Friday 5 May 2023

What I Bought In April And How I've Worn It: Thrift Haul

After not buying anything in the first two months of the year, I've been adding a lot of items to my wardrobe recently, with quite a few purchases in March, and now a little thrift haul in April!

Here's what I bought in April:

  • thrifted Cotton On maroon wanderlust floral border cover up
  • thrifted Cotton On navy zig zag cover up
  • thrifted Dotti black cocoon cape cardigan
  • thrifted metallic clay bead necklace
  • thrifted flat peach statement bead necklace
  • thrifted flat navy statement bead necklace

Despite picking up a LOT of necklaces in March, I was once again drawn to the accessories section of the opshop this month and picked up a few more necklaces! I couldn't resist these 3 necklaces, having and wearing similar pieces in my wardrobe so often already.

The cover ups and the cosy cardigan were such good finds at just $1 each. I picked up quite a few different cover ups as I browsed the racks, and put all but these back. I did pick up a few back in March last month too, but I'd been overhauling the kimono section of my wardrobe so I felt I had room for these pieces. Plus I already own the blue version of the floral border print one, had to get the maroon one too as soon as I saw it!

I had a stall at the Glad Rags Markets at Bulimba to sell a few things from my wardrobe and for a friend in April too. It was really fun but I was so busy with my stall and focusing on reducing what I took home, that I didn't get to browse the other stalls as I'd hoped to, so surprisingly no purchases there. I did have a lot of fun shopping at a previous market though! I've got a stall lined up again for later in May so we will see if I find time to take a look at what others are selling and come home with any wardrobe additions then. 😉

How I've Worn It:

With autumn weather arriving, these cover ups have come in perfect for the cooler mornings. I've even managed to wear the cosy black cocoon knit twice. I set myself a goal of wearing everything I buy twice in the month I wear it, to make sure it all works for me and my wardrobe, as everything I bought this month did. Even managed to get 3 wears from the navy flat bead necklace too, can see that becoming a staple in my wardrobe!

Yearly Fashion Spend To Date:

Continuing to stick with my wardrobe goals of shopping second hand more this year, and trying to buy less, I've only spent $61 on fashion this year so far. Really pleased with the progress, even though it feels like I'm adding a lot of the same things to my wardrobe (mostly different cover ups and necklaces) I feel I'm really buying things that work for me and my current style.

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  1. Wonderful thrifted finds Mica!

  2. That's too bad that you were so busy at the market that you didn't have a chance to look for yourself! I appreciate all of your wonderful cover-ups/toppers - you have a good eye for them. Have a good weekend, Mica!

  3. It's wonderful that you've been able to find nice items...and it is always hard to resist cute accessories! <3
    the creation of beauty is art.

  4. You are doing amazing this year with your spending.

  5. The grey blazer looks really cool!
    have a great week,

  6. Once again, you did really well at the opshop! Cover-ups, cardigans and necklaces one can't have enough!
    I'm hearing you on being too busy when having a stall on a market to go and browse elsewhere. I hardly ever have time to browse when we're doing our annual flea market stall in July! xxx

  7. I am so impressed that you've only spent $61 on clothes this year! I wish I could say the same--ha!! (I really need to get back to secondhand shopping.) You are the queen of kimonos!

  8. You found those toppers for $1. Gosh, I think I would have gone crazy. What a fabulous deal that you'll wear so much.

  9. Some great finds here! I haven't been out thrifting in a while, but I'm feeling the urge.


  10. Such beautiful colour combinations as usual. Have a great week.
    Gemma x


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