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Monday, 19 March 2018

Rebecca Minkoff Regan Bag & Tulip Hem Wrap Dresses For The Office

You can't beat a classic wrap dress for easy office style. I love printed dresses as they are instant outfits, with little to no accessorising required. Both of these Atmos&Here dresses have tulip hems. The tulip hem and midi length is something I'd usually worry would make my petite self look even shorter, but I don't feel that with these dresses. I love them both, even when worn with flats.

What I wore:

Atmos&Here Betsy jersey wrap dress in watercolour print, camel flats, Navy Regan satchel | awayFromBlue

JORD watch, rebecca Minkoff navy moon regan satchel bag | awayfromtheblue

awayfromblue instagram Atmos&here jersey wrap dress, Rebecca Minkoff regan satchel
Necklace: turquoise and gold beaded necklace from my mum's wardrobe
DressAtmos&Here Betsy jersey wrap dress in watercolour print
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs logo plaque flats in camel
Bracelets: the usual plus Cora purpleheart and mother of pearl watch C/O JORD
BagRebecca Minkoff Regan Satchel Tote in moon
NailsOPI Purple With A Purpose

Why I wore it:

Although I lay my outfit out the night before to make getting ready in the morning faster, I don't always know what accessories I'm going to wear. I was standing in front of the mirror trying to pick a necklace when I saw this turquoise and gold beaded one and realised it would be perfect, and meet the 'matchy matchy' theme for the #AutumnStyleFile challenge on Instagram. Only I got my days mixed up and the challenge for the day was actually 'colour makes me happy'. This dress was still perfect for that theme though with the colourful turquoise print.

With the turquoise dress I thought the navy blue Rebecca Minkoff Regan bag would be a good accessory, and it's such a nice bag for the office with the structured sides.

Last worn: printed wrap dress, camel flats, Rebecca Minkoff Regan satchel.

Other ways to wearprinted wrap dress and ankle boots, camel flats and tights in winter, Rebecca Minkoff Regan satchel and shorts.

Perfect for pregnancyprinted wrap dress in third trimester, camel flats in second trimester.

Rebecca Minkoff Regan Review (And What's In My Bag)

What I wore:

Atmos&Here Arlette jersey wrap dress, navy Rebecca Minkoff Regan tote bag for the office | away from blue

bracelet stack, JORD Cora wood watch, Rebecca Minkoff moon navy regan satchel bag | away from the blue

awayfromblue instagram atmos&here zig zag wrap dress classic office outfit with navy Regan bag
DressAtmos&Here Arlette jersey wrap dress
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs metallic mouse flats (on sale in black!)
Bracelets: the usual plus Cora purpleheart and mother of pearl watch C/O JORD
BagRebecca Minkoff Regan Satchel Tote in moon

Why I wore it:

This was my 'I don't know what to wear' outfit solution. The beautiful zig zag print wrap dress always gets compliments. It's the perfect dress to wear as it goes with any colour of accessories, although again I went with the navy Rebecca Minkoff Regan bag.

There was no style challenge this day to help me pick out what necklace to wear like there was with the first outfit, so I went with this pretty gold beaded necklace that my bestie gave me, I thought it tied in nicely with the gold mouse flats.

Whenever I wear these mouse flats they always get a reaction when someone spots them - usually causing a debate over what animal they are meant to be. They are Marc Jacobs mouse flats, the animal is in the name, but someone suggested they look more like wombats. I'm tempted to call them my golden wombat shoes now next time anyone asks about them! 😂

Last worn: chevron print wrap dress, gold mouse flats, Rebecca Minkoff Regan bag (above).

Other ways to wearchevron print wrap dress in winter, gold mouse flats and flare jeans, Rebecca Minkoff Regan bag and sheath dress.

Perfect for pregnancygold mouse flats in second trimester.

Tulip Hem Wrap Dresses Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

A wrap dress is one of those classic wardrobe 'must-have pieces' I completely agree with and think everyone needs in their wardrobe. They work in pregnancy, although you may need to size up to continue to cover an expanding bump. The turquoise printed wrap dress above is a size larger than normal and I wore it through my third trimester. The wrap style is perfect for breastfeeding post-baby too, flattering on any leftover baby bump and something you know will fit even with all the postpartum body changes! And of course, they work in an office setting. A great all-rounder!

