Thursday 1 April 2021

30 Ways To Wear A Neon Pink Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC

Happy Easter! I hope you have a fun weekend celebrating, we will be, with our 3 day lockdown lifted early.

I love putting together 30 ways to wear posts with my bags as I always have so many old outfit photos to look through to narrow it down to just 30 outfits I've worn! Each month, I look through my blog archive of daily outfit photos and find things I've worn 30 ways or more to put these posts together. Inspired by The True Cost documentary that says we should aim to wear each thing we buy 30 times or more to reduce the impact of our fashion purchases.

Today it's the turn of this beautiful little neon pink Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC bag!

30 Ways To Wear A Neon Pink Bag

30 Ways To Wear Rebecca Minkoff mini mac neon pink crossbody bag | awayfromblue

This cute neon pink Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC was an impulse buy back in May 2016. I'd seen the auction relisted a few times on eBay but the bag looked pretty worn. In the end I decided to go for it, it was under $30 even including shopping, and I reasoned I could redye it if the condition was too poor. It is a very worn bag but it's also an awesome shade so I just decided to wear it anyway. I know it will eventually get to the point it's too worn to wear and will need some TLC, but right now all people see (and compliment!) is that amazing bold neon colour!

Cost Per Wear

At $29.75, and having been worn 37 times, this bag is down to just 80 cents a wear, which is pretty good! And I intend to get quite a few more wears from it before I go down the redye route. For a bright and bold hot pink bag I didn't expect it would be as versatile as it has been in my wardrobe! I've worn it with a few different outfit options but I thought today I'd focus just on the colours I've worn it with to give you some ideas and inspiration for how you can add some neon pink to your outfit. Neon seems to come back as a "trend" every couple of years!

30 Ways To Wear: Video Style

Neon Pink Bag With Black Outfits

This bag is a very bright neon pink and it doesn't really need any help to pop in an outfit. But it really stands out with black! It's a fun way to lighten up a black outfit and is such an easy way to wear it.

Neon Pink Mini MAC with Grey Tee Outfits

Another neutral this pink mini MAC bag works with is grey. I've worn my grey tees with the neon bag quite a few times, grey and pink is a lovely combination and this neon is a really bright way to do it.

Navy Outfits With Neon Pink Mini MAC

Just like the grey tee outfit above, blue and pink is another colour combination I wear frequently and I love the extra bold touch of navy and neon pink together. Just like I did with the other neutral outfits above, I sometimes add another little bit of pink in the outfit too but the mini MAC bag makes a great pop on its own against navy as well.

Olive Outfits With Neon Pink Bag

Pink and olive is a combo I never thought I'd try but once I gave it a wear once I was hooked and I find this really wearable! I like the contrast of the neutral olive and neon pink together. I particularly like wearing olive tops with this bag but my olive shorts work too!

Neon Pink Mini MAC With Other Shades of Pink

I don't have a lot of neon in my wardrobe and I certainly don't have a lot of neon pink! But I've found I can make my matchy-matchy outfits I so love when I try other shades of pink with the neon. Pastel pink printed jeans, a hot pink tank, even different shades of pink in a scarf all work well with this bag despite the shades being indifferent.

Purple With Neon Pink Mini MAC Bag

Pink and purple, much like pink and blue, are an easy combination and one I frequently rely on. As with the pink above I find any shade of purple, from a magenta cardigan to deep purple jeans, is such a pretty pairing.

Accessorising White Outfits With Neon Pink Bag

I don't have a lot of white in my wardrobe but I have worn this neon bag with white quite a lot! Like the black outfits I shared first, this bag really doesn't need a neutral base to pop as it does that all on its own. But it really stands out even more with a neutral base and white is another good colour choice to wear with neon pink. Perfect outfits for spring and summer.

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  1. I love that pink bag, it's one of my favorites--that color is just so bright and fun! I love all these looks, but I think my favorite way is with black. It really pops!

  2. Wow, I'm totally impressed by your 37 wears, Mica! That's amazing! I adore that bright neon pink - it really does go with everything, doesn't it?

