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What are the bracelets that you wear every day?

I wear 5 bracelets every day, I never take them off. They are all meaningful to me. Three Tiffany silver bracelets and two custom bangles from Yondale Designs; one with a bible verse engraved and another with special coordinates.

How cute is Cooper?!

Very cute! He is a Shih Tzu cross, and we adopted him from the Animal Welfare League of Queensland, an organisation we continue to support. Despite Cooper's sweetness, good manners and adorable smile, his previous owners abandoned him and he ended up at the shelter. We went to the shelter one weekend to find our perfect dog, and Cooper was our match! I can't stress enough how many perfect and cute animals are in shelters around the world just waiting for someone to come and adopt them. Adopt, don't shop.

Where do you buy your bags?

I buy a lot of bags from Reebonz or Shopbop in their sales, or directly from the boutique or store. Reebonz is a members only sale website for designer items. You can join up here.

Why do you own so many handbags?

I like handbags, what more can I say ;)
Away From Blue Balenciaga Bag Collection Storage on wall

How many bags do you have? How do you store them all?

A few.....! You can see my full handbag collection on youtube, as well as how I store them all.

Why did you start a blog? Who inspired you?

I started participating in a thread on a now closed forum called "What are you wearing today?" where I posted a picture of what I was wearing that day. I started getting into the habit of taking a picture regularly. With many of my friends having blogs that I enjoyed and with there being so many great daily style bloggers out there that I had been following for awhile, it seemed a natural progression to start blogging my photos.

It's good being able to get feedback from readers worldwide too! I'm thankful for every tip and comment people leave on the blog.

What happens to items leaving your wardrobe?

I've started calling out my 'wardrobe edits' on the blog. I'll be sharing when something is leaving my wardrobe and why I don't want to wear it any more. The majority of the time, the items are in perfect condition. For those pieces good enough to be re-used, I pile them up in bags to donate to the AWLQ shelter. Every now and then I might go through the bags and pick out some things to sell on ebay if they are piling up too much before I get a chance to go to the shelter to drop them off. Most of the time though, items are donated so they can find a new home with someone who loves them more!

How do you have time to blog with two boys under 2?

Short answer: Blogging is my 'me time' - a little slice of time each day I try to take to do something just for me. By scheduling my posts in advance I can work on them whenever I have time. I'm also extremely lucky to have helpful family. And yes, there are some days the dishes don't get done because I want to write up a blog post! Want to know more? I addressed this in a blog post.

What are the sunglasses you often wear?

The sunglasses I wear in my outfit pictures but don't link as I wear them so often are polarised Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

Where did you buy....

If I haven't linked to the place I bought an item from, I've forgotten where I bought it or it's no longer available online. It's likely to come from one of my most shopped places:

Want to Know More?

I answered the TMI Tag on YouTube - 50 questions all about me!


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  1. Why did you start a blog? Who inspired you? :)

    1. Great question! Added to the post! :) Thank you :)

    2. i have a question in the one picture you are wearing a long red heart necklace and im in desprite need of one so i went on diva and i didnt see it! PLZ HELP!

    3. Hi Anonymous, is this the necklace you're talking about? http://awayfromtheblue.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/blue-and-white-striped-top-jeans-red.html Sadly, it's an old diva piece, about 3 or 4 years old. It won't be available any more sorry.

    4. bummer but thanks for your help

  2. Your blog is lovely!
    I just wanted to say that your Fran is the most gorgeous Fran I have ever seen.
    It is immaculate and flawless -- you wear it well!! :)

    1. Thank you! Definitely one of my favourite bags - the Fran is great!

  3. I'm trying to purchase a French Connection dress online. Not sure if I am size 0 or size 2....does this brand run true to size in dresses...what are your measurements (or weight and height) and what size dress do you wear in French Connection (if you don't mind!) ? thanks!

    1. Might be best to try on in a store, or get it from somewhere that offers free returns? I'm Australian so I get a AU 6 or 8, which doesn't help you :( I have both sizes in dresses, it depends on the cut of the dress sometimes.

  4. Your bag collection is really huge ! You are one lucky girl. My question is : in what field do you work (what is your job) ? I wish one day I'll maybe be able to buy so many bags...
    Greetings !

    1. Thanks Anonymous! I like to save and buy bags, haha!

      I work in the technology field, in a very casual business casual environment :)

  5. Hi Mica, I'm from Malaysia. I will going to Gold Coast on this coming December. I just wanna to ask is that worth it going to DFO, because it quite far from Surfer Paradise? I'm looking for Corning ware Corelle and Pyrex set. Do you have any idea the price for Corningware Corelle Pyrex set? What else the good bargain at DFO? AND What the most attraction at Brisbane?

    Really appreciates your reply. Thank you.

    1. Hi Anonymous! I think DFO is a great place to visit, it is a bit of a drive (maybe about an hour) from surfers paradise to visit DFO, but it's a lovely day of shopping. You can find out about what stores there are in DFO here, and call them to check prices: http://dfobrisbane.com.au/

      This website also has a lot of information about things to see and do in Brisbane so you can see what matches your likes and dislikes and budget:

      Hope that helps!


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