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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

February Purchases and Wearing Things Twice In The Month I Buy Them

This time last year I was doing my #6monthsWithoutShopping challenge. This year, I'm not doing that challenge so I'm free to spend! I continue to have the goal of spending less this year than I did last year though. Even with the freedom to shop I haven't bought much, I've definitely changed my shopaholic habits.

away from the blue blog february shopping haul YouTube video

Just two purchases this month! A long thought out purchase and an impulse buy, but I've worn the impulse buy one the most surprisingly.

Here's what I bought:

How I Wore It

I have my 'wear everything twice in the month you buy it' rule. I started this a few years ago to ensure I was only buying things I could get use from right away, to stop the discovery of unworn with tags items in my wardrobe. There have been a few exceptions to this rule, one when my pregnant belly outgrew something before I got to wear it and the rest have been weather related. As I mentioned in the video, the foil jumper hasn't been worn because of the weather.

The wear twice rule still works though. I did consider buying something else this month but decided against it. Purely because I had to order it online and it wouldn't have made it in time for me to wear it twice in February. It was a 'want' item, not a 'need', but my large wardrobe makes almost every purchase a 'want'! It was easier to refrain from purchasing know it wouldn't pass the wear twice rule. Maybe next month I'll buy it if I keep thinking about it.

two ways to wear distressed denim shorts with kimonos in summer | away from the blue blog

The foil knit, bought a few days before the heatwave, didn't get worn at all this month.  There's a little more detail in the video above, but basically I bought this thinking I might not get to wear it right away, and bought it anyway as I didn't want to miss out on the trend again.

The denim shorts, an impulse buy, have been worn right away as you can see above, as they were perfect for the heatwave.  I know I bought a lot of new shorts for summer a couple of months ago, but when you stumble across $60+ denim in your size in the op-shop, you buy it! While I've worn them similarly here with printed tanks and kimonos, the video has more ways to wear them.

I'm pretty content with my wardrobe now. I might buy that piece I keep thinking about or I might wait until cooler weather to see where the gaps are in my wardrobe!

If you enjoyed the video, I'd love you to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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Friday, 1 December 2017

November Purchases

While I didn't buy a lot in October, I did do a lot of shopping in November!

November Purchases: What I bought, How I wore It. Budget fashion blogger | away from the blue

There are a couple reasons for buying so much this month:
  • Doing Christmas shopping meant more exposure to stores and more temptation to shop
  • I love spring/summer clothing and it makes up the bulk of my wardrobe as I find ways to wear it year-round. And there have been some really nice new season pieces.
  • I've been decluttering and downsizing my wardrobe So I'm starting to feel there are 'gaps'.
  • Jeanswest had a 40% off sale and I still had unspent gift cards that I had been setting aside for after my 6 months without shopping challenge at the start of the year.

The Jeanswest sale being the biggest reason if I'm honest, considering that's where I bought everything! I'm such a sucker for a sale! There's another 40% off sale on right now too!

What I bought:

How I Wore It:

I have a rule that whenever I buy something I have to wear it twice in the month I bought it. I couldn't do that with all of my October purchases, as one arrived over a month after I ordered it, and some had to be taken to the tailor first. I had better luck this month though, as you can see below. The only thing I haven't worn twice are the earrings as I'm saving them for Christmas.

The idea behind wearing things twice in the month I buy them is that I have to come up with two ways to wear it immediately before I buy so I know it will be useful in my wardrobe. I no longer have things new with tags sitting unworn for years and I have to really love it to want to wear it so frequently right away. I've slowed my shopping and gotten more use from the pieces I've bought since I've implemented this rule so I'm keeping on with it.

November purchases worn - spring and summer outfits Brisbane budget fashion blogger | away from the blue

I'm feeling pretty wardrobe content for the moment! Not sure if I'll buy more in December or just get those final few Christmas presents I need to buy for people. The Iconic usually have their big boxing day sale so I'm sure to be tempted by that, especially if Rebecca Minkoff is included!

