Wednesday 6 September 2017

Aztec Print Dress Worn Two Ways for Different Seasons

While I managed to complete my 6 months without shopping challenge (and even added an extra month!) there were a few things I was eager to buy as soon as the challenge was over in August. This cute tiered little black Aztec print dress was one of those pieces.

I'm wearing it for different seasons in the two outfits below. It shows how versatile the dress is, but also how crazy our weather was near the end of winter. Within a few weeks it went from winter, to summer to winter again. Now it's spring it's thankfully continuing to warm up again.

What I wore:

Little black tiered dress in winter mustard yellow cardigan tights ankle boots | Away From The Blue

Rebecca Minkoff micro Regan satchel in Harvest Gold | Away From The Blue

awayfromblue instagram black tiered dress tights mustard yellow cardi ankle boots
Jacket: thrifted SES Fashions mustard yellow cardigan
NecklaceStarfish Project Hannah turquoise bead necklace (new purchase)
Dress: Kmart Aztec print tiered little black dress (new purchase)
ShoesRMK Chester black ankle boots
Bracelets: the usual
BagRebecca Minkoff micro Regan satchel in Harvest Gold

Why I wore it:

When I first saw this dress I instantly thought of wearing it with tights, ankle boots and a mustard cardigan. I was lucky to find this one at the start of August as I'd missed out on my dream mustard cardigan in an opshop as I was doing my no-buy challenge! It was so good to be able to wear the outfit I'd dreamt up when I first saw this dress. I thought the green necklace was another nice touch of colour with the mustard yellow.

It was a bit of an eventful day for Toddler T. His first trip to the dentist (he did really well!) and then his first play. There was a local production of 'Going on a bear hunt', one of the books he loves reading.

We finished the day with dinner at the in-laws. I liked how well this outfit worked for everything in the day, and at night. It was really cold in the evening so I was glad I wore the tights!

Last worn: mustard cardigan, black ankle boots, Rebecca Minkoff micro Regan. First time I've worn the dress as it's a recent purchase.

Other ways to wearmustard cardigan and grey maxi skirt, black ankle boots and rolled skinny jeans, Rebecca Minkoff micro Regan worn 30 ways.

Perfect for pregnancy: ankle boots in second trimester.

Little Black Dresses Under $50:

What I wore:

little black dress with purple cardigan accessories Converse high tops | AwayFromBlue

Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum | AwayFromTheBlue

awayfromblue instagram purple cardigan converse high tops accessories with little black dress
JacketJeanswest Dana drape knit cardi in boysenberry
Necklace: Nibbly Bits BB plum silicone teething necklace (C/O)
Dress: Kmart Aztec print tiered little black dress
ShoesPurple high top Converse look-a-likes
BagRebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote in plum (on sale in pink, 43% off!)

Why I wore it:

In complete contrast to the outfit above, this was a much warmer day. I added the cardigan because it was a little windy in the morning, but with 30 degree weather when we went for a walk in the park the cardigan quickly came off. It was nice to get a little taste of summer near the end of winter. I'm looking forward to wearing this dress again with Converse now it's spring in Brisbane.

While it's very similar to the outfit above, I think the beauty of a little black dress is that you can make it look a little different each time just by changing the accessories.

Since I like to review everything I buy after wearing it twice to see how it's working for my wardrobe, my review of this little black dress:

I love this dress. It swishes beautifully when I wear it, although as you can see I haven't been able to capture a pic of that yet! I stumbled across it in Kmart while looking for shoes for baby Boy, and I hoped it would be there once my no-shop challenge is over. When it was still there I figured I'd wait until it went on sale. After checking the stock levels each time I went in and constantly thinking about it I decided to go ahead and buy it at full price. It was only $15. I don't like buying things full price no matter the cost, but it was only $15 and it has now sold out in my size without being reduced so I'm pleased I got it. I have so many outfit ideas in mind for it!

Last worn: purple cardigan, Aztec print dress (above), purple high tops, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote bag.

Other ways to wearpurple cardigan and pink tank, purple high tops and skinny jeans, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB tote bag and pink maxi dress.

Perfect for pregnancy: purple cardi and stripes in first trimestermini MAB tote bag in third trimester.

Colourful Cardigans Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

A classic little black dress in any style is widely regarded as a wardrobe staple. You can make it look different each time by changing the accessories you wear with it. Both these outfits followed a very simple formula, picking a colourful cardigan and similar accessories. Just like kimonos in summer and scarves in winter, cardigans are good for adding a little colour in those in-between seasons. To keep things simple, you can wear a colorful cardigan with neutral layers, like a little black dress.

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  1. Goodday Mica, mustard is surely the colour of the season and the good thing about is that it can be worn all year round. I love how you show cased the dress well with a bright and dark outerwear.

