Friday, 1 September 2017

What I Bought After a No Shop Challenge: The End of 7 Months Without Shopping

There's been a lot of interest in what I'd buy after I managed to complete not just the 6 months I'd planned but 7 months without shopping.

I'd had one big splurge planned but other than that I wasn't really sure what I wanted, as I tended to overthink most things I went to buy. I ended up making a few impulse buys. I've actually had quite a lot enter my wardrobe too, mainly from my sister's wardrobe clear out.

What was added to my wardrobe during my no-shop challenge:

What I Bought in August:

As you can see, only one of the things I bought was with one of my end-of-challenge gift cards. I'd asked for gift cards for Christmas and set them aside to spend at the end of my no-shop challenge. I just haven't seen anything I had to have that looked as good as I imagined when I tried it on (with the exception of the impulse buy polka dot tee, which is SO soft). With more spring and summer stock coming into the stores as winter ends I'm sure I'll have spent them before they expire in December. Being in Brisbane, winter clothing isn't a priority for me to buy as I tend to wear my summer pieces year-round, just with a few extra layers.

I still have my 'wear it twice in the month I bought it' rule to ensure that everything I buy and add to my wardrobe will work with what I already own. While there might have been a few impulse buys, I'd mostly been thinking about adding similar pieces for a while, and I've hit two wears on everything this month.

The Kmart dress is the only thing I bought full price. I probably could have waited for a sale, but seeing it while I was on my no-shop challenge and then starting to notice the stock levels falling in my local store made me go snap it up before I missed out quite quickly in August! It was only $15 so I'm not too upset I paid full price - still a bargain! And out of stock in my size now in my local Kmart so a good purchase.

The Starfish Project necklaces were an impulse buy too, I was a few days into August and hadn't bought anything yet when I stumbled across the brand on Instagram. From their website, 'the Starfish Project restores hope to women escaping human trafficking and exploitation in Asia.' They provide shelter for women and their children, counselling and employment and education. For every piece on their website that you can buy, it tells you exactly what that money can do. The yellow Veronica necklace is equal to the cost of 5 days of room and board at the Starfish Project shelter. The turquoise Hannah necklace is is equal to the cost of 1 week of counseling for an exploited woman.

This isn't a sponsored post, I bought the necklaces with my own money - but I wanted to share as with Christmas coming up it's a lovely gift idea - especially as you get a little note with each purchase. A nice way to help someone look and feel good when they unwrap your gift on Christmas day! I may have added a gift for someone special to my order too...

How I Wore It:

thrifted billabong red printed maxi skirt / Jeanswest polka dot tee

Starfish Project turquoise necklace / thrifted mustard yellow cardigan / Kmart little black dress / Jeanswest polka dot tee

What I'm Buying in September:

I'm going to try Beth's #noSpenderSeptember now! With some hand-me-downs coming into my wardrobe during my no-shop challenge, and having bought a few pieces in August, I'm pretty wardrobe content at the moment. I still have a lot of gift cards to spend though so we will see what happens...

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  1. Your Balenciaga purple bag is perfect and you proved that it can be worn with so many combos and colours, love it!! Happy new month and Happy Friday! x


  2. I like your wear it twice in the month you bought it rule. That's a very good idea. I'm the opposite but think I'll adopt your rule. Well done on completing.

  3. Hi Mica!I absolutely adore the pieces you added to your collection. ..and I like your wear it twice rule:) Thanks always for the inspiration and best wishes with your September challenge. Have a blessed rest of the week!


  4. Your 7-months-without-shopping is really inspirational:) So amazing what you can really do with what you have, but of course, it's always nice to have new stuff:D Thanks for the heads up about the Starfish Project. That Hannah necklace is just lovely:) Also loving the Balenciaga bag.

  5. It's good you can stop yourself from shopping for months, that's a great strength and self control. I just love your bags especially the purple ones.

  6. Those are really great purchases, Mica. I love that dress from your Grandma! And I've recently learned about Starfish Project too! They are a wonderful organization.