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Friday, 15 April 2016

How to Hide a Baby Bump In Photos: A Guide For Bloggers

One of the best things about being pregnant is watching a tiny baby bump grow day by day. For any number of reasons though, you might want to hide that little baby bump for a while, especially if you're a blogger. I thought I'd put this guide together to show you how to hide a baby bump.

Tips for hiding a baby bump in blog photos | Away From Blue blog

When I was pregnant with toddler T, I was keeping the baby bump hidden until after 20 weeks, once we had shared with our families and friends over Christmas and I had returned to the office from extended leave and told my boss. With my most recent pregnancy, I wanted to participate in the Frocktober fundraising challenge which meant I couldn't hide the bump for quite as long. My limited wardrobe (a different dress every day for 31 days) wasn't most conductive to hiding a bump, unlike when I was pregnant with toddler T and could select from my entire wardrobe.

Top three tips for hiding a baby bump:

  • Continue to wear your regular pants/skirts for as long as possible. Use the hair tie trick, or invest in a belly band for clothes without elastic waists. Some skirts with elastic waists can be worn a little higher over the baby belly if it doesn't make them too short.
  • Favour clothes that skim over any emerging baby bump. Think empire waists, trapeze tops, skater skirts and fit and flare dresses. Anything that flows rather than clings.
  • Accessorise! Use scarves to hide bumps, and prints and layers to distract attention from your belly.

Dressing to hide a baby bump | Away From Blue

As well as following the pointers above, there are a few things you can do if you're a personal style/fashion blogger and you just want to hide the bump in photos. Be aware that while these tricks do work well in photos, they won't always hide the baby belly in person.

Hiding a baby bump in photos:

  • Pick your angle. Facing straight on to the camera is the best way to reduce or disguise the size of a baby bump.
  • Take photos as early in the day as possible. The more you eat, the bigger your belly gets, especially in the early stages.
  • Accessorise. Same as above, you can hide a bump with clever layering, a scarf, or even just hiding behind a handbag!
  • Never tuck any tops in. A half tuck hides a little bump quite well, but firmly tucking a top into a skirt or pair of pants just highlights a baby belly.
  • Avoid clingy fabrics. You want things that skim over your bump.
  • If you have a photographer, get their feedback. If you have a professional photographer, or just someone helping you with photos, ask them for the best angles / views to disguise a baby belly as they are shooting.
  • Change your pose. It feels extremely silly, but I found this works well if you're standing straight on to the camera. Not so much if you're standing at an angle! Stand up straight, and push your butt back a bit, letting anything you're wearing fall in a straighter line over the baby belly. Perfect if you're wearing looser clothing, it will skim rather than hug your frame.
  • Sit down. It's much easier to hide a bump when you're sitting instead of standing.
  • Practice. Take a few more photos than you usually would to make sure you're getting the photos you want, showcasing your great outfit and not the baby belly you aren't ready to spill the beans about yet!

How to Hide a Baby Bump in Photos | Away From The Blue blog

Hiding a Baby Bump in the office:

I shot this video in the second trimester that might be helpful for anyone wanting to keep a pregnancy secret for a little while longer in the office. 8 different outfits you can wear at work to hide an early bump.

I hope you found this guide helpful! Feel free to pin or share. You can check out more pregnancy outfit inspiration here too.

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Monday, 4 April 2016

Rebecca Minkoff Canary Yellow Swing Bag, Jeanswest Maternity Tops and Denim Shorts

Baby has arrived, but I've got a few more pregnancy outfits scheduled to share on the blog. It gives me a chance to enjoy the newborn cuddles and adjust to life with two under 2!

Decided to carry my Rebecca Minkoff swing bag for a while, as I love the bright yellow colour. It looks especially good with denim, another excuse to wear my maternity denim shorts.