  2. nice blog! really inspiring!
    have a good day!

  3. What a great score, Mica! I love this dress:) Versatile indeed. It looks great in both pics! And yay for the little one's first dentist visit going well:D

  4. OMG Mica, those are gorgeous ideas for different ways on putting on a dress! I love colorful pieces like those cardigans, because they can change drastically any outfit assemble only depending on the color and how you wear them (layered, short-sleeved, in different materials or knits...).

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment.
    Amanda -

    1. Yes, that's true! I've really been embracing cardigans for changing up my outfits lately! :)

  5. Super cute outfits as always. Love those colors together. Have a wonderful rest of your week!

  6. I like it. I think over a white button down shirt and over a turtleneck would look great too.

  7. Hi Mica! Beautiful portraits! ...definitely a statement dress and I adore how you accessorized it with the converse for a sporty chic and super cute look! Pray you have a great rest of the week!


  8. I love how dark-coloured dresses can totally transform when paired with a different bold, block colour. Both of these outfits look great on you!!

  9. How cute is this blue dress! Love how you paired it with mustard yellow and pink, such beautiful style and accessorising game you got :)

  10. This is a great casual dress and one that I would opt for and throw on! I like the way you have shown us two different ways to style it, I like the second look the best.

    Laura xo

  11. I love mustard yellow clothes but they don't seem to work on me, maybe I pair them with the wrong colours, I don't know. But I love this colour and the first cardigan looks great on you Mica xx


  12. That dress is so pretty and I love the pops of colour! Dresses like this are so versatile and who minds about paying full price when full price is only 15 bucks! What a steal!

  13. Love the dress paired with the mustard cardigan!

  14. Mustard and navy are going to be my fave colour combos this fall! I haven't tried navy and purple though and I love it on you!

  15. What a great dress! It pairs so well with bright colors too--I love it for both seasons. I'm glad Toddler T's first trip to the dentist went well!

  16. Such a great price on that dress! Very versatile and I'm sure you'll get a ton of use out of it. I love the mustard cardi with it! Great fall ish color for me!

  17. Such a gorgeous dress =, love that you can wear in many ways.

    zeynab x
    The Beauty Load

  18. That dress is so cute, and I love it with the marigold cardigan!

  19. Such a cute neutral dress - you could really do so many colours with it. I particularly like the mustard yellow. Nicely done, Mica!

  20. 6 months without shopping is impressive! Cute dress, it looks great with both boots and sneakers :)

  21. I love the color combo of the first outfit. That dress looks really nice with tights
    The Color Palette

  22. What a cute dress from Kmart! Congrats on completing your 6 months without shopping challenge! That's just awesome.

  23. What a lovely little dress! I love how you made it look so different with the different cardigans.

  24. I don't mind paying full price for items if I really want them, ther are only a few that I picked up after they had been reduced. Usually if I have waited that long I no longer want the things I picked. Saves a lot of money.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpaging

    1. Yes, it's good to wait it out sometimes! :) Better for the wallet, even if you end up not buying it, haha!

  25. I love that mustard Rebecca Minkoff bag! Loving your outfits!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

  26. Mustard is one of my favorite colors, I'm actually wearing a similar cardigan today!

    pumps and push-ups

  27. Hi Mica! You look lovely as always, and your new dress looks stunning on you! It was definitely a good buy and is sure to be versatile! I adore both looks, and the purple accessories really make the dress stand out.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog.

    Lots of love Saba xx

  28. I must say that I like both ways. The cardigans make such a huge difference!
    Big hugs,

  29. Love the aztec print dress, it is perfect, easy and chic! My favorite style was whit the plum cardi and lavender converse-like sneakers! Fabulous!
    xx, Elle

  30. Such a lovely dress on you! I love aztec prints! Perfect for summer. I usually rewear the same few things in my wardrobe over & over again but every time I visit your blog, I’m inspired to go through more of my things & switch it up a bit more!

    TFM Life & Style blog

  31. That is such a cute dress on you! Love the print and swish factor! The lavender converse are so fun!

    Doused in Pink

  32. That dress is so cute!! I love a pattern in a neutral. And I especially love how you paired it with the purple Chucks! Serious heart eyes over here. :)

  33. I was hoping to get a couple more coloured cardis this winter to do just this and get more wear out of my summer dresses but it didn't happen :( just have to keep my eye out!

    1. Yes, I'm planning on expanding my cardi collection next year too!

  34. Your cardigan looks pretty with your dress. I can't wait to get some cardigans to transition my dresses with!

  35. I love that dress Mica! What a great print and it looks fab with both the mustard and purple cardigan.

  36. This dress looks beautiful both ways, it's so versatile!

    Kez |

  37. Thanks all for your lovely comments :)


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