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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Maxi Skirts with Cobalt Leather Jacket And Ankle Boots

I really liked maxi dress and leather jacket outfit formula the few times I did wear it over winter. I didn't get the chance to wear it as much as I liked and thought I'd have to pack away all my leather jackets for spring, but a sudden cold snap did give me the chance to get more wear out of my cobalt leather jacket. This time around I paired it with maxi skirts instead of dresses, although I didn't keep it on for long when I wore either outfit.

What I wore:

monochrome winter chamrbay maxi skirt outfit cobalt leather jacket polka dot tee acne pistol boots | AwayFromBlue

chambray maxi skirt, Rebecca Minkoff striped coated canvas mini MAC in berry stripe | AwayFromTheBlue

awayfromblue instagram monochrome chambray maxi skirt outfit winter
JacketWittner 'Santa Fe' cobalt blue leather jacket
Necklace: Nibbly Bits Abacus teething necklace in pop
TeeJeanswest Flavia foil printed polka dot tee deep iris (recent purchase)
SkirtNoisy May long denim maxi skirt
ShoesAcne pistol boots in "skin"
BagRebecca Minkoff striped coated canvas mini MAC in berry stripe

Why I wore it:

I liked this outfit so much I actually wore it twice in one week! Put it together to work from home and then wore it again a couple days later to attend my local ABA meeting after viewing a house design. I really like this polka dot tee and chambray maxi skirt together, I'm sure I'll wear them together again at some stage! For an impluse buy this tee has been getting a lot of wear lately. Might just be that I'm excited to have something new in my wardrobe after seven months without shopping.

I did briefly swap out the leather jacket for a softer hoodie to babywear baby boy through the house as it was a building site, and picked flat boots instead of the heeled Pistol boots I'd worn to work from home. I babywear a lot, but babywearing with a heel I haven't attempted!

Last worn: leather jacket, chambray maxi skirt, Acne Pistol Boots, Rebecca Minkoff stripe mini MAC. First time I've worn the polka dot tee as it is a recent purchase.

Other ways to wearleather jacket and printed jeans, chambray maxi skirt and graphic tee, Acne Pistol Boots and printed shorts, Rebecca Minkoff stripe mini MAC and jeans.

Perfect for pregnancy: pistol boots in third trimester, striped mini MAC in second trimester.

Blue Faux Leather Jackets Under $100:

Cobalt blue leather jackets like this are hard to find, but there are some great faux leather options!

What I wore:

red boho printed maxi skirt ankle boots, cobalt leather jacket | Away From The Blue

cobalt jacket, red printed boho maxi skirt and Rebecca Minkoff striped coated canvas mini MAC in berry stripe | Away From The Blue

awayfromblue instagram cobalt leather jacket boho maxi skirt
JacketWittner 'Santa Fe' cobalt blue leather jacket
Necklace: Nibbly Bits Feather pendant in peach (C/O)
TopJeanswest 'Tilda' black shirt
Skirt: thrifted Billabong red printed maxi skirt
ShoesRMK Chester black ankle boots
BagRebecca Minkoff striped coated canvas mini MAC in berry stripe

Why I wore it:

Just like the second time I wore the outfit above, the cobalt leather jacket didn't stay on long this time either. It was a cold morning so I decided on a long sleeve top as well as the leather jacket. Had a few errands to run before playgroup and so by the time I'd got there I'd decided to leave the jacket in the car - it was a really warm day and so nice sitting outside as the boys played.

I've been wearing this recently thrifted maxi skirt with a lot of blue. When I saw it in store while dropping off some donations and realised it was my size, I did a quick mental run through of some outfits I could make with it - all involving neutrals. The first time I wore it I tried it with a blue tee and since I loved it so much, I figured the cobalt jacket would look great with it.

Despite being overly warm on a hot day, I really liked this outfit. I still have so many ways I want to wear this skirt, a great $3 find!

Last worn: cobalt leather jacket (above), black henley, black ankle boots, Rebecca Minkoff striped mini MAC (above). First time I've worn the maxi skirt as it's a recent purchase.

Other ways to wearcobalt leather jacket and office wear, black henley and pencil skirt, black ankle boots and little black dress, Rebecca Minkoff striped mini MAC and navy tunic.

Perfect for pregnancyblack henley in second trimesterankle boots in second trimesterstripe mini MAC and maternity jeans.

