Thursday, 25 March 2021

What I Bought In March And How I've Worn It: Rebecca Minkoff Love Too

Well... I bought another bag 😂 Despite saying I didn't need or want anything this year I've managed to make an impulse buy or two every month. But this one was definitely worth it!

What I Bought:

Why I Bought It:

We have an internal recognition program at work and there's a little monetary reward associated with it. Which I was lucky to get, and immediately put towards getting this bag! I hadn't used my Christmas bonus gift card yet either which covered the rest.

I'd checked out the Rebecca Minkoff sale and gotten as far as adding this bag to my cart before I realised that even with the extra % off, the shipping cost and exchange rate didn't make it that much of a bargain. It's a style I'd been wanting to try for a while but didn't want to pay the $400+ it retails for here either.

When I later browsed eBay with that work reward in mind I stumbled across the exact same bag I'd been eyeing on the Rebecca Minkoff site. At $100 cheaper than I'd seen in the Rebecca Minkoff sale! Of course I had to buy it!

As you can see in the video it didn't quite go as smoothly as I'd hoped but the handful of times I've used this bag it's been issue free and I've really enjoyed wearing it!

How I've Worn It:

awayfromblue blog 3 ways to wear teal rebecca minkoff love too croc crossbody bag

The seller on eBay was super sweet and shipped this bag so quickly, it arrived much sooner than I expected. Which let me wear it for the first time on my return to the office. We had a celebratory lunch planned related to the work I mentioned above. It was so good to catch up with my colleagues and empty out all the food I'd left behind in the office before lockdown last year! It was nice being back, although throwing out all that expired food that hadn't been touched in over a year was not a nice experience!

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  1. Wow, that bag is beautiful and what a great deal! I am so bad about shopping on Ebay but when I see things like this I realize I need to give it another look! Love that bag!

  2. Those are pretty outfits and I like your new handbag Mica. I hope you have a nice weekend.

  3. What a beautiful bag, Mica - gorgeous color!!
    And fabulous outfits too! Especially loving the dress on the left but really each outfit is just wonderful!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  4. Sooo gorgeous! I do love teal and croc!! And what a great deal too!
    (gotta love annoying closures, but yay for it not giving you issues when actually using it. guess it just had to break in, haha)

  5. That bag is SO gorgeous! I can definitely understand why it caught your eye. I'm so glad the lock works properly now as well. Loved your video!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  6. Cool that you were able to find a deal on the bag! Yeah, I bet that long expired food looked like a science experiment....


  7. That's an absolute stunner of a bag, Mica! Well done on getting it at such a bargainous price too! xxx

  8. Mica, what a gorgeous bag! I'm glad that clasp loosened up for you, and how awesome to get such a good deal for what turned out to be only a minor issue with it! Well done!

    I'm happy to hear you got to wear it to the office! It looks fabulous with all of your outfits. My office got off "easy" on the expired food - since I've been working onsite, and I'm the office manager, I emptied out all of the fridges, tossed every single thing, last summer. The worst was our little milker/creamer containers, as I had a week's worth in each of 3 fridges. I had to rip off the lids and dump out the milk/cream out of every single container - thousands of them! - so that I could recycle them. It took me an entire day, and I bet it hasn't even occurred to my 250+ person office that that was a thing that had to happen.

    Hope your week is going well!

  9. You are so good at finding the perfect bag! That is so nice to be back in the office with your colleagues, but too funny about all the spoiled food you had to throw out!


  10. I think it is very sensible to spend something like a work bonus on a treat - otherwise it just goes into the savings/ groceries etc. and kind of disappears.

  11. I don't know if I finished my last comment or if it went through. I love that bag. The video was fun and you've worn it well already. That office get together sounded nice except for dealing with the expired food. Good thing you didn't get critters!

  12. That bag is GORGEOUS! I am glad the clasp seems to be working out for you now. The color is amazing and so is the price you found it for!

  13. It's great you were able to find such a great deal and get the bag you wanted for less. It's a great RM bag for sure. I love the outfit with the maxi dress so much.

  14. I love the textured design of this crossbody bag; such a versatile style for the season! It's lovely to see you looking so happy :) Have a fabulous weekend! x

  15. Hey Mica!

    I hope you're having a good Friday, I think is already Saturday in Australia.

    A really good motivation for the new season, right? Actually I am as you and I try to save my money or look for this kind of programs, discounts, bonus, etc. If you can save a little bit why not?

    You have a really good eye to spot cool accessories, I'd say this bag is one of my favorites from your collection! I really like the detail of the chain in the upper part :)

    All the best!
    Hey Fungi

  16. Its a nice bag and it goes well with your outfits.

  17. I love this bag, it's always a bonus when things come early. Also I'm sure I've said this before but I love that paisley print dress!

    Corinne x

  18. That is such a lovely handbag!

    Danielle |

  19. Congrats on finding this bag at a better price. I love Rebecca Minkoff bags!

  20. I can see why you love that bag! It's so versatile and makes every outfit super chic especially in that red blazer! You look extra bosslady stylish there :D Hope you're having a lovely time returning to the office. =D

  21. That is such a lovely, classic bag. I bet you'll get years of use out of it. And it will look fabulous with so many outfit styles!
    Suzy xx

  22. I never thought to check out Ebay for designer bags but it makes sense! What a great bag!

    Allie of

  23. The bag is such a gorgeous color! That clasp would drive me craaaazy though, haha. It's so funny--my bffl in "real life" is a big RM fan too. She's the first person who introduced me to her, in fact--back in 2011, she had a MAB with a blue zipper that I absolutely loved. Anyway, it's so fitting that one of my blog besties is also a big RM fan! :)

  24. Those earrings complete the look! Super cute!

    Jil Diamante

  25. That bag looks lovely. I'm glad you were able to get it at a good price.

    Throwing out year-old food sounds terrible! But at least you got to catch up with your colleagues...

    Ekaterina | Polar Bear Style

  26. Lovely handbag. Hope you have a great weekend.

  27. Ahh, I love this bag, Mica!! Looks STUNNING on you.

    xx Sara

  28. Such a pretty and cool bag ! I love the crocodile effect and the color.
    And this is so cool to open it with a lock.

  29. Congratulations on getting recognized through your company's internal recognition program. This bag is a lovely way to reward yourself and it's great that you were able to score it at such a good price as well.

  30. Love the way you styled this bag! It is so chic! And versatile. You can wear it so many ways and it won't ever go out of style. :)

  31. That is one classic bag, Mica. Great buy for sure and you nailed these looks beautifully.

  32. That outfit with the red blazer! Wow! That's a great outfit!


  33. What a great bag! And such a nice treat for yourself. I hope it's good to be back at your office! I'm half excited and half dreading for when that happens for us too.


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