What I wore:

Away From Blue | Autumn 38 weeks pregnant outfit printed kimono maternity shorts singlet RM Swing bag

AwayFromTheBlue | Rebecca Minkoff Swing bag in canary yellow silver black bracelet stack
Jacket:  Somedays Lovin' Yakuza print kimono (on sale!)
Necklace: Happiness Boutique turquoise and coral pendant necklace (C/O)
TankJeanswest maternity tank in black
ShortsJeanswest Georgie maternity boyfriend shorts (available in non-maternity also)
Shoesslim gold Havaianas
Bracelets: the usual plus old beaded black bracelet stack
BagRebecca Minkoff Swing bag in canary yellow

Why I wore it:

When I got this kimono, I knew that the yellow Rebecca Minkoff swing bag would look great with it, with the yellow in the print! It's taken me a little while to get around to pairing them together though.

Had quite a quiet day, doing the daycare drop off / pickup and attending my OB appointment in the morning. Made some progress on pre-scheduling blog posts in the afternoon too. I want to have a few banked up as I'm not sure how long it will take me to get back into a little routine with blogging when I have a newborn and a toddler.

Last worn: Somedays Lovin' kimono, black maternity tank, Jeanswest boyfriend denim maternity shorts, gold Havaianas, Rebecca Minkoff swing bag.

Other ways to wearSomedays Lovin' kimono and a maxi skirt, black maternity tank with blue and purple, boyfriend denim maternity shorts with green and laceRebecca Minkoff swing bag and skinny jeans.

More fun yellow bags under $200!

What I wore:

AwayFromBlue | 38 weeks green tee blue scarf yellow bag maternity denim shorts

AwayFromTheBlue | Blue green yellow outfit with Rebecca Minkoff Swing bag
TeeJeanswest Sonny maternity tee in lagoon marle (C/O)
ShortsJeanswest maternity rolled up shorts
Shoesslim gold Havaianas
BagRebecca Minkoff Swing bag in canary yellow

Why I wore it:

When I was thinking of another outfit this yellow bag would look good with, I thought about this green tee. While I liked the combination, I thought it was missing a little something so I added the printed scarf. The scarf has some yellow running through it too so it was an easy choice.

We spent the morning getting (or trying to get) the final few things for baby. Was a little shocked to find that our local baby store we bought almost everything from for toddler T had closed down! The store that took its place didn't have the same range which was a shame. At 38 weeks, I'm ordering a few baby things online and just hoping they show up in time...

Last worn: mixed print scarf, Jeanswest maternity tee, long denim maternity shorts, gold Havaianas (above), Rebecca Minkoff canary yellow swing bag (above).

Other ways to wearmixed print scarf in the office with a LBD, Jeanswest maternity tee and skinny jeans, long denim maternity shorts and a printed singlet, Rebecca Minkoff canary yellow swing bag and a maxi skirt.

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Monday, 14 March 2016

Mulberry Oak Bayswater, Wrap Dresses for the Office: 3rd Trimester Corporate Style

As mentioned in my previous post, I'd been talking about and thinking about my handbags, and how things will change with them when baby's born. When toddler T was a baby, it took me a while before I started carrying my bags again and not just throwing my things into the baby bag.

The Mulberry bayswater is one of the bags that I'm sure will be neglected for a while. It's perfect for the office, not so much a day with a toddler. In my final weeks at work before maternity leave it was good to get it out again.

What I wore:

AwayFromBlue | Third Trimester Office Wear Thrifted Pritned wrap dress Mulberry Bays

AwayFromTheBlue | Mulberry Bayswater in Oak NVT leather JORD fieldcrest wood watch
NecklaceTai gold alphabet necklace
Dress: thrifted Target printed wrap dress (with white Jeanswest singlet underneath)
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs studded mouse flats in grey (on sale in black)
Bracelets: the usual plus JORD black Fieldcrest wood watch (C/O)
BagMulberry Bayswater in Oak NVT leather (previously owned bargain here)

Why I wore it:

Can't believe this is only the third wear of this dress! Considering I got it at the op-shop (thrift shop) for $1 it's still a pretty good cost-per-wear though. I had the usual second trimester panic that nothing fit and I had nothing to wear so I went op-shopping and found this for only a dollar. A size larger than my normal, I knew it would work in pregnancy. It's a great piece for the office, although I don't see myself wearing it much after pregnancy so I'll try squeeze in a few more wears before baby arrives.