Maxi Skirts Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

You can make your maxi skirts work in cooler weather by adding a leather jacket. Good for a snow and rain-less winter day, or a milder spring or autumn day. Ankle boots help keep you warm too.
If you have a colourful leather jacket you could go monochrome like in the first outfit, or a bright contrast like the the red and blue in the second outfit.

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Friday, 18 August 2017

Shift Dresses In Winter With Boots, Scarves and Cross Body Bags

I love to wear my dresses year-round! These shift dresses layer up perfectly for a cooler day. Fleece lined tights and boots are essentials to help you wear them in winter.

What I wore:

summer tunic dress in winter tights boots scarf LV speedy cross body bag | Away From Blue

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene 30 speedy bandouliere | Away From The Blue

@awayfromblue @emhawkerblog @slowdownstyle outfit inspiration
Scarf: blue tartan scarf
Dress: Zara printed bib front tunic dress
Belt: Kmart thin gold glitter belt
ShoesAsos Cleo leather boots in tan
BagLouis Vuitton Damier Ebene 30 speedy bandouliere

Why I wore it:

Wore this to spend the morning in the city with the boys. I'd been a little unsure what to wear but when I saw the #WinterStyleFile outfit on instagram by @emhawkerblog I just had to try replicate it. While I don't have the exact dress, I did have this dress with a similar print that worked quite well I think. The original outfit was a dress and boots by @slowdownstyle. Em added tights, a cardigan and hat so I added a scarf. See all 3 outfits on Instagram.

Even if it was quite warm in the city and I soon shed the layers, I really liked this outfit. every time I wear this dress I love it. I actually managed to tear it a while back, I was tugging to get it out of the washing machine and it had got tangled with something and I heard a rip. Thankfully the tailor could fix it up, as I'm planning on keeping this dress in my wardrobe for a long time. Unbelievably, this is only it's 19th wear. I was sure I'd have worn it more often.

Last worn: black belted cardigan, blue tartan scarf, gold beltprinted shift dress, tan boots, Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere bag.

Other ways to wearblack belted cardigan and red jeans, blue tartan scarf and chambray skirt, gold belt and pink maxiprinted shift dress and ankle boots, tan boots and skinny jeans, Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere bag and denim shorts.

Perfect for pregnancycardigan and hidden early baby bump, tartan scarf in first trimester, gold glitter belt at 38 weeks pregnantdress in the third trimester, speedy bandouliere and maternity office wear.

Blue Printed Shift Dresses Under $50:

What I wore:

Colourful winter outfit red shift dress cobalt leather jacket paisley print snood | AwayFromBlue

Rebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey | AwayFromTheBlue blog

@awayfromtheblue instagram cobalt leather jacket red shift dress boots winter
JacketWittner 'Santa Fe' cobalt blue leather jacket
ScarfSeed Heritage Paisley print snood
DressZalora Basics faux leather placket red shift dress
ShoesAsos Cleo leather boots in tan
BagRebecca Minkoff Love cross body bag in grey

Why I wore it:

This red shift dress was packed away when I outgrew it in pregnancy as it's not breastfeeding friendly. It was so good to get it out and wear it again. I like red and blue together so the cobalt leather jacket seemed like a good choice with it.

I felt a little overdressed for the day care drop off / pick up and working from home, but it was still nice to have a reason to wear this dress again, it's been such a long time since it was last worn. Unboxing and wearing all of my winter pieces and non-breastfeeding pieces made my 6 months without shopping challenge easier to stick too, as it felt like I had 'new items in my wardrobe again!

Last worn: cobalt leather jacket, printed snood, red shift dress, Asos Cleo boots (above), Rebecca Minkoff quilted Love bag.

Other ways to wearcobalt leather jacket and printed jeans, printed snood and stripes for the office, red shift dress and ankle boots, Asos Cleo boots and boho dress, Rebecca Minkoff quilted Love bag and chambray.

Perfect for pregnancy: printed snood and second trimester bump, shift dress in second trimester, Rebecca Minkoff Love bag in second trimester.

Red Shift Dresses Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

It's easy to layer up your summer dresses for winter. You can go neutral with black cardigans, fleece tights and tan boots, or you can be a little brighter with a colourful jacket like this cobalt blue one. Layered outfits like this work perfectly at the beginning or near the end of winter when the temperatures vary during the day, as it's easy to take layers off as it heats up.

