Friday 26 April 2019

30 Ways To Wear: Zara Navy Printed Shift Dress

I'm thrilled I've hit 30 wears with this dress so I can finally dedicate a post to it! An impulse buy from Zara during a trip to Sydney, before we had a Zara here in Brisbane. This dress is something I love wearing.

30 Ways To Wear: Navy Shift Dress

30 ways to wear #30wears challenge: Navy Zara printed tunic shift dress

Cost Per Wear

I can't calculate cost per wear with this dress sadly as I forget how much it cost. I did buy it back in September 2012! It's taken me around 6 and a half years to hit 30 wears with it, despite really wanting to hit 30 wears back in 2018, as it's not the best length for days with toddlers. If you're running around and bending over and picking things and children up the tunic style can feel a little short. Of course there are some ways I can work around that, that I've shown below.

Another factor affecting the cost per wear calculation is that I actually managed to tear this dress a few years ago. I had to have it repaired, so that cost would factor in as well. I can't remember how much that cost though either! 😂

30 Ways To Wear A Navy Shift Dress: Video Style

Navy Shift Dress With A Pop Of Colour

4 ways to wear a navy printed tunic dress with a pop of colour | awayfromblue

I'm all for adding a little extra colour to an outfit with accessories. And this navy dress is the perfect neutral piece to really let the bright accessories pop! A necklace, bag or jacket, all look great with the neutral navy backdrop. I like red with the navy, but green works well too.

Belting a Printed Shift Dress

3 outfit ideas with a printed shift dress belted | away from the blue

This is probably one of the simplest ways to change up a dress, just add a belt! It's a nice way to make an old favourite feel a little fresher, just by adding another accessory.

Tunic Dress Worn As A Top

5 ways to wear a navy printed shift dress as a top work and casual | away from blue

As mentioned above, this tunic length can feel a little short some days. The longer sleeves and modest neckline mean this top is great for the office, just too short to meet the dress code guidelines. Adding a pencil skirt over the top solves that problem and instantly creates a professional outfit from a casual dress. It works well for stay at home mum days by tucking the tunic into some shorts too!

Navy Printed Shift Dress With More Blue

3 ways to wear a navy printed shift dress with blue accessories monochromatic style | awayfromblue

It's no secret blue is my favourite colour - I love wearing every shade of it! A neutral navy shift dress is a great excuse for me to add more blue to my outfit - even if the shades don't match, the blue on blue colour combination is one I really enjoy wearing. Denim jackets, or blue bags, anything goes!

Shift Dress With Ankle Boots

outfit ideas navy shift dress and ankle boots awayfromtheblue

A dress and ankle boots is a great way to extend the life of your summer dresses into spring and Autumn - it's a classic combo and one that works so well with a shift dress like this.

Printed Tunic Dress With Converse

navy printed tunic dress and converse worn 3 ways | away from the blue

Of course if boots aren't your thing, a dress and Converse works well too! They are a really practical choice for mum life and like the boots above it's a combination I wear in spring and autumn quite  a bit.

Shift Dress In Winter

how to layer up a summer shift dress for winter 4 outfit ideas | awayfromtheblue

You can extend the life of your favourite summer dresses by wearing them in winter too! With a cosy pair of tights or leggings underneath, and a few more winter layers. This is a great option for running around with the kids too, you aren't as worried about the tunic length if you have a pair of leggings underneath.

Printed Shift Dress In Pregnancy

4 ways to wear a printed shift dress in pregnancy | away from the blue

This dress was the best in all trimesters! It was simple and fuss free and as you can see the print is great at hiding a baby bump for the early second trimester. It was nice and light to wear when pregnant in heatwaves. Although it did get a little short in the third trimester with the bump pulling it up, nothing a pair of leggings couldn't fix!

Where To Buy Navy Printed Shift Dresses Under $50:

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  1. wow, this is truly amazing, Mica, so many options and different outfits with just one dress. Your styling is so versatile

  2. You've definitely gotten your money's worth from that great dress - even wearing it while pregnant! That is impressive! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Mica!

