Wednesday, 14 August 2019

White Tees, Colourful Jeans, Cardigans and Printed Scarves

Two simple outfits for mornings at the park - bright denim, white tees, cosy scarves and cardigans with ankle boots and my Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC bag. Easy mum style!

What I wore:

ScarfStella McCartney heart print scarf
TeeAtmos & Here white essential v-neck tee
Jeans: thrifted ASOS petite green skinny jeans
Shoes: RMK Chester black ankle boots
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAC in aquamarine with python embossed leather

Why I wore it:

When I was unpacking my winter stuff and saw this scarf, I instantly thought of putting together this outfit. I wore it recently with a tee dress, and was excited to take the chance to wear it with the jeans! I love blue and green together and knew that the white tee would be the perfect base with the green and blue.

It was such a good outfit for a playdate in the park too, with some other parents I hadn't met before. Telling someone to look out for the green jeans works so well at a busy playground! It was nice to meet the mums and dads for the first time, and everyone commented on the jeans being a good idea as they stood out! Although the Rebecca Minkoff aquamarine Mini MAC bag is a completely different shade from the emerald green jeans I thought they went together really nicely.

It turned into a really warm day in the sun as the kids played together so I ended up taking my cardigan off. It had been a nice neutral topper for the outfit but was much too warm in the middle of the day, especially with the ankle boots and blanket scarf.

Last worn: grey maxi cardigan, heart print scarf, white teegreen skinny jeans, black ankle boots, Rebecca Minkoff aqua mini MAC.

Other ways to weargrey maxi cardigan in monochrome outfit, heart print scarf and dress, white tee and pencil skirtgreen skinny jeans and multicoloured tankblack ankle boots worn 30 ways, Rebecca Minkoff aqua mini MAC and printed shorts.

Perfect for pregnancyblack ankle boots in second trimester, Rebecca Minkoff aqua mini MAC in second trimester.

What's In My Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC

What I wore:

colourful winter layers red skinny jeans stripes scarf and navy waterfall cardigan outfit | away from blue

navy cardigan with Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC in aquamarine with python embossed leather | away from the blue\

awayfromblue Instagram park playground SAHM outfit colourful winter layers navy cardigan scarf stripe tee red skinny jeans
JacketJeanswest waterfall drape cardigan in navy night sky marle
ScarfMarc by Marc Jacobs scarf in Island pine-print
TeeAtmos&Here navy stripe v-neck tee
Jeans: thrifted Emerson red skinny jeans
ShoesAtmos&Here tan Lola leather ankle boots
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAC in aquamarine with python embossed leather

Why I wore it:

More colourful jeans! I wore my red pair this time, also a thrifted pair like the green ones above. It was a quieter day at the playground though - we have so many great parks around us so that it's often only a few kids in the parks on weekdays, and our favourite one is always quiet.

It's not the first time I've worn these red jeans with the navy cardigan, navy and red is a colour combination I keep coming back to! I know the red jeans would be perfect with this scarf too, it's a fun mix of colours and looks nice with the navy striped tee.

I did consider a red bag with this outfit but decided on the Rebecca Minkoff aqua mini MAC instead as I thought the pants were red enough, and they already matched the scarf.

It was a colder day when I wore this outfit so I was thankful the boys didn't want to spend too much time at the park. A quick stop on the way home to pick up groceries and then a quiet afternoon at home.

Last worn: navy cardigan, leaf print scarf, striped tee, red skinny jeans, tan ankle boots, Rebecca Minkoff aqua mini MAC (above).

Other ways to wearnavy cardigan worn belted, leaf print scarf and chambray dress, striped tee and olive shorts, red skinny jeans and rainbow knit, tan ankle boots and matching bag, Rebecca Minkoff aqua mini MAC and maxi dress.

Perfect for pregnancyleaf print scarf at 37 weeks, striped tee in third trimester, Rebecca Minkoff aqua mini MAC in second trimester.

Colourful Jeans Under $50:

How You can Wear It:

Bright denim is such a fun alternative to a classic pair of blue jeans! Still oh-so easy to wear with the skinny jeans staple of a tee, they make a really colourful outfit paired with other bright accessories or layers like a scarf, cardigan or bag.

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  1. It's nice to wear bright colors when it's cold outside - seems so much more cheery! You look great Mica!

  2. Those colourful looks are so gorgeous on you! Very chic and stylish.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  3. I think my first comment was lost so Imma gonna post again:) Just wanna say love the colourful jeans, Mica. Such a great way to brighten up the outfits. And I just wanna say how awesome it is to hear about your playdates and meetups. I'm the most anti social person so I'm always jealous of peeps who can do these types of gatherings:)

  4. I really love those green pants (the red ones are great too but I'm just so partial to green) - perfect for an outing to the park.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  5. I Like so much this green pants but also this one with red trousers is great. I like the mix of colors in both of them . You look fantastic in both versions

  6. Oh that's clever that you were able to tell people to identify you by the green jeans at the park! You look cute, cozy and practical in your mom-on-the go look!

  7. I love both of these color combos! You inspire me to try mixing bold colors. Happy Wednesday!

  8. I always love seeing the different scarves you wear! They are always so bright and fun!

  9. Very stylish color combos, Mica!
    I really like a lot especially the 2nd look!

  10. I absolutely love both the bright jeans! I definitely need to invest in a colourful pair myself!
    Amy xx

  11. Mica, those scarves are fantastic! Love them! Hope you're well!
    Raindrops of Sapphire

  12. Love both of those scarves, especially the first one! And all the bright pieces sure make Winter more bearable!

  13. Both of these outfits are quite stylish. Coloured jeans are always fun, a nice way to jazz up a classical tee and jeans look. I love how you styled these coloured jeans. I really like how you paired the green and the blue tones in the first outfit. Very pretty scarf too. The second outfit with the red jeans is so fabulous. Nothing spices up a look like a bright colour. You look great. Have a nice day Mica!

  14. I really like way how you mix colors. First combination is perfect for summer, and your pink trousers in second is piece that I would like to have in my collection. As always you look so beautiful.

    New Post -

  15. These outfits are just great color combinations and really show the versatility of colored pants! I wouldn't have thought to add a turquoise bag in either of these, but it works and looks great!

  16. I love your colorful jeans! You always have the best scarves too. Both outfits look great, Mica! Hope you're having a fantastic week.

  17. I like how you mix the colours and you're not scared of them :)

  18. Your look just remind me, that autumn is just around the Corner. Wow!
    But I love your combination, my highlight is your scarve. Love it :)

    take a look at my BLOG and my INSTAGRAM

  19. I love the turquoise bag with the first outfit - I think it bridges the blue and green perfectly. Great colour mix!

    I a huge fan of the second outfit - the striped shirt with the patterned scarf is just fabulous! Love this!!

    We're already starting to think about fall here...but we still have 5 weeks of summer! It feels like we've hardly had any hot weather. Wanna trade?

  20. I am a big fan of color jeans. Love how you rock both styles and I just adore the way you layer your pieces. The color of your mini bag is beautiful. I am all for more colors to brighten up the dreary cold days. Have an awesome day Bella.


  21. Love the colored pants - I have many in my closet as well! Also that RM bag is just fabulous!

  22. My favourite thing about your blog is that you're not afraid of colour! I love that you've thrifted such great pieces too. I really want to start thrifting but my past attempts have sucked to say the least XD I'll have to get some tips from you haha xx

    editorial life + style blog

  23. I love the way you styled these outfits! The different tones of blue and green go so well together on the first outfit! Thanks for sharing! I hope you're having a great day! :)

  24. I love both of these colourful winter outfits, Mica! I really love your colourful jeans and pretty scarves. Hope you're having a great week. XXX

  25. Coloured jeans certainly get you noticed. I'm glad to see you've discovered them and are wearing them a lot, judging from their appearance on your blog. They are perfect to bring some colour to the Winter season! xxx

  26. I love how the aqua mini MAC actually does work well with the green jeans. I'd never have tried it, but you've tied in the greens and blues so well with the scarf that it all just works! And I think color-coding the parents is a great way to identify others you haven't met before :P I do love the second outfit because I think the red and blue combinations just work so well together and the bag is a beautiful contrast to the red pants. And, of course, the light and dark blues in the scarf tie it all in perfectly!


  27. love these looks with the colorful jeans! Have a nice evening, Mica!

  28. These color combinations are so beautiful! Great styling and layering. I hope you’re having a great week so far!



  29. You have a great collection of scarves Mica, I need to see this collection in a post!!!! Beautiful outfits!! x


  30. Those red trousers look fantastic on you Mica! Enjoy your weekend!

  31. This is such a cute look dear, especially the red trousers. Love the contrast with the blue cardigan.
    Jessica |

  32. I adore both of these looks! I love how fun a colored pair of jeans makes an outfit just like you said and the ways you styled yours are lovely. The color combinations are unexpected but work really well.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  33. I really love the pattern and colors of that first scarf--very eye-catching! I guess green jeans really are easy to keep an eye out for at the park, haha! Genius!

  34. You can't go wrong with a tee and a cozy cardigan! I adore both pairs of colorful jeans. That was smart to wear the green jeans to the park so people would be able to find you easily!

    x Kara |


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