And just in case you missed it on social media, I ended 7 months without shopping with a pretty spectacular purchase!

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Friday, 4 August 2017

Maxi Dresses In Winter: Leather Jackets, Scarves and Ankle Boots

When I did my 30 wears post with one of my leather jackets, I mentioned that I'd been looking forward to wearing the maxi dress and leather jacket outfit combination more over winter. Add some ankle boots, a big scarf and a leather jacket to a summer maxi dress and you have an easy and cosy winter outfit - and you get more wear from your summer dresses.

What I wore:

black halter maxi dress winter layers leather jacket, leopard print scarf, ankle boots | Away From Blue

black leather jacket, Balenciaga Day bag in 2005 magenta | Away From The Blue
JacketAsos Black by Markus Lupfer printed leather jacket
Scarf: Sportsgirl animal scarf in violet
TankJeanswest 'Jenni' basic singlet in festival fuchsia
Dress: black Jeanswest halterneck maxi dress
ShoesRMK Chester black ankle boots
BagBalenciaga Day bag in 2005 magenta (20% off with code 'REAL')

Why I wore it:

Wore this for a day out with my boys, my last official day of maternity leave. (I've already blogged my return to work outfits but haven't shared this pic yet!). We spent the morning running a few quick errands and attending rhyme time at the library.

After liking the maxi dress and leather jacket combo I was eager to try it again. I thought that printed leather jacket would be nice with the black maxi dress but it all just looked a little too dull and black - so bright accessories were perfect for adding some colour! I really liked the purple scarf with the magenta Balenciaga day bag and pink tank.

Last worn: printed leather jacket, leopard print scarfpink tank, black halter neck maxi dress, black ankle boots, Balenciaga magenta day bag.

Other ways to wearprinted leather jacket worn 30 ways, purple leopard print scarf with blue outfitpink tank and striped skirt, black halter neck maxi dress and kimono, black ankle boots worn 30 ways, Balenciaga magenta day bag in the office.

Perfect for pregnancy: leopard print scarf and stripes in third trimesterpink tank in second trimestermaxi dress in the third trimester, ankle boots for baby bump reveal, magenta day bag and graphic tee in third trimester.

More Leather Jackets Under $100:

What I wore:

cobalt blue leather jacket, printed scarf, tie dye maxi dress red bag Colourful winter outfit | AwayFromBlue

Rebecca Minkoff unlined saddle bag in cherry red | AwayFromTheBlue
JacketWittner 'Santa Fe' cobalt blue leather jacket
ScarfMarc by Marc Jacobs scarf in Island pine-print
DressJeanswest 'Elodie' tie dye grey jersey maxi dress
ShoesRMK Chester black ankle boots
BagRebecca Minkoff unlined saddle bag in cherry red (on sale in pink!)

Why I wore it:

I went much more colourful for the next time I wore the maxi dress and leather jacket outfit. Had a crazy busy day. After being back at work, I'd found all the little errands I'd usually do during the week had to be crammed in on my days off, and so set an optimistic target of stopping in multiple places before lunchtime. Of course the boys were increasingly cranky and fed up being driven around all morning, so it wasn't the easiest of days!

Although we ran out of snacks buy the time we reached the final stop at Priceline, I was thankfully able to keep the boys amused long enough to have a wonderful chat and makeup trial session with Kaitlyn. We picked out all of the below makeup for my return to work.

I'm sharing this as I know a few bloggers gave me advice when I mentioned I needed new makeup that didn't make me breakout. My old stuff was over a year old and not entirely perfect. With the information I'd picked up from beauty blogs and a very patient and knowledgeable Kaitlyn, I managed to pick out things I'm really happy with.

I'm not a beauty blogger but I am impressed with all of this so far! I wear it twice a week to the office and have zero issues. The L'Oreal foundation in particular was expensive but worth every penny!

What I bought:

Just as well beauty products were exempt from my #6MonthsWithoutShopping challenge, as this was quite a big haul for me! Not sponsored, but I have been visiting the ladies at my local Priceline often (as it has a pharmacy) and I trust their recommendations! :)

Last worn: cobalt leather jacket, Marc Jacobs scarf, tie dye maxi dress, black ankle boots (above), Rebecca Minkoff saddle bag.

Other ways to wearcobalt leather jacket and printed dress, Marc Jacobs scarf and pencil skirt, tie dye maxi dress and boho fringe bag, black ankle boots and skinny jeans, Rebecca Minkoff saddle bag and printed jeans.