    1. Yes it was so nice to wear in pregnancy, nice and loose!

  3. What a fabulous dress, Mica! It's such a great print and so versatile! It looks great every way you've worn it. How great that you could even wear it in pregnancy too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Mica! :) XXX

  4. Wow--congrats on hitting and *documenting* your 30 wears! Have you or will you do a post on how to keep track--even if it's just being diligent about picture taking? Have a great weekend!

    1. I just take a picture of my outfit every day, and then when I post I can search on the blog for an item I've worn and see when I last wore it and how many times I've worn it :) Would be lost without my blog archive!

  5. Gosh! This dress is the epitome of versatile for sure:) You styled this Zara dress in such cute ways, Mica.
    Have a great weekend:)

  6. You've styled it in so many great ways!! It may have taken longer than you wanted but you made it to 30!! :D

    1. Yes I'm so glad to have made it there with this dress!

  7. Hi Mica
    30 ways to wear a dress only shows how versatile it is and at the same time how creative you are !!!

  8. Now this dress is a gem, a true keeper.
    It's amazing how versatile it is! The tuck in with the skirts is very smart.

  9. So awesome being able to style and wear this dress for every season. All the outfits look really great!

  10. I love that you show so many different ways to style the dress! I'm so used to people trying to show different outfits each time that seeing reused main staples gives me joy, hehe. I like the dress combo at the beach! Wow, it is pretty cool that it could be worn as a top as well. That is what I call a major transformation. You've inspired me to try my outfit out different ways!!

    Nancy ♥

    1. I'm glad I could inspire you! While I like shopping, I love remixing and rewearing pieces I already own!

  11. Ooh yes, I always love posts like these because they show how versatile one individual piece in your wardrobe actually can be!

    1. This dress has been so versatile! :)

  12. Wow, I'm impressed that you have found so many different ways to style this amazing dress. It has certainly earned its keep! I love that apart from the obvious, you've also been wearing it as a top. Very clever! xxx

  13. I'm always so impressed with all the different way you come up with to wear one item. I never can come up with more than 2 or 3.

  14. It is so amazing how you styled this fabulous dress in so many different ways. It looks so different with each color accessory, and when you are pregnant, and now so slim. My favorite is with the lovely yellow scarf. I hope you’re enjoying this weekend.

  15. How creative you are! That is a very versatile dress! Enjoy your Sunday!

  16. Oh wow! That is so awesome you were able to style it so many different ways! It looks fantastic!

  17. wow that preggy picture girl, besides you look good and all the styling is nice

  18. I think these are my favourite of your blog posts Mica as I definitely need encouragement in making the most of the items I have in my wardrobe, especially now I'm trying to purchase more long-lasting and key pieces like this beautiful dress! Quality over quantity and all that!

    Musings & More

  19. are such an inspiration of how to get the most from your clothing items. I just adore how you layer a skirt over this. I know it but forget to do it many times,

    1. It is a fun trick to use when a dress feels a little too short!

  20. So many nice ways to wear this dress!

  21. Such a great ideas and outfits with that dress! Love all of them!


  22. great fashion inspo!

    Check out my new article if you want:
    How To Style Linen Palazzo Pants | Italian Style

    xx Eva

  23. Congrats on getting 30 wears out of the dress. I love all the different ways you styled it.

  24. Wow that dress really is so versatile! I love how you've styled it xx

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  25. That dress is so cute, I love all of the ways you styled it

  26. What a versatile dress! I love all the ways you've styled it--it's so cute as a top, and I also love it when you add pops of color to it. Nice job on 30 wears!

  27. I think you styled it perfectly every time, Mica! I love the print on it, but I think you paired it so well with the denim jacket over the top of it. So chic and day time appropriate!
    Raindrops of Sapphire

  28. Thanks all for your lovely comments - this is such a versatile dress! :)


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