Saturday, 7 January 2012

Birthday Dinner

After giving Cooper a bath in the morning, the family got together for my mum's birthday dinner today.

As expected we got soaked washing Cooper so I changed into something much nicer, and wore the second top I scored in the Sass & Bide sale.

Here's what I wore:

Top: Sass & Bide Musical Genius tank
Necklace: Made by a talented friend
Bracelets: the usual plus one gifted (with the cute bow) and one made by a friend.
Jeans: Sass & Bide
Shoes: Cotton On thongs
Bag: Balenciaga 2009 GSH day in tempete

Closeup of accessories and the detail of the pattern on the top:

Love the neon orange stitching on the tank, this is definitely one of my favourite tops now.

The birthday cake was delicious, although I didn't think to snap a pic until it was too late and we were all eating it! After dinner we watched more funny home movies. Was a really nice day :)

Hope everyone else had a nice relaxing Saturday!


  1. I did not know you had a blog until today! I love your Sass & Bide top :-)

    You look lovely!

  2. Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!
    bloglovin follower

  3. Nice accessories!


  4. That is such a cool tank top!

  5. @Ranag - thank you, I just started it recently! :)

    @Vale thanks will check out your blog now! :)

    @Pinkmate thank you, my friend makes some really lovely jewelry! When she setups her online store I will be sure to share the link

    @Letica - thanks, I love the pattern and fit, really happy with it Sass&Bide make some great tanks!

  6. The orange accents on the top really elevate it, as does the awesome pattern.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting - I do appreciate it!


  7. @Sheila thank you! :) I really enjoy reading your blog, and as you can see you inspired me to take detail pics too :) I'm honoured to have you stop by my blog :)

  8. hiya!
    love the S&B top mica! it is a gorgeous combination of colours!
    will be keeping an eye on your blog :)

  9. @Liliana thank you bestie! :) Did you buy anything from the sass & bide sale yourself?

  10. Hope you had a great weekend, I really like this top and it goes perfectly with those jeans. The bracelets are such a chic top too, pretty photos. Great post!

    Following you now

    I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco if you have time to stop by :)

  11. @Dale - thank you :) It's definitely one of my favourite tops :)

    Off to check out your blog :)

  12. @Rhoda - thank you! Sass & Bide have some lovely items! :)


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