Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Adding Colour To Neutral Knits With Skinny Jeans & Balenciaga Bags

The simple outfit formulas are ones I keep coming back to! Cosy neutral knits, skinny jeans and Balenciaga bags with a touch of colour make an easy outfit for a mum. While I wore these back in winter last month they would work on a cold spring day too!

What I wore:

ombre knit with green skinny jeans black balenciaga part time bag SAHM style winter | awayfromblue

Balenciaga part time in black 2010 with SGH | awayfromtheblue

awayfromtheblue Instagram | ombre knit with green skinny jeans black balenciaga part time bag shopping outfit
Necklace: For King & Country Priceless Australian coin and crest necklace
JumperJeanswest 'Serena' ombre knit
Jeans: thrifted ASOS petite green skinny jeans
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs logo plaque flats in camel
BagBalenciaga part time in black 2010 with SGH

Why I wore it:

A busy but fun filled day! Had to take my son to an appointment before Kindy and then drop him off at Kindy a little later. It was a stressful morning trying to fit everything in but I had the whole afternoon to myself before Kindy pickup. I headed to the opshop to drop off three boxes of things we no longer wanted, and had a little browse of the clothes as they had a fill a bag for $5 sale on.

I certainly made the most of being kid free, trying on a basket and arm full of clothes and filling up a bag for the boys and a bag for myself - 19 pieces all together! Not bad for $10! Made some time to film some videos before going to pickup the kids too.

I like wearing this ombre knit with my colourful denim collection, I think the neutral colours work well with brights and it's the first time I've worn these green jeans and knit together. I really liked the combination.

I added the black Balenciaga part time bag as it fit everything I needed for the appointment, but I did wonder if I should have worn black ballet flats instead of these tan ones with the black bag. Still liked my outfit though!

Last worn: ombre knit, coin pendant necklace, green skinny jeans, camel flats, Balenciaga black part time bag.

Other ways to wearombre knit with leopard print, green skinny jeans with navy, camel flats and wrap dress, Balenciaga black part time bag worn 30 ways.

Perfect for pregnancyombre knit at 40 weeks, camel flats in third trimester, Balenciaga black part time bag in second trimester.

My Balenciaga Handbag Collection

What I wore:

grey polka dot knit with black nodbody denim skinny jeans bright pink accessories scarf balenciaga city | away from blue

Balenciaga RH classic city in 2010 sorbet split tassels | away from the blue

AwayfromBlue instagram | adding colour to neutral grey polka dot knit black skinnies with pink scarf and balenciaga city bag
ScarfFashion Scarf Girl plain crinkle scarf in hot pink (c/o)
JumperJeanswest Kara foil pullover in smoke marl and silver
JeansNobody Denim Siren skinny super high-rise jeans in power black denim (c/o)
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs silver tuxedo flats
BagBalenciaga RH classic city in 2010 sorbet (more affordable preloved)

Why I wore it:

Wearing a similar outfit again, cosy knit and skinny jeans but this time I stuck with a classic black pair of jeans and added the colour through my accessories. This pink Fashion Scarf Girl crinkle scarf, while a different shade from the Balenciaga city bag, makes such a nice combination worn together. I've worn the scarf and bag together before here too!

This was a nice simple and colourful outfit for church. I like how the foil polkas dots on the grey knit are subtle enough that I can wear it with anything!

Last worn: grey polka dot knit, pink crinkle scarf, Nobody Denim skinny jeans, silver ballet flats, Balenciaga sorbet city bag.

Other ways to weargrey polka dot knit and maxi skirtpink crinkle scarf and little black dress, Nobody Denim skinny jeans and mustard tee, silver ballet flats and pencil skirt, Balenciaga sorbet city bag and kimono.

Perfect for pregnancysilver ballet flats in third trimester, Balenciaga sorbet city bag in second trimester.

Similar Neutral Knits Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

On a colder day, a cosy knit is a staple with skinny jeans! You can try changing up your outfit a little by adding some colour to a neutral knit  - by swapping classic blue jeans for a brighter pair, or adding some colourful accessories like a scarf or bag.

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  1. Wow, you got 19 pieces for $10 - that is the way to shop Mica! Well done!
    I love your outfit formula - cosy knits and skinny pants - sounds good to me! Especially perfect for busy, hectic days. So nice that you got some time to yourself!

  2. I'm so in love with this ombre sweater and dying over the grey and pink color combo! Both amazing looks.

  3. I'm a gray and pink girl, too, but I'm also loving your green pants! Thanks for linking up with us today!

  4. Loving the greys paired with bright colors! Great way to spice them up

  5. I love those times when you're child free for a few hours and can really take advantage of the situation!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  6. I just LOVE the styling of this bag! It's gorgeous in both colors. And those first thing in the AM doctor appointments are stressful for me too. Trying to get myself AND someone else out the door at the same time doesn't seem to get easier even as my kids get older. Hope you are having a great week!

  7. what an interesting color combination on that first look! LOVE it!! especially that sweater, super cute! x
    have a lovely day, Mica!