Perfect for pregnancy: print mixing with scarf at 37 weeks, tie dye maxi dress at 38 weeksankle boots and baby bump.

Maxi Dresses Under $50 You Can Wear All Year

How You Can Wear It:

Don't pack your summer maxi dresses away when the cold weather arrives! You can layer them up for even the coldest winter day with the right layers. they might not be ideal in the snow if the maxi length trails on the ground, but if you have a snow-free day it's a good time to give this outfit idea a try! You can even hide some leggings underneath if it's really cold.

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

2 Ways to Add Colourful Accessories to Dresses in Winter

When I have a rare child-free day to myself I like to wear a dress. While I've worn dresses in the past with the boys, they aren't always a practical choice when chasing after two toddlers. It was good to have a reason to get these dresses out again. It's been a long time (almost 2 years!) since I've worn both of them as they aren't breastfeeding friendly.

Winter weather doesn't put me off of wearing dresses - fleece lined tights, ankle boots and a cosy cardigan or leather jacket keep me warm. While winter outfits can look a little monochromatic with all the neutral layers together, I've added a different colourful accessory to each outfit.

What I wore:

ScarfMarc by Marc Jacobs bright blue stole
DressAsos grey skater dress
ShoesRMK Chester black ankle boots
BagBalenciaga part time in black 2010 with SGH

Why I wore it:

I loved this outfit. The cobalt blue scarf was the perfect pop of colour with the monochrome outfit. Kept me warm on the cold morning too.

I had a physio appointment, and I find wearing a dress with leggings under it works best for all the exercises. (I just swapped the fleecy tights for leggings when I got there). I wasn't sure how I was going to meet the 'tied at waist' style challenge on Instagram and figured I could wear this dress with a belt. After almost 2 years since it was last worn, it was time to get it out my wardrobe! Changed my mind when I remembered I had this cosy cardigan with a belt, perfect for the challenge. It kept me warm as I rushed around between appointments while my mother in law stayed home with the boys.

I had to have a procedure at the dentist so was feeling a bit sore in the afternoon, it was nice to stay snuggled up in this cardigan.

Last worn: black belted cardigan, cobalt blue scarf, grey skater dress, black ankle boots, Balenciaga Part Time bag.

Other ways to wearblack belted cardigan and skinny jeans, cobalt blue scarf and stripes, grey skater dress in summer, black ankle boots and jeans, Balenciaga Part Time bag with pink tank.

Perfect for pregnancy: cardigan in first trimester, skater dress in second trimester, ankle boots for pregnancy reveal, part time bag and maternity pencil skirt.

More Blue Blanket Scarves Under $50:

What I wore:

NecklaceUniquely Made with Love Sea Change necklace
DressAtmos&Here navy stripe tee dress
ShoesAsos Cleo leather boots in tan
BagBalenciaga Day bag in 2005 magenta (20% off with code 'REAL')

Why I wore it:

Although I was feeling under the weather, I still had to get up and get dressed for an appointment so I pulled on one of my old favourite dresses. I wore this so much the year I got it, but pregnancies and breastfeeding has stopped it being worn recently. Like I mentioned on Instagram, I was so happy to unbox this when I got all my winter clothes out of storage.

Even though I wasn't feeling the best, I did love wearing this dress again. Always good to get old favourites out! The magenta Balenciaga day bag was a great cheerful and colourful pop against the navy and black too.

Last worn: printed leather jacket, striped tee dress, tan boots, Balenciaga magenta day bag.

Other ways to wearprinted leather jacket worn 30 ways, striped tee dress and Converse, tan boots and skinny jeans, Balenciaga magenta day bag and denim shorts.

Perfect for pregnancy: striped dress and small second trimester bump, magenta Balenciaga bag and maternity shorts.

More Pink Bags Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

You can add a little colour to a monochromatic outfit with a bright accessory. Winter is a good time to experiment with this - you can swap out any one of your neutral layers for a pop of colour. In the first outfit I added colour to a monochrome outfit with a bright cobalt scarf. In the second outfit, I was scarf-less but the bright magenta bag was the perfect pop against all of the black and navy.

Layer up your dresses and wear them all year! A cosy cardigan, scarf or leather jacket with boots and tights makes dresses work even in winter.

