Wednesday 6 September 2023

What I Thrifted In August & How I've Worn My Opshop Finds

Just like back in July, I feel I have been shopping a lot in August too! I have been making more trips to the opshop, as we declutter at home and reorganise, to donate things we no longer need, and of course browsing leads to buying!

What I Bought:

  • thrifted black scoop neck H&M tee
  • thrifted peach and white floral print tiered sundress
  • thrifted red denim shorts
  • thrifted pastel pink and wooden bead necklace
  • thrifted chartreuse necklace

Some of these things were impulse buys - the dress and tee I thought were good basics I couldn't pass up! I definitely have a couple black tees already, and a few printed sundresses, but I could easily rationalise adding another when clothing is $1 each! I'm always on the lookout for more of these wooden statement necklaces too, I feel they work well with outfits in my wardrobe and it's nice to have lots of choice when I am picking a necklace to add to my outfit. As it's spring now in Brisbane I'll be wearing more necklaces than scarves so these will get a lot of wear.

The red shorts were actually something I'd been wanting for a while, couldn't believe when I stumbled across them in the opshop. I have a few pairs of denim shorts, but I'd like to have more than the classic blue wash so have been on a look out for red shorts for a while. I've actually been able to wear them in August too, although it's technically winter, it really started feeling like spring early in Brisbane.

How I've Worn It:

How I'm Tracking With My Spending Goals:

This month I had more success wearing all the things I bought twice, as the weather has been so warm. I set myself a goal of wearing everything I buy at least twice in the month I buy it, to make sure things really work for me and my wardrobe. And I easily achieved this this month. I think the blush necklace is the standout, being worn 4 times this month.

I have been buying a lot, although as it's mostly preloved opshop finds, I'm still well under my budget this year. I've been revamping my wardrobe a bit and selling old pieces at the markets so I'm more open to buying things and less strict when considering purchases. And also, honestly, I like browsing the racks at the opshop and once I find something it's hard to say no! More browsing time always leads to more buying for me.

There is the drop off in the 30 wears posts I used to do each month as with refreshing my wardrobe and buying so many new pieces, I haven't hit 30 wears as often. I know that things leaving my wardrobe are being put to use - on the racks at the opshop generating money for a worthy charity, or being sold to a happy customer at a market. They aren't just filling up space in landfill, just no longer pieces I reach for that are going onto new homes. I'm not giving up on my 30 wears goals! Just revaluating my wardrobe a little and making some changes that mean I have less pieces I've achieved 30 wears with, for the moment.

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  1. You are so inspiring with your thrifting finds! Love all these looks and great finds!

  2. I love your sundress and your red shorts, Mica - super cute! I think we need to be kind to ourselves and not hold lofty self-imposed goals over wearing things we love. Your old items will go to good homes!

  3. Browsing definitely leads to buying! I certainly have that problem! I think it is wonderful that you are so careful about the items you purchase - and that you make sure to wear them twice in the month of purchase. Definitely a smart way to incorporate those pieces into your regular wardrobe.
    the creation of beauty is art.

  4. You got a lot of cute items this month.

  5. Super cute outfits! Love your converse with your skirts. You look amazing :)

  6. You found some great things at the opshop! I have been browsing--and buying--like crazy myself, but I've finally started selling some old things on Poshmark. If I'm not using them, I want to declutter and get them to someone who WILL use them, you know?

  7. Some great finds!! I love that you go the extra mile to buy and wear with purpose.



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