Friday 28 April 2023

30 Ways To Wear: Atmos&Here Green Tropical Floral Print Tee Dress

I'm thrilled I reached 30 wears with this cute tropical floral print shift dress. Tee dresses are such a staple for me in my wardrobe, and this one always gets compliments. It's such a lovely print!

30 Ways To Wear: Tropical Floral Print Tee Dress

This is a fun dress, and with all the different colours, from the green background to the colourful tropical floral print, it's really easy to find pieces to wear it with in my wardrobe. It has the added benefit of being a nice light tee dress, perfect for spring, autumn and summer in Brisbane, it's one of those pieces I find myself reaching for fairly often. I have layered it up a little for cooler weather too, but the warmer weather is definitely when this gets worn the most.

I like the grey contrast sleeves - it has a grey panel on the back too, which makes it really easy to wear as you just focus on pairing things with the fun bright print and the rest is a muted neutral.

Cost Per Wear

While I have reached 30 wears on this dress, it's not quite at a dollar per wear goal so many people aim for. I bought it online from The Iconic back in September 2014, and with a discount code and it being on sale I snapped it up for $39.98. They had the same print in a shirt and I deliberated between the dress and tee, rationalising the dress was the better buy as I could wear it as a top too, which I have done a few times. So versatile, and it's currently at $1.33 a wear, with a lot of life left in it and a permanent place in my wardrobe. It may have gotten very little wear in the breastfeeding years, but I've certainly made up for that now with how often I reach for it.

Here are the 30 different ways I've worn this dress so far:

Floral Dress with Matching Colourful Handbags

Such an easy way to wear a colourful handbag with a bright dress - just pick a bag that is a similar colour to one of the colours in the print! Even if (like the burgundy crossbody bag in the middle) it's not an exact shade match.

Floral Print Dress With Blue Bags

Blue is my favourite colour and I have a lot of blue handbags! When I'm not sure what colour to wear with something, any shade of blue is an easy go-to.

Green Floral Print Dress With Pink Accessories

Pink and green is not a colour combination I wear a lot, but it's fun to try now and then. From a very subtle look with the blush pink sandals, or something a little bolder with the pink crossbody bag, pink accessories look great with this green printed dress.

Green Shift Dress Worn With Yellow

This is another example of matching something colourful to the colour in the print of the dress - the mustard cardigan and scarf, and little yellow crossbody bag look so good with the yellow in the floral print.

Floral Shift Dress Layered To Wear As A Top

I am so glad I bought the dress rather than the tee, as this dress can be worn as a tee so easily! I really like tucking it into skirts as it's a bit bulky trying to tuck it into shorts. It makes this shift dress office suitable if you tuck it into a pencil skirt, especially if you throw a blazer on top.

Layering A Printed Shift Dress

It's not just skirts you can layer this dress with - in the cooler weather I like cardigans, blazers, and of course the ever classic leather jacket to add some warmth to the short sleeved shift dress.

Wearing a Floral Shift Dress With Sneakers

Dresses and sneakers are a fashion staple and something I wear a lot of with my knee injury. I feel I default to sneakers a lot - and luckily this dress looks great with every style I have tried!

Floral Dress and Ankle Boots

Spring means the dresses, bare legs and ankle boots outfit combination is often on repeat! While I don't have a large collection of ankle boots, the different colours of the ones I do have all work well as neutrals with this colourful dress.


  1. There's nothing wrong with pricier pieces that you end up wearing all the time. Looks like you enjoy it.

  2. It's amazing that you've been able to get so many wears out of it - and make the dress look brand new each time! What a versatile piece. Definitely a good cost per wear as well.
    the creation of beauty is art.

  3. So many great outfits!! Yay you for getting so many wears out of your items. I have never kept track but I'm betting I don't often do that with items from my closet.

  4. This is a fun dress. Both the print and colors really stand out. It's really cool how you found so many ways to style it. I really like seeing it worn as a top as well as a dress.

  5. You made something so fun and vibrant versatile and wearable at nearly all times, I love it! <3

  6. Such a gorgeous and versatile dress. I love all the ways you’ve worn it.

  7. That's such a gorgeous dress, Mica, I'm not surprised you reached 30 wears with it! xxx

  8. This is such an iconic "Mica" piece to me. Did I read that right? It has a grey back?? Nooooo!!!! I love it on you regardless, and you've done wonders with all the creative styling options (love it as a top).

  9. Awesome cost per wear. Love it with the blazer and pencil skirt.

  10. I love the way you accessorized your outfit and you are great at doing this Mica. Wishing you a nice week ahead and happy May.

  11. You did amazing with these 30 wears, Mica! I love this beautiful dress and you've styled it beautifully each and every time! :)

    Make Life Marvelous


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