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30 Ways To Wear A Blush Pink Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Darren

For this month's 30 ways to wear post, I'm featuring another bag, this beautiful Rebecca Minkoff small Darren messenger in peony pink. A bag I've worn a lot more than 30 times, the pastel pink has been so versatile in my wardrobe!

30 Ways To Wear: Blush Pink Small Darren Satchel Bag

30 ways to wear blush pink bag pastel handbag rebecca minkoff small darren messenger bag awayfromblue blog

When I saw this bag during a browse of the David Jones sale I could not get it out of my head - so I had to buy it! I didn't think about how I would wear it, just how pretty it was. I have been pleasantly surprised to find it works with so many outfits in my wardrobe! The adjustable strap is a nice feature, although I do mostly wear it on the longest crossbody setting. I started out just trying this bag as a lovely pastel pink touch of colour with a neutral or monochrome outfit, but found over time blush pink goes with so much, and I'm so glad I stumbled across this bag in the sale! I'm really not sure why this messenger style was discontinued - the Darren is still available in other styles, but this original one will always be a true classic to me!

Cost Per Wear

I bought this bag back in October 2018, at over 50% off it was $240.78 as there was an extra discount on the sale price. At 44 wears to date, that's $5.47 a wear so far. Higher than the $1 a wear most people aim for, but given how often I reach for this bag and how much I love it, I have no doubt it will get to $1 a wear or less in time.

One thing to note is that the lighter colour has suffered from colour transfer - thankfully it was easily cleaned off. Since then I haven't had any further issues wearing this bag with denim or dark clothing, it's staying stain free.

Since I've worn this bag a lot more than 30 times, I tried to pick just my 30 favourite outfits to share.

30 Ways to Wear: Video Style

Pastel Pink Bag and Little Black Dress

4 outfit ideas pastel pink darren bag and little black dress awayfromblue

This was one of the first ways I started wearing this bag - pairing the pale pastel pink with a lot of black. A little black dress is perfect for that. The bag adds a nice colour that isn't too statement making like a brighter pink bag would be, and pink and black always go together nicely.

Blush Pink Bag With Blue Outfits

5 ways to wear a blush pink bag with blue outfits awayfromtheblue

If you're read my blog occasionally you'll know that blue and pink is a colour combination I always love to wear - different shades of blue and pink work together so well! While navy blue is a frequent go-to with this blush pink Darren bag, you can see with these outfits that even lighter shades of blue look nice with the pastel pink.

Pastel Pink Bag With Monochromatic Neutral Outfits

4 ways to accessorise monochromatic neutral outfits with a blush pink bag awayfromtheblue

Just like the little black dress outfits above, neutral colours were a good starting point for me with this bag. Blacks and greys together create easy neutral outfits, and the pastel pink bag is a lovely way to inject a little colour with all those neutrals and otherwise monochromatic outfits.

Blush Pink Crossbody Bag and Purple

3 ways to wear rebecca minkoff darren messenger bag peony pink with purple awayfromblue

Although not something I wear as much as pink and blue, I do really like pink and purple in an outfit together. I just don't have many purple pieces in my wardrobe to pair this bag with! As you can see, the lilac tee is a firm favourite with this bag, I like the two pastel tones together.

Pastel Pink Bag Matching Other Pieces In An Outfit

4 ways to wear a pastel pink darren bag with matching pink pieces in an outfit awayfromblue

If you're really not too sure about what colours go with a pastel coloured bag like this Rebecca Minkoff Darren, try doing a little matchy-matchy! I find pink scarves, or even piece4s with a blush pink print in them, coordinate perfectly with this peony pink bag and make any outfit feel a bit more cohesive. I love that I have a pair of shorts that match the bag so well too!

