Friday, 14 August 2020

Layering Dresses For Winter With Printed Scarves and Rebecca Minkoff Avery Crossbody Bag

Feeling like I'd been wearing jeans a lot over winter, I took the opportunity to layer up some of my dresses instead! One slightly dressier outfit for an afternoon out with hubby and another more casual one for the school run.

What I wore:

floral swing dress layered up for winter with tights boots leather jacket burgundy accessories | awayfromblue

mustard floral dress with Rebecca Minkoff Avery crossbody bag in burgundy | awayfromtheblue

JacketJeanswest black leather moto jacket
ScarfForever New skye foil feather scarf in berry / gold
Dress: Zaful floral print ruffle hem dress in ginger
Shoes: RMK Chester black ankle boots
BagRebecca Minkoff Avery crossbody bag in burgundy

Why I wore it:

This would be totally overdressed for a day at home with the kids! I didn't wear this when we were playing or baking, I just wore it when hubby and I went out in the afternoon to review the photos from our family photo shoot the week before. Took the opportunity to treat it like a mini date night as the hour away from the kids with complimentary drinks while we watched our photo presentation is the closest we will get to a proper date night for a while! 😂

Picked this black leather jacket to wear over the floral dress as it is not as slim fitting as my other one and has more space for the statement flared sleeves on this dress. The burgundy bag and scarf were just being matchy-matchy with the burgundy floral print on the dress. It's the first time I've tried this dress with burgundy (although I have worn the mustard dress with a red bag before) and I really liked this combination!

Since I wasn't going to be walking far I wore my pretty ankle boots - the tiny few centimetre high heel is too unmanageable for my injured knee to walk around in, but it can do a walk from the car to the studio and back again!

What I wore:

grey skater dress leggings converse navy mac and heart print scarf burgundy bag | awayfromtheblue

navy macintosh jacket with Rebecca Minkoff Avery crossbody bag in burgundy | awayfromblue

Jacket: Jeanswest Monica Mac coat in Indigo
ScarfStella McCartney heart print scarf
DressAsos grey skater dress with leggings underneath
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in black
BagRebecca Minkoff Avery crossbody bag in burgundy

Why I wore it:

A much more neutral outfit with this little burgundy Rebecca Minkoff Avery crossbody bag, and a much more casual one! It was a really cold and windy day so I pulled out this navy mac that was just perfect for keeping me warm on the school run. It was a staple of my winter outfits back when I was still commuting to the office, but now I work from home this is it's first wearing this year!

Picked a blue scarf to compliment the navy jacket - this Stella McCartney heart print blanket scarf is so cosy and warm and makes me smile any time I wear it! It was a nice touch of colour and print with the grey skater dress, and it and the coat kept me cosy in the cold evening too when I took my son along to his sports session.

Wasn't sure if the grey leggings with this dress would be too much grey, but I think the colourful accessories and the darker grey of the leggings made this work.

How You Can Wear It:

You can easily layer up some summer dresses for winter with extra layers - ankle boots, tights or leggings, a cosy jacket and a big printed scarf can help you stay warm. A colourful printed scarf adds an extra pop to your outfit as well - try something colourful with a neutral dress, or match the colour of your scarf to a colour in the print if it's a printed dress you're wearing.

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  1. I love wearing something that brings a smile to my face - like your scarf does for you! i just ordered some moto jackets from Nordstrom and I am anxious to see if one will work - seeing yours is getting me excited even though it is so hot here!

  2. I really love dresses and tights in the colder months, and your jacket in the first outfit is just the perfect addition.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. I like both outfits on you Mica but I really love the first outfit. The scarves are a fun way to accessorize an outfit. Have a nice Friday and weekend.

  4. These outfits are really making me wish for Fall and fall colors, haha!!

  5. I love layered dress looks! It is a wonderful way to stay warm and still enjoy some fabulous pieces. I especially love the scarf and dress combination in that first look. The colours are spectacular together.
    the creation of beauty is art.

