Monday, 14 September 2020

Weekday Wear Linkup! Colourful Cardigans, Scarves and Skinny Jeans Outfits With Balenciaga Day Bag

Today's Weekday Wear Linkup has some outfits I layered up for the end of winter. Still trying to stay a little colourful with my cardigans and scarves.

What I wore:

mustard cardigan with navy and grey skinny jeans and converse outfit heart print scarf balenciaga bag | away from blue

mustard cardigan with Balenciaga giant hardware Day hobo bag in 2009 tempete | away from the blue

awayfromblue Instagram | mustard cardigan with navy tee heart print scarf grey skinny jeans and Balenciaga tempete day hobo bag

Jacket: thrifted SES Fashions mustard yellow cardigan
ScarfStella McCartney heart print scarf
Tee: Jeanswest Sophie navy v-neck tee
Jeans: Jeanswest Cecile dove grey skinny jeans
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in black
BagBalenciaga giant hardware Day bag in 2009 tempete

Why I wore it:

I love blue and yellow together, this mustard cardigan gets worn with blue a lot but it's the first time I've worn it with this navy tee. I added a little extra blue with the Stella McCartney heart print scarf that was a firm favourite this winter, just like last winter.

The neutral grey skinny jeans were an easy choice with the colourful pieces and the tempete Balenciaga day bag was a great mix of blue and grey to tie it all together. Didn't need such a big bag as it was a quiet day: the school run, a little opshopping and then sports in the evening after school pickup, but it just went with my outfit so well.

What I wore:

layered navy cardigan green scarf olive skinny jeans outfit with Bal day bag | away from blue

navy cardigan with Balenciaga giant hardware Day bag in 2009 tempete | awayfromtheblue

awayfromtheblue Instagram mum life school run outfit winter navy cardigan olive skinny jeans

Jacket: Jeanswest waterfall drape cardigan in navy night sky marle
ScarfFashion Scarf Girl colourful print scarf in green
TeeAtmos&Here charcoal grey v neck tee
Jeans: Jeanswest Vicki skinny pant in moss green
ShoesNew Balance white and blue sneakers
BagBalenciaga giant hardware Day bag in 2009 tempete

Why I wore it:

More muted colours, but still a little bit of mustard and navy! I felt this outfit was very similar to one I've worn before, wearing this dark grey tee with this green printed scarf, green skinny jeans, a cardigan and a blue bag. Slightly different colours this time around with the olive jeans and navy cardigan though.

While I did like the colours in this outfit, it was much too warm! The day was warmer than expected and while I did need the scarf and cardigan on our way home from our evening appointment it was a bit too warm for most of the day. Ended up taking the scarf off while working from home after the school run.

Had to wear these daggy shoes instead of my Converse, I've been trying out a few local trails with the kids and found a nice one but it was a bit uneven which hurt my knee, so I needed these comfortable shoes to support my knee as it was hurting a little from the trail a few days before.

How You Can Wear It:

Winter layers can be colourful! Stick with a neutral like navy and then add other brighter colours like yellow or green with a cardigan or scarf.

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  1. I have a bunch of scarves and I'm thinking of getting rid of most of them, I hardly wear them anymore. Last winter I maybe wore one - it seems our winters are getting warmer. Also since I work from home I don't need to wear them like I used to. But I do love seeing them on you - so many pretty ones, makes me wish for cooler weather!
    Thanks for the link up Mica!

  2. I am so glad that scarf season is arriving here! I love your outfits, Mica. That blue heart one is so great!


  3. I love the color palette of that first look! The grey jeans are the perfect canvas. Thanks for the link up!

  4. I never wore much scarves but like that they add so much. I bought last week 2!Yours is gorgeous, great colors!

  5. Looked at the forecast and it is getting cooler in a day or so! Yay! I am about to move some of my summer clothes into my out of season containers, just the bright skirts and my flowy pants. Ready for a change! Your grey jeans outfits are inspiration for me.

  6. I love these looks! The scarves are so pretty, I especially love that heart-print one. These looks are making me excited to wear some layers!

  7. I love the mustard yellow with the blue scarf....and that scarf is gorgeous too!

  8. Blue and yellow is one of my favorite combinations! I also love how scarfs add so much style in every look! Well done, Mica!


  9. Hello
    Yes the two looks are similar, perfect for using your bag !! But I liked the first one most!!
    Thank you for the invitation to link up, it is always a pleasure to participate !!


  10. That's the perfect hobo bag to pair with every casual look!
    I'm a huge scarves lover too, they can really make an otufit!
    Very cute and stylish outfits, Mica!

  11. I love the yellow and blue pairing! I love the pop of colour that yellow adds!

    Eileen |

  12. What a lovely outfit, Mica! The combination of the colorful scarf with the blue cardigan is just perfect. The look suits you perfectly :-)
    xxxxx Nadine

  13. Oooh, that blue and yellow go so well together, and both of these outfits look great on you!

  14. You'd know I'd be all about supporting your knee!!! I like the blue and yellow combo. Too bad about your layers being overly warm, I like the layered up look!

  15. Whenever I see you accessorizing your outfits with carves, I'm making a mental notation to wear mine more. I've got such a huge collection - almost all op-shopped - but I don't wear them nearly enough. Love both the scarves you are wearing here, and my favourite outfit is the first one, as I do love the pop of mustard from your cardigan with the symphony of blues! xxx

  16. Such beautiful scarves! I especially love the one in the first outfit, it really makes your eyes pop!


  17. I love your jeans and pants in each photo. I need to change mine up for the normal blue jeans.

  18. These outfits make me excited for scarf season to come my way! Yours are so bright and happy!

  19. The yellow cardigan and blue scarf look great together!

  20. Love the color combinations in these two outfits! Your scarves add so much, I especially like a heart motif. Hope you have a good week, and thanks for the link up!

  21. I just love how you wear scarves so much Mica!! These are wonderful looks.

  22. You always put colors together in such a fresh, unexpected way. I love the bright yellow cardigan with the dusty blue bag!
    Cheryl Shops |

  23. Your scarves really make both outfits sing, Mica! I especially like the first one - that mustard cardi is so awesome with the bright blue!

    Thank you so much for the link-up! Have a fabulous week!

  24. I'm loving both of your bold scarves! They add so much fun color to your outfits!

  25. I love a good pair of grey skinnies! Cute!

  26. I also love blue and yellow together. Such a stunning combo!


  27. I love the colors in the second outfit, too, Mica! But I hate when an outfit turns out to be too hot or cold for the weather. I feel like it leaves a "bad taste" in your mouth about the outfit. But still, super cute!

    Miles of smiles,

  28. You always have the best scarf + sweater combos, Mica, and this bag looks like the ideal carryall for a busy day with your family!

    I hope you are having a great week!



    Follow Avec Amber on Bloglovin

  29. You have such a pretty collection scarves, Mica! I’m sorry your knee is still giving you problems. Comfortable shoes are definitely the way to go!


  30. I loe the first look, yellow & blue combo is always so eye-catching!

    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  31. "Daggy"... l love it! I am totally stealing that word:D And great outfits, Mica. I love yellow and navy too. And your scarves seriously are always awesome!

  32. You have a great scarf collection Mica, these are lovely and so good with the cardigans and jeans. Many thanks for hosting , enjoy your week.

  33. I do love a scarf Mica, many thanks for sharing yours and hosting. Jacqui x

  34. Ooh, I love this bag. It's a very lovely sort of blue-gray color, goes great with both outfits!

  35. How gorgeous darling Love the colour combo Cris

  36. Hope your knee feels better soon.

  37. What a beautiful balenciaga bag! I love the blue and yellow color combo. Blue and yellow make for such a wonderful contrast!


  38. Such pretty complimentary colors. Love the blue scarf in the first outift, paired with that mustard cardi. Just beautiful. Great giant bag. Do you struggle finding things in that roomy purse or is it as perfect as it looks?

  39. I love your scarves, they are so colourful and pretty! Great post xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  40. The first scarf is so pretty, love the print!


  41. I tend to wear skinny jeans a lot lately as the weather is so unpredictable and they're kind of a fail-proof options haha. I love the khaki pair you're wearing in this blog post! :) x

  42. Hello dear Mica, I love it you don't stop wearing bright colours and both looks are cool and perfect for the days you wore them! And wow, your hair is again so long now after you cut it for charity!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  43. Hello Mica, hope you're doing fantastic!

    Perfect outfit to stay comfortable when you have a busy day with many errands! I like that your proposals always include the comfort factor ! I like also the touch of mustard (one of my favorites tones to add an unexpected factor to my looks) and that Balenciaga books looks great and I like that it never goes out of style!

    PS: The cool thing about scarf and similar accessories, too hot? Just remove it :D That's great!


  44. nice outfits! I love the combination between blue and yellow!

    The World Of A Vet

  45. I love blue and yellow together! It's one of my favorite color combos. Your scarves never fail to impress me - I love them all! I'm sorry to hear your knee is still bothering you. Is it starting to improve at all?

  46. Your color block is always perfect! Orange and blue is so exciting. The second outfit looks so chic! I hope your knee gets well <3


  47. Love that bag. I have one BBag and love the lightness of it. I love the combination of yellow and blue you are wearing. You have an amazing scarf collection!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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