Pink Bag Worn With Other Contrasting Shades of Pink

3 ways to wear blush pink bag with other shades of pink magenta berry fuchsia awayfromblue

If a little pink accessory looks good in an outfit, why not add even more pink? This was a fun colour combination to try, although I'd had this bag a while before attempting it! Trying two different shades of pink in the same outfit, from a deep berry blouse to a bright fuchsia dress, even the magenta kimono. The pastel pink works well with all other shades of pink I've tried it with! When I was trying this combination out I always wore it with other neutrals like black and white as you can see in these outfits.

Blush Pink Bag With With Other Pinks and Blue

3 colour trio outfit ideas blue pink and blush awayfromtheblue

This is a great example of how I've slowly tried more colour combinations with this bag! I could definitely categorise them some of the outfit formulas above. It's the blush pink and brighter pink outfit pieces combination, but this time instead of sticking with black and white pieces, I'm adding a little more colour and having the two different shades of pink, and a little bit of blue as well. Easy pairings I know that work well together, worn all at once to make a colourful new trio that I can try out in different outfits.

Rebecca Minkoff Peony Darren Bag and Skirts

4 ways to wear rebecca minkoff darren messenger peony pink with skirts awayfromtheblue

This is the best way to show the versatility of this bag - it works so well with all my outfits, as you've seen above. But while I worried the crossbody messenger style might feel too casual, I think it's perfect for the office too! It looks just as good with a maxi skirt as it does with a little denim skirt, or a pencil skirt for work. It really is such a versatile bag, and I'm glad I have it in my wardrobe!

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  1. I'm sure you will get to $1 per wear with that bag soon - it really goes with everything and is a great size!

    1. I definitely will, it's just one I love wearing!

  2. It is such a gorgeous purse. I am so glad you have been able to find lots of opportunities to wear it! Sometimes, when a fashionable item doesn't leave your means that piece is meant for you! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Fingers crossed you are able to take some time to relax <3
    the creation of beauty is art.

    1. Yes it was definitely meant to be, I'm so glad I stumbled across this bag!

  3. That blush pink bag is so beautiful and I like how you style it with different outfit and with every of them it was statement piece. I need similar bag in my collection.

  4. It's cute. And that pale pink really does go with a lot. It almost reads as neutral, depending.

  5. That is such a gorgeous bag! It looks good with casual and dressier outfits.

  6. You look great:) thanks for your sharing)

  7. That color of bag goes with just about everything.

  8. La mayoria de los outfits son muy bonitos y le da mucho estilo el bolso, saludos:D

  9. That's such a gorgeous bag, Mica, and I can't believe how many different outfits you wore it with it. It's the epitome of versatility! xxx

    1. It is so much more versatile than I expected it to be for sure!

  10. I love all the different outfits you matched with the gorgeous bag. Mica.❤️❤️👍👍😀🤞

    Happy Sunday!

  11. You have worn the purse with so many fun outfit.

  12. Mica, I like your pink bag with all of your outfits. I've been using a pink bag all summer long and hate to retire it for the fall. Thanks for the blog visit and I hope you have a nice week.

    1. I definitely wear this one year-round! Although it does get worn more often in the warmer weather :)

  13. You have so many cute little black dresses! I'm not even sure I have one. That is such an adorable bag and you definitely found lots of great ways to style it.

    1. I always had a couple for office wear in my wardrobe, these ones I've had quite a while!

  14. That's one pretty pink bag. I like how you styled it so many times.

  15. That is a versatile shoulder bag

  16. I can see why this purse is so versatile. Besides the fabulous color, it seems like such a great size too.
    Sometimes I think a light pink like that is almost as perfect as a neutral.

  17. I think my favorite combination is with black, but really, blush pink goes with so much, even those we wouldn't normally consider. Such a pretty, and fun color!


    1. It has worked with a lot more than I thought it would, really glad I got this!

  18. The bag is beautiful, and these are some cool ways to wear it.

  19. Wow! That blush bag does go with so many colors. Nice! And well done.


  20. Such a versatile bag. Love the video showing 30 ways to wear it.

  21. Thank you all for your comments! :)


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