Wednesday 1 November 2023

What I Bought In October & How I've Worn It: More Opshop Finds!

After not buying anything in September, I was back to my opshopping habit in October, and bought a few pieces. Some impulse buys, but also some pieces I'd been thinking about for a while, so a mix of purchases!

What I Bought This Month:

Why I Bought It:

As I mentioned above, I've been visiting the opshop a bit recently, as the declutter continues at home. I'm also heading there first rather than heading to the retail stores when the kids need things, like special dress up things for events at school. And I can never resist browsing for myself! The maxi dress was a complete impulse buy for sure, as I have so many dresses already, but the others were a bit more thought out.

Crossing Items Off My 'Maybe One Day' Wish List

It was one of those trips focusing on things for the kids after donating a few items that I stumbled across this amazing Stella McCartney Falabella bag. I could not believe that it was authentic, and just $30. Such a lucky find! Especially as I've been searching now and then for a Falabella online, always wanted to try one! I'm thrilled with this splurge, hidden away in the corner of the opshop.

I also scored a cute leopard print midi skirt that's really more of a maxi on me, that is similar to one I tried on and regretted not buying in Target a while back. Very pleased with this as I've been keeping an eye out for a similar skirt for a while!

The one thing I didn't get to see in person before buying, the Nobody Denim shorts, were an ebay purchase, such a bargain for that brand. I'd been watching the listing for a while and eventually decided to go for it. However I didn't check the measurements and they are a bit shorter than I'd normally wear. Perfect for the hot almost summer-like spring days we have been having though!

Focusing On Basics:

With the multiple visits to the opshop, there have of course been multiple purchases! I've been focusing on being selective and adding more basics to my wardrobe after my big declutter though. So I picked up a few basic tees that are perfect for the mix of life right now with a few office days, a few working from home days, and relaxed weekends. 

How I've Worn It:

A last minute opshop dash for another school event that crept up on me and needed a themed outfit for the kids meant a little browse at some of the women's clothes on my way out, and I stumbled across even more tees. And just ran out of time to wear them all this month! Everything has been worn once though and I know the tees that haven't been worn twice will easily achieve that goal in the 4 weeks after buying it, as I aim for with everything I buy.

The Stella McCartney Falabella bag was definitely the most worn purchase of the month, at 8 wears.

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  1. It sounds like you made some amazing scores. And it's totally okay to add things that you need or have been wanting for a while to the wardrobe.

  2. You got some great items.

  3. I like that pink and white dress. It looks great with a long pink necklace.
    It has a bohemian feel~
    cloisonne bags

  4. OMG, you must have had that rush and thrill when you saw that bag, Mica! What a successful "hunt"! It's a gorgeous bag, love all those chains. I've found a few pieces of Stella over the years, but it's often been way overpriced (in my opinion, ha). Love the leopard skirt and how you've played with the length (I'm assuming you rolled the waistband). You have such a good eye! Enjoy your new purchases!

  5. Lots of great finds, Mica! I particularly love the leopard midi/maxi skirt and the Stella McCartney bag! And surely there's nothing wrong with the odd impulse buy :-) xxx

  6. great that you are wearing everything!
    have a great weekend,

  7. The main thing I have bought in the last few months is some tees to replace old ones. I did manage 7 and 1/2 weeks of no shopping!

  8. What an incredibly lucky find on that Stella McCartney bag!!! So awesome!


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