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30 Ways To Wear: Dark Grey V-Neck Tee

Time for another 30 ways to wear post! Every month I pick something from my wardrobe I've worn 30 times or more and create a new post in this monthly series showing you some of the ways I've worn it. I hope to inspire you to think of more ways to rewear the pieces you own in your wardrobe, as I was inspired when I first heard of the 30 wears challenge in The True Cost documentary.

This month, it's this dark grey v-neck tee in charcoal. It was one of the pieces I first thought of back when I started this series, as I was sure I would have worn it 30 times, but I've only just managed to hit that figure this year, and that's with some pretty frequent rewearing recently. Still, if I had to pick, I'd say this is my favourite grey tee.

30 Ways To Wear: Dark Grey V-Neck Tee

30 ways to wear a dark grey tee #30wears away from the blue blog wardrobe remix

Cost Per Wear

I bought this tee back in July 2013! Thanks to my order email from The Iconic I know it was a $30 tee reduced to $12 in the sale and then I had an extra discount voucher for my order so it worked out to just $9.48. At 30 wears to date that's 32 cents a wear. Pretty good cost per wear I think! Obviously, having this tee pre-kids and during my pregnancies and now after having my kids, it doesn't fit quite the same as it used to 7 years ago! However it is still super soft, stretchy and although it's maybe not quite as slouchy a fit as it was before I love how comfortable it is. I plan to wear this until it falls apart.

The other, lighter, grey tee I bought in the same order I've already done a 30 wears post on too. It was a good sale shop back then as I still have 3 of the 4 things I ordered and I've now hit 30 wears on 2 of them!

I think the reason it's taken me 7 years to reach 30 wears with this tee was a combination of not wanting baby spit up on my fave tee when the kids were younger, along with the habit I'm trying to stop of "saving" pieces in my wardrobe and feeling they are too good to wear on ordinary days. I've been really enjoying wearing this tee so much recently, in an effort to finally hit 30 wears with it and acknowledge its awesomeness in a post! So let's see the ways I've worn it!

Dark Grey Tee in Monochrome Outfits

5 monochrome outfit ideas with a dark grey tee | away from the blue blog

I find true monochrome outfits really tricky to do, as I can never resist adding a little pop of colour with an accessory! I do like wearing this grey tee with other shades of grey and black for a monochrome look - before I start adding colourful pieces on top!

Dark Grey Tee In Layered Winter Outfits

3 ways to wear Dark Grey Tee In Layered Winter Outfits | away from blue

This darker grey tee layers so well in winter - it's a neutral shade that goes with any layers I might add on top without clashing, and darker colours seem so perfectly suited for cold days! As you can see in these pics it works with all the extra winter layers with jackets, scarves an cardigans well.

Dark Grey Tee In Outfits With Colourful Statement Pieces

6 ways to wear a dark grey tee with colourful pieces in your outfit | away from blue

Of course it's not just winter layers that this dark tee works with! If you have a dark tee it's a nice outfit base to pair with some other bright statement pieces, even in warmer weather. Like over a floral dress, with neon pink accessories, a yellow kimono, cobalt leather jacket or leopard print pants! This neutral tee is a nice grounding piece to add when you're wearing one or more bright statement pieces in your outfit.

Grey Tee With Red Pieces In An Outfit

5 red and grey v neck tee outfit ideas 30 wears | away from the blue

There are a few colour pairings I keep coming back to with this grey tee so I wanted to call them out specifically. Grey and red is a fun combination, and as you can see you can add little touches of red with accessories or go all out with a red cardigan or maxi skirt. Even burgundy and deep red shades, like those skinny jeans, work well with a dark grey tee.

Grey Tee Outfits With Green

3 ways to wear green pieces with a dark grey tee | awayfromblue

Green is a colour I've been trying to wear more lately and no matter the shade - olive or bright emerald green - I find it a little tricky to wear. Like any colour you're unsure how to wear, you can pair it with a plain grey tee! It just works!

Grey Tee and Skirt Outfits

4 outfit ideas with a dark grey tee and skirts | away from blue blog

This combination is another one I keep coming back to with this grey tee - pairing it with a printed skirt! Maxi skirts are obviously my favourite here, with 3 out of 4 outfits featuring it, but it works well with pencil skirts too and shorter length skirts like you've seen above.

Grey Tee and Baby Bump Outfits

4 grey tee and baby bump outfits | away from the blue

I've been lucky enough to have this tee for both my pregnancies with my boys and I took full advantage of the comfortable stretchy material, wearing it right into the third trimester! It was a simple outfit for work with a pencil skirt, or as you saw above too without the bump, a nice easy casual outfit on a hot day with a maxi skirt. It's one of those non-maternity pieces that work so well in a pregnancy wardrobe!

Dark Grey Tees Under $50:

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  1. so useful! I like your t-shirt and wow! so many ways to wear. I am definitely way more lazy in styling

  2. I like the shade of your grey tee - I used to have a darker, long sleeve tee that I wore quite a bit. You have done so well getting so many wears from this closet staple! Have a great weekend Mica!

  3. Hello,

    Lovely series of photos, you look cute in the tee and all the outfits. I like the sweet dog too. Take care, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Dark grey is one of my favorite neutrals. You styled this piece in so many amazing ways!

  5. I love that you showed so many several ways to style this tee! I love your creativity!

  6. I just wore a shirt like that yesterday with jeans and a cardigan sweater over it!

  7. That v-neck is such a versatile piece! I love how many ways you styled it. Your creativity always impresses me!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  8. Gotta love getting the cost per wear down to pennies!! Such a perfect basic tee.

  9. Oh wow! Can't believe you've had this 2013! That's awesome. You look great in it.:) And I totally understand saving fave wardrobe pieces to preserve them:)
    Have a great weekend, and Happy Halloween!

  10. This gray t-shirt was such a great buy and loving all of these outfits! Such a versatile top!
    Hope you're having a good weekend!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  11. That kind of tee is really a must for every kind of wardrobe!!!
    A super versatile staple, you're been so good on creating all these different looks!

  12. You have got your money's worth with this v-neck tee, Mica. I love it!! Happy weekend to you and family.

  13. I love this darker shade of grey, which I should definitely have more of in my wardrobe. If you've had that tee for 7 years, and wore it more than 30 times, I'm sure it must be amazing quality, too. I think it looks particularly great styled with red! Have a wonderful weekend, Mica! xxx

  14. Oh, well done, Mica! I think you have hit on a really important point: people save their "best" clothes for "good" or special occasions! Clothes are meant to be worn and used, so let's do it! Although I'm not a tee person in my day-to-day clothing, I do have many that I rotate daily as my closest layer of my "home clothes" - I change into them when I get home from work and sleep in them before they go in the laundry. Many of my tees are now in their 10+ years with me, so I'm down to pennies as well.

    Keep up your inspiring work with wearing your wardrobe! You're an inspiration! Have a wonderful weekend, my dear friend. :)

  15. You already scored a massive bargain with this grey tee but the cost per wear breakdown really underscores what a fantastic value this versatile piece has been for you. How great that you were able to also wear it during your pregnancies.

  16. I love the way you've styled the grey top and I too have a lot of grey in my wardrobe. You can't go wrong with grey.

  17. I always love your 30 ways posts! You have so many wonderful outfit ideas.

    I know what you mean about saving your favorite pieces. I still have to force myself to wear my favorite items on a daily basis or I end up saving them forever and never wearing them.

    Ekaterina | Polar Bear Style

  18. Wow, so many ways to wear this v neck grey tee. I love all the ways you wore it. Great outfits all of them. Thank you for sharing!

  19. i realy like t-shirts like this :) they are easy to wear with multiple outfits

  20. Such a great versatile wardrobe staple. I love how you calculate cost per wear, some of my basics must be down to a couple of pence per wear by now x


  21. That awesome you got your cost per wear down so low.

  22. love your outfit! thanks for giving me an idea for the challenge. Perhaps i could do it later

  23. Dark grey is one of my favorite neutrals! It truly does go with everything. Love all the cute ways you styled it! Happy Weekend!!


  24. After all these years it still baffles me how you are so creative with styling different pieces with different things! You get so much wear out of your clothes!

    Corinne x

  25. So many terrific looks!! Wow!! Like Kellyann said, that is a great shade of gray. Love it paired with the brocade looking pencil skirt and all the green (best color ever), and that pumpkin colored maxi. I used to somehow always have a gray tee on when I scrapbooked with my sister. She called it my scrapbook uniform.

  26. Your outfits are always so colorful and bright! Really like the blues and reds. Great gallery Mica xx


  27. I love this type of post because I'm so impressed how you one piece wear on so many different ways and create so many outfits. Thank you for inspiration and have a nice start of week.

    New Post -

  28. Oh I really love this color, and u look perfect in it!

  29. 30 ways! I love how creative you can be with just one item! You look great whatever the style xx
    Elegant Duchess xx

  30. Dearest Mica,
    Guess it would be far better for breaking up your 30 ways into less. It is too much and too overwhelming; and on WHAT are we supposed to comment?

  31. The grey tee is so versatile. I see many wonderful looks here. I'm surprised you wore it through two pregnancies.

  32. That is such a great, classic, versatile piece! I love neutral tee shirts and also wear them a lot!

  33. WOW, 30 cents a wear - now that's a bargain. I never thought of figuring up just how inexpensive/expensive a piece of clothing is - but maybe I'll feel a bit better about a couple of things in my closet if I do that. Have a great week.
    Grace & Peace, Iris


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