  8. You really know how to add colour on a neutral kid and both looks are beautiful and eye-catching. And I see again you proofed also that you are a very good purchaser!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  9. Wow - you can't go wrong for 19 pieces for $10! Really love both of your outfits! That ombre sweater is so fabulous. I hope you're having a wonderful week!

  10. Ooh I love the second look, gorgeous colours together. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  11. That awesome you donated 3 boxes of stuff. I have a huge trash bag of clothes I'm giving away to my co-worker.

  12. Black Balenciga bag is cool and suit with any color of dresses, but the pink one is so appealing and charming.

    Have a great day!

  13. Your ombre jumper is really lovely, especially worn with the green jeans. That is definitely my favourite of your two outfits. Have a lovely end of the week, Mica! xxx

  14. I love how you paired neutrals with pops of color! Beautiful styling!

  15. love the way you add these popping colors and give your outfit a new look. This handbag looks so pretty

    Have a nice day
    Kinza Khushboo
    Glamorous without the Guilt
    Bloglovin | Glamorous without the Guilt

  16. I like pops of color in outfits! I just got pink pants that I haven't worn yet!

  17. The ombre knit is so nice with the green jeans. I love the hot pink bag in the second outfit. I hope you're having an awesome week, Mica!

  18. Cute looks dear, especially the first one. Love the green pants!

    Jessica |

  19. You look beautiful! I love the green pants and the way you always add a cute scarf.

  20. I literally live in skinnys as they're so versatile and comfy. Just wearing a pair now lol. A sweater is a lovely pairing!

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  21. Boy, you really struck a bargain, Mica. I love the punch of colours over monochromatic palette. Hope you are having a good week :)

  22. Looks like my perfect outfit formula, jeans and a knit. I don’t own any colorful bottoms though, so I need to rely on my scarves.
    Oh, and I went to the Opshop in France and got three pieces for 14 €. Not as hood as you, but very satisfying for me.

  23. When outfit combinations work you just can keep going back to them. The bright bags really go a long way of adding a fun pop to both of these looks. Wow 19 pieces for $10 is quite an impressive bargain! Well done!

  24. Wow 19 pieces for $10! That is a steal! I really like how you always have a pop of color with your outfits!

  25. Your knits are so cute! I definitely need to start adding some to my wardrobe as it's getting chillier in the city.

  26. These outfits are so cute! I especially love the first one because of that sweater, so cute! Thanks for the inspo and I hope you're having a great week so far!



  27. I just love that you have green jeans like I do. I need to pull mine out more and wear them more often. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  28. Those pops of color are amazing... totally obsessed with your green jeans!
    Kisses, Paola.


  29. Wow sounds like you totally got some deals! I am all about cute sweaters as yours for fall. The green pants are so much fun and I love the pops of bright pink!

  30. You have a great collection of colored denim, I must say! I really love that ombre gray sweater. It works great with these colors and would look great with neutrals, too!


  31. I'd wear any of these great looks today!
    Specially considering the A/C is sooo cold today.

  32. I love the way you pick out the right neutrals to wear with your colored jeans! I'd probably just go with black or white or off-white for a top and not get too experimental, myself. You put together such stunning looks! I'd have gone with the flats you wore for the second set, but again, I'm not nearly experimental enough. It looks great with the tan flats too. And I just LOVE the hot pinks you added to the second set for color. I have a ton of scarves and they're going to be brightening up more outfits this winter thanks to you!


  33. These bright colors are a nice way to add interest to a grey sweater! Although both of these sweaters have fun extras to make them cute on their own! Hope you are having a great week!

  34. Skinny jeans and knitted jumper is a great formula. Both of these outfits work like a charm. The green jeans and neutral sweater is a fab combo and so is the black jeans and grey jumper. I love how you styled your Balenciaga bags as well. The black bag works great for the first look and the pink one is perfect with the scarf in the second outfit. 19 pieces for 10 dollars sounds like a great deal Mica. You did make the most out of being kid free that day. Have a lovely day!

  35. Oh yes loving the pops of color with the the jeans and scarf fun ways to do spring. And I bet it was nice to get a breather and shop sans kids. It is not easy shopping with children. And those $5 sales you do so well!

    Allie of

  36. Love how your outfits always has one fun colour, whether it's a shirt or a bag....such a great way to really make a look pop:) Love that ombre knit as well.
    Hope you're having a lovely day:) It's Friday there now, right It's still Thurs night here for us:D

  37. Oh my, you are so great when it comes to colour combination. I like the outfits. :)

  38. I love the pops of color you added to these outfits! A neutral outfit with a pop of color is a classic look and you wear it so well.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  39. I really love the gradient look of that first sweater! And it looks great with your green pants!

  40. I love how you add color to your winter outfits! The ombre knit is really pretty and it looks great with the green jeans.

    x Kara |

  41. All that stuff for such a little price!!! Wowo! I love your first look- the jumper is super stylish and the green trousers really stand out against its more muted shades!

  42. The sweater you wear in the first outfit is so cute and I love the color of it x


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