Thursday 30 March 2023

What I Bought In March & How I've Worn It: Target Sale and Opshop Finds

First haul of the year. Nearly made it 3 months without shopping, without even trying! After my December opshop haul I hadn't seen anything I had to have as I was enjoying wearing all my thrifted pieces from December, as well as the new things I got for Christmas. But then I stumbled across the Target end of summer clearance sale, and had some time at the opshops, so I bought quite a few things this month!

What I Bought In March:

  • thrifted wood and marble bead thrifted necklace with white string
  • thrifted gold and pastel blue beaded necklace with grey string
  • thrifted multi strand multi colour disc bead necklace with tassels
  • thrifted wooden geometric bead necklace
  • thrifted yellow beaded statement pendant long necklace
  • thrifted wooden yellow tassel necklace
  • thrifted silver and turquoise multi strand necklace

Quite a large haul for my first haul of the year! With the exception of the white denim skirt, which I've been thinking about getting for a while, everything was an impulse buy. That explains all the necklaces!

I had fun browsing the Target end of summer sale with my mum and sister at the start of March. I only picked up two things to try on, both of them skirts, and I decided to buy them both. I thrifted a black denim version of the white skirt from the opshop a of couple years ago and love it, so thought it was worth the splurge on the white one in the Target sale. The leopard print skirt looked really cute and when I tried it on I just had to have it! Perfect for autumn here in Brisbane, I'm also looking forward to when it will eventually cool down and I will get to layer it.

The opshop finds were lucky finds! I'd been browsing their $1 book sale for books for the kids, and while I had a little extra time I checked out the clothes and accessories for myself too. Found one of the kimonos on the scarf rail! I loved the colours and the tassels and I pulled it out to take a closer look when I realised it was a kimono. Whenever I see a kimono in an opshop I add it straight to the basket! The cardigan I couldn't pass up either, although I know it will be a while before it's cool enough to wear it.

The necklaces were a little bit of a crazy buy! To be honest I actually put quite a few back, and just ended up taking these 7 home. Still so many to buy at once.

How I've Worn It:

I have a personal goal of wearing everything I buy at least twice in the month I buy it. It didn't work to curb my purchases this time, but my inability to wear everything twice this month has made me realise that yes, maybe 7 necklaces is too many to buy in one go. At just $2 each though, I couldn't resist!

The cardigan I have not worn, as I expected, as it's just not been cool enough, it's been a hot autumn here in Brisbane. I know it will get more wear when the weather cools though, and I've been looking for a printed cardigan for a while.

The kimonos I was sure I'd get two wears from - I do love a good kimono! I have been in the office much more than expected though, and had a few special events this month I'd pre-planned outfits for I wanted to wear, so I didn't meet my wear twice goal with both kimonos, although I do have plans to hit 2 wears with them this weekend.

The white denim skirt, being worn 3 times this month, was definitely the most worn buy of March!

Yearly Fashion Spend for 2023 So Far:

Since I hadn't bought anything in January or February, the March spend is the only amount added to my yearly spend so far in 2023. The skirts from target were 50% off, and the necklaces were $2 each, so my total comes to $52 spent on fashion so far this year.

And in keeping with my fashion goals for 2023, the majority of my purchases this year have been pre-loved, thanks to that awesomely productive opshopping time!

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  1. You are such an inspiration when it comes to cost per wear! I need to take your cue and find more ways to wear what I buy. Love all these looks!

  2. You got such pretty pieces, Mica! I love when you share your finds and how many wears you've gotten out of certain items! You do so well at using what you have! :)

    Make Life Marvelous

  3. Lovely purchases, Mica, you did great on your haul. Be ruthless with your clothes - if they're worn or damaged, move them along. If they don't ring your bell, give them away or re-donate. I love the kimonos, and the white denim skirt (I can't wait to get mine back into my wardrobe!).

  4. 52 dollars for the whole year is awesome. I need you will power for shopping.

  5. Congrats on going two months without buying anything. Yes, 7 necklaces are a lot, but you probably won't get any more for a while. Right?

  6. That is indeed quite a haul, Mica! I'm loving the leopard skirt in particular, and how amazing that you found two more kimonos at the op-shop! I'm admiring your self-imposed rule of wearing everything you buy at least twice in the month you bought it. Not sure how that would work for me though ;-) xxx

  7. 3 months with no shopping is so impressive, Mica. And remember with those necklaces that you can layer them and wear more than one at a time. It's the best way to wear all the fun things we have,

  8. You are looking good in all of your purchases. I love op shops, though will admit to buying more books than clothes there.

  9. Super impressive that you didn't shop for three months! I'm glad you've been enjoying everything in your wardrobe. That ruffle skirt looks gorgeous - and so many beautiful accessories as well! So glad you were able to treat yourself.

    the creation of beauty is art.

  10. These are such great finds, Mica! I dont think I've ever seen kimonos in the thrift shops Ive been to lately, but will certainly keep an eye out for one now! You find the best deals!!!
    Have a great weekend:)

  11. Great finds. I always love to see multiple ways to wear something.

  12. You really scored some amazing deals. Shopping pre-loved is such an incredible way to support and practice sustainability.

  13. Oh my gosh, I feel like I've bought a million things this year! You are an inspiration. I just have no willpower anymore, ha! I just need a little treat any time I leave the house, like a dog. 😂😂 I've been trying to find things on Poshmark when possible, in lieu of op shopping. (Although it's def not the same as--or as fun as--in-person thrifting!) I love that everything you got is fashionable but comfy and soft-looking. Comfy cozy is my top fashion ("fashion" LOL) priority anymore!


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