Last worn: Ray-Ban WayfarersTarget printed wrap dress, studded mouse flatsMulberry Bayswater bag.

Other ways to wearprinted wrap dress in the second trimester, studded mouse flats and denim shortsMulberry Bayswater and a chambray dress.

Where to buy the Mulberry Bayswater:

What I wore:

Away From Blue | Pregnancy Office Outfit Soon Maternity Wrap Dress Mulberry Bayswater

AwayFromTheBlue | Mulberry Oak Bayswater tote on shoulder JORD black Fieldcrest wood watch
NecklaceHouse of Harlow Dynamic necklace in gold
Dress: Soon Maternity 'Madeline' grey print wrap dress
Singlet: (under dress) thrifted Cotton On yellow tank
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs two tone flats in blush and black
Bracelets: the usual plus JORD black Fieldcrest wood watch (C/O)
BagMulberry Bayswater in Oak NVT leather (previously owned bargain here)

Why I wore it:

Another day at the office, another printed wrap dress! Unlike the one above, I feel I'm wearing this dress a lot this pregnancy! It's almost a weekly thing....

It's nice though having a go-to outfit for work though. It makes picking out something to wear the next day much easier, no matter how tired I am at the end of the day.

Last worn: Soon Maternity printed wrap dress, yellow singlet, cap toe ballet flats, Mulberry Bayswater (above).

Other ways to wearSoon Maternity wrap dress in the second trimester, yellow singlet without a maxi dress, cap toe ballet flats and skinny jeans, Mulberry Bayswater for returning to office after maternity leave.

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Monday, 30 November 2015

Cyber Monday Sales! Easy Second Trimester Outfits: Bright Tanks and Maxi Skirts for Spring

I wore the tank top and maxi skirt combination frequently in my last pregnancy, so I have a go-to outfit for those 'I don't know what to wear' days. My maxi skirts have stretchy and comfortable elastic waistbands and are so easy to wear. Add a bright and colourful tank top and I'm set for a hot day! And comfortable too, even though everything I'm wearing is from my regular, non-maternity wardrobe it accommodates a baby bump nicely.

What I wore:

Away from Blue | Easy Spring Second trimester outfit stretchy tank printed maxi skirt

Away from the Blue | printed maxi skirt Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote bag plum
Necklace: thrifted pearl and heart charm long necklace
SingletJeanswest 'Jenni' basic singlet in festival fuchsia
Skirt: Izabel London Aztec print maxi skirt (C/O)
ShoesBalenciaga studded sandals in sorbet RGGH
Bracelets: the usual plus Roie Designs black leather Swarovski beaded wrap bracelet
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum (on sale with 25% off and free shipping at Rebecca Minkoff)

Why I wore it:

More house hunting! I've mentioned it here and there on the blog but finding the perfect house is taking longer than we thought. Anyway, the outfit. This maxi skirt is quite a thick one but it wasn't too warm paired with the berry singlet.

I was really wishing I'd picked something different for my feet though. Buckling and unbuckling sandals before entering an open house when pregnant and juggling a toddler is not the easiest thing to do...I ended up leaving the sandals unbuckled by the time we got to the fourth house.

Last worn: Ray-Ban Wayfarer, berry tank, printed maxi skirt, Balenciaga sandals, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote.

Other ways to wearberry tank and a statement necklace, printed maxi skirt in winter, Balenciaga sandals and skinny jeans, purple Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote with a black dress.

As it's been a big weekend in the USA with thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, don't forget to check out these sales:

Anthropologie 25% off everything with code 'SHOPTOIT'
ASOS 30% off everything with code 'BLESSED'
(I picked up this cute blue kimono and this floral one for summer)

Boohoo - 70% off everything
Choies up to 80% off sale with extra 15% off orders over $49 with code 'BLACK15'
Luisaviaroma - extra 20% off sale items with code 'BFR20'
Matches Fashion - 50% off sale plus free shipping with code 'FREEAUS'

Rebecca Minkoff - 25% off all orders plus free shipping and Essie Polish. No code needed.

