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30 Ways To Wear: Navy Tile Print Boho Dress From Jeanswest

I purchased this dress in 2014 and it quickly became a favourite, so I'm surprised it's taken me 10 years to hit 31 wears with it! It is a super cute dress, and certainly should have hit 30 wears sooner! It's good to finally get to that goal and put this post together for it.

30 Ways to Wear: Jeanswest Boho Navy Tile Print Dress

Cost Per Wear

I bought this dress back in the pre-Christmas sales at the end of 2014. It was an impulse buy from Jeanswest. Sadly I didn't note down all my purchases back then, so while I know it was on sale and had an extra 40% off, I'm not sure how much I paid for it to calculate cost of wear. I still think I got my money's worth from this dress though! I got 31 wears from it over the years and it still looks good as new.

I love the blue tile print, the relaxed style and the peasant top with the tassels and the cute crochet detail. With blue being my favourite colour and something that works so well in my wardrobe, I've worn this dress in quite a few different ways over the years. Even if there were some years it didn't get worn at all as it wasn't the best dress for breastfeeding in!

While tying the tassels on the top or leaving them untied alters the neckline of the dress to change the look slightly, there are a few other things I've worn this dress with to make it a little different each time. Here are 30 of the different ways I've worn it:

Belting A Printed Dress

The easiest way to change up any dress, especially one with a defined elasticated dress like this one, is to belt it! I used this trick in pregnancy as you can see in the middle there to hold the dress in place over the baby bump.

Printed Dress With Boots

Tall boots work well with this above the knee dress, but ankle boots are definitely my favourite with the dress! The tassels and boho tile print make ankle boots something I frequently reach for when I'm wearing this dress, and makes it work into spring and autumn.

Boho Dress With Sneakers Outfits

Of course you can easily dress this down with a pair of sneakers too! While the boots above are a favourite pairing, I wear a lot of Converse with this dress, and I haven't found a pair of sneakers yet that don't work with it to create a casual outfit.

Layered Printed Dress Outfits

This dress has 3/4 sleeves but it is a light viscose so it needs a little extra layering in cooler weather. A denim jacket is an easy choice with a printed dress for spring or autumn. Another layering formula I've tried is making this dress more formal for the office by adding a blazer.

Boho Summer Dress In Winter

This is a lovely navy print dress and despite the longer sleeves, works so well in summer with the light viscose fabric. I find that it layers nicely in winter as well though! Adding a slip underneath, a cosy leather jacket, fleece lined tights or tall boots, even a scarf, and it works well for the milder snow-free Brisbane winters.

Navy Tile Print Dress With Pops Of Colour

I am a big fan of adding extra colour to an outfit with accessories, and this printed dress is no exception! In this set of photos, and in others in the post, you'll see I love a bright bag against the navy print. Anything works! From greens to oranges, or even a pink and purple necklace like in the second photo.

Blue Bag And Navy Printed Dress Outfits

Blue is my favourite colour so if I'm already wearing one shade of blue I'll happily reach for another to compliment it! With this navy dress, I've worn a few blue bags over the years. Anything from a storm blue to a periwinkle blue, and of course navy, blue bags look great with the navy print.

Red Bags With Navy Tile Print Dress

A red bag is a fin pop of colour and as you can see from these 3 red bag outfits here they really make a statement with the navy tile print! Just like the other colour combinations I've shared above, there's something about navy and red that always looks good.

Navy Printed Dress With Pink Bags

Saving the best for last - blue and pink! Just like the other accessory combinations I've shared, with the navy print, any shade of pink from a light pastel to a bold fuchsia works nicely with this dress. While I do love a little crossbody bag with this simple summer dress, a big bold pink bag like the Balenciaga ones in the first and last photos looks good too.

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  1. That's such a gorgeous and very versatile dress, Mica! Well done on reaching 30 wears, even if it took you 10 years! xxx

  2. It is SUCH a beautiful dress. You look stunning in it! I love that you have been able to wear it so many different ways!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  3. You have style this dress is so many cute ways.

  4. This is such a simple and versatile dress. Love the way you have worn it so many times. I like that you have used different bags to go with is and it looks incredible. Hope you are having a wonderful day. Have a lovely weekend Mica.

    Via |

  5. So cute! I can't wait for warmer weather here in a few months!


  6. I really love when you do these posts, Mica. The cost-per-wear on these items you feature are amazing! And you style them so well! Your accessories and how you layer one item is always so inspiring to see:)

  7. Each Outfit with this Dress looks gorgeous. I am a new Follower. Happy Weekend

  8. Such a versatile dress, love all the different ways you styled it.

  9. I can't wait til the weather gets warmer here - I love wearing dresses more than anything else. They are so comfortable!

  10. This dress is so versatile, love it with a cardi and it goes well with so many different bag colors!


  11. I love how well this dress layers for cooler weather despite the summer boho style!

  12. Yes, I do remember seeing this dress several times. It's good when you find a piece that you can wear so many different ways.

  13. What a cute dress! I especially like all of the different ways you have layered with it!

  14. Congrats on the 30 wears for this beautiful navy dress, Mica! I love the print of the dress and you styled it beautiful each time!

    Happy Valentine's Day, friend! :)

    Make Life Marvelous


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