Sunday 8 January 2012

Lazy Sunday, Underdogs by Pedigree

It was really warm today so we had a very relaxed Sunday. We spent some time in the pool and lazing around in the hammock. One of my favourite kinds of days, just spending time with DH and Cooper.

Rather than just wearing a bikini all day I dressed it up a bit with a sarong too. Here's what I wore:

Bikini: Big W
Sarong: no tag, bought in Malta
Shoes: Cotton On thongs
Beach bag: ThursdayFriday 'Together' bag

No accessories other than my wedding ring as we were in and out of the chlorine pool all day.

In the evening I went to church, and luckily my church is online so I could stay in my comfy sarong ;) I volunteer at church online,

Also watched a great video today I just have to share - a documentary called "Underdogs" by Pedigree Adoption Drive. It's only 22 minutes long and it's worth the watch if you are an animal lover :) Our dog Cooper was adopted, and I think rescuing a dog is extremely rewarding. We are so happy to have him in our lives.


  1. A perfect way to spend a lazy sunday :)

  2. i love those sundays when you don't really do much, they're the best!


  3. aha love the bag!

  4. Mica!

    That water looks divine!

    Your bag is so cute! I checked out the ThursdayFriday website, and they have all kinds of bags available! {I bought mine from Banana Taipei online from Taiwan but they only had one design.}

    xo, sam

  5. @GIAA thank you, it's such a fun bag to carry!

    @Sam the water was amazing - so nice adn cool on such a hot day! ThursdayFriday have some really fun bags at the moment! I like the handles of the Banana taipei one! :)

  6. @we can pretend - thank you :)

  7. Love the wrap dress! It looks like you had a fabulous sunday!


  8. Spent time to swimming is such a perfect way :)

  9. jealous of all that sunshine! :) like the bag too, how perfect for a beach or pool day! thanks for your lovely comment, hope to see you again soon!

  10. Lovely sarong! Reminds me of the pair of pareos I brought back from Easter Island when I went many years ago - I just love the patterns we can find on the fabrics from places like Malta, Easter Island, etc.

    And I haven't had a chance to watch the video, but it's great that Cooper is a rescue who found a good home. The animal activists here have been very busy struggling against pet stores selling dogs from puppy mills, so I love reading about rescues. (I don't have a dog, but my wife and I have to rescue cats.)

  11. @Denise - thank you, we did :)

    @Vivid - definitely!

    @Bridg - thanks, it's such a fun bag! :)

    @Frederik - thank you, Easter Island sounds amazing! It is nice to travel :)
    So happy you have 2 rescue cats - cats are so cute! :) I'm definitely a big advocate for adopting pets! :) We have a movement here in Australia called "Oscar's Law" where they are trying to get the law changed to ban puppy mills. I fully support it.

  12. @Jhilmilbeauty - thank you :)

  13. @Krizia - it is such a fun bag to wear!

  14. I am so jealous of your weather. I love how you dressed up the beach look. I love the beach bag - very classy and a good size.


  15. @Tedora - it is really lovely weather, love it here! :) Feel strange in a bikini all day, always have to have a coverup and the sarong is perfect for that :)


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