    Re: dyeing it, would you do it yourself or have it professionally done (and where would one do that? a cobbler?)? I actually like the scuffed, beat-up look of worn-in leather, so I'd probably just leave it - I'm so lazy when it comes to things like that, ha ha!

    Have a fabulous weekend, my dear friend! Happy Easter to you and your family!

    1. It is really very scuffed :( So will probably get frustrated and redye it soon! I was planning to try it myself - I keep checking out the different colours when I pass the cobblers and I've seen some nice ones. It would be fun to try, but I'd have to go the professional route if I mess it up, ha!

  3. I'm glad to hear your 3 day lockdown was lifted early, so that you can fully enjoy your Easter break!
    That neon pink bag is delightful, providing a pop of colour to any outfit. Congratulations on its 30 wears! xxx

    1. Yes it was such a nice Easter treat!

  4. Hi
    Another post worthy of a lesson in economics and resource savings! I really liked the color of the suitcase, in fact I love to see it in all looks, it was wonderful!
    Happy Easter!

  5. Amazing pink bag!!!
    I love it ♥

  6. I love all the 30 outfits you wore with this pink neon bag. I always enjoy these posts. Thank you for sharing. Have a great Easter weekend!

  7. Love the bag and the bright pop of color. Sounds like a real bargain (I love bargains).
    Grace & Peace, Iris

  8. I LOVE this bag!! I'm so glad you haven't had to redye it. The color is so beautiful and fun, and pops so nicely in all of your outfits! I'm also excited to now be a part of the "RM crossbodys for $30 club"! :D
    " haha!

  9. Amazing styles and the bag really pops! The cost per wear for the bag is really good.

  10. It is such a fantastic purse and a wonderful way to add a pop of colour to any outfit. I love all of the different ways you have incorporated this piece into your wardrobe!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  11. I loved all combinations. This bag is very beautiful

  12. That neon pink bag is so cool! I always think of it as bubble gum color. It looks awesome all 30 times!


  13. This bag totally stands out with every single outfit. So many great looks!

  14. Who would have thought that bag was so versatile. I probably would have paired it with black, but wouldn´t have thought about the other color combos.

    1. It is so much more versatile than expected! :)

  15. I definitely tend to stick with black when I have a bright pop of color but your bag looks fabulous with all these outfits!

  16. 80 cents per wear is amazing! And I commented on the YT vid already, but forgot to say how I love your bloopers:D
    Have a great weekend!

    1. hehe thank you - I love adding them in at the end! :) I don't do it with every video as I try keep them short but they are fun to include!

  17. loved all your looks, always very beautiful!
    I hope you are having a good Easter weekend ♥

  18. I love this color! Fantastic post! 

    Kisses :)        

  19. I used to love this shade of pink when I was younger! I love how you've styled it in so many ways xx

  20. I would have never thought it would be easy to style a neon bag. But it looks so good with all your outfits!

    Eileen |

  21. This is right up my alley Mica. I just LOVE a bright purse with almost any outfit.

  22. Stunning pink bag! Got lots of polishes that colour to match :-D

  23. That is such a lovely and timeless handbag!

    Danielle |

  24. What an amazing cost per wear.

  25. The neon mini pink bag is really cute. Happy easter :)

  26. It's great your lockdown was lifted early! Hope you have a great Easter! That bag is so eye catching! I love it!

    Corinne x

    1. Yes, it was such a nice surprise and we were able to have a great Easter!

  27. That pink bag is so fun! It really does go with everything. It's the perfect summer bag! Hope you guys have a Happy Easter xo


  28. Very interested article, thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend my friend! 🤗🤗🤗

  29. I love this bag and it looks great with all your outfits! I especially like it with black as the colour really pops!
    Julia x

  30. One thing I can say is that bag is indeed versatile.

    The Style Fanatic

  31. Lovely colour! Thanks for sharing those ideas.
    Have a good day!

  32. The perfect pop of color!
    have a great week,

  33. I like how you pair bright pink crossbody bag with denim, looks casual and chic at the same time!


  34. I always like when you do these posts. It looks like you got a lot of wear out of the bag and it looks lovely.

    Ekaterina | Polar Bear Style


  35. Thanks all for your kind comments!


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