If I wasn't having problems at checkout, the Rebecca Minkoff sale is the one I'd be shopping! I have my eye on the custom bag offerings! Sadly, I can't get past the shipping stage without getting an error. I've emailed but still haven't heard back.

What I wore:

Away from Blue | Spring second trimester pregnancy outfit lace kimono bright tank black maxi skirt

AwayFromBlue | green tank Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC with python embossed leather in aquamarine
JacketShein cream lace kimono (C/O)
NecklaceRoie Designs feather, quartz and love charm long necklace
TankJeanswest Jenni basic singlet in Emerald green
SkirtJeanswest plain jersey black maxi skirt
Shoes: black slim Havaianas thongs
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAC with python embossed leather in aquamarine (on sale with 25% off and free shipping at Rebecca Minkoff)

Why I wore it:

It was a slightly cooler day than the one above, so I took the chance to add a kimono over the singlet and maxi skirt combo to try make it a little different.

I've worn this singlet and skirt together before, just with different accessories, and no kimono or baby belly. It's a nice simple combination. I don't wear a lot of green, so this singlet hasn't been worn often, but I'm being much more adventurous with colours after my wardrobe detox session with a personal stylist and I even went out and got a similar shade of green in a maternity tank.

Last worn: lace kimono, green singlet, black jersey maxi skirt, Havaianas, Rebecca Minkoff aquamarine mini MAC.

Other ways to wearlace kimono and a chambray dressgreen singlet at 39 weeks pregnant, maxi skirt and a graphic tee, Rebecca Minkoff aquamarine mini MAC and skinny jeans in winter.

Wrapping up this post with my monthly purchases (can you believe November is almost over?!). I bought a lot of Christmas presents for others this month, and stocked up on maternity wear for summer in the Jeanswest 40% off sale.

What I added to my wardrobe in November:

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Monday, 26 October 2015

Frocktober: Balenciaga Bags and SAHM Casual Daytime and Evening Printed Dresses

Continuing on with the Frocktober outfits. I'm doing a #31Days31DifferentDresses challenge and wearing a different dress every day in October to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research.

Every donation helps! Thank you to everyone who is donating to this great cause.

What I wore:

Away From The Blue | Second Trimester Striped tee dress scarf beanie ankle boots Bal part time

Away From The Blue Blog | Balenciaga part time in black 2010 with SGH
Hat: white knitted beanie 
ScarfAlexander McQueen modal skull scarf in white/pink
DressAtmos&Here navy stripe tee dress
ShoesAsos airtime leather Chelsea boots in tan
Bracelets: the usual plus Edenborough Evans 'Ivy' silver cuff
BagBalenciaga part time in black 2010 with SGH

Why I wore it:

It was a little chilly, so perfect time to wear one of my warmest dresses. And since it was Hat Day too, I was able to meet the #myStyleOctober challenge of 'hattitude' by wearing a cosy beanie. Layered up with a scarf as well as it got quite cold with the wind and rain.

I was so grateful to be wearing this dress, and not just for the extra warmth. The dress has a longer hem in the back that comes in helpful for toddler wrangling. I spent the morning at the accountants getting my tax done, having had to take toddler T along with me. Although he did sit there quietly 'reading' a book most of the time, every now and then he'd try running around. He managed to drop down and crawl under the accountant's desk at one stage!

Last worn: knitted beanie, skull scarf, striped tee dress, Chelsea ankle boots, Balenciaga Part Time bag.

Other ways to wearknitted beanie in the office, pink skull scarf with blue and teal, striped tee dress in winter, Chelsea ankle boots and jeans, Balenciaga Part Time bag and denim.

Shop more Balenciaga bags:

What I wore:

Away From The Blue | Snake Print Halter Neck Maxi Dress dressed down for daytime denim jacket balenciaga city

AwayFromTheBlue Blog | Balenciaga RH classic city in 2010 sorbet pink
Jacket: Bubblegum denim jacket
NecklaceTai gold alphabet necklace
DressJeanswest grey snake print maxi dress
Shoes: Ikwetta 'Circles of life' sandals (C/O)
Bracelets: the usual plus Roie Designs black leather Swarovski beaded wrap bracelet
BagBalenciaga RH classic city in 2010 sorbet

Why I wore it:

We went out for dinner in the evening with hubby's family, so I figured I'd wear one of my 'dressiest' dresses for the occasion. I'm trying to plan out the month so I'm not left with something completely inappropriate to wear near the end! Dinner out seemed like the best time to wear such a formal dress.