  6. I love that mustard dress and the moto jacket gives it a fun cool vibe! Have a great weekend!

  7. WOW, I really love your yellow dress...and it looks amazing with the jacket and bag!
    The second outfit looks amazing too...oh how you inspire me...thank you so much!!😊😊

    Have a super weekend!

    Hugs xxx

  8. That first outfit is cheerful and chic at the same time! Love the combination of mustard and burgundy, something I'd never have thought of. And wearing that leather jacket on top makes it extra special. A great outfit for your date "hour" :-) I'm loving your neutral and more casual outfit too. That Stella McCartney scarf is really amazing! Wishing you a great weekend, Mica! xxx

  9. Really nice bag!
    have a great weekend,

  10. Moto-Jacket will always be so cool! love it with the yellow dress!
    xo eva

  11. BRAVA, Mica! That first outfit is amazing! I LOVE burgundy and mustard together, and how clever of you to pick the burgundy out of the dress' pattern for your other accent colours. I'm glad you and your husband got to have a bit of a break - even if it was only for an hour! - and that you dressed for the occasion. I'm so proud of you. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Well date night is date night! Lol. You look fabulous!

  13. The dresses you picked are so great for layering:) Great outfits as always!
    Have a great weekend:)

  14. Aww I love that you treated a viewing of your family photos as a little date - that's so sweet and what a reality of life as a parent eh!? Hope you were pleased with the photos!

    As summer starts to slowly draw to a close here in the UK, I'm looking forward to getting back to layering clothes, though as I'm still working from home, that might just be layering my dressing gown over my pjs...

    Have a wonderful week, Mica!

    Musings & More

  15. Such great accessories you paired with this. It just looks so chic :)

  16. With all of your fun layers you have me wishing for fall! I love the colors you paired together for these outfits!

  17. Really like how you
    combined those dresses :) very
    nice looks! have a nice day, kisses!

    My blog - Lalabetterdayz

  18. Oh my! The first outfit with the leather jacket is such a WOW. I really like your edgy autumnal layering in that outfit and your ankle boots match the look. The mustard yellow and burgundy worked so well, I'm just loving the look! The second outfit with the shades of grey is fabulous too. I love the way the blue from your scarf and jacket add to the wonderful layered look. Absolutely bomb combo! I hope you're doing well and taking care of your knee! I remember you telling me that it has an injury. Hope it's gradually healing up :D xoxo

  19. Ahh it's always nice to have a little excuse for cute ankle boots! I love the little pops of color from your scarves!

  20. How lovely that you and your husband were able to enjoy a mini date night after going to review photos from our family photo shoot. Loving how the softness and femininity of your floral dress contrasts with the edginess of your moto jacket.

  21. I like how you looked as it as a mini date night. Heck, that's what I consider a trip to the grocery store even now, LOL!!

  22. I do like when you wear dresses, you look so pretty and feminine xx
    Elegant Duchess xx

  23. Great outfits! The first mustard yellow dress looks lovely on you and I like how you have paired it with a black leather jacket. It is great that you and your husband have managed to improvise a date, I imagine that date night is hard to organize with kids being so young.
    You look great in that second styling as well. Love the neutral colours in that one.

  24. I'm loving that ginger-hued ruffle dress matched with the contrasting scarf!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  25. A mini date sounds fun, and a great excuse to get a little more dressed up! I love the burgundy and mustard yellow with the black jacket on top. Both of these looks are great!

  26. Love your mustard dress.

  27. I love both looks and even more that you and hubby were able to make a mini date of the afternoon. How fun! How are things for your kids at school? Are they used to all the new stuff?

  28. You have a lot of Rebecca Minkoff purses, but I don't blame you. Her purses are hot!

  29. Both outfits are casual and elegant!
    I had a similar bag from Kate Spade, but I gave it my sister...I regret.
    Anyway, your style to wear scarves are always perfect, too!


  30. I love layering my dresses to get more wear out of them in colder weather. It's so nice to get more use out of them.

    I especially like the first outfit. The colors work so well together.

    Ekaterina | Polar Bear Style


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