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Monday, 3 July 2017

30 Wears: Black Printed Moto Leather Jacket by Markus Lupfer

I've mentioned on previous posts in this 30 wears series that finding clothing I've hit more than 30 wears on has been tricky. It's certainly easy to find accessories I've worn 30 times, but I'd love to try show more variety and include some clothing options.

I was pleasantly surprised when I was writing a post and searching my blog for the last time I'd worn this black printed leather jacket and discovered it had been worn over 30 times! It's the middle of winter here in Australia, and we just had a very cold snap in Brisbane so perfect timing to share some ways to wear a leather jacket. Apologies to those in the Northern Hemisphere facing heatwaves!

#30Wears: Markus Lupfer Black Printed Moto Leather Jacket

I bought this Markus Lupfer printed leather jacket in one of the ASOS sales in Autumn of 2013, so I've had it just over 4 years. 30 wears in that timeframe is quite low, but I did try to avoid my leather jackets for the two autumns and winters when the boys were babies, so I'm actually impressed it's been worn so much when you take that into account.

When I bought it I was definitely swayed by the sale price (reduced from $385 to $150). Check out the ASOS sales for leather jackets, you can get some amazing bargains. I wasn't sure how wearable it would be with the navy and grey print but decided to try it and give it a go. It was a special 'ASOS Black' collaboration with Markus Lupfer so I figured it would be the only time I'd get to buy a designer piece of clothing. I tend to splurge on designer bags instead!

Despite being unsure about how tricky the print would be to wear when I saw the jacket online, I'm glad I took the chance and bought it anyway as I loved it the minute it arrived! It really can be worn with so much, as you can see from the 30 wears below.

Black Leather Moto Jacket and Dress in Winter

I love layering up my dresses in winter with some cosy fleece-lined tights, boots and a leather jacket. With the subtle print on the jacket, I find it works well with plain dresses, but equally well with printed ones. I like the 'tougher' printed leather moto jacket with something feminine like a dress too, it's such a nice outfit combination. My favourite dress to wear with it is my navy and black striped tee dress, the print on the jacket is the perfect accompaniment with it!

30 Wears Markus Lupfer printed moto leather jacket dresses winter | away from the blue

5 ways to wear dresses and Markus Lupfer black printed moto leather jacket | awayFromTheBlue

Black Leather Moto Jacket and Jeans

My stay at home mum winter uniform quickly becomes jeans, leather jacket and cosy scarf, as you can see in these pictures! I like that this jacket works well with skinny jeans and flares, and it's just as good for casual Friday as it is for weekend wear. When it gets really cold I add some leather boots. I feel like a printed leather jacket like this is an easy and cosy way to add a little bit of edge to an otherwise plain jeans outfit.

30wears Markus Lupfer printed leather jacket Casual Friday SAHM style jeans

4 ways to wear skinny jeans, boots, printed leather jacket in winter | AwayFromTheBlue

Leather Jacket and Skirts

I still like to wear skirts in winter, usually with some fleece lined tights instead of bare legs when it gets really cold. A leather jacket is a nice piece for added warmth in the cooler early morning commute too. While I have worn these outfits to work, I always swap the leather jacket out for a cardigan once I get to my desk. My office does have a relaxed dress code but I just find a leather jacket a bit much to wear in the office. It's perfect for any times I'm outside during the day though.

5 ways to wear leather jacket and skirts in winter | Away From Blue blog

Leather Jacket and Maxi Lengths

I've only just started wearing this outfit formula recently so I don't have too many examples of it. But this printed leather jacket instantly makes a maxi outfit look more pulled together. A maxi skirt and knit can be a cosy winter outfit, but looks a little plain. The printed leather jacket is the perfect topper, and it keeps you cosy too! I'm planning to wear a leather jacket and maxi dress a lot more often this winter.

3 outfit ides Markus Lupfer printed leather jacket maxi dress and skirt | AwayFromBlue

Printed Leather Jacket and Printed Clothes

Despite my initial fears with the print on the jacket, I have found it to be really wearable! As you can see in the photos above I like wearing it with colourful printed scarves, but I'll happily wear it with other printed pieces too like jeans and skirts. The subtle print is just enough to add interest but not so much that it clashes with other prints in my outfit.