We weren't doing much earlier the day though, so I tried to dress this down a little, and settled on the denim jacket and casual bag. I've been wearing my Balenciaga bags a bit lately!

This dress hasn't been worn much - it's been almost 10 months since I last wore it! It's definitely staying in my wardrobe though. I just don't wear it much as I keep it for more formal occasions. I think it's perfectly okay to only wear a floor length formal dress a couple times a year. I expect my 'everyday' wardrobe to get worn a lot more though!

Last week I shared about the Shopbop sale, so I wanted to share with you all what I bought too. I picked up a couple things, after feeling like treating myself as I ended up doing #noSpenderSpetember!

What I bought:

Last worn: Ray-Ban Wayfarer, denim jacket, snake print maxi dress, Ikwetta sandals, Balenciaga sorbet city bag.

Other ways to weardenim jacket and a maxi skirt, snake print maxi dress at 39 weeks pregnantIkwetta sandals and a maxi skirt, pink Balenciaga sorbet city bag in the office.

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Monday, 24 August 2015

Corporate Style: Printed Dresses And Trench Coats For The Office

Easy corporate style for those 'I don't know what to wear' days, printed dresses! They are a great go-to outfit for any occasion, not just for office wear.

I picked these two dresses to wear as I felt it had been a while since I'd worn them.

What I wore:

Printed dress for the office in winter ankle boots cardi scarf trench pink and purple

Balenciaga giant hardware Day bag in 2009 tempete
Jacket: Temt black trench coat 
CardiJeanswest Peggie kimono in purple mulberry marle
Scarf: Cotton On fuchsia pashmina
DressJeanswest 'Melanie' paisley mixed print dress
ShoesRMK Chester black ankle boots
BagBalenciaga giant hardware Day bag in 2009 tempete

Why I wore it:

It was little chilly in the morning, and this is quite a lightweight dress, so I added a purple cardi under my trench coat that you can kinda see peeking out in the first photo. Kept me warm at my desk too as the dress has short sleeves.

Hopefully I can re-create this look when the weather is warmer, without the trench coat as I really liked the cardigan and dress together. I thought the fuchsia pashmina complimented the purple well.

Last worn: black trench, pink pashmina, purple cardi, mixed print dress, ankle boots, Balenciaga tempete day bag.

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What I wore:

Winter office wear trench FCUK printed sheath dress Mulberry Bayswater tote

Mulberry Bayswater in Oak NVT leather for the office
Jacket: Barkins beige trench coat 
DressFrench Connection 'Fast Rhonda' dress in black/caramel
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs logo plaque flats in camel
BagMulberry Bayswater in Oak NVT leather (previously owned bargain here)

Why I wore it:

A warmer day so less layers - just a trench over this dress. I didn't add a scarf, because I find this dress a little tricky to wear a scarf with. I don't have many plain scarves, most are printed! Could have done with a scarf to keep me warm in the early morning, but wasn't too bad without it.

It's been a while since I last wore this Mulberry Bayswater bag too! I wore it in March, on my first day back at work after maternity leave. Overall, I've only worn this bag 21 times in the past 3 and a half years (my blog archive is great for finding out info like this!). The leather is extremely sensitive to water, even after I've waterproofed it with the same product I use on all my bags. It tends to get worn mainly for the office. It's such a classic style that will never go out of date though, and some days you just want a formal bag like this for work, so that's why I've held onto it.

I've got a more detailed review of the Mulberry Bayswater on my youtube channel.

Last worn: beige trench, printed sheath dress, camel flats, Mulberry Bayswater tote.

Other ways to weartrench with orange and burgundy, printed dress with a printed scarf, ballet flats with a boho dress, Bayswater and a baby bump.

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