I haven't even worn it once as I've decided to set it aside for Christmas day. I know it's early to plan Christmas outfits, but I know a dress like that needs a special debut! I'm happy with it not meeting my 'wear twice in the month I buy it rule' as I know it's going to be worn a lot after Christmas.

What was your favourite piece of everything I bought?

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Friday, 31 August 2018

What I Bought In August & How I've Worn It: Shopping Haul & Try On Video

After completing no Buy July last month, I was felt like I bought a lot this month to make up for it! Everything was on sale or an opshop find though.

There's a little for everyone here, with new purchases from Jeanswest, opshop (thrift) finds, and awesome accessories. Nothing was over $17, even though I bought a bag too!

What I Bought:

Not Mentioned In The Video:

I will always be upfront on the blog about additions to my wardrobe. I didn't include these in my haul video as I didn't buy them, but I became a brand rep for Fashion Scarf Girl in July and received 4 scarves as a result to wear over the next few months.

Fashion Scarf Girl Brand Rep Away From The Blue

Shopping-wise, this month felt like a month of impulse buys! I wandered into the Jeanswest store just for a browse, and these tees were on sale with an extra 50% off sale prices. I got both for less than the full retail cost of one of them, I'm pretty happy with that! A nice slouchy, basic tee will get a lot of wear in my wardrobe so I couldn't resist getting both colours.

I'm an emotional shopper, so after a bit of a stressful start to the day, I went into Kmart for the containers I planned to buy, and decided to browse. While I didn't buy anything extra that day, I couldn't get these sparkly shoes out of my head (the messages on my Instagram stories telling me to go back for them may have helped there!) and so went back to Kmart again to pick up the shoes and some statement earrings.

After some luck with the green pants at various opshops, I really was hoping to get more for myself in the 'fill a bag with clothes for $2' sale at my favourite opshop (especially as all the proceeds were going to drought-stricken farmers), but as you can see I only ended up with two items of clothing for myself, that pile for the boys you saw in the video and some homewares after I'd been looking out for similar pieces for a while.

The bag was explained a bit further in the video too, but I wanted to try a new style and could not believe that I scored this for under $20! Still not sure how I ended up with that ebay voucher but it came at a perfect time! Its second wear is today so I haven't got the photo for this post unfortunately.

How I've Worn It All:

August purchases and how I've worn them: Away From The Blue

After buying those long sleeved tops at the opshop, the weather started to warm up and I wasn't sure I'd be able to squeeze in two wears of them! Thankfully they work for my business casual office, and it's really cold for my early morning commute so they got some wear that way! Was really pleased to wear everything at least twice, with some surprise pieces like the green skinny jeans being worn a lot more over the month!

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