4 ways to wear printed leather jacket with other printed pieces | AwayFromTheBlue blog

If you're calculating cost per wear for this leather jacket, over 33 wears it's down to $4.54 a wear. Definitely something I'll continue to wear for years to come and can see it getting down to a $1 or less a wear - it still looks pristine.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for how to wear your leather jacket. If you're in the northern hemisphere you can always pin this post for later!

Leather Jackets Under $150:

There are a few fun Markus Lupfer pieces for sale at the Outnet right now too, although not as cheap as my jacket was.

Want more outfit ideas? See all the ways I've worn my leather jackets.

More posts in the 30 wears series:

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Monday, 26 June 2017

Maxi Dresses in Winter (And How To Get Cheap Leather Jackets)

First, sharing the link to a recent article I was featured in about I how I use me-time for blogging. If you've ever wondered how I juggle blogging and two toddlers, it's a good read!

Just like Friday's post, today I'm wearing more summer pieces in winter. This time around it's my maxi dresses. I like to wear my maxi dresses and skirts year-round. Helped by Brisbane's snow-less winter and a few cosy layers.

What I wore:

Balenciaga envelope clutch in 2012 mangue with giant 12 RGGH | AwayFromTheBlue
Dress:  Jeanswest Gigi printed maxi dress in shorter length (C/O)
ShoesMarc by Marc Jacobs black logo plaque ballet flats
BagBalenciaga envelope clutch in 2012 mangue with giant 12 RGGH
Nail Polish: OPI Fire Escape Rendezvous

Why I wore it:

Wore this for my first girls night out in a very, very long time! A friend was celebrating her birthday at a rooftop bar so I went for a few hours to celebrate with her. It was nice getting all dressed up again - this dress has been rarely worn since I got it while pregnant as it's not breastfeeding friendly at all. It was my first choice for a night out, as it's so pretty and definitely under-worn!

I was going to wear ankle boots with this but there were a lot of dress code restrictions at the I wore flats to be on the safe side. Ankle boots would have been warmer though, especially when it rained a little. I really liked the black printed leather jacket with the printed maxi dress, the print on the jacket is subtle enough that it doesn't clash with the dress.

I bought this leather jacket 4 years ago, in the ASOS sale reduced from $385 to $150. It's just passed 30 wears. While it's winter now in Australia it's summer in the UK so if you're looking for a leather jacket massively reducedcheck out the ASOS sale! You can get pieces like this awesome studded leather jacket reduced from $245 to $101, or this plain black one which is now $138.50 instead of $443.

I nearly wore my black vintage Chanel bag, but as I was completely kid-free for the evening I wanted to wear the least kid-friendly bag I own, which would be this handheld Balenciaga envelope clutch.  I'd usually get to enjoy my clutches over Christmas but as baby boy was in hospital I spent all the time by his bedside instead of going to the usual parties and events. It was nice to give this a wear again. It was crazy how few things I needed for the night out, and how light the clutch was to hold. Such a difference from the overstuffed baby bag I often have in addition to my handbags each day. I don't think the yellow really goes so well with the print on the dress, but it's such a pretty clutch I wanted to wear it as who knows when my next chance will be! 😂

Last worn: printed leather jacket, printed halterneck maxi dress, black ballet flats, Balenciaga mangue envelope clutch.

Other ways to wearprinted leather jacket and jeans, printed halterneck maxi dress in spring, black ballet flats and skinny jeans, Balenciaga mangue envelope clutch and printed jeans.

Perfect for pregnancy: maxi dress in second trimester, clutch in the third trimester.

More Leather Jackets Under $150:

What I wore:

Mothers En Vogue Havana maxi dress with purple cardigan for winter birthday party | Away From Blue blog
Jacket:  Jeanswest Peggie kimono cardigan in purple mulberry marle
EarringsA Little Bit of North blue mandala earrings (giveaway prize, close up photo)
Necklace: Nibbly Bits Abacus teething necklace in pop
DressMEV Havana maxi dress C/O Zibibo
Belt: Kmart thin gold glitter belt
NailsOPI Russian Navy

Why I wore it:

More pink and purple! I've worn this dress and belt together so many times, it's a frequent go-to for me. I really like pink and purple together too, although it's the first time I've worn the cardigan and dress together.

This is what I wore for Toddler T's third birthday party - no shoes as I stayed home all day and sent hubby out for the last minute things that morning. Picked this dress to wear as I love wearing a maxi dress for a birthday party - easy and quick to throw on while setting up last minute things, and stylish and simple for spending the day running around with two toddlers. Even wore this a couple of months ago for Baby Boy's first birthday! Just crazy to realise Toddler T is 3 now!