  7. I think you found some good things! I also love that you bought a mix of new, secondhand, and items from a company that gives back. In the future I'd like to have a greater proportion of items like that. Plus, they're such pretty necklaces!!

  8. Hand me downs keep me busy ! Its a great idea to contribute to the no spend month. The challenge of wearing it keeps you entertained and at the end they're new to you !

  9. Another no spending month? Wow, Mica, you really are serious about getting more wear out of your stuff.
    And I agree about the necklaces, if you can buy something pretty while still supporting a good cause, that is a really nice thing to do.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  10. MIca,
    How wonderful to see ntese wise buys after a drought! Love the new raisin baleneciaga!
    Love the dotted , soft tee, and the yellow necklace that supports such good work! I will check that brand out!
    How cool to have a sister who gives you so much, I have one too, so lucky!
    A very inspiring post, you are a thoughtful, conscientious shopper and I admire you !
    Xx, Elle

  11. That's so awesome you did 7 months without shopping! I did 1 month for August and I'm really glad I did. I totally had my September 1st items planned out though for purchase!

  12. Woohoo! Your new stuff is getting lots of wear already!! :D

  13. Wow! I can't believe you did 7 months of no shopping! I couldn't do That's nice that you can get hand-me-downs from you sis though! Loving the bright necklaces too!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  14. So fun to see what you got after the end. It seems like you didn't buy that much which to me shows you kind of cut your shopping habit really.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  15. You are my hero for completing 7 months without shopping!! I get such shopping cravings, it's really something I need to work on. Your new necklaces are so pretty! I love the turquoise one!

  16. I am impressed with your no shop calling! It seems like it helped you out on how to shop when you did start making purchases. All the things you got were a great deal and totally worth buying!

  17. you seem to have so many outfits I can't believe you went 7 months! Well done and good luck in your September challenge!

    Corinne x

  18. That Kmart dress was a steal - it's so cute! Bravo for 7 months without shopping and thanks for the tip about Starfish. It's nice to be able to get something new and to give back at the same time!

  19. That purple Balenciaga is amazing! And what an accomplishment that you didn't shop for 7 months! I also love your new necklaces!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  20. Your new bag is just stunning and it's great to see how much you used it already. You have done so well with your challenge Mica. Gemma x

  21. Congrats on passing the challenge and surviving 7 months without buying new clothes, that's truly awesome! Your splurge and even the impulsive purchases were definitely earned. I adore your Balencia purple bag!!

  22. WOW! I would have never been able to go 7 months without shopping! Congrats, girl, you're awesome!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

  23. You got some great things! I love how you use certain clothing items with different things to make a completely new outfit. Very useful!

  24. Love the new Balenciaga bag!

    I can't believe you spent 7 months without buying anything! I don't think I would have been able to do it myself. Props to you!


  25. A well deserved shop after 7 months of no shopping! Well done! I love that Balenciaga bag, the purple is surprisingly quite easy to style. Some great thrifted finds too!

    Eileen |

  26. Well done! I love your wear it twice in the month you bought it rule - a practical way to ensure your purchases don't go to waste!

  27. You have some lovely colour matches here, and I love that bag - cute colour. Jacqui

  28. Love the idea of no spender September! I love getting new clothes, am pregnant at the moment though so no point getting too many as I wont be able to wear them for long! Loving charity shops though :) x

  29. I only tried a two month challenge! I would love the do a longer one but I have to build up my endurance before I try that. You creating a lot of excellent looks!

  30. I love the items you received and the ones you purchased Mica. Enjoy! You are so deserving. I definitely stop and think more before I purchase something.

  31. The starfish project sounds like a great organization, and it's always so nice when something you've purchased gives back.
    Glad you've been not going overboard with your shopping ban finally over!

  32. That is such an incredible milestone! 7 months shopping is such an inspiration! I love the purple bag you got and the colorful necklaces! You've done a great job of wearing these items already!

  33. First off, I'm loving that mustard cardigan and your new purple bag! Second, I have to say that I'm almost inspired to do my own no-buy, but I feel like before the holidays is just asking for failure haha!


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