Thursday 20 July 2023

Jeans and Jumper Outfits With Striped Scarves and Rebecca Minkoff Cupid Bag

It's turning into regular winter weather in Brisbane, where knits are becoming a staple for me! I've paired both of these thrifted knits with some other more recent opshop finds, for some working from home and school run days.

What I wore:

thrifted Rebecca Minkoff vintage Cupid satchel in dark navy blue | awayfromblue

Earrings: thrifted red dinosaur skeleton earrings (new purchase)
Scarf:  Fashion Scarf Girl black and white thick and thin mix print scarf
Knit: thrifted Forever 21 wine ribbed knit jumper
Jeans: Jeanswest Cecile dove grey skinny jeans
Shoesthrifted Adidas Superstar sneakers
Bag: thrifted Rebecca Minkoff vintage Cupid satchel in dark navy blue (new purchase)

Why I wore it:

The tiny little red dinosaur skeleton earrings are hard to see in these pics but they are oh so cute! I stumbled across them at the opshop the same time I saw this beautiful vintage cupid bag, and I knew my boys would love them. I liked the little pop of red it added to the burgundy knit, even if it doesn't stand out in photos that much.

The burgundy knit was perfect for the early morning school run and staying cosy while working from home. I added the scarf to add a little more interest to the outfit, but but the afternoon, we had a couple of errands to run after school, and I'd decided the scarf wasn't needed after all. I did like the mixed stripes against the burgundy, it just warmed up a lot that afternoon!

Last worn: wine knit, striped scarf, grey skinny jeans, Adidas superstar sneakersFirst time I've worn the dinosaur earrings and Rebecca Minkoff cupid bag as they are recent opshop finds.

Other ways to wearwine knit with skirt, striped scarf with purplegrey skinny jeans worn 30 ways, Adidas superstar sneakers and shorts.

Rebecca Minkoff Cupid Reveal

What I wore:

thrifted Rebecca Minkoff vintage Cupid satchel in dark navy blue | awayfromblue

Jumper: thrifted Valleygirl blue knit jumper
Scarf: Fashion Scarf Girl zesty stripe tassel scarf in pink
Jeans: thrifted Jeanswest faded black cropped butt lifter jeans
ShoesNew Balance Coast women's running shoe in black 
Bag: thrifted Rebecca Minkoff vintage Cupid satchel in dark navy blue (new purchase)

Why I wore it:

Another thrifted knit, striped scarf and jeans combination! It is just so comfortable for working from home and for doing the school drop off and pick up! While this cobalt knit is a nice way to add some colour to the faded black skinny jeans, the pink and red stripes in the scarf were such a fun pop against the cobalt I couldn't resist picking this scarf to add a little more colour. Unlike the scarf in the first outfit too, this one was needed all day to keep me warm.

Again I went with sneakers, as we had a couple errands to run after school pick up.

Last worn: striped scarf, cobalt knit, faded black jeans, New Balance sneakers, Rebecca Minkoff cupid bag (above).

Other ways to wearstriped scarf and pencil skirt, cobalt knit and maxi skirt, faded black jeans and printed top.

Perfect for pregnancy blue jumper in first trimester.

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  1. It's amazing how much warmth a simple scarf can provide, isn't it, Mica? Love both of these stripey beauties, but my heart belongs to the black and white one - I LOVE it against the burgundy sweater. I didn't notice the dino earrings until you pointed them out - I'm a fan of novelty earrings too, and I bet your boys loved them.

    Have a good weekend, my dear friend!

  2. As it's the height of Summer here, it's hard to imagine wearing jeans and a jumper! Nevertheless, both outfits look super cozy, my favourite being the first one with its combination of grey and burgundy red. Such a shame the dinosaur earrings aren't very visible in the pics, but I'm loving the thought of them! xxx

  3. All of these colors are so beautiful! They are getting me ready for the next season...fall in California!


  4. love those gray jeans!
    Great outfits, both of them.
    You look younger and younger every time I stop by here. :)

  5. Such neat scarves - like optical illusions almost.



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