I was pretty tired after staying up until 1.30am putting the finishing touches to Toddler T's train cake, but it was worth it in the end seeing his excitement! Next year I might just stick with a simple round cake though...

Last worn: purple cocoon cardigan, gold glitter belt, pink nursing maxi dress.

Other ways to wearpurple cocoon cardigan and graphic tee, gold glitter belt and Aztec print dress, pink nursing maxi dress and sequin scarf for another birthday party.

Perfect for pregnancy: cocoon cardigan in second trimester, same dress and gold belt over a baby bump, maxi dress at 39 weeks pregnant.

More purple cardigans under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

You don't need to give up your maxi dresses when summer ends! Have a look at the winter layers you have in your wardrobe - a cosy cardigan or a leather jacket can be a simple addition to a dress and make it warm enough for a mild winter day. Leather jackets can be expensive, but if you buy at the end of season sales or take advantage of the opposite seasons when shopping internationally, you can find one that fits your budget.

If you have colder winter weather, wear ankle boots and even leggings underneath your dress, with a nice cosy blanket scarf too. When spring arrives you can continue to wear your dress with a light layer like a cardigan. You really can wear most dresses year-round!

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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Jeans, Converse, Red Scarves and Rebecca Minkoff Saddle Bag

First, happy to share that I was one of the featured bloggers of the week on the Weekend Wear linkup!

Now what I've been wearing. I've been enjoying red recently. My little red Rebecca Minkoff saddle bag is such a great pop of colour with an outfit, but sometimes I can't resist adding a red scarf as well.

What I wore:

Flares and Converse: printed shirt and red accessories | AwayFromBlue

Printed leather jacket, Rebecca Minkoff red saddle bag | AwayFromTheBlue
JacketAsos Black by Markus Lupfer printed leather jacket
ScarfAlexander McQueen red skull-print modal and cashmere-blend scarf
ShirtJeanswest 'Ruby' mixed print shirt
JeansJeanswest 'spoylt' flared jeans
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in black
BagRebecca Minkoff unlined saddle bag in cherry red (on sale and on sale in brown!)

Why I wore it:

Another foggy start to the day, although it did warm up again later on. I was glad to have my leather jacket in the morning, even though I took it off in the afternoon when I went out with my sister.

Had a busy morning running a couple of errands, so the Converse were a good shoe to pick as I dashed around. Perfect for our afternoon walk with my sister as well, enjoying the slightly warmer day.

Last worn: printed leather jacket, red skull scarf, mixed print shirt, flared jeans, Converse, Rebecca Minkoff saddle bag.

Other ways to wearleather jacket and printed jeans, red skull scarf and grey dress, printed shirt and a LBD, flared jeans and a neon tee, Converse and a maxi skirt, two ways to wear a saddle bag.

Where to buy the Rebecca Minkoff Saddle Bag:

What I wore:

SAHM Style: skinny jeans, converse, print mixing with tartan scarf and stripes | Away From Blue

Tartan scarf and Rebecca Minkoff red unlined studded saddle bag | Away From The Blue
Scarf: red tartan scarf
Top: Jeanswest 'Marina' stripe henley
JeansJeanswest Bindi skinny 7/8 jeans in indigo luxe
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor All Star low in black
BagRebecca Minkoff unlined saddle bag in cherry red (on sale and on sale in blue!)

Why I wore it:

I was so incredibly excited when I wore this outfit! My friend was visiting Brisbane and I hadn't seen her in person for a few years so I was really looking forward to catching up and introducing the boys to her. We ended up just walking around Southbank which was really nice, as I hadn't had a good look since they redid the area. Toddler T was fascinated with the community garden. Again, I wore Converse as they are ideal for a lot of walking.

The striped top and tartan scarf are a combination I thought up the night before when trying to plan out what to wear. I didn't have a lot of time in the morning so I'm pleased that they looked nice together and I didn't have to come up with something else at the last minute.

Last worn: Ray-Ban Wayfarers, red tartan scarf, striped henley, skinny jeans, Converse (above), Rebecca Minkoff saddle bag (above).

Other ways to wearred tartan scarf in the office, striped henley and printed shorts, skinny jeans and boots, Converse for a weekend trip, Rebecca Minkoff saddle bag and a striped maxi skirt.

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