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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Skip Hop Toys and How I Balance Blogging and Babies

Since having baby boy, I've been a lot more open with the realities of motherhood I share on the blog. I've shared the days where all you manage to do is take the dog for a walk, how you can try fake the look of a good night's sleep and I've mentioned in the past how I've cut down on blogging after baby.

A lot of people have asked how I manage blogging. Nap time is my blogging time and scheduling posts in advance is the only way I'm able to keep blogging with two little boys. Blogging is "me time" and important to me, but not always easy to get time for. I'm not the only blogging mum who wonders how to juggle it all with kids, but there are plenty of mums out there who blog (like Shea, Jess, Kikki, Beth and Cecylia). I thought I'd share the tips and toys that help me amuse the boys and make the most of awake time together to free up nap times for blogging.

Use a Baby Gym

There are many developmental benefits to baby gyms, but they also come in extremely helpful when you need a few minutes. While it's fun to sit and talk with baby about all the toys he's playing with and I enjoy seeing how similar he is to his brother with the toys he prefers to grab, it's nice for him to get some alone time to explore on his own. I like to sweep up, tidy up or even put the laundry out while baby plays in his gym so I don't have to do that while he naps.

Make Housework Fun

Having a toddler can be a help with housework! Toddler T has a little baby broom so he can 'help' as I sweep up, and pulling the wet clothes out of the washing machine and into the washing basket is the best game. It means I get things done and we get to play together. Letting baby watch as you fold laundry and feel all the different textures of the clothes means it takes a little longer, but it's also another fun way to connect. Trying to convince toddler T to help tidy his toys away before dinner isn't always successful, but is nice when it works!

Maximise Tummy Time

Tummy time is really important for babies. While I like to sit and read books to baby during tummy time, I've also been able to put baby down for tummy time while I chop veggies or cook dinner and his big brother is often happy to lay next to him and chat away. Baby is more likely to tolerate being left to play on his tummy alone if I've surrounded him with some soft toys to reach for first.

Make Bath Time Play Time

Bath time is much more fun when there are special toys to play with. It's easy to go overboard with bath toys, there are so many cute ones! Picking out his favourite toys to throw in with his brother helps keep toddler T occupied as baby gets bathed, and it's nice to turn a routine nightly task into something a little more fun with toys.

Ask For Help

There are some pieces of housework (like ironing) I won't do unless the boys are asleep and out of the way, and some days where their nap times just don't line up. This is where living near grandparents comes in handy - they are happy to watch the boys now and then to allow me to get things done, and sometimes they'll even do a little bit of housework while babysitting!

With all of the tips and toys above, I make the most of the time I get while the boys are awake and I can dedicate blogging time to when they sleep, so they don't see me on a computer constantly!

Are you a blogging mum? How do you handle the balance between blogging and kids? Do you have a go-to toy for playtime?

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