Monday, 9 January 2012

Lunchtime shopping, Balenciaga Velo

It was one of the warmest days for two years today! Although the heat called for another lazy day by the pool, I had to be at work. My good friend K (from MakeEveryMoveCount blog) and I went shopping at lunch time to break up the work day. We checked out a few sales but there wasn't much left so I didn't spend a penny which was good.

Had some fun meeting the Nova guy - a mascot for a local radio station. I couldn't resist getting my picture taken. Thank you again to K for being the photographer!

And here's what I wore today minus the crazy Nova Guy pose!:

Dress: Linen dress from asos. So wrinkly after a long day at work but so perfect for hot days
Belt: Op-shop
Necklace: gift from a friend
Bracelets: the usual plus one gifted, 2 made by a talented friend
Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs patent mouse flats
Bag:  Balenciaga Coquelicot 2011 RH Velo from Reebonz

And a closeup of the accessories:

I love my Balenciaga velo bag, although the strap is too long for me to wear crossbody comfortably - you can see how long it is in the pic with Nova guy - so I sometimes double up the strap. I've tried to explain this on and taken photos but sometimes you just need a video!

So if you're interested and own a balenciaga velo, town or pom pon and want to know how to double the strap, this is a short video showing how I do it:

Means you don't have to permanently alter the bag and you can always switch back to the original strap length whenever it is needed.

Hope everyone else had a good Monday - especially those that are having to survive this heat without air conditioning!


  1. I really like the red belt against a black dress - classic and beautiful! Hope you have a great week!

  2. @Jessica thanks! Hope you have a great week too :)

  3. Those flats are so cute! I don't recall seeing them before (might have, but I have a bad memory lol).

  4. Heat without AC???? could move to Chicago as it is only 40 right now! I love your red balanciaga bag as well as the accessories :)

  5. Your look is so classy. Black and red is one of my favorite combinations. I have not needed to have a strap shortened but thank you for sharing the video.


  6. @Letica - thanks, aren't they adorable! they haven't been on the blog before :)

    @Bravoe - yes I can't imagine facing this heat without A/C! Chicago might be a little too cold for me though, haha.

    @Tedora - thanks - never worn a red belt with this before but I loved how it turned out.

  7. How funny! I bumped into the Nova man as well when I was at the Brisbane International. ;)

    Thank you for your sweet comment - love the combination of black and red in your outfit. I need to try out that palette as well!

    Following you now! Hope you have a wonderful day!

    Mandy xx

  8. @mandy that nova guy gets around! Thanks for your lovely compliment, and for following my blog :)

    @disturbed style, thank you.

  9. I love what i see here!

  10. great outfit! I really love your bag :D

  11. @Clara - thank you :)

    @Tiffany - thanks! It's such a nice bag!

  12. Wow I love your Marc Jacobs shoes, they look so pretty and I´m also in love with your balenciaga bag.
    love J.

  13. @Secretfashionlove - thank you :)

  14. Hey thanks for the shout out! Love your blogs and the outfits.

  15. @K - no worries honey :) I love your blog! :)

  16. mica, you have a very nice voice....and that shorten shoulder strap is brilliant!!

    1. Thanks Sasha :) you are too kind! Wish I could get one of the 2012 velos with the adjustable strap, but its not in the budget